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  2. While it's not your intent, looked at from an outsider's perspective by folks that are pretty familiar with the system, that ultimately is what you're trying to do, while adding extra degrees of unnecessary complication in the process. And as others have said, there's nothing in the lore to support that being "grey" actually has any benefit. Back when the prequels came out, this line of thinking, of being "grey" was called the Potentium Heresy, and even they skewed more towards the "light" with the main difference in their view of the Force being that the dark side was internal only and not part of the Force (which has been shown to be incorrect, and thus why the "Heresy" label was added.) Plus, the very fact you opened with "I created this for my character" is a huge red flag that you have a vested interest in skewing this to better favor your character than creating something that's actually balanced. Many a bad homebrewed game mechanic have sprung from the notion, well-intended or not, of making something cool for a specific character. I've been creating homebrew material for various RPGs for the better part of three decades now, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that creating stuff to directly benefit a character I'm playing rarely has a beneficial outcome for the game that character's in. As for bonuses, I suggest you re-read what you posted. Under your proposed system, being exactly in the middle (something that's fairly easy to achieve) provides a boost to wound threshold and strain threshold and the freedom to use light pips and dark pips as the player desires without either of the major costs (strain or destiny point) that the default system requires, which in turn makes them more powerful overall.
  3. Yes, more speculation. But let's keep it specific to the CIS. What do you think we're going to see? What do you hope we get? We already know General Grievous is first up for Commanders. I'm guessing that Count Dooku will be next, followed by Poggle the Lesser. On the Operative side of things, I'm thinking we're going to see Jango Fett and Darth Maul first. Down the line there's a chance for some others, like: Darth Sidious, Asajj Ventress, Cad Bane, etc. But I don't expect these soon if at all.
  4. Most of these came from D6 campaigns during my college years... "Time for some creative proctology..." "What am I, a glutton for punishment?" "You're part of our team, right?" "Yeah..." "There's your answer." "Where's the kid?" (often said just before something really bad happens, usually followed by "It wasn't me this time!") "Well, it's certainly not the most hideous thing I've seen..." "Alright, grease up the Ewok and let 'er rip!"
  5. Updated for Visions of the Future and the Deer Clan's family name.
  6. So tell me, where exactly do you see in what I have suggested, that there are no penalties and it's all about getting to use both sides with no penalty? Because to me, there most are penalties and drawbacks, and it's not "just" to be able to use both sides with no consequences, it's about the struggle to stay balanced. I don't if you've missed it, but having to roll a willpower/discipline check to see how many of the sided force points generated can be committed, most certainly is a major drawback and penalty, as it can make one not be able to use the light sided as well as the dark sided force points generated. And a major consequence from that is that one needs to spend much more xp for it to be more reliable, and just raising FR isn't enough, willpower and discipline needs to be raised too, and even then it can still fail. To me it seems you are getting way too caught up on the "grey jedis just want to use the dark side with no consequences", because that is very far from what I'm trying to do with this, in fact that is what I'm trying to do with this.
  7. We're starting to get spoilers on blogs/websites for this cycle now. Just 2 Crane for the moment, but I'm sure there will be more where they came from.
  8. whole wave3 has now 40 (!) usable hyperspace trials. This is amazing, I've never had that much useful data before.
  9. You can errate it for your own games if you think is that much needed, or not use it at all.
  10. dont know if this has been reported yet i encountered a bug which prevents from attacking, something seems to be wrong with the range zero checks maybe. see picture, the scurrg isnt allowed to attach the red tie fighter: "The target is not a legal target for the attacker" the red tie however could attack the scurrg.
