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  2. Sloane would be a little bit unfair. We played an Endor scenario once with 1.200 pts (400 pts squadrons) and the supremacy of the TIEs was already overwhelming without Sloane. Maybe you can it take like this: If the Emperor will have the choice between two white male high ranking officers and a colored woman ... All of them were in my list except for Wulff Yularen and Versio. No Vader means none of the unique Vader cards. Thanks!
  3. I don't know the answer to this question. But let me pose a slightly different hypothetical situation for discussion: Suppose there were a location in the staging area saying something like, "While this location is in the staging area, progress cannot be placed on quest cards." Then you reveal Chaos in the Night. Can you take the no-progress choice?
  4. In all seriousness, though, I’d love to see Katana Fleet Dreadnoughts with a new type of upgrade slot: slave circuits. So I’m really bored in a work meeting and started daydreaming about possible expansions. I thought “Katana Fleet Dreadnoughts would be cool.” The defining trait of those ships was the slave circuits that let one ship control another. I think a slave circuit upgrade slot could provide interesting options: Title: Katana Fleet Dreadnaught- at the beginning of your activation you may discard this card to activate the slave circuit upgrade on another ship at distance 1-3. (Maybe make an officer or offensive retrofit give the same ability) Slave Circuit upgrades: Navigational circuits- when this card is activated perform a speed 1 maneuver with a yaw value of “-“. Weapons circuits- when this card is activated, the player who activates it may perform an attack from any hull zone of this ship against a ship or squadrons in range of that hull zone. During this attack, accuracy icons have no effect and the dice cannot be modified. That hull zone may not perform another attack this round. Command circuits- when this card is activated the player who activates it may choose new commands for this ship, up to this ships command value. Bringing a fleet of ships with slave circuits could give you some real advantages. But since the upgrades don’t specify friendly or enemy, your ships could potentially be hijacked by the opposing player. Figured it could be appropriate for Katana Fleet Dreadnoughts, which I would want to have an Imperial and Rebel variant, but could also be utilized by CIS droid ships when the Clone Wars comes to Armada.
  5. I was wondering if there was something clever you could do with the hut where it walks round the board but has its tile to the side of the board so the hut can be entered/exited- I'll let you think about that as you work on Dark Forest
  6. We’re not out of ships that appeared on screen until we get the tennis shoe, the yogurt cup, and the wad of chewing gum expansions. They’ll be bases and cards only. You’ll have to supply the “ship” yourself and see if anyone in the audience, I mean FLGS, notices.
  7. Yeah this topic seems a bit odd. Like asking if the T-47 should cost more. Or if the army composition rules should be re-written to give some sort of bonuses to an army with more than 10 activations.
  8. Ok, I dont know if this is against the rules(never done anything like this before) so if it is...apologies (I have posted on many FFG game forums and never done it before).....but realising that I will never have time to play (with IA, Legion, Decent and all the other FFG games I play) I have decided to stick this box and the figures on EBAY. If anyone is interested, take a look on there. If its against the rules, please delete this and accept my apologies...as noted, its not something ive ever done before in years of FFG gaming.
  9. Which is horrifically expensive (which the OP specifically wanted to avoid), and carries a penalty for modifications to attachments. Frankly, the X-30 Lancer (from Enter the Unknown) would make a better weapon, as it's not only much cheaper (only 1000 credits, just at the OP's threshold), but also has Accurate and Pierce qualities and can shoot to long range. Damage is fairly low compared to most brand of heavy blaster pistols, though offset by Pierce.
  10. Something will always be best, but the amount by which it is the best is not fixed. Neither is the length of time it remains the best. Also, I didn't mind it so much if they'd changed points midway through the season when wave 3 dropped. Instead, they just added Leia's favorite toys. Leia is in a virtual tie for most common upgrade in the game - Rebels are the most common faction by far, and they all have Leia and Wedge, and most of them have a U-Wing and a B-Wing. People are just bored of it. If Rebels were the least played faction instead of the most played faction, nobody would care - that's just called First Order. Does anyone actually think the archetype existing is a problem? Maybe I'm wrong, but I haven't seen that. It's just way above the power curve. If the list isn't double modding every shot, and running Wedge with a bid, and yolo-jousting more efficiently than, what, like 90% of the meta, then who cares? It's fine, whatever. UXXYY was a cool list.
  11. TL, DR: The schedule is the same as the civil war schedule XD
  12. Well, that's the kicker, compromise with the basis of your beliefs and perhaps your beliefs-based powers diminish? The Jedi philosophy never really struck me as a "do what is right, unless inconvenient" type of philosophy. Failing to follow through on this doesn't make the Jedi morally bankrupt, but when you stand up for a republic that has glaring faults, maybe it's a source of, I dunno... conflict. Had the Jedi taken a hard stance against slavery it might've pushed the republic to deal with it. Also, the dismissive and mocking attitude towards people who set ideals over practicality isn't really doing you any favours if you're trying to come off as a somewhat decent ******* human being. And no, failing to do so should not be considered a badge of honor.
