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  2. Is there an effect for emboldened? Or is there a card..Thanks
  3. May I ask what Scrap-Em! and Improved Scrap-Em! do from the Clone Officer tree?
  4. Iden, Howl, Seyn+Marksmanship, Gideon, Duchess+Predator+Afterburners is 191. That's a bigger bid than strictly necessary, but it works. YASB.
  5. The rule for TIE Fighters is: more than about three points of upgrades is a waste. They thrive on numbers, not individual power. Ditch all of the shield generators and you have enough points for another ship. Also, the Blacks are doing you no good. Switch them to Academies so they can actually block effectively. Try something like this instead: YASB
  6. Cycling objectives ... Like Objectives permitted in Q1, thoses ones for Q2, theses for Q3, and lastly all projets objectives only granted in Q4?
  7. Thanks guys! That is what I thought. I'll also look up the errata. Thanks
  8. Oh, but also note that Force Choke was errata’d. Check the back of the latest RRG. You can only choose non-Commander and non-Operative minis, so can’t choke Boba. Force Push still works though.
  9. Boba is a trooper, like Vader or Luke. It is written on the card. I think your opponent misunderstood it and mixed it up with being a Core unit, or Operative, or Special Force.
  10. Questions: What is your preferred Ship Count in a list? https://strawpoll.com/5w78bbp2 Do two ship lists need to be competitively playable? https://strawpoll.com/dbx5syze What does it take for a 2 ship list to be competitive ( talking Top Cuts & Final Tables )? Examples of decent 2 ship lists past and present: Possibly S-Tier 2 Ship Lists: Han+ Dash/Rorak Average Power 2 Ship Lists: Super Kylo+ Super Luke+ Super Guri+ Super Defender+ Super Jedi+ Token Stack Boba+ Maul/Dooku Typical Answers: Two Ship lists are difficult and require Highly Skilled Players to use ( i.e. Patient and able to identify bad jousts ) Two Ship lists require 100+ pt Ships to be worth their cost ( i.e. They by definition are allowed to Break "Normal" Mechanics ) Two Ship lists depend on their movement being mostly Reactionary ( i.e. Super Aces & Kanan Inert Han choosing moves at i5+ during Activation ) Two Ship lists require at least one ship that can shoot twice with near full dice mods to keep up ( i.e. they most be "3 ship lists" ). Two Ship lists require damage outside of combat (Bombs, Damage Dealt while Defending ) Two Ship lists require enough HP and Defense or Regen to ignore 1 shot per combat round. ( i.e. Establish a HP Damage Race Countdown Clock ) Two Ship lists require a very specific rule interaction to be clarified in their favor by FFG ( Han Gunner, Kanan, etc. ) 2 ships seems like an archetype a large portion of the player base prefers and wants to see succeed. What does a balanced 2 ship list look like?
  11. Boba is a trooper. Unit type and unit rank are different things. Type includes trooper, ground vehicle, etc. Rank includes Commander, Operative, Corp, etc.
  12. There are 11 pages of comments here so if someone else has said this already sorry for the repeat. If it's a rare occurrence just give them the EXP, it's a game and there is no reason to make a big deal about a player missing a session or two over the course of a campaign. They probably wanted to make it but couldn't for some good reason no point in adding to the fact they didn't get to play that session. It's only likely 10-20EXP anyway so give it to them. If it's a common thing, they miss sessions all the time, then you have different problem and what you do with EXP isn't going to fix that.
  13. I suppose you missed this then Crabbok? A guy from FFG came on reddit and answered a few questions. Basically, all 5 ships out now will be converted to the 7 factions, but for the initial print run just the 3 ships shown will get reprinted in 2.0. Speculation is that the other 2 will come later.
  14. This surprises nobody. Hopefully those people used that money to offset their expenses going to Celebration. But I'm sure they're just locals taking advantage of the situation. Given the opportunity, most of us would. #FFGFail
  15. I do wish they’d release something for this game. I’ve been eagerly awaiting new content. Plus, being their own IP, figured it would be a no brainer.