  11. I managed to slice my hand open on the edge of an acrylic range ruler.
  12. How is it working out for you? i have another list with , Redline, Torps/advs , Soontir (naked) and Vader with fcs and afterburners ) i think i wanna try that one out aswell
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  14. Hi all, I love this game! I own all the products released so far and play in the following manner: I'll play a campaign together with my girlfriend and we'll construct decks choosing from all the player cards (minus the ones costing experience, obviously) that were included in the full cycle and every cycle before it. So by the time we played Path to Carcosa, we chose cards from the complete card pool of the Core set, Dunwich Legacy and the Path to Carcosa. We've played the Core, Dunwich Legacy and Path to Carcosa. Now moving forward, I was thinking about playing releases in this order: - Return to the Night of the Zealot - The Labyrinths of Lunacy (standalone) - The Forgotten Age - Return to the Dunwich Legacy - The Circle Undone - Return to the Path of Carcosa This way I think we closely match the order of release and have quite a bit of variation. Does this sound like a good order for playing? We like a challenge, but also like to make it through the entire campaign and then win (or at least not fail miserably). Path to Carcosa has been quite hard for us, though we did manage it, barely, in the end. Is this order a good order for making things progressively more difficult? In other words, how would you rate the difficulty of Return to the Night of the Zealot, compared to The Labyrinths of Lunacy and The Forgotten Age?
  15. I would assume that it can be placed, but the Raid option is unavailable. So it’s effectively just a Support Order
  16. I got this with Vader VaderRedlineVynder (65) Darth Vader [TIE Advanced x1] (6) Afterburners Points: 71 (52) "Redline" [TIE/ca Punisher] (12) Proton Torpedoes (10) Advanced Sensors Points: 74 (39) Major Vynder [Alpha-class Star Wing] (12) Proton Torpedoes (3) Advanced SLAM (0) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout Points: 54 Total points: 199
  17. Wow, Ujiaki's really got a bit of the Mark Anthony going there. "Toturi is an appropriately neutral man..."
  18. Hey folks Ï wannna try this list out, im choosing the Inqisitor, With the abiity to shoot things down at I7 His wingmen/wingwomen are Major Vynder with all the neccesery things And to top it all off, my fav , Adv senors Redline, with torps. At 200 points atm, Possibell changes is removing the inc, using Vader instead. Soontir What are your thoughts on it? “Redline” — TIE/ca Punisher 52 Advanced Sensors 10 Proton Torpedoes 12 Ship Total: 74 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 5 Grand Inquisitor — TIE Advanced v1 56 Heightened Perception 3 Fire-Control System 2 Proton Rockets 7 Ship Total: 68 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 2 Major Vynder — Alpha-class Star Wing 39 Trick Shot 2 Fire-Control System 2 Proton Torpedoes 12 Advanced SLAM 3 Os-1 Arsenal Loadout 0 Ship Total: 58 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 4
  19. "while you defend" is from you've been declared as the defender of an attack until that attack is completed. it hasn't got anything to do with engagement and could occur any time an attack happens (captain jostero and quickdraw could attack during many different parts of a round). so, yes, it's only for one attack.
  20. Hey ppl Im wondering When i use the ability " Spend one force to prevent attackers range 1 bonus vs you. " Is that for only one attack? If i get shot again, do i need to spend another one? Or is it for the hole enge-face?
  21. I used it in Eindhoven SoS against Whisper after I lost one blue sq. Escort to Redline and Whisper. Sure I could've shot Whisper with primary attack and do 1 damage and let her keep Evade for cloaking that ve could've used to arc dodge everything probably. Instead I shot Jamming Beam and got rid of her evade token, which led to a close block and range 1 shots. Whisper was left with 1 hull left. She didn't die, but was seriously crippled that she had to be out of combat out of fear for 3 turns to give me time to kill Redline/Soontir. Next opportunity to shoot at Whisper killed her.
  22. While an interesting idea as to how to limit ace squadrons in the game, ultimately the point of this tournament is to get players experimenting with new ideas and combinations outside their personal and the meta norm. To that end, I don't think making such a substantial change to how aces play on the table would be very informative to players as they start thinking about Regionals. It's an interesting idea though, I'll hang on to it for the next time I need to handicap a Sloane ball!
  23. This is where the system becomes a little wonky. You can certainly do that with one on one, but when you have different combatants, in different locations, it becomes skewed. The part that skews it is when determining where in that Long range band you are, or where in that Medium range band you are. Take a look at our Zones rules for a better explanation: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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