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  2. Soontir will be the prime carrier. He already gets his free focus. Arc dodging AND getting double modified attacks? Sounds a bit too 1.0 to me...
  3. Sorry for any confusion, t that consistency (Armada, Legion, Runewars, etc), I use the terms interchangeably
  4. Hate always gives you a force to trigger Kylos ability. And going against swarms can be a godsend by giving you a force back after getting plinked for 1hp. Adv Optics is only good when paired with torpedoes or dealing with i6 ships that you cant get a lock on or dealing with swarms and you dont want to lock a ship that someone like Quickdraw might one shot, etc. With proton torps, a focus + lock + adv sensors is like 3.97 expected hits vs 3.67 with just lock and 2 force vs 3.75 with lock + focus.
  5. Please scale targeting computer cost with initiative, thanks
  6. Wrong ship getting adjusted. Luke is good where he is, his infinite mods on defense is super strong. His problem is that you can’t field him with 4 named pilots in Rebel beef, Wedge can. Wedge should go up 2-4 points, Luke stays. When you can’t fit 4 named pilots with Leia and upgrades like current Rebel beef, then you’ll see more generics/ Luke.
  7. The next FAQ will have this rule of discarding the rest of the available story missions.
  8. For the full story: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1631857/ability-resolution-order-during-attacks
  9. My two cents. I'm currently wrestling with Rebel lists and learning what works well and what doesn't. I've flown against "Rebel Beef" two or three times and those have been fairly uninteresting bouts because we're both flying such similar teams using similar tactics. However, I have not picked up a U-Wing to any of my previous builds. I do see the benefit of having Leah in your rebel list. Fairly obvious and it gives your team a nice boost, post merge so that your pilots can put in a follow on attack nicely with a series of white K Turns. My approach has been to use Proton Torpedoes in lieu of a fourth ship and that doesn't work. Shaving 36 points of munitions and a handful of other upgrades can easily get you that U-Wing with Leah as a 4th ship. (Or frankly any other fourth ship with the comparable battery of attack dice plus all of the added hull & shield points). At the current point costs, your best Rebel team is going to be four rebel ship, most of those being pilots with talent upgrades. Heck you CAN'T field 5 X-Wings, even if they are the cheapest pilots. At the current price points Rebel teams need to field four ships to be competitive. And though a three ship Rebel team (armed with torpedoes) can dish out just as much damage as a four ship team (without protons) three ship teams don't have enough Hull/Shields to withstand damage from most opposing teams. Right now Proton Torpedoes are too expensive to mount on a ship and be effective. If you want to try to "balance" out "Rebel Beef" by increasing pilot costs, you're going to need to slash the price of Torpedoes or the Rebels become a defunct faction. And have you noticed how Luke isn't fielded? I've used him a handful of times and he's slightly more survivable than most other pilots, but he's only slightly better than Wedge on the table. At 62 points Luke is too expensive. I think he should price out at about 56 points. You might see more of him at that price point. There you go.
  10. First off, Kualan, great job with these cards. They look great and seem pretty well done in terms of representing the characters. I kind of wish there was some type of symbol or text pointing out which ones are 'official' statblocks and which ones are 'homebrew'. I caught a few possible errors and wanted to report them so you can make the cards the best they can be. Card names are in bold. In no particular order: Barriss Offee's Lightsaber dice pool on the left is correctly written as YYG and on the right it is incorrectly written as YYY. On Death Watch Soldiers on the left hand side there is an erroneous 2 written after Vigilance. It is not reflected in their dice pool, and they're a minion group anyway and thusly do not possess ranks in skills. New Mandalorian Cadet has Ranged (Light 2) and an Agility of 2, but their dice pool shows as YG instead of YY. General Grievous's Lightsaber dice pool is incorrect in the left column (YYYG), it should match the right column where it is YYYYG. Savage Opress's Lightsaber dice pool is YYYYG on the left and YYYYY on the right. It should be YYYYG in both places. Cad Bane's Wrist Grappling Hook is listed as YYYG when it should match his other Ranged (Light) dice pools as YYYYG. C-21 Highsinger has his dice pool for Brawl on the left column as YYY when it should be YYYG. Admiral Tarkin has an Intellect of 4. Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's official statblock is in Dawn of Rebellion and he has an Intellect of 3. It probably aught to match up with the official statblock being that Dawn of Rebellion takes place after the Clone Wars and I doubt Tarkin is intended to lose a point of Intellect. Dug Warrior is listed as a Nemesis when it should be listed as a Minion. Naboo Captain on the left column his Ranged (Light) dice pool is listed as YYG, on the right column it is incorrectly listed as GG. The Jedi Temple Guard uses a Lightsaber Pike with Unwieldy 3, yet they only have an Agility of 2. They would need a Agility of 3 to wield the weapon properly. Not necessarily a huge deal, but a lot of different cards have soak higher than their brawl with no armor or appropriate talent listed to increase soak. Now I have a nitpick or two: (feel free to disregard these ones if you want, just thought I'd attempt to provoke discussion) Clone Captain has Br 3, Ag 3, Int 3, Cun 2, Will 3, Pr 3. Captain Rex in Dawn of Rebellion has Br 3, Ag 2, Int 2, Cun 4, Will 3, Pr 3. I could see Rex possibly losing a point of Agility in the Rebels time-frame, he does end up looking a little dumpy, but it seems odd to me that an unnamed Clone Captain would have a point higher Intellect. Maybe trade that point of Intellect for a point of Cunning, leaving Clone Captain with Br 3, Ag 3, Int 2, Cun 3, Will 3, Pr 3. Many of the Jedi Lightsabers stats have strange minor inconsistencies between them (damage value, etc), was that intentional? It seemed a little odd to me that a generic Jedi Padawan and the Jedi Temple Guard both have YYG for their Lightsaber dice pool. Jedi Padawan also has adversary 2 against Jedi Temple Guard's adversary 1. The Jedi Padawan also has the improved version of both Parry and Reflect with the Jedi Temple Guard having the 'non-improved'. Basically what I'm getting at is it seems a little odd. Either this is a pretty **** experienced Padawan or the Jedi Temple Guards maybe leave a little to be desired. Maybe knock Jedi Padawan's Br to 2, giving them a Lightsaber Pool of YY? Almost all of the named important Jedi Masters only have YYY in comparison. Thanks for taking the time to read through this, and once again, great job!
  11. Edited "quadjumper", Thank you Hiemfire. ( I missed to quote you in the "edit" I feel so oooold! so many internets! very hashtags...) The Soontir limitation seems legit. Why investing points in TL rerol when you got predator that trigger when you trigger your pilot talent? The Saber squadron aces get better improvement.
  12. Hopefully the lion clanpack will solve this, the same way the unicorn one did for them
  13. And every Scot with a horse.
  14. only commenting because original Tick comics were freaking awesome.
  15. And put an immediate bullseye on her ship? Normally VIPs flee. For the ruse to work consistently Padme has to engage along side the defending ships. The moment she runs the attackers know who to focus on.
  16. End of thread. Full stop. 🤣
  17. ooo, quad is a good catch! also, to build atop taking TC to access upgrades requiring a target-lock, I'd include Slicers as an effective (just not a literal) example. Fun with Reapers? who knows!?
  18. That's not always going to be a practical possibility.
  19. To date yes. Wave 4 and 5 look to be continuing the trend. Hopefully Wave 6 or 7 will be different.
  20. Just a casual here. A few days ago Hairy Nick mentioned card packs for new cards in the 2e expansions. However, he seemed to imply that none of the second edition re-releases, except those from wave 1 which were in the conversion kits, had any new pilots or upgrades included. Is this true?
  21. Unless Padme's standing orders are "bug out if attacked."
  22. This is a tough one. I think Leia to 6 or even 8 isn't wrong, its a really powerful effect. I'm actually all for Wedge and Soontir seeing very slight increases. 54 for each would be fine. I6 is incredibly powerful. I think anything more than a 2 point increase on a single Rebel Beef pilot (Leia is an upgrade and doesn't count here) is super overkill, and I'd rather see 1-2 point increases not be enough to knock it down than do too much and make it unplayable. Combine that with very slight decreases elsewhere and the meta will shift slightly, and really thats all we really want for Hyperspace. Just a very slight power shuffle.
  23. The idea is that escort duty is more than just flying. If pirates attack the ship, the escorts will need to defend it. The handmaidens aren't just decoys. They're bodyguards. And this bodyguarding can include bodyguarding a ship that's under attack. With the queen needing to be able to do what the handmaidens do, when she happens to be in "handmaiden disguise". It can come in handy if one is captured.
  24. It really is irritating. It seems like nobody speaks for Lion on the team so when there's a strong card people are quick to slap a million modifiers to weaken it but there's players for Scorpion, Dragon, or Crane who otherwise get cool, strong cards which are quite playable straight off like Daidoji Uji. Strong stats, powerful effect with an easy trigger within Crane proper to trigger for example.
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