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  2. [ooc]If you came here to find out when the best bathroom breaks are, they are before the great Marvel logo and after the end credits.[/ooc] Wow. Just wow. Man. We skipped the Spring and just hit Summer blockbuster season way early. Kevin Feige, Joe and Anthony Russo have been masterful custodians of their iconic charge Stan Lee left them with. This is their astonishing love letter to the fans. This is a modern EPIC in terms of sheer spectacle, visually and in story arc. And thankfully, “Endgame” is one of these summer hero-fests that revels in its present rather than looking to the future. Go to the movie with expectations, and have those expectations rip to shreds like Bruce Banner’s skinny jeans on Hulk’s worst time of the month. It’s been 11 long years since Robert Downey nailed it and truthfully uttered “I am Iron Man,” and we have had many heroes’ journeys since then, “Endgame” is that big of a payoff. The main characters here, while heroic, are seen at their most human weighing loss and life, in many ways mirroring their comic book page selves. They don’t stand apart from us, rather they are among the very best of us. The film allows for meaningful character moments across the board: Robert Downey and Chris Evans shine like the all-stars they have always been, but the rest of the cast also do some of their superhero best. And yes, Hawkeye gets his screen time in this one. It’s akin to having small mini movies inside this larger epic. There are certainly character driven moments aplenty. “Endgame” dives into the dark corners and lifts you up with cathartic comedy. Those fans who are looking for callbacks, fanboy/girl moments and Easter eggs from older movies will be quite happy and rewarded for doing their homework. There are a couple of scenes that feel like a Jack Kirby page brought to life. So here’s a big THANK YOU to the show runners, directors, writers, cast and crew, and to my fellow fans. This IS the Marvel movie we have been waiting for. And somewhere out there, Stan ‘The Man’ Lee is smiling broadly. His babies are in good hands. And have grown some. Excelsior!
  3. I personally am at 3000 xp and counting. I think a good part of it depends on the player investing broadly rather then tall. Between Gadgeteer, Assassin, Emergant, Artian, Ataru and Teacher. The main issue I've encountered is that I have to hold back to allow the GM to challenge the party without me being overkill, thus I generally play a more subtle supporting role in story arcs not centred around my goal (purging evil from the galaxy as this crook turned assassin turned religious man). I exercise a great amount of restraint that allows me to continue telling a story and act as a supporting character to this story of the hardships endured between the battle of Yavin and beyond Endor as this squad of mercs turned commandos turned super heroes of the struggling republic. I personally feel that the game just isn't designed to work all that well at my level, and the idea of Yoda and Sidious having a FR 8 is really just pure **** fiction, given what I can do with just a FR 4. but whatever I guess. XD
  4. Manaroo might be just okay if these things had any kind of ability to maneuver finely and keep range control. But they don't. Put me in the camp of "Solid errata is necessary" in this case. I never flew or flew against Jumps in 1e so I don't care. I think every ship should be viable at some level, and I don't want it to be stuck with some certain upgrade/combo. My proposition is to errata the title to give Punishing One a front arc of 3, and to errata Manaroo to give us literally any reason to take her. I don't think they'll errata the action bar though, sad as that makes me (since it's showing in the preview), but I could see a turret slot and a section of the rules saying turrets turn a single arc into a bow tie. Even if not, Dorsal would be worth it just for the white rotate. Palob definitely wants a turret slot too. But don't change the dial. The devs are very proud of it and say that this is a lot closer to their original intent. I mean just read the original preview article: I think it will be a cool ship to fly that you'll have to be really careful with. Collision Detector could help if they give it a sensor slot. You just want to have a really good reason before you sloop or turn right. And even with all that and a gunner slot, it needs to be cheaper.
  5. I see it less as assuaging guilt than opening up options. Even if you're willing to try janky decks, it's hard to ignore the power level of a lot of these cards. And even if you're not taking them because they're crazy powerful, they fill niches and you get the crazy power along with it. Being able to use Milan without him covering every resource need makes deck building more interesting. The higher cost on Higher Education means there's a real choice between it and, say, the L2 Hyperawareness. And so on.
