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  2. http://aembertree.com/sets/core Lists every card in set, but you'd have to see what all you have to compare.
  3. Another aspect of confusion is that the weapons have different names throughout the run of books. In the core books, the weapons have the classic names: the long one is a DC-15A (found in the example section of the rifle description). The shorter on is a DC-15S (found in the example section of the carbine section). When EA released their version of BF2, they changed up the names. these are the versions found in the RotS era-book. The DC-15A Blaster Rifle became the DC-15 Blaster Rifle. The DC-15S Blaster Carbine became the DC-15A Blaster Carbine. Thanks EA!
  4. how will I know what Anime's to watch, what the current waifu is, what the best switch games are? and more importantly who's going to keep reminding me to not blame my dice and play lists that require enough intelligence to breathe through my nose?
  5. I was glad to see the Separatist Commander universal spec to give a little crunch to those that want to explore the heroes on both sides theme. I do still wish that a Separatist battle droid species/career would have been in there for the other side's equivalent to R2.
  6. Exactly, and the current flavors of Rebel beef don’t have to make sacrifices or careful selection in their pilots/ upgrades. They get everything they want, with no sacrifice. So it’s no wonder Luke isn’t seeing a ton of play, he either hits a 3 ship list, or requires compromise.
  7. I have my busiest weekend of the year impending. I hope to try this game the week after next. I’m still thinking about the movement/ramming implications. Cheers.
  8. Over/under - The next GoT book will release before the next Krayt episode
  9. That would not be Ideal. So Zoroku has no attacks this round I believe. What could I do to help the others?
  10. I think it's important to keep in mind that the setting books seem to be written as a semi-stand alone rules addition. I don't think specs like Jedi Master are supposed to be incorporated into the Rebellion Era books but are there to allow players to jump right into those types of characters that would normally have to be built with several specializations.
  11. good point. I hope it does - scaling with initative is something in the same direction. Paying 8-12 points or even more on Soontir sounds ok, but a 2-4pt upgrade on him would basically be an auto include.
  12. @Mark Caliber, I agree on most of your points except maybe Luke. I think Luke would dominate the rebel meta at anything less than 60 pionts. He'd just become an auto-include. There's gotta be a choice to make. That's why Poe isn't dominating right now. He's fair and he's an option, be not a no-brainer. You have to really take him on purpose. That's my view, anyway. Luke is always gonna be pretty good, even with nothing on him, but his price might mean the squadmates need some more careful selection.
  13. Hi @fab74 Just want to know if it's possible for you to put filters for the units of the Armada generator to show Ships and Squadrons separetly as it is on the Legion generator where for example you have the options of Commander, Operative, Corps, etc and when you open one there's a list only of the units of that category. Thanks very much
  14. Luke was used a lot more before January/March when Rebels didn't have all these better options. A lot of Luke's steam was stolen by B-Wings.
  15. I mean, not really? Increase Leia to 6 and add 2 points to Braylen, Ten, Wedge, Dutch, Cassian, and Horton (which all have seen play) You get Ten, Braylen, Cassian with Leia, and Horton with Veteran Turret Gunner and Dorsal Turret with 1 point bid. Horton being the least oppressive, you could probably only increase him by 1 and then you get ion turret too. Drop to a generic U wing, and you can replace Braylen with Wedge, or drop Leia and you can drop Ten for Wedge if you want to keep the Cassian/Braylen combo and have Wedge too. I'm sure there are a ton of other things you can do to still field a viable list, especially if you are willing to play a generic X or Y or B wing in place of a named pilot. I could maybe see dropping Luke by 2 points to 60 too though, but something as drastic as 6 is ridiculous.
  16. we don't know yet if it has any equip restrictions
  17. I miss the "now listen motherf*ers, I know you think it is like this, but let me tell you what is actually the case... "
  18. I'd forgotten about Derrown, I'll see what I can knock up for him. Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to go through the cards so thoroughly - those errors are fantastic catches and I can get them fixed ASAP. Particularly embarrassed by the Tarkin one as I would have literally copied that from my copy of the book! And weirdly enough, the Temple Guard is statted correctly as per Nexus Of Power - I don't know if that means the intention is that they can't wield their own pikes to full effectiveness (seems unlikely) or if a typo in the official stats. I'll leave it as it is for now to keep it in like with the official stats. Regarding the soak/brawn discrepancies - some of these are deliberate due to print space on the cards. I believe in most cases where this has occurred the missing soak value should be no more than 2 - in these cases assume the Soak value is correct and that the character is wearing nothing more than regular clothing/armor. Where characters have armor with special qualities (higher soak, defense, etc) it should be on the card - but again, let me know if there's any discrepancies with that rule of thumb. For your other points: 1. Clone Captain is statted as they appear in Rise Of The Separatists - can't speak for the Intellect disparity but I suspect we'll see a CW-era Rex in the next CW book (since we're getting Anakin and Ahsoka there) and it'll be interesting to see how he compares to the "standard" captain. 2. The various Jedi have different levels of a Basic Lightsaber + Ilum Crystal + Mods. Very few (if any?) have a fully modded Ilum Crystal, and the choices are supposed to represent that particular Jedi's priorities. Have they gone for the +1 Damage mods, the +1 Vicious, the -1 Crit mod, etc. 3. I'm pleased to say I had already caught the OP Padawan and have already "nerfed" it very much in line with your observations - basically removed the Improved versions of Parry/Reflect, and took away one rank of Adversary (this already brings them in line with Rebels-era Ahsoka and Kanan, who both ended their official Jedi careers at Padawan level). This'll be in my next update. Thanks again for the above - very very helpful and keep 'em coming if you find more.
  19. the june 6th release date has been removed from the articles 😥
  20. I played a CAC event in Vancouver WA last weekend and got smoked by: naked Vermeil, Sabbac, and two Sigmas with Juke. Everyone at initiative 4, I couldn't kill Vermeil in one, and he flew away with all my target locks. It was a real headache for my Omega Aces swarm!
  21. Soontir will be the prime carrier. He already gets his free focus. Arc dodging AND getting double modified attacks? Sounds a bit too 1.0 to me...
  22. Sorry for any confusion, t that consistency (Armada, Legion, Runewars, etc), I use the terms interchangeably
  23. Hate always gives you a force to trigger Kylos ability. And going against swarms can be a godsend by giving you a force back after getting plinked for 1hp. Adv Optics is only good when paired with torpedoes or dealing with i6 ships that you cant get a lock on or dealing with swarms and you dont want to lock a ship that someone like Quickdraw might one shot, etc. With proton torps, a focus + lock + adv sensors is like 3.97 expected hits vs 3.67 with just lock and 2 force vs 3.75 with lock + focus.
  24. Please scale targeting computer cost with initiative, thanks
  25. Wrong ship getting adjusted. Luke is good where he is, his infinite mods on defense is super strong. His problem is that you can’t field him with 4 named pilots in Rebel beef, Wedge can. Wedge should go up 2-4 points, Luke stays. When you can’t fit 4 named pilots with Leia and upgrades like current Rebel beef, then you’ll see more generics/ Luke.
  26. The next FAQ will have this rule of discarding the rest of the available story missions.
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