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  2. Tie Fighter, the game, has already shown that you can have Cog Imperials that are sympathetic and relatable. The Empire isn't comic book evil everywhere. And many Imperial citizens did benefit from the security it provided.
  3. I have been playing the following lately: Anakin Skywalker (60) Brilliant Evasion (6) R2 Astromech (4) Delta-7B (18) Stealth Device (8) Ship total: 96 Half Points: 48 Threshold: 3 Obi-Wan Kenobi (53) Brilliant Evasion (6) R2 Astromech (4) Delta-7B (17) Stealth Device (8) Ship total: 88 Half Points: 44 Threshold: 3 Total: 184 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Republic&d=v6!s=200!273:199,2,201,166:;278:199,2,201,166:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= 1st game: vassal loss vs Ashoka + 3 Arcs 2nd game: IRL loss vs Vader + Jonus + Countdown + Gydeon 3rd game: IRL, Win, vs Vader + Jonus (same as above) list. I had never played 2 Aces list. My first game on Vassal, on point after a typical 1:15 hour game, it could have been around 132 to 100 Second game, with a former Regional champion, on time, after a 1:15 hour game, it could have been a win for me. His Vader flew from first engagement round to last round on 1 hull left... Third game: Again the same player. Win 200-0 after not even 30 minutes. This list is crazy fun. And I am getting better and better at how to place obstacles, deploy, bait. I'll keep playing it and it might be my list for the next HS in our area.
  4. 9 out of 10 Krayt Patreon Investors have decided that the next episode should be 24 hrs of Duel of the Fates.
  5. It's worth pointing out that Renegade Form is more expensive on the tree than any of the traditional lightsaber forms (15XP vs. 10XP). It's also worth noting that there's more to a lightsaber form than just using a different attribute to attack with. Forms require a good deal of dedication to fully utilize. For example, one aspect of Shii-Cho is being able to engage multiple oppnents effectively. Renegade Form doesn't cover these aspects. Renegade Form lets them use a different attribute, but it doesn't have all the other perks that come with picking up one of the form trees. To me, the intent seems to be Outcasts capable of executing a rough facsimile of an actual lightsaber form, while trained Jedi are more focused and specialized in the forms proper. As for Padawan and Knight not covering the forms, that simply isn't their intent. Padawan and Knight are meant to give the character access to the broad skillset of a true Jedi. Taking other specializations such as Shii-Cho or Seer help inform the character's focus as a Jedi.
  6. I assume that, that check took up all of Caess' time before the meeting?
  7. Interesting, 3 or 4 factions leading, followed by all 7. Too few results yet to really extrapolate but i was suspecting that this might be the case. Probably should share the poll more widely to get more answers.
  8. Really? The Wookipedia pages on neither the Victory-Class Star Destroyer or Cataclyst mention the VSD showing up in Catalyst. I haven't read it, though I did read Tarkin. We also get some mention of a qaz-Class Star Destroyer though. Evidently the firepower is comparable to superlasers?
  9. Since Jedi has Knowledge skills as career skills researcher is a totally appropriate talent. The have a giant library in the temple too. I suspect there’s a list of specs the Jedi can take at a discount in the new book.
  10. I've been dropping in far less frequently since the announcement. My IA campaign group is considering whether to turn to other games. We've played through everything except Bespin Gambit. Might consider fan-made content, but dismayed at no new physical content. App not an option because there's been five of us.
  11. Hi, I see Krennic is a new officer and I think I found a good home for him. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to fill out the rest of this list in order to make it competitive. Any suggestions? An Arq maybe to take further advantage of Krennic? Vader as an officer on a flotilla to choke officers on other ships for rerolls, including Krennic if he does not please the Lord? Anyway, here is what I have so far: ISD Cymoon 1 Ret 112 • Grand Admiral Thrawn 32 • Director Krennic 8 • Gunnery Team 7 • Hardend Bulkheads 5 • XI7 Turbolasers 6 • Spinal Armament 9 • Avenger
  12. Read the first issue. No Maarek Stele...that's not a good start. But...Class-A cargo containers!
  13. I really cannot get behind this in a world where Ruthless exists. Now if your statement was that Dedicated has way too high opportunity cost to take (generic only, elite genetics have a 4-5 point bump over base generic) I would agree. 7 points for a BSP with dedicated is obscene when Heroic costs 1. However it isn’t _bad_, in isolation. I have a list with a dedicated BSP, 2 Arc’s, and a Jedi. It’s actually fairly decent, Dedicated has done work for me. Not 7 points worth, but some. But restricting to generics only is ridiculous, and it should be 1 point, max.