  6. Below is some info from the books on space travel. Feel free to ignore anything that could get in the way of fun. A ferry shuttle trip from the Challenger planetoid to the moon takes between one and three days depending on where it is located with respect to the planetoid. (Sof p. 206) The only reference to space travel time I can find for mars is in Android: Rebel (The Identity Trilogy Book 3): The protagonist in that book travelled from the moon to mars aboard the Khloe, a cargo freighter. I assume passenger freighters would be faster. I haven't found anything for travel time to Jupiter. Pages 144 and 145 of the Worlds of Android book describes starship technology. (Power sources, drives, life support) A sidebar on page 117 of the Shadow of the Beanstalk book describes Burke heavy freighters having rotating crew rings providing artificial gravity for long voyages. A heavy freighter (p. 116), primarily used to transport cargo and people between the Earth and Mars, is describing as carrying 12 months of consumables. If you need faster travel speed, you could advance the timeline by a few years. Worlds of Androids p. 144 describes a new drive technology being developed: On travel costs (Worlds of Androids, page 165): Speaking of secret corporate labs, here is something that could fit the bill (Worlds of Androids, page 163):
  7. Here is the one with the cargo containers. So much cooler! https://spikeybits.com/2016/03/real-jumpmaster-x-wing-repaint.html Seriously, what jumps is this thing mastering? It’s implied that it’s good for mapping hyperspace jumps so maybe they should have added a 3 teleport to its dial?
  8. I used OCD as a reductio ad absurdum, to show the extremeness of thought that is coming from those who require everything be 'exactly' to proportion, so they can enjoy their minis more. Is calling something 'murderous' making light of murder? No.
  9. First up a 30-minute Star Viper mod and re-paint: I don't really love the way the stock FFG Star Viper model looks straight out of the package. To me the ship looks a bit to passive. I saw someone modify theirs to sweep the wings back and I wanted to give that a go. The article had a complex procedure of disassembling the model, re-shaping parts, removing glue and re-assembling. I just forced the wings back and hit each with a drop of super glue. Done in 60 seconds. The stock white star viper is good for the ace Guri, but I wanted to have a second one with a different look in order to distinguish the two. This one I went for a bronze look with a simple sepia ink wash all over, then re-painted the highlights appropriately with orange and yellow. I followed this up by highlighting the guns with some steel dry brushing and a final liberal application of wear and tear with two colors using the torn sponge method. Total time 30 minutes...and well worth it I think!
  10. How-to use Officer "Adar Tallon" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)
  11. The legs move slightly at the top joint, but I think that’s just the way it’s put together. They don’t bend at the knee. The head moves a little from side to side. The body and head are metal and the legs and guns plastic, so they do have a good weight to them.
  12. For me personally, painting them is part of the game, so I don’t mind taking my time. Especially now that I have enough painted miniatures to make an army, to there’s less of a rush.
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  14. Gull-Wing Z-95 Nashta Pup Conversion Since acquiring a Hounds Tooth for my X-wing scum forces I've wanted to paint up a matching Z-95 for the Nastha Pup escape craft. There are some good tutorials on how to do it but I wanted to do something a bit different. It was my thinking that if a ship were to be carried in a hanger it would need folding wings. I wanted my pup to be gull-winged. To accomplish this I used a jeweler's saw to under cut each wing at the root and bent them down, closing the newly-created saw kerf with some plastic cement. Then I added some winglets made from plastic card to complete the effect. I've re-painted it in my interpretation of the pup's color scheme. I left off the top beak 'teeth'. Even though the card art shows them, I didn't like the look of them on such a small model. This mod and re-paint took a couple of hours, but I feel it was well worth the time.
  15. I doubt I'll ever use the Taboo List to be honest. When I'm playing with other people it would just be a turn off to my more casual group. We already get kicked in the nuts enough at the higher player counts, and they are not exactly looking to exploit the card pool for every broken combo when they spend their experience. I can just imagine the reaction when I tell them we have the option to make the game harder and more restrictive. When I play by myself maybe, but I'm thinking I probably won't bother (or at least won't bother with most of these). I usually make thematic and janky decks anyway. I'm not blasting through these scenarios. I guess it's nice to play things like Rex, Higher Ed and Key of Ys without feeling guilty. I don't like that they took away Sleight of Hand + Tommy Gun or Typewriter with this though. I love thematically and mechanically pulling a Tommy Gun out of my coat and blasting away. It was also nice for Leo or Zoey if they wanted to try and run Shotgun to make that weapon more worth wild. I don't think I'd ever play with that correction or pay 3 xp for a Switch Blade level 2. Paying more XP to get Streetwise online is also gonna make any Preston deck way more frustrating. Not sure I like the idea of that.
