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  2. Named characters (unique upgrades) at the time of Battle of Endor. A) Imperial Commanders Admiral Piett ABOARD SSD Executor as Commander Moff Jerjerrod ABOARD Death Star II as Commander Admiral Sloane ABOARD ISD Vigilance as Commander Admiral Screed UNKNOWN (Legends: participated in the Battle of Endor) Grand Admiral Thrawn LOST IN ACTION (during the Battle of Lothal) Admiral Ozzel DEAD (Strangeled by Vader over Hoth) Admiral Konstantine DEAD (during the Battle of Attollon) Admiral Motti DEAD (at Death Star I) General Tagge DEAD (at Death Star I) Grand Moff Tarkin DEAD (at Death Star I) Emperor Palpatine ABOARD Death Star II in throne room Darth Vader ABOARD Death Star II in throne room B) Imperial Officers* Commander Gherant ABOARD SSD Executor Admiral Chiraneau ABOARD SSD Executor Admiral Montferrat ABOARD ISD Devastator as Commander Lira Wessex UNKNOWN (but could be at SSD as leading engineer) Iden Versio At ENDOR SURFACE Director Isard UNKNOWN (but unlikely) Governor Pryce DEAD (during the Battle of Lothal) Admiral Titus DEAD (1 BBY at Jalindi) Captain Needa DEAD (Strangeled by Vader for letting escape enemies) Minister Tua DEAD (4 BBY at Lothal) Captain Brunson DEAD (2 BBY at Geonosis) Taskmaster Grint DEAD (4 BBY executed at Lothal) Commandant Aresko DEAD (4 BBY executed at Lothal) Instructor Goran DEAD (Battle at Lothal) Wullf Yularen DEAD (at Death Star I) Director Krennic DEAD (at Battle of Scarif) Agent Kallus RENEGADE (after the Battle at Attolon) Grand Inquisitor VACANT (since 4 BBY) C) Imperial Aces Mauler Mithel DEAD (at Battle of Yavin) Howlrunner ABOARD TIE Fighter Valen Rudor UNKNOWN Black Squadron UNKNOWN (but likely) Sontir Fel ABOARD TIE Interceptor Ciena Ree ABOARD TIE Interceptor Saber Squadron PARTICIPATING Colonel Jendon WAITING at Deat Star II * only those not mentioned above at "Commanders"
  3. Anakin literally doesn't know any of the ship's controls and he's also I4 🙈
  4. They've always had them on mine. I recreated the same PC as a Trandoshan as well, then tried both species as Martial Artists, but I'm still getting the same issue.
  5. Will it really impact the story? I mean, the last decision we made with the other letters feel like they just disappeared
  6. As anyone who's seen me attempt to roll red dice at low agility targets will attest, I do not conform to conventional x-wing statistics.
  7. I think there's a bit of crossed wires between calculate and co-ordinate . The stuff in the bottom left, as @meffo says, is the prerequisite. You need to be able to red boost, or red co-ordinate, to equip them. If you equip them, you get to add a white version of the action to your action bar. You don't have to be stressed to use engine upgrade - quite the reverse; it gives you a white boost action, and if you're stressed you can't normally perform actions. The short version of Tactical Officer, Engine Upgrade and Expert Handling is "it makes a red action white" - that's not quite true - you still have the red version of the action if you want to use it, but the circumstances where you'll want to are comparatively rare. No. The little ► symbol is a 'linked action' - whenever you perform the first action, you have the option to do the action it's liked to afterwards. You don't have to take it (the linked action is usually red, which means stress, so bad if you don't need it). You can take it whenever you do that action - so if you get a free (let's say afterburners) you can still link it to .
  8. On the other hand...sending him to the capital might lead to more shenanigans? I can see either work, to be honest.
  9. This statement is true, but also the fluff matter. At least for player like me. If it was a game of pure abstraction I would not put 20€ in a miniature. The balance between narrative and competitive aspects of the game is important. For now in V2 Devs are doing pretty well IMO
  10. Ok, thanks. Can I fly to extreme range after picking up my creds and snipe the man’s legs maybe? To cripple him but not kill him?
