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  2. The Emperor and his guards:
  3. Great job! I wish Star Wars had been more like Star Trek in that we had seen many more “kitbash” style mods to iconic ships based on circumstances. One that I’ve seen mods drawn up for was a “heavy” munificent with a full set of symmetrical top and bottom armor.
  4. When a meta develops and a list type becomes commonplace, then lists that counter it will develop. Bringing lists specifically designed to counter the meta is a good strategy even if they don't work well against other lists because the common lists will be weak to it. We see sniper teams all the time because there currently isn't much to deal with them beyond other snipers and a commander for each faction. That doesn't mean it isn't doable, and given your current attitude towards the situation it seems like you've given up trying to. You've discounted lists that can beat them as "lower tier", which is a mistake in itself to do. Armor isn't in a bad spot, heavies are. FFG is trying to fix this, although I hate having to buy a new unit for an upgrade to fix an earlier unit. The Occupier and landspeeder look nasty, and pose a threat to the current meta. The generic pilot for the ST turns it into an even bigger meat grinder. If you want an immediate solution, triple flamethrower RTs would decimate almost all the top 8 lists from Adepticon.
  5. Well I meant in the sense that there's this sweet inner cover illustration that seems thematically perfect for compendium books
  6. Any tips on rescaling photos taken from, for example, a phone’s camera, so that they can be posted here?
  7. Oh oh! I have a question; pick me! What's the fluff/description for Force Sensitive Outcast? What is the outcast cast out of? Jedi Order? Civilization? Is it a voluntary, or involuntary casting out? I want to know how the spec fits into the grand scheme. Thanks!
  8. Move and bind would seem fairly obvious places to start. Something quick and easy would be to give him Vader’s Force Choke ability and the Move ability of the Grand Inquisitor. edit: Assuming they use the same write ups from DoR.
  9. Testing to see if this works. edit: Rebel and Imperial personnel specialists.
  10. That will teach me to stop using the old rulebooks. I just downloaded the online reference. Thanks for the pointer.
  11. Right. So a crew that stacked with that could make the Vultures' first engagement nasty, Calculation-wise.
  12. Updated my compiled list to include Ewok, Lasat and Jawa officially per Allies and Adversaries. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VF_zDO-v5jappYRG5GGUxFi9engj8fFCz9QuPexvXvE/edit?usp=sharing
  13. This is true, but their will be lists that are BETTER (my point) against majority of the field, than sub-optimal lists. Why did we see high activation lists with multiple sniper teams dominate???? These lists are better against the field and have few weaknesses. In your example: You mention how not having a reliable counter to armor should make you struggle against armor. Yes, this is true! But, lists with armor fit into a lower tier. These lists can't compete that well in objective missions. Not to mention, they are a bit pricey and force you into taking certain choices (You won't see Vader/Sith comboed with an AT-ST). I think cheap, effective vehicles may help counter these meta lists, but right now, we don't have them. Going to 1000 points is more of a preference. I don't know if it will fix the current stale meta, but it will allow for more interesting battles.