  14. Taking anti-squad upgrades usually works best supporting your own squads. Im sure ordnance pods can't go on small ships because demolisher would have pushed squadrons out of the game with that upgrade.
  15. I want to f**king die. I have never disagreed more in my life on a Star Wars subject. You absolutely can have good "cog" Imperials. Because here's the thing. Not everything The Empire does or fights, is evil. They can't be. Statistically speaking that is impossible. Consider this: How many Rebels like Saw Gerrera exist? Probably a whole friggin' lot. Terrorists are absolutely a thing, and there is nobody better equipped to fight them than The Empire. I want stories where The Empire is protecting its people, saving lives, fighting for a greater good because it is not impossible in the slightest. Your antagonists do not have to be bad guys 100% of the time. The idea that you can't make compelling "cog" characters is just... I'm sorry, that's one of the dumbest things I have ever read in my life. A story about a Stormtrooper who's just straight up a Stormtrooper could be fascinating. Are you really going to tell me that we could never see a story about the soldiers in the trenches of Mimban, see their humanity, what they're fighting for- whether its right or wrong, in the eyes of each other as comrades? Why are they in The Empire? Who are their families? Everybody is somebody and that can be explored in The Empire far better than it can be in The Rebellion, where everybody gets to be a **** hero and probably already lost everything. We've ran that track a million times. Let's run a new one. Tell stories about the average men and women in The Empire. Show things through the eyes of the common man. That's the truly interesting part of Star Wars. Not the heroes, the Force- but what it's like for an everyman in this extravagant galaxy. The Clone Wars proved that you could make clones and their stories, and JUST their stories, interesting. But without TCW, you would stand by the "fact" that all clones are the same, don't have personality, and are just bred in a tube Jedi killers. But you are wrong about that, as the last decade has proven. I wish to see anti Imperial storytelling sentiments further disproved. Somebody writing for Star Wars needs some cajones.
  16. I run mine with HQ uplink stapled to them (or long range commlink if you're just starting with wave 1 stuff). They are highly dependent on order tokens to be truly effective. You need to either activate them first to shoot and then run away or you need to hold them back until the last activation to zip in and shoot with impunity. You can use this to your advantage by putting 'initiative pressure' on your opponent. If your opponent also has an order dependent unit (like Luke Skywalker) the bikes can be used to force him to have to choose between activating luke first (to get a dodge token or get into melee for protection) or activate a unit to deal with the bikes. It goes without saying you want to keep the bikes away from Luke for this to work 😂 Also terrain is your friend. being able to duck over buildings or walls to get out of LoS is really powerful on dense maps If you want to go all in and run 2-3 bike squads I would recommend using Veers as your commander because his 2 and 3 pip command cards are a great help to vehicles.
  17. They were submitted on paper as normal, not digitally. One of the FFG reps added the top 64 to the app by hand to share (poor guy), which is probably why listfortress is already filled out with all those.
  18. Guys, haven’t you played BF2? Rebels and Resistance are definitely getting the Raider! And obviously Inferno Squadron crossover pilots! Also Sabine Pilot card for the Raider, so it can boost or barrel roll before revealing a maneuver.
  19. I really think an easy fix would be to just allow one defense token per fighter squadron. I also think this would make generics more competitive.
  20. I believe there is only 3 rep possibilities. + neutral and -. So if you encounter + or neutral faction you do not fight automatically, but if you do fight you lose rep by one. If you have negative, it’s automatic encounter with the faction. Win or lose has no bearing.
  21. If this is doubling as a wish list I'd like an original Gozanti, though I might be alone in this:
  22. Crap i made a bunch of spelling mistakes. I meant “pics or it didn’t happen” or in regular speech “any pictures?”
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