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  2. We can only hope future books will be similarly delayed!
  3. I'm just turning it around: no more or less sad than supposed obsession with scale accuracy. I don't see what's sad about any of it. Besides. Y'know. I'm 38 and play with toys.
  4. Hate is probably a few points underpriced. For Maul/Dooku, it's definitely an auto-include at 3 points - it happens to be the only good force upgrade, and to work really well with the infiltrator specifically. Kylo and Vader also have access to 3 point Hate but tend to have an actual decision involved. Scaling with base size seems approximately fair, 3/4/5 for small medium large or something, as a proxy for HP. That being said, its partially just because of list building constraints. CIS only has so many ways to put together a 200 point list, and lots of them leave approx. 9-15 point gaps where you can't squeeze in another Vulture, Vultures don't really want upgrades other than ESCs, and you don't really have any reason to not just spend the points on upgrades for your only ship with upgrade slots.
  5. Maul with Hate isn't quite up to NPE but it is kind of close. When I have to give my opponent a benefit for doing what I need to do to win the game that is the makings of an NPE. Luckily the ship doesn't have a turret and is only one agility but that also refills force tokens faster. And it isn't Maul so much as Hate itself that I don't like, "hate" if you will. Played against a Maul with Palpatine and Hate and it was a bit of a problem though I didn't approach it correctly and my red dice abandoned me and I got caught up in a wash of vulture droids. I think it is worth running Palpatine or Dooku just for the fourth force token. I don't think it is broken but does lean more to disagreeable than fun challenge. I melted a Maul without Hate and a better approach last evening though.
  6. I think part of it is sheer # of crew and troops. Venators sport 7k crew. ISDs sport 37k crew and 10k troops. Life support, bunks, and consumables have to take up space. I also get the impression that Venators couldn’t operate nearly as long as an ISD without resupply. ISD was also (I think) an entire system pacification platform. One could be sent to most places and expect to wipe out most resistance. That means a good chunk of the ship dedicated to Intel operations and other non-combat operations.
  7. Yeah, if there's an issue anywhere, it's with Hate - and to be honest, I think a lot of that is just that it's the only good Force Talent available at the moment.
  8. I pretty much just want the clone stats if I had to pick one thing and one thing only out of the book. Troupe rules are a very close second. Overall, I am pretty excited for the book as a whole, personally. I'm glad someone official has finally said something concrete we can hold onto. I am sad I wont get to make Boat Memes anymore though.
  9. It will be interesting to see how much interaction they choose to show between returning Ashoka and Anakin - the more they flesh out this part of the story the less rewatches of Episode III will make sense, imo.
  10. The only thing that seems crazy underpriced to me is Hate. But that's not exactly Infiltrator specific, it's just happens to be the best platform for it.
  11. My immediate thought here is that I think hate should scale based on hp (or base size as a short hand). Vader and Kylo are only getting a few force out of hate, but large ships like the infiltrator or Hate-Kanan can gain tons of force over the course of the game, making it easy to top off force that's normally balanced on the premise you get one back a turn.
  12. Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse! He rides across the system, the Thoroughbred of Sin, He got the hyper broadcast that you just sent in. He's gone and conquered Clydesdale, and next is Vaulting There will be blood, it might be yours, we're not above threatening! <signed> Bad Horse The beings of Clydesdale have recognized the authority and inherent superiority of Equine leadership. There were some unfortunate cases of Equines not being given their rightful due in their society, which has been...corrected. The Evil League of Evil now sets its eyes on additional prizes, and seeks recruits on Vaulting. Transgress at your peril.
  13. I'm looking forward to sun fac maul and grievous personally.
  14. That is agreeable. So in addition to the "Evil Empires do not shoot each other" agreement, we shall add an "and if you dare attack an Evil Empire, you will be attacked in turn, by all Evil Empires" clause? And let's say that this treaty must be renewed on/before turn 8 at which point it will expire?
  15. Your stuff looks great man. I’m especially fond of the radar laser cannon and Krennic.
  16. There’s really only one scenario (Seventh Level) that goes over the top on enemies. A few others definitely have a good deal of combat, but not that much more than normal. I actually found that extra willpower was valuable, especially in the very first quest. I would make sure to bring lots of cancellation, both shadow and when revealed. There are plenty of nasty effects in this cycle. Other than that, I would just recommend using a Dwarf deck.
  17. Wedge/Luke as a concept has legs. On Vassal, where you'll see games played to a certain number of rounds and there are no such things as nudged ships or cocked dice, it's doing quite well in the hands of a skilled player. On the tabletop, it's a vastly different story. You need to be very careful how you play the list, and you also need to be aggressive while not being reckless; X-Wings simply are not fast enough to cut and run from a pursuer, even Luke with SNR is going to get pinned down eventually. Also, 174pts might ensure Luke and Wedge go last, but you're going to wish you'd spent those 26pts on something. Note: I took a 190pt Luke/Wedge to a HS trial and went 2-4, so it can win games, but one mistake and it's game over.
  18. Odanan

    New Epic

    This particular CR-90 was used by the Republic too (it was owned by Bail Organa).
  19. BigBadAndy

    My go at Fett

    Thanks @WGNF911. You also have a cool bloody footprint on this one!
  20. That should make the game a lot easier for you I'm still confused that in some cases your decisions don't cost an arrow action.
  21. And after rereading, looks like I've been doing that wrong! It does specifically tie interact actions to arrow abilities.
  22. Hmm.. You are always allowed to check a token in the app for no cost. So just clicking on a token without the arrow action should cost nothing.
  23. Yes, totally legit. It is a very powerful card with added value in multiplayer when decks are built in coordiantion.
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