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  2. My personal preference would be to use a card deck with an average number of hits, focuses, crits, and evades in. Draw from the pile, have to have average overall results. Problem with that would be card-counters knowing what's left. But those of us who can never roll well would still do better than we do now!
  3. For what it's worth: just took this list (the crack Duchess version) into the cut at Atlanta System Open. Fun times.
  4. Aren't we supposed to still be panicking about Han Jake?
  5. Give the Gozanti Ion Cannon Battery and don’t take your foot off the gas!!! Bonus points if you yell out “Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!”
  6. Everything gets put into the queue at once. Anakin's ability doesn't resolve until its turn in the queue, at which point you choose a ship at range 1/bullseye.
  7. Base Defense : Ion Canon* Sorry my english is pretty bad, i'll try Google translate from french next time.
  8. What exactly are you looking for? Because so far you still have not defined what you want. And with out that I can't tell if you have screwed up expectations or what? Because near as I can tell you can accomplish everything the book promises. Will you be able to do it 100% of the time? No. But that would be really boring. Please define your complaint.
  9. Congratulations, by using an optional bonus XP bump to create a character who can, on occasion but far from consistently, deliver something vaguely approaching the accomplishments the book suggests you'll be able to achieve, you've shown that the mechanics don't deliver on the core book's promise. You're doing the equivalent of arguing that the Force power system isn't granular because there are optional freeform rules in Unlimited Power.
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  11. How about a hard limit on number of natural evades that can be rolled instead? Same issue, being unable to do enough damage. Same solution? (Sarcasm, for those who can't tell.)
  12. Starting character in Force and Destiny with "knight level play" Human 110 XP +150, any morality.... I will take Artisan to start, one of the ones people consider to be the weakest. 2B, 2A, 4I, 3C, 2W, 2P (100XP spent 160 left) 1 Rank Lightsaber, 1 Rank Negotiation (non-career skills) Human 2 Ranks computers, 1 rank Mechanics, 1 Rank Skullduggery, 1 Rank Stealth 70Xp spent to reach FR2, (90 XP left) Force powers, Influence 20 XP (10 for base, 10 for control to make people believe untrue.) (70 XP left) Misdirection 25 xp (15 for base power 5 for range 5 for control) (55 XP left) Foresight 20 xp (10 for base, 10 for initiative) 35 xp left Force Heal 15 xp (base power) 20 XP left Spend last 20 as you want, and this is "obi-wan" who was one of the most powerful jedi knights of all time and a legend in the clone wars and he is coming the END of his adventures. He is an "end of career, end of adventures NPC" not a player character. Start of campaign characters are closer to Luke in ANH or even Obi in Episode I.... who's only powers he shows off are enhance, foresight and maybe sense, the rest of it is all in saber skills which you can definitely do in this system. But for the sake of argument and getting what most people think of as a jedi character..... Start Padawan, 75Xp to get FR2, spend 20 to get knight, 30 to get Move, enhance and sense... 25 xp to go from there as you see fit. Just give me a Jedi character concept, and I will give you a 150 xp route to begin that jedi's journey... not end it he will have room to grow, but if you want a jedi pilot I got you, a jedi mechanic, I got you, a saber wielder I got you, an all arounder.... I got you....
  13. I think it should cost twice as much pma tuesday, unless it's raining, then it actually drops the points of your ship by half.
  14. i'm sorry, but i don't believe i understand this. please elaborate. if fact, i think the clarification on kanan supports the interpretation that you can add r4-p17s ability before anakins. i think your interpretation is that the timing window has passed once one ability has been resolved. that's simply not true, though. the timing for both abilities are after a maneuver has been executed. because of that, they can both be resolved - and resolving one before the other does not force you to go on in the round, skipping the resolution of the other ability because the timing has passed. that's the point of the ability queue, resolving several abilities that share the same timing.