  13. Ah, fair. Not disengaging, very true indeed, and same. Going for an extra shot to try and swing a game too early is one of my most common pitfalls. Just behind making awful approaches and just ahead of believing the dice will be in my favour in this inevitably bad situation I'm opting into.
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  15. 4 ship rebel isn't a problem in my view. Unless there is a bump to all rebel ships, the archetype is going to stay. The ships you choose from may change, but remember, there are cheaper, good options that are currently not making it into lists because there are better options. Increase Braylen, Cassian and Leia and suddenly you push a Y-Wing ace in there instead of the second B-Wing, or Sabine shuttle. Comparing Leia to contraband cybernetics is also a huge straw man ... that one upgrade is overcosted doesn't follow that something comparable is undercosted. Id rather see cybernetics come down (Bear in mind that it opens it up as an option for a good number of rebel ships too in the renegades and freighters) I'm disappointed, but not surprised that this thread is degenerating into a microcosm of the main forums. It used to be somewhere to get decent discussion ... now its just pages of people whining about a list that thumped them, but doing it over 500 words, with pictures in a hope it comes across as intellectual, rather than just salt.
  16. no. jyns "you may gain 1 evade token" is a replacement effect happening instead of gaining a focus token. so, if you gain 365 focus tokens, you could instead gain 364 focus tokens and 1 evade token, because of the once per opportunity rule. that's assuming the tokens are gained from the same effect, such as a focus action. if they're gained one at a time from individual effects (such as the second token gained after you perform a focus action with perceptive copilot, rather than the additional tokens gained from baze), you could use jyn ersos effect on every focus gained, meaning you could get 365 evades instead. that's not what baze says, though.
  17. I haven't, delivery time is now 20-30 days, and I have no idea when I will receive it... gives me some time to finish painting the mini's. Once I have it, I will post pics of the insert and my use of it.
  18. Just to clarify, he didn't get the chance to fortress or to not fortress. He rushed there and I engaged on turn 4. I just don't see how my list gets the favorable (or neutral) first engagement with a reasonably good follow up. Chipping at r3 and then running is possible. Is it fun though? It seems to be the most widespread mistake that players don't disengage when they should. Me included.
  19. Don't forget that every fifth release will be for the GCW factions until clone wars catches up, so the Clone Wars release schedule will be diluted somewhat.
  20. Spam of z6 is just the main reason i lost every single match i tried against rebels with my vader lists... if they get supressive i will run out of this game haha 11 die per troop is huge... is true that is not consistent but sometimes **** happens and these things vaporize entire troops in cover. Remember one time Vader in heavy cover+dodge dies against a single attack that causes him 5 crits T_T
  21. I kinda feel this, perhaps taking a bid away from Wedge would help too though. Lost against it yesterday at a store tourney (very good player using it). Pretty large caveat in that he had Biggs rather than Wedge. We had Fenn, a Recruit and AS Guri. Boy was in charge and basically suicided the Fangs on a really terrible approach and traded them both for 2 shields But then Guri tied it in complete knots for an hour and at one point, looked like she might perform a miracle. Had to trade once or twice with one of them and ended up halved, which ended faint hopes. But even with Leia coming up again and again (quick turns when only 1 or none ships are shooting), they don't manoeuvre that well when they have to cover multiple options. Takes up a lot of room when you're trying to stay R1 and out of arc but super slinky ships can find the gaps. It is strong on mods and pointing whichever way it wants but it's doesn't feel particularly oppressive to play against to me. It's fairly predictable. Fortressing it in an open corner sounds quite agonizing though, I don't fancy having to deal with that.
  22. Sinker is great, BUT, it relys on formation flying and can be hard to do for more than 4 turns. Wolffe or 3 generics could be good, I haven't tried that out myself. Wolffe and Cody with Ani and Mace both with Delta 7B is a fun list I ran when I first got my Republic ships.
  23. There could also be minis for the patrol tokens, though most of them would need to be a much smaller scale: I've been able to identify the following patrol tokens from YouTube unboxings: Rebel Alliance: (Y-wing) (X-wing) Corellian Corvette Mon Cal cruiser Hutt Cartel: Scyk Kimogila TL-1200 transport ??? Crimson Dawn: (Z-95) Star Viper Bulk cruiser Kalevalan Star Yacht / First Light Empire: (Lambda shuttle) ??? Escort carrier Star Destroyer Some of these are available in the Armada squadrons packs, I put them in brackets. The non-fighter patrol tokens would need to be scaled down. If anyone recognizes the other ships from the blurry screencap or video below, or spots any misidentification of mine, please help me fill in the blanks.
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