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  2. I feel that there might be 14 to 24 pages of reprinted material in Collapse of the Republic. FFG has proven three times already that the cross-line books are written with the assumption that the buyer only has one CRB and the new book. It's actually a smart business model. I've seen games where you had to have supplement X to use supplement Y, and it can be a turn-off. Still, the new book is 144 pages, so even if we have 24 pages of reprinted material, that's still 120 pages of new material (approximately). From the first article for Collapse, we know that we're getting 3 new specs for the Clone Soldier. We know that they are reprinting the Clone species. There is no mention of Jedi specs. I personally think that they are going to reprint the Jedi Knight and Padawan. Plus 2 Force Powers. I don't have a problem with it.
  3. I will report back, as objective as I can be. I am thinking of getting the cheapest season passes in the fall when the other ride opens.
  4. I believe they two sides are balanced overall. good players may choose Rebels as they are harder to play (see above) and good players can take advantage of less experienced players. Some tournaments may see more Imperial as they are easier to play and more forgiving (again see above). I don't see a single really good list that everyone is taking, again pointing to a good balance overall. I play Imperial as they are more my style. I don't put a lot of stock that something is grossly over or under costed.
  5. In the groups opinion, is rebel beef an example of an ideal list to be at the top of the meta (with the caveat that something will always be there)? I figure something that is pretty straight forward to understand how it works so it can’t “wtf?” crush oblivious players, and also isn’t capable of flying circles around an opponent , at the very least let’s you feel like you are making progress by shooting it.
  6. Breath deep and slow. Just over a month left till next points adjustment and this short era of bs should be pushed back into a muted form.
  7. My daughter and I have played only a few games overall, so we're still learning a few of the more uncommon rules. We just had our first game today with veers and Leia. Anyway, we had a question about her card. During the game one of my units(speeder bikes) was in line of site and at proper range. She only attacked it once, because of how we interpreted the card. But could she have attacked my speeder bikes three times? Or (and this is the way we played it) does it just mean she can attack up to 3 eligible units only once each? Card reads "At the end of Leia Organa's activation, she may perform up to 3 attacks against different enemy units using the following weapon."
  8. Yeah, unfortunately you need to take several phone pictures if you need to walk away from a mission. sorry
  9. Think you quoted the wrong person. Ebak was the one that commented about the V-19. I'm looking for more giant capital ships. I've statted them out myself over a year ago for my own use but I'm curious about the official stats.
  10. Well while I love getting the almighty Lucrehulk I desperately want my Providence and Recusant-classes. If we can get the Subjugator-class Malevolence with its mega ion cannon I will die of happiness. For the republic side I'm not sure what else I would really want. Maybe the ETA Actis. On the ground I would love to see the Juggernaut for the Republic and the Persuader tank for the Separatists. My guess is some of these were held off to be added to the next book.
  11. Agreed. My favorite is just Scimitar and Proton Bombs, maybe homing missiles. Just isn’t super efficient atm
  12. I'm going to try again with CIS, if I can trade off my shift for the day of the next close-ish trial. 😅
  13. I don't think the z6 needs anything but the pathfinders sure feel underpowered. Their weapons just don't have the kick they need for their cost.
  14. Not wanting to be picky, because you have done an awesome job, but you might want to re-check your Market Terrain card.
  15. A look at data from the Round Robin stage of TTS Invader League for Star Wars: Legion, including cross-faction match breakdown and a look at unit mix. https://swlegionodds.com/2019/05/20/invader-league-season-3-round-robin-data-wrap-and-elims-lists-preview/
  16. Report back please. I was going ro try and take my family this winter
  17. Soontir Fel - 9, initiative 6, gets token if blocked, and interceptor dial. Saber Squadron Ace - 5, init 4 with double reposition is quite nice Turr Phennir - 6, init 4 and a decent ability Alpha Squadron Pilot - 3, you get 3 red dice, but init 1 really hurts. You dont need this to be a blocker. "Whisper" - 8, init 5 and a kick *** ability on the phantom chassis Sigma Squadron Ace - 8 - priced efficiently for a nasty juking S.O.B. "Echo" - 8 - its echo, he does stuff Imdaar Test Pilot - 5, meh, but still a phantom
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  19. Except now, mechanically, you're better off just giving the commander Imperial Valor. That way the minion group can still act AND act as an impromptu shield.
  20. V hummed before she then tilted her head If you do not mind me asking, whose hand is this...?
  21. Actually, the first Star Wars comic was released in 1977, and ran for over 100 issues monthly. ESB released in 1980
  22. If I see another person post on Reddit about their Hyperspace Trial win with Rebel beef, I’m going to vomit. (Preparing to vomit)
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