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  2. It's been addressed why Order 66 was as fast and as effective as it was. The Jedi have never been omniscient, even well before they became attached at the hip to the Republic Senate, and it's been established (particularly in Legends) that a normal person can kill a Jedi, provided they use the right tactics (see HK-47's thoughts on the dos and don'ts of killing Jedi in KOTOR2). Prior to Filoni's Clone Wars introducing the bio-chip to enforce compliance with Order 66 the moment it was given, it was cited that the clones were so well-trained that they'd respond to orders with minimal emotional content, being likened to a knife sharpened to a very fine edge, enough so that the knife would cut with only the slightest of pressure, and with the various General Orders (up to 150 if I remember right) being drilled into them during their flash-training. As someone else pointed out earlier in the thread, the Jedi had become accustomed to the presence of the Clone Troopers, to the point that once the clones' generally violent thoughts turned to killing the Jedi Generals, the Jedi in question really didn't have a lot of time to react. Ki-Adi Mundi was probably one of the few that had much time to react (outside of Yoda), but spent much of that being dumb-founded at the clones with whom he'd fought for years suddenly doing an about face in the middle of a firefight. At no point in the films is it stated that the Jedi are infallible beings, with Qui-Gon coming right out and correcting Anakin's false presumption that nobody could kill a Jedi. In the Revenge of the Sith novelization, Sidious even muses about how the entire war was the perfect trap for the Jedi, using their general attachment to the Republic (it wasn't the best system of government, but it certainly beat all the other alternatives) to draw them into a protracted conflict and get them so used to being in danger that when Order 66 came down, it'd catch them off guard. He also didn't plan on Order 66 being 100% effective, and for there to be Jedi survivors, but as long as those survivors stayed hidden and didn't try to oppose his new Empire, he was perfectly fine with letting them be as it symbolized his victory to the extent that the Sith's greatest enemies were now so cowed that they wouldn't dare to resist his rule; it was really Vader that had a mad-on for totally wiping out the Jedi and would go actively hunting them down.
  3. If someone has a different opinion than you do, it can only be because of some inherent character flaw that they have. Don't you know that? Have you been living under a rock since 1990 or something?
  4. I guess what I am really after is the idea that Order 66 was as effective as it is sometimes depicted. I think in recent years the idea of more Jedi escaping is commonplace as Lucasfilm is needing to mine the idea that some of the Jedi survived in GCW era. I do remember a lot of discussion about this in earlier years after the movie in which my perceptions was that people generally felt that the Jedi were gone in that 4 minute sequence except for Yoda and Ben.
  5. Well, OK, I'll admit that I mostly play with friends, and we are all adults around the 40-year-mark. But my basic point stands: Communicate, be fair, and it will usually be OK. And generally, trying to correct player behaviour using in-game rewards and punishment is a losing strategy. Talking is the way to tackle problems.
  6. Much as I love my Arcs, I do feel the Aethersprite is the most fun I've had so far (albeit in combination with Arcs; they compliment each other so well) There's something so satisfying about having an array of options with meaningful decisions (how do I spend my limited force? Mods? Ability? Fine tuned? When should I r2? Etc) One day gonna have to try multiple sprites All the force (44) Saesee Tiin [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (4) R2 Astromech (16) Delta-7B Points: 64 (46) Mace Windu [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (4) R2 Astromech (16) Delta-7B (3) Heightened Perception Points: 69 (44) Luminara Unduli [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (4) R2 Astromech (16) Delta-7B Points: 64 Total points: 197 Sub out Tiin for Ahsoka if preferred (list goes to 199) Bid has been relevant locally but need more testing
  7. Thank you. Didn't realize the FAQ took out some of that tricky wording.
  8. I'll give credit where its due. Good job to @kmanweiss for re-opening a contentious thread that had previously fizzled out. I missed reading the same 3 arguments back and forth. This helps my day go by faster.