  15. I think Force Reflexes is a bit pricey for Luke. It’s a free action, but it’s also an exhaust, which means that Luke has to recover to use it again. In my experience, Luke wants to be mobile, so he usually has better things to do than recover. In practice, that means you’ll probably get one good use per game out of Force Reflexes on Luke — a bit low value for 15 points. Those points could be used to buy some upgrades for Chewy: Duck and Cover or Emergency Stims, maybe. FR is much better on Vader, who gets to ready every turn for free with Master of the Force. Also, you might consider including some of Han’s command cards. They are INSANE and can have a massive impact on the game.
  16. For now we probably could only agree to disagree, we'll see how it goes further, bit for now do you mind explaining what these two cards have to do with the situation? Their only "if" clauses regard player's decision about paying their optional costs. But while we're on them, would you kindly explain from your point of view: in the text of the Inertial Dampeners, which part of the ability is: 1) The timing? 2) The trigger? 3) The effect?
  17. Is it? TIE Strikers took an inordinate amount of time to take down less than a dozen X wings + a few UWings while they had the home field advantage and the rebels had no reinforcements. Likewise we saw a lot of clamoring to make TIE bombers better bombers when A) all the source material mention it's a POS and B) The only on screen bombing we see of it is to bomb an asteroid field when nobody was shooting them. Keep in mind the current 200 points is also at the flight - sub squadron scale engagement. The only battles that really reflect that scale on screen, particularly on the movies, are the Falcon chase scenes.
  18. When I was sorting through all my stuff to convert to 2nd edition, I had a bunch of old core set boxes and such that I decided to purge. "Well, I won't need any of these old 1.0 rules sheets!" And all of the 1.0 inserts went to recycling before I remembered the had all the missions on them.
  19. Depends on how you define "best" Even though the Viper Enforcer can't block I 1, I rate it as FAR superior because of additional low speed manueverability and the hilarity of microthruster rolls Course, neither of these guys are really dedicated blockers. They're WAY too pricey and also have 3 die primaries; blocking is just something they can do in a pinch Basically, they're great at blocking but don't GUN for it (like dogpiling up an entire swarm in your face) because you're probably going to lose your considerable investment in a way that hurts far more than losing a Z
  20. AFAIK, when you commit the dice as part of a power activation, it happens after the power is activated, so you have all three dice available to make the roll to activate. You just don't have them available afterward (until you un-commit them).
  21. mACE Windu be carrying fools Have to say, though, while Lumy is my favorite her ability is NOT "good' in a traditional sense By which I mean a "good" ability is one you want always firing and modding dice (imo, an incredible ability would be Vader or Luke; Mace to a far lesser extent). Lumy's doesn't actually do anything that often, as they'll either have focus/forcus mods or bullseye on you What makes Lumy great is a.) two force and b.) occasional creative use (use ability to force emeny to burn defensive focus; return fire). Her ability isn't a crutch; it's CLUTCH. But her value is 99% point a.) ALL Delta's have the built in (and amazing) fine tuned controls ability. So, even with blank pilot text, Lumy is still an incredible force to be reckoned with Bariss at only one force for only one point cheaper?...nah (Edit: I feel Lumy's ability is far less limited than Saesee, though, which is why I never use Saesee either)
  22. Another big event ... must be time for another chicken little / nerf / lynch the list event.
  23. Sadly not happening unless they completely redo the card The fluff Aggressor is a really bizarre little bugger that isn't done justice by the "it's a crappy but speedier Y-wing" we got here Sadly, we got what we've got isn't changing anytime soon. Though I really must stress that I think a small point discount wouldn't unhinge barrage or anything Jonus took a major point beating and was really the thing taking barrage swarms over the top. I don't think a 34/35 point Sienar barrage man would automatically unseat the likes of the Striker and its awesome manueverability + ability to take non-focus actions (or to not suck if it doesn't have focus) You could express minor concern about what a swarm of 38 point double-tap specialists could do, but empire has NO Drea (only howlrunner OR jonus). Plus, mo dakka is more betta
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