  14. Perhaps you have not understood or you don't want, I'll explain better: 1- You are right about Luke Skywalker choking, but this was simply an example, let's use another one: you wouldn't give Chewbacca force powers and allow him to make a force choke, isn't it? That would be against fluff, and as such, I consider inventing things for snowtroopers. That's what I meant, you sure knew it, but hey, I will not get tired of explain myself till I make myself clear. 2- In the battle of Coruscant we didn't have an emperor throwing lightning bolts at enemies, during that battle, he just stayed kidnapped and only took part in a rescue mission... and he was the hostage. Again you sure knew what I meant and it is a pity that I have to explain it twice. 3- Again, hate to repeat, but do you consider what happened at bespin a battle? I could concede you it is a squirmish... but without normal or average rebel troops... where's the battle? This is exactly the problem with legion: Bespin should be a combat scaled for Imperial Assault, not for Legion, but of course, they said it was going to be a battle scaled game and then began to give us commanders and operatives... so you could plan on doing Bespin as a battle... what? Look, the only thing I consider a battle in Star Wars films are: battle for Naboo, Geonosis, the battles we see during order 66, Hoth, Endor, Scariff, Yavin (only space battle)... and that's all, I think. What happens for example in ANH in Death Star involves Leia, Luke, Chewie, Kenobi, Han, Vader, Tarkin... and lots of stormtroopers, and there's a lot of blaster fire, but definitely is not a battle. Again I would say that you already knew what I am talking about. 4- Got a lot of imagination, but as I said before, according to secondary beliefs in persistent worlds (that theory that Mr. JRR Tolkien had about how a CONSISTENT world gives realism to the story) the details have to stay the same so that you believe accordingly that the world presented is real. Read my post about it up there. You can imagine lots of things, but as I said, I PREFER to have a thematic army... the rest of the way I play (the mission, the background, the objectives...) can be as imaginative as you want (in fact you don't know how do i work that aspects of a gameplay, whenever I play with friends I even send them by mail a map (photoshop) of the battle zone (with real photographs of my terrain and scenery) and a short story explaining the mission and WHY and WHO and WHAT are they doing. I can only ONCE imagine the snowtroopers are there for some obscure random event... the rest of the times it will be stupid to see them in Endor. I would do a lot of things, I can even make a thematic Hoth army, painted red, and say they are a special harsh environment group that has fallen from a stolen spaceship, or that they are aliens from the planet that once stole imperial material from a lost Imperial ship, or that the are space pirates or whatever, but... I CAN'T make a NORMAL THEMED army without repeating at least three times the same stormtrooper miniatures, and I wouldn't mind to do it if at least they were multipose, so that my army is customized, but build the same miniatures again with the same poses is BORING.
  15. Kracken sort of serves that function. Takes a little set up and is limited to 3 droids, but it is there.
  16. I like the 5x5s, but I'd give Scourge Predator above Crack on the lot of them
  17. Probably not, but any time my Vultures have to spend a calculate defensively that's one less ESC I get to shoot. So it largely depends on if such an upgrade would be a crew or tac relay or what, and cost could mitigate any Overpoweredness.
  18. It's a transformer in the midst of turning into robot form.
  19. See that’s funny, I’d never run more than 2. If you have three, I’m swapping two for an Arc, or a support CLT Jedi.
  20. Counter-point: that data only demonstrates that sniper teams are liked by that group of players, not that they’re a dominant unit per se. If you want to demonstrate that, you’d have to have control trials of the same players playing basically the same game with different setups, and not just one trial per setup per player, but hundreds. As that’s not going to happen, there’s no result here that can be stated with ANY level of confidence.
  21. If they did that then they'd have to have a bunch of character faces on the inside of that one to keep with the "don't judge a book by the inside of its cover" non-matching theme.
  22. SBP with Hux and 3 SFs with Concs could work...
  23. With IG-88 D and the various C-3POs in other factions doing something pretty similar, some sort of double-calculate crew may likely be released for Separatists in time. I guess it could be a Networked Calculations source, but doesn't strike me as too potent.
  24. I'm a dedicated Scum player, well versed in the Z95 and the Scyk both. Having played *against* the V19 only a few times and never with it, my initial impression is that it is not quite as good as the Z95, but better than the Scyk. At least in terms of generics. And that's all I have, but I thought I'd chip in. Specifically, yes they crit out faster than Z95s, but are a ton cheaper than Scyks. I think they are best used as a super cheap swarm filler. But you do need more than one. More than two? I think I would treat them much like I do Z95s, three (at least) in a block, with or without support. A throwaway ship that you cannot wholly afford to ignore.
  25. This is probably the crux of it. I like it, and find it worthwhile at current points even. Particularly for Jedi. But that’s my play style, I don’t shy away from the red moves if I can use it to get an advantage. My opponents can attest, I’m master of putting my ships where I want them, which is often somewhere bad for them. And I’m not the type to really fully disengage often. Play to your strengths, and mine is maximizing maneuvering.
  26. I'm sure I'm reaching here....but take a look at the insides of the covers for A&A. The cool graphics of ships and weapons and stuff make me think FFG might possibly be planning on compendiums of gear or ships or something in the future.
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