  16. Whoah, nice obscure EU reference! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Ruke_Chowall
  17. Gull-Wing Z-95 Nashta Pup Conversion Since acquiring a Hounds Tooth for my X-wing scum forces I've wanted to paint up a matching Z-95 for the Nastha Pup escape craft. There are some good tutorials on how to do it but I wanted to do something a bit different. It was my thinking that if a ship were to be carried in a hanger it would need folding wings. I wanted my pup to be gull-winged. To accomplish this I used a jeweler's saw to under cut each wing at the root and bent them down, closing the newly-created saw kerf with some plastic cement. Then I added some winglets made from plastic card to complete the effect. I've re-painted it in my interpretation of the pup's color scheme. I left off the top beak 'teeth'. Even though the card art shows them, I didn't like the look of them on such a small model. This mod and re-paint took a couple of hours, but I feel it was well worth the time.
  18. I was wondering everyone's thoughts on the Sith Infiltrator, since it has been a month since release. We're seeing a lot of lists in both Hyperspace and Extended with the Jedi, but not so much the Sith. What are everyone's views on the strengths and weaknesses of this ship? Personally, I love it. Running the Sidekicks list with Maul, Dooku, and Grievous has been incredibly fun for me. I feel that the Force hijinks that you can do overcome the weak defense and make utilization of the very maneuverable dial, for a Large ship, much easier.
  19. It's the new Title Card: "Punishing One II: The Punishinging"
  20. Binayre Pirate (24) Deadman’s Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Total: 28 Hahahaha this is great.
  21. I find that basing to suit your color scheme works well and you can execute consistently. basic ruke of thumb: darker minis, lighter base scheme so it shows off the colors better. Lighter color minis, like stormtroopers, benefit from a darker basing scheme to make the minis pop. As others stated, your gaming surface won’t be universally one type from game to game, so don’t fret if you have Endor bases on a Tattoine map! Vallejo and Citadel make a lot of great pre-colored basing ‘pastes’. Basically they’re paint with sand grit in them that applies like a paint. Generally a coat of that, a wash and dry brush to bring out the texture and you’re sorted. From there, you can explore different textures via static grass, scrub, snow etc. a good example of a simple contrast scheme would be what they did for the clone wars set; both armies are lighter color schemes, with a dark Martian soil base, making it thematic to Geonosis while not overpowering the minis. hope that helps!
  22. Wow. These are awesome. As you said, the scale is probably fine since you'll be looking at them from an altitude. I would probably splash a little black wash on them to dirty them up a bit. Are the legs articulated?
  23. Have any of you played them though? I hear a lot of praise for them but I've had multiple games where they are in heavy cover with extra dice due to danger sense and they get wiped out after getting shot once. 4 wounds not to mention the ones the heavy cover blocked. They don't demand respect or resources if white dice dont ever roll blocks. You may say I'm not playing right but having them in cover with suppression where only one unit can get to them turn one is about the best you can do. If youre not using infiltrate, then why take them over rangers or even troopers with z6? I can get scout 3 from a unit of rangers that have recon intel and if the characters aren't worth taking I'm not sure the unit is worth taking. The special forces slot is overcrowded as it is and rebels don't get entourage. @SirCormac At least you had a suggestion and i will try that. Jyn seems like a one woman threat and is easier to hide but she will do damage. I don't feel like the pathfinders can hit hard enough even with the characters Pao and Bistan. I was hoping bistan would be a decent anti tank unit if parked in heavy cover in a sniper nest but i dont know if he's worth it. I may have to convert rebel veterans out of that second squad
