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  2. The spiky-haired one looks very in control of the situation... he must be their leader.
  3. you've gotta REALLY underprice n1s to utterly overwhelm the economy of the Gold Squadron scrub
  4. I'm definitely keen to see where this thread could go should any more input be available? Not a particular fan of wanting to play the Phantom at the moment (since I play very little and mostly Fly Casual, I'm still learning), but I really love the Defender and V1 TIE's and I'm open to learning anything about flying these ships together. @Cuz05 I'm keeping an eye on your latest thread too since it'll be a great chance to learn about flying these two great ships with the Phantom!
  5. As someone who uses an extensively edited version of the setting to run games, interfacing with mainstream fans of the IP or this game can be a challenge. I respect anyone saying that a game is not for them, so in my various community games I am always gracious to prospective players who feel that my game is not their cup of tea. For those of you who have extensive head canon versions of things, how do you go about interfacing with the community which is much less discerning/more discerning where the setting tropes and details are concerned? How do you deal with such conflicts of view? Thanks for any input.
  6. I know--I'm an imp player and I lose to rebel players all the time. Is it time to say git gud? I don't know. Sabine's going to own. Tauntauns look pretty **** cool. I find that I'm always envious of the various rebel tricks. Maybe I need to git gud? I don't know. If the empire is stronger, it's prolly because they wanted the good guys to be stronger.
  7. Colonel Yularen activates the holoprojector and the image of a smartly dressed Pantoran woman appears before the team. "Ms. Venlana Sipal. A businesswoman, of sorts, employed by the Zann Consortium. The Empire is not particularly interested in Tyber Zann's extralegal activities at this time, but Ms. Sipal appears to be playing both sides. A signals intelligence intercept strongly suggests she is the one who leaked information to the Veiled Sorority, prior to several attacks on Zann shipments earlier this year. You will make contact with her, and.. encourage her cooperation, recruit her, inform against her.. however you see fit to make use of her duplicity, make sure it leads you to the queen. At this time, she is our only lead." Flipping off the projector, he passes datapads around to each of them. "There are nine officers currently serving aboard the Intrepid, and none are above suspicion. If the treasonous activity is related to helping the sorority, then the four female officers may be a good place to start. It is not certain that these matters are related, however, and it would be a mistake to assume that they are. Full dossiers, and crew service records are contained on these pads. You will be expected to read through them thoroughly en route."
  8. I would've Home-brewed something using AD&D rules.
  9. I would've Home-brewed something using AD&D rules.
  10. Maybe some kind of rule that the Jedi career can take a SigAb from one of the F&D careers could work?
  11. The client requested it be small enough to stand in for an ISD
  12. Or they plan to add the final two specializations in a future (non-CW?) book maybe? Unlike Clone Trooper it's a broad enough career that it could crop up in other era books. Though being the TCW fanboy I am I wouldn't mind even a third Clone Wars book, but I think that would be pushing it for most people!
  13. It’s definitely not easy to go undefeated at a major tournament these days. And Invader league has been the largest and most international so far. Should you just photo copy the lists of top players and expect good results? Absolutely not. But saying those lists aren’t useful data as a starting point doesn’t make any sense to me and minimizes all the testing and practice that went into crafting them.
  14. I dont know why these "rebels suck" threads keep popping up. I use han, chewie, 4 fleet troopers and 3 at rts with rotary blasters and i have had about a 70 % win rate.
  15. Knowing that my guys were greedy treasure-trolls I really tried to sell the "Wayfarer Class" medium transport. They wouldn't bite and went with the YT. The buyers remorse is starting to set in and I'm going to make it a real pain for them to walk across the Plains of Dantooine on foot. "Roll initiative..."
  16. Though on the final stretch of my last round, I finally sharpened up into being competent, and gave Captain Nym a real run for his money. Despite Wullff being heavily damaged, Nym couldn't get a shot on him because I kept blocking his movement, trying to arrange for a final shot without him shooting first. I predicted his movements really well with blocks, or rolling behind where he'd end up. I still didn't manage to kill him, but it got really close and I ended with a pretty decent amount of points. If only I'd been flying like that with the whole fleet, all day.
  17. Im thinking secrets of the jedi will be in the master tree.
  18. This bodes well - IIRC correctly they typically have three weeks in a row of preview articles for a particular book then it changes status. This is why everyone was so convinced we were getting ROTS in December because all their preview articles were put up in late November (again, IIRC) but that book was the exception more than the rule. Fingers crossed for June!
  19. I'm not on twitter either. But if I were voting I would suggest some kit bashing parts, like star destroyer bridge towers, superstructure parts, and engine bells? Or maybe a kit to change the Revel snap tight model into an Allegiance?
  20. I dunno about forcing. Buying into a form spec for the stat switcher costs only like 35 xp or so.
  21. So that leaves jedi with only 4 specializations and every other career with 6 and no signature abilities (that we know of yet) This kind of gives me hope that they are possibly planning a jedi class book that hopefully has 2 more specs and some signature abilities.
  22. If anything I'd expect it to be inverse scaled to init, i.e., more expensive for low init pilots, because they're the ones that gain most from it.
  23. Oh hells, you're right. It is right when you engage instead of at start of engagement, which is amazing. That really does make it like deadeye; I was misremembering and thinking the timing wouldn't be that good; should have reread the card. "Thank god the timing at least prevents Freelance Slicer abuse, at least it's balanced", said no one ever. Over 50 points, you'll probably be able to fit the TIE Reaper with Tactical Officer for a white coordinate before the gunboats activate, which is an excellent support. It's also an ideal bumpy boy for blocking enemy sloops or k-turns while your alphas skedaddle. So look for that if it ends up being 7 or 8 points instead of 6. Agreed, it's very possible it'll be scaled by some variable-cost scheme or other. Scaling up with init doesn't solve the phantom or gunboat spam, but might keep aces from cheaply out-classing other aces. Or they might go crazy and make it more expensive for lower initiative, or something bonkers like that. But I can also imagine it costing more based on how many PS copies are in the fleet. For example, one is 6 points, 2 are 7 points each, 3 are 8 or 9 points each, etc. To me that makes the most sense for making sure you don't have 4x gunboats/phantoms, if that turns out to be ugly in the meta. At that point it makes sense to have one or two munition boats with an ace, or maybe 3 with a support. But it doesn't prevent Vader and Kylo from outmaneuvering other aces, if that ends up being trouble in testing. Also? You know there's one more consequence of the spiritual return of Deadeye. Somewhere, the jumpmaster is sitting in a dark room crying because it lacks a sensor slot. >:D
  24. Farewell @Drasnighta, it was great playing with you. That was an unlucky roll. X(
  25. Between this and Rise of the Separatists, i want to scrap our current campaign and start a new one 🤣 https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/22/soldiers-and-politicians/
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