  16. No problems, glad they used dice from another line instead of new dice. Tho, personally i hate D8 and rather they used D10 instead
  17. Defiantly room for expansions. Databank deck has obvious gaps. Not too hard either to add more planets, contacts, and market items with a small expansion box. Right now it seems very "Light" for a typical game
  18. My first Republic list was 2x GST, 2x 104, and Obi with CLT and R2; won two casual games. Generic ARCs are decent jousters. Obi was fun, but I can certainly fly it better. The Torrents absorbed more fire than they ought to have. 208+V38+{Ace} and V38+{2 Aces} seem like solid enough archetypes.
  19. Hi, gang, Hopefully starting a cleaner, more specific thread here to find tips and help others. Quite a few folks have been raving about the adversary decks, so can we sound off on some examples of how we can use them? I picked up a couple to tack onto a dice order, and have to say I'm a little bit at a loss, but probably because I'm not much for extra gaming accoutrements. For example, there's only one "Stormtrooper" card in the I&R deck, so I guess it's really to build your scenes and know your NPCs in the mix. The special abilities on the back look pretty useful. My first ideas: GMs laying enemy parties out on the table (names, stats and all for players to see) for art and inspiration. Or maybe slip them part way under the screen or peek them out over the top so stats are hidden? Or just flash them to get the creative juices flowing? Perhaps keep a die with leftover wounds behind the screen (like a d20 for four Stormtroopers). (I use checkboxes on my Evernote doc. for wounds/strain) Laying out friends/allies for PCs to be inspired and put less strain on the GM to keep track. Building decks for specific encounters/sessions. Sorting by native areas (like creatures of Tatooine) to randomize encounters. What about "knight-level" PCs? Any quick tips to add stats on the fly to make things more challenging? Or do you just add more and more minions? @kaosoe : Pinging you here to get your insight. You said adversaries are by far the most useful. Care to share your techniques? Thanks, all. - James ps - Unrelated: sharing a trick I use to track initiative in SW... Get some blue and pink/red post-its (generic square shape), Fold them in half to cover the sticky part, and then in half again to make a "tent". Put players' and allies names both sides. Put numbers or names on your side for the pink ones to represent adversaries. Lay those tents up on your screen or laptop for initiative order and swap around as needed. I just use blue and pink because it's easy to remember lightsaber colors.
  20. I agree with all of this. Everything but the GST seems overpriced. The biggest strength of the GST is getting shot at. Dawdle them along, and either have uncontested shots (not major ones, but 2-dice uncontested can add up in 2e), or else your opponent is putting maybe 3 shots into a 25 point ship rather than actually-important Jedi. The dial isn't good, but it doesn't need to be good. One strong thing about the dial, though? The 4-straight is White. Most other bad-dial ships have either a red 4-straight, or else don't have a 4-straight at all.
  21. Well, I can only think of an action that replicates the Magus powers from DnD. That is, summoning magical weapons or imbuing them with special qualities. It could be a part of the augment action but probably a separate action would be better. On the other hand, what about Turn Undead? Does it deserve a different action?
  22. I've got some ice cream in the freezer and now I want but I also want my normal breakfast. This is an existential crisis.
  23. Is there a decent way to build a Jar'Kai? We are ending a three year D&D campaign soon and I need to start talking to the people and help them build there characters and I know one will want to do this.
  24. Today
  25. Do I own huge ships? Yes, multiples of some. Did I play Epic? Oh yes, every chance I got. Will I play 2.0 Epic? Absolutely! Do I plan to play Epic missions? Yep What is the biggest draw? Playing awesome massive games with lots of ships and splosions and lasers pew pew!
  26. I first thought to go down that route to argue against it, but fully executing only cares about overlaps of ships currently. However, that'd also be a place where you could adjust the base rules--define a ship off the play area as not fully executing it's maneuver. Fixing the Fleeing definition would be better, though. // Anyhow, the possible interaction is one which really irks me. The kind of rules-lawyering I cannot like. The reality of X-Wing is that FFG doesn't have great technical writers, and isn't particularly responsive at fixing errors in rules and language. I don't have a good rules argument against it, but it seems so intuitively dumb as ****.
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