  24. Arc Dodge 101 Not sure if anyone has mapped out where you will fail an Arc Dodge with 2nd Edition Barrel Rolls before. I have never tried to and the exercise seems useful. Please correct what I get wrong here or explain how you approach it. Moving Last 1v1: Arc Dodging is not difficult when you are moving last against 1 ship. You Move after someone, you boost roll out. Done. However...plenty of players (including myself) still mess it up and attempt a boost/roll that lands in arc ( typically stressed + no mods for their troubles ). I tend to Arc Dodge by practicing sighting where a Boost (&/or) Roll will land. I depend on that more than any rule of thumb based on opponents position/arc. If I can sight that reliably, I can do it on the fly during games and just line it up with where I think the arc line is. All that said looking at "where" in arc allows you to get out of Arc at minimum makes for cool images. If you are loosely lined up with the Front of your opponents base offset a bit you might have a chance to dodge. ' Obviously you dont know where your opponent will be when you dial in your move. So its not guaranteed that you will "land" in the green zones in the images below. Thats because its still a game. Also should be just as obvious that the Green Zone as I refer to it here is alot wider to the left and right than what the images highlight. The tricky bit sometimes is knowing where you cant be. More specifically predicting where you can't be. ( Roughly Inside Range 2-3 lined up with the opponent after they have moved, wider area the further away you are ) To far forward and the bank boost will "bump". Identify that and you can boost the other way, don't and fail action in arc With just a barrel roll the "band" that allows an arc dodge is more narrow. Approaching from an angle saves "Re-position" Actions, key for winning games. So you can modify your dice or conserve Force Charges. If your goal for whatever reason is strictly to get out of arc, not worried about also taking a shot... A barrel roll forward and away when straight on after a bank boost is more likely to land you out of arc than a barrel roll forward "towards" the opponent. This is contrived of course but you can see how close the margins are on the roll right in here. Even the roll out is risky. If I am in this situation is....I probably messed up somewhere or got herded into it by rocks or other ships. Much safer and easier to sight just to boost forward roll left out. No shot but less risk of defending. Moving First 1v1: How do you fight Aces who are moving last 1v1? Two years in to playing xwing I am not sure I can explain this. I have done it, but rarely "intentionally". Pretty sure it becomes all about Getting Shots, not avoiding shots. You want to force some or all of the following to happen: Trade Shots and do more damage than they do (worst case is suffering uncontested shots) Force them to disengage so you can "chase" Try to force them into a "mistake" Create Safe Space Knowing where you would want to be to Arc Dodge while moving last gives you hints as to how to fly an Ace moving first. Using the sides of the board helps against Aces moving last as well. Corners and other Angles at minimum reduce the # of arc dodge options they have available. Approach with Rocks in the way of re-positions is also critical. Jumping range to take a shot, before the Aces ideal Arc dodge "turn" is useful. Often Aces will play cagey until they know they can get to the Green Areas. Players will often try to carefully set up the Arc Dodge turn, you can see it coming they will go "slower" or bank away from combat the turn before the arc dodge turn usually. You can take advantage of that by jumping into range while they are more likely to be in the Orange Areas above. Remember your goal is to force a trade. Obviously having wing mates changes the picture entirely. Allows you to set boxes basically, force a chase. Super Natural Reflexes, Advanced Sensors. Decloaks, Rear Arc Boosts, Multi Arcs etc. change everything about this dynamic, moving first is no longer as much of a problem so its slightly less interesting to think about or discuss in this specific context. Under normal circumstances alot depends on your opponents dial the better you know it the easier this will be Moving first you can somewhat create safe space by... Setting up Blocking/Locking turns where you dont defend, followed by K-Turns Go to the the spot directly in front of them where their slowest moves go or the spot they already are. This can help you set up a "chase", this is dogfighting after all. If you can get behind them its easier to chase them down and there is a chance they will panic and disengage longer than they should/need to, or they might not "hard turn" to shake you. Example: X-Wings and Tie Advanced's are useful because they can "go slow" to keep arc on target, classic 1 forward to victory. Stays engaged longer to K-Turn at a more natural time. Kylo and Soontir's two speeds make them vulnerable to blocks, they have to actively remember to carefully manage range and not to stress to keep the K-Turn Threat Available. Often having to settle for disengaging. Fang Fighters have a similar "problem" but they actively want to be in arc at range 1 so it kinda flips things, but creates serious problems the turn after the R1 shot if anything is left alive. Jedi have 1 banks but 2 forwards, lucky for them they rarely stress and can 5 K-turn which can put them entirely out of arc. Rarely has to disengage because they are rarely stressed, but can choose to recharge or recycle.
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