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  2. It's kinda weird how people say "initiative =/= better pilot!" and then immediately go on to explain that Padme might have higher initiative because, under the circumstances, she's a better pilot. You see this kind of thing any time there's a discussion about relative initiative numbers, and it's baffling. If initiative is an abstraction that doesn't necessarily reflect ability, then stop: that's all the explanation you need! Padme's initiative is 4 because that's what is printed on the card. Ahsoka can have a lower init and still be a better pilot than Padme; after all, it's common knowledge that the Best Pilot In The Game is initiative 1.
  3. Could have also just been a slip at FFG. They IDed the RPS-6 Missile Launcher, but then gave the numbers that seem more in line with the PLX-1.
  4. I just tell my group what the major differences are. If they don’t like it, nobody is forcing them to play. Case in point: I’m about to kick off a sequel era game that incorporates elements from the EU and Disney canon (along with some of my own nonsense). I’m writing up a custom timeline and summary of major events so that the players have a general understanding of the setting. The state of the galaxy does differ significantly from what was presented in TLJ, so if they have any questions that aren’t answered by my primer, or that I haven’t thought about, I’ll come up with something on the spot and go with it. I probably wouldn’t stray too far from the default setting for a public one off, but I really don’t see how anyone could convince me to run that kind of game anyway.
  5. Looks like the Knights of Ren are not force users, after all...
  6. It would be nice if they just included carbines under rifles for the purposes of attachments. Oh well. Thank you everyone.
  7. CIS - before all the upcoming crazy Nantex tractor jank and the inevitable fac memes as of now: Roger Roger rolling flood/ soulless sharing math/ a hateful sith hides
  8. LOL for Vessery. Double-reposition and times when it's just not safe to Lock are pretty valid reasons for taking Predator. It walks the line between a nice level of consistency and excessive redundancy, but the more I think about it, the less I knee-jerk away from Predator. Also, there just aren't too many options. Crack Shot is pretty tempting, since it'd represent a potential 3rd kind of dice modification, and Soontir can crash and burn easily, so front-loading an evade-cancel might be wise. Trick Shot seems like it'd be wicked hard to use, since Soontir never wants to risk flying over a rock and losing actions. Cards like Daredevil and Juke require specific actions which clash with Locks. Lone Wolf might not be trash, but it requires the right positioning. Outmaneuver is sexy, but it's wicked expensive. Elusive maybe, but that requires a specific way of flying Soontir. // The other way to think about it is that you're not choosing Predator for a TC-Soontir, but you're adding TC to a Predator Soontir. The standard game plan is just to use Predator most of the time and forget you have a Lock action, but TC adds a lock to take in those rare moments when it's safe, and TC is probably cheap. Like, if you only need a single reposition action to get bullseye, simply doing that one action and not Evade or Lock into Autothrusters leaves you unstressed, which is a pretty nice advantage in next turn's dial planning.
  9. This seems like a weird argument IMO. These games stats are all abstractions of a bunch of different things. Others have pointed out that Initiative isn't necessarily a comment on the pilots abilities as a whole, but rather just another stat that goes into their overall efficacy. Think of it like stats in DnD. The Wizard might be a lot smarter than the Ranger, but the group is gonna trust the Ranger when it comes to Knowledge: Nature rolls because he put more points into that skill or training for a less gamey term. Initiative is an abstraction just like anything else in these kinds of games, not a hard and fast measurement of how good someone is as a pilot in general. Maybe Snips has better reflexes on the ground and in the cockpit, but Padme is more comfortable with this one ship because she's used to it what with it being likely the only fighter she's piloted frequently. Snips isn't a worse pilot because Padme has slightly higher Initiative. If you've played the SW RPG produced by West End Games, it's entirely possible for someone to be the best pilot in the galaxy as long as their in their favorite ship, but a total novice in anything they haven't specialized into. There are plenty of reasons to argue any characters I values in either direction, so really what's even the point of this? The fluff isn't being disrespected because of a perceived discrepancy between Padme and Ashoka's initiative values.
  10. Hekasu thanks Ito-sama again, gives his appreciation to the weapon-polisher, and then listens attentively to Koharu. "So, will you be having the veterans wearing the armor against the rest of them? I'd be honored to observe the melee, and offer any suggestions that may come to mind."
  11. Disagree. I haven’t heard tourney results for non swarm tie fighter use.
  12. I reckon aces should be ok vs this. Also towards end of game it doesn’t have the ability to avoid losing hp. Also I fail to see the NPE or serious rules breaking in this list. But one shouldnt avoid avoid doing some point massaging. Get things close to their math wing effective value.
  13. With about 10 minutes and the data editor you can go through and add all of the universal specs to the different careers. That would allow it to work.
  14. The Knights of Ren General Pryde, General Hux’s father 😢 More Beautiful Vanity Fair Images
  15. Well, one way to put it, if the revealed manoeuvre is not the one the revealed dial ended up pointing add, we might need to establish a new term. For if I've got a ship that: Revealed 2 Straight. Set that to, let's say, 3 straight. In the end used Inertial Dampeners to stay in place. Then 2 Straight would be the "Revealed Manoeuvre", Stationary the "Executed Manoeuvre", but 3 straight "This other manoeuvre, let's not talk about it, ok?".
  16. Scum: Hilarious chaos starts/ when selfish basterdz/ do janky shenanigans
  17. I don't like AO on Kylo without Hate because you are spending your focus at I5 and it severely limits your defence to just your force.
  18. i play in tournament as well as casual play. In fact i have a tournament this weekend at Conquest 50 in Kansas City
  19. The Crab that's basically a Scorpion and the Scorpion that's basically a Crab? I'm not missing this!
  20. Actually, this brings up an interesting point. Whenever a list that just works floats towards the top of the meta, everyone’s reaction is to call for points increases. How about looking at it from a different perspective? So, as a bit of a thought experiment; if Rebel Beef were declared ‘here to stay’, what sort of list would you construct to counter it... and what points reductions might be required to other ships and upgrades to make that happen? For example, there was mention of swarms as a counter to beef... how would you construct and buff a swarm to make it effective in this match-up?
  21. That is my argument though. There is a reward of some kind. It's not an all one thing or another situation. What I'm saying is that a person wants to receive something they value in exchange for their time and effort. Whether it's pure enjoyment, enjoyment and XP, a gold star, cash and prestige, it doesn't matter what it is, there is a reward. It doesn't matter if it has to be done. At a minimum the reward for accomplishing the task is not being in trouble. A chore is just a task with consequences for not accomplishing it. I beleive the term is positive punishment, where the punishment is designed to change the behavior. In your example, if the kids like doing the activity and the enjoyment they get from doing is all of the reward that they need then that's all that it takes. Whether the reward is enjoyment, XP, or any combination of anything else, the one who was unable to participate may have negative emotions about not getting their reward but that doesn't mean that they are punished. They simply didn't receive the reward. It's Meta, but I think it's getting to the heart of the different viewpoints between those that feel that not giving XP is punishment vs those that feel it's not.
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