  9. Hey all, I posted this in BGG but just in case...we're in the middle of the Greater Good scenario, and... Can you get locked out of rooms no matter what? Currently we have 2 keys and need 2 keys. The 2 keys we need (Cultist, Elder Thing) are the keys we need to enter the locked rooms (i.e. a Cultist key is locked away, and an Elder Thing key is locked away). So we think we simply might not be able to get in these rooms at all. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. But, plenty of Jedi did escape and went into hiding. Obi-Wan even says as much in Revenge at the end, when he tells Yoda that he sent out that message, warning all the surviving Jedi to hide. We just see a handful of the previously established Jedi, on screen, dying for dramatic purposes. To convey the tragedy of the betrayal, and the death of an Order that was trying to be a force for good in the galaxy. Kannen Jarrus survived, the kid in the upcoming Fallen Order survived, Yoda and Ben survived. So there is already precedent that some lived. The survivors are the ones that Vader then spent the subsequent 20 years leading up to New Hope, hunting down as the Emperor's attack dog. So nothing in that sequence really contradicts what you think should've happened, since they confirmed it shortly after that in the same film that O66 took place. Yeah I figured as much, I just felt obligated to mention that one, because someone would inevitably try and "Well Actually" me in a quoted comment. You know, because Star Wars fans.
  11. And that's how you do it. Discuss it within your group, establish a baseline, and everybody's happy.
  12. Nice Jon_DDA! I have used the white cardboard that reinforces the expansion pack boxes in a variety of terrain projects, including using them to build various shipping crates and boxes for scatter terrain.
  13. Talk polite thanks for starting this and getting ball rolling it be nice if you could look at list of events and detail of how to plan your to be part of them but at least map show where they are but list would be great
  14. They are not. I have been playing like this well back in the nineties, and I know tons of people who did the same. I also played Rolemaster 1st Edition back then and we earned and calculated every single XP. It is just different ways of handling things, and no big deal, really. It only gets to be a bid deal if folks make it one.
  15. Someone is quick to forget Parking Brake Han and Double Tap Dash. There will always be Rebel Fat Turret Combos.
  16. You mean pilot. Space Mary Poppins flew for you, at least acknowledge that!
  17. Cool. Yeah right after I posted that I agreed it was a bad analogy but that was not visible enough I guess. Welcome to the argument I don't know how it's a No No as what flies is what will fly in the real world of games. The kind of stuff that goes on in community games is appalling. Sometimes these behavioral things are done in response to a player rather than some overbearing initiative by the GM.
  18. Yes. Also see the latest companion rules (from the FAQ). There is no longer the largely unnecessary restriction about "using" class, item, or supply cards.
  19. The original size was based on the movie props - the X-Wing, Y-Wing, and TIE fighter props were assumed to be to the same scale. A 56 cm long X-Wing model being 13.4m, would mean that a 38cm long TIE fighter model would be 9.09m (pretty close to the Databank's 8.99m figure). But according to Curtis Saxton, the movie props are not to scale with one another http://www.theforce.net/swtc/exhibit/scale.html the X-wings and Y-wings are 1/24 scale, but the TIE Fighters are 1/16 scale. This is probably the part of the reason why Rogue One shrunk the TIE fighter from 8.99m to 7.2m - because the change to 8.99m was a mistake. The most recent source - the Haynes TIE Fighter Owner's Workshop Manual, that came out this month - has rescaled lots of the other TIE ships (presumably using the TIE fighter's front viewport as the common reference point). So- the TIE Interceptor is now 7.7m long, Vader's TIE Advanced x1 is now 5.8m long, and so forth.
  20. In this episode Jay and I continue our house series with house Sanctum. https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-thats-how-i-got-to-sanctum/
  21. Yeah and I do think they would have bagged a fair amount of Jedi but I also think that a fair amount would have escaped the jaws of that trap and were killed or went into hiding later. My main issue I think is that it is just too fast and too effective. Great points.
  22. Said cartoon ramped up all the Force users to some fairly ridiculous levels, with Mace Windu happening to get the most improvement in terms of what we see him perform in the films, though I recall seeing that it wasn't meant to be a "realistic" take on the capabilities of the Jedi (or any other named character), but instead an exaggerated telling of the story. Windu's especially as it'd been stated to be a retelling of the Dantooine battle from the perspective of the young farm boy that was watching the battle. And yeah, said cartoon is no longer part of the current canon.
  23. First of all, there is really no need to quote whole posts if you only want to answer a single point. Secondly, if you actually read what I wrote, you might notice that I am talking about trying to "correct" player behaviour using in-game stuff in general. And even if you do not act like this, the idea to punish players for perceived bad behaviour using the game often comes up (also in this thread), and it is a big No-No. Using XP is only one example of that, but it is as counter-productive as the rest. Also, as has been pointed out to you, your metaphor sucks. Gaming is not work and the GM is not an employer. And I for one would not want to game with anybody, GM or player, who thought that way.
  24. Thanks but I think I'll pass. Not really in the mood to do more RP in a pbp format right now.
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