  11. Statistically, nobody uses him anyway
  12. I actually do. More because I find it awesome the man's name is "Deathfire" McDibbs (no, I'm not making that up) than because he's actually any good.
  13. Bear in mind that the manoeuvre you end up executing can be one which doesn't exist on your dial in the first place. I would personally go with "the manoeuvre which is on your dial after everyone's finished fiddling with it". The reason for this is that - in theory - you reveal your dial by flipping it over and placing it next to your pilot card*. The game should not require you to 'remember' what manoeuvre every ship in a broken-formation-and-swarming-like-a-nest-of-irritated-wasps pair of 8-ship swarms performed**. They started at their various start points, ended at their various finish points and if you need to know what speed they all did, look at the dials on their pilot cards. Which, in turn, means that if that manoeuvre 'instantaneously' changed between when you flipped it over and when you put it down (because skilled navigator or something), the game shouldn't care; what's on the dial when you're instructed to go look at it is what matters. Equally, if what is on the dial doesn't represent how the model moved (Ved Folso, Inertial Dampeners), then how would that be any different to a partially completed manoeuvre? You revealed XYZ on your dial, when to the execute manoeuvre stage, [stuff happened], and you're now in position ABC instead. * I know, I know, hands up who actually does this each time. It's up there with actually having a First Player token on the board or using critical damage markers unless you play a swarm. But Ric and Dinee are going to mean you really should actually do this. ** Okay, two swarms are unlikely to include ships with compare-attacker/defender-speed-dependent engagement abilities, but it's not impossible for that to be the case, so the rules should be prepared for it.
  14. Today
  15. Oh. But i purchased an additional cr90 and nebulon b for rebels amd a victory. Is that slightly better?
  16. Hi Ogg, I think I found a small mistake/bug with the lightly armored hull attachment (starship crafting). In the book it has 2 "Increase passenger capacity by one Mods". The character generator says in the description 2 "Increase passenger capacity by silhouette Mods", but what it actually does is 2 "Increase passenger capacity by 100 Mods" and I ended up with +200 passengers on a very small ship 😉
  17. God can we stop relitigating Deathfire in every thread about bombs? It's always been clear, FFG have clarified it further, arguing against it at this point is just obstinacy, and it's *not like anyone bloody uses him anyway*.
  18. Almost like balancing and gameplay considerations went into this. It's weird, FFG treats this like a game instead of a lore compendium. Wonder why.
  19. Exactly so. The key thing is this: Those devices specify 'launch with a 3 straight' or 'drop with a 1 straight'; you can't just cherry-pick the template length and ignore the direction. If you want to change any part of that instruction, you need to replace it with a new, complete valid instruction - trajectory simulator is specifically 'launch with a 5 straight' (replacing both), bombardment drone is 'launch with the same template you would have dropped'. Deathfire gives you the opportunity to launch, but unless you have a valid template listed somewhere on the device or another upgrade to launch with it you can't use it.
  20. A Shaman role would be nice. Cross between musician and hunter. I feel Gandalf would be to powerful for this type of game. However he doesn’t really show his true power a lot and this could be fixed by increasing the threat level by 2-3 when Gandalf is fielded.
  21. The magnetic weapon tether only works if the weapon is still in engaged range. With Sum Djem you can put it anywhere within short range, preventing the use of the magnet. And which GM would prevent a player from using a talent he bought for 20-25 XP and could finally make some use of?
  22. Now that you say it, there is also the convertible heavy blaster pistol in Cyphers and Masks, but I am not sure if Ahrimon wants to use ranged (light).
  23. I would lean toward the vader miniswarm. But get iden in there if you can. helps alot. Darth Vader (65) Fire-Control System (2) Afterburners (6) “Howlrunner” (40) Iden Versio (40) Academy Pilot (23) Academy Pilot (23) Total: 199
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