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  2. What is a wash? is it something you apply to whole model?
  3. They should've just said Seventh Sister was Barriss. Leaving it open to interpretation isn't enough.
  4. I actually made one very similar with a MicroMachine SSD when i was younger! I'll have to see if i can find it and post a pic.
  5. I'll be away for most of that weekend, but can post Sunday night at the latest.
  6. How are the Mining TIE's and Falcon doing in Hyperspace at the moment?
  7. Judging by their profile I don’t believe they’re a troll. They are just not a strong English speaker. I disagree with their opinion, but flagging them as a troll seems a bit harsh/lynch mob-like.
  8. I'm still tweaking the list, trying to find something that lasts. The main thing it lacks is resiliency; a Rebel Beef list can have a really bad round and still be fine, but if I have a bad round it could be over. That's bad in a game where the dice swing fortunes so much. Statistics is very happy to provide me with long stretches of blanks against my opponent's paint. I can see why Rebel Beef is in vogue. Last night I flew this variation a few times and liked it a bit better, but I think it's up to which opponents I'm facing. It just comes down to whether they target and insta-kill Wullff or target and insta-kill Dutch on that first engagement round. When I'm not getting insta-killed, the list does very well usually, but I struggle a bit against rebel beef fleets. They tend to have too much firepower aimed at me, and they can absorb a nuke in a way that, say, Empire Aces can't. Empire Aces can roll max defense and still die to the proton torpedo plus Wullff nuke (or just the nuke alone, sometimes), but Rebel Beef can roll blanks on defense, absorb the entire nuke, and not even feel it. Rebel Beef is a fleet without a brain -- no pain receptors, just rumble forward and trample all in your path! Okay I'm being a bit unfair, I just think it's a funny image. In the end I'm a three-ship list with multiple pressure points that can be targeted by skilled or net-listing players, so it's best to fly this in casual games unless you're okay not taking home the prize. I've flown it for a while and when I do well, I do amazing; but when I do poorly (by either dice luck or just bad approach) the list kinda crumples. And there's a lot to track compared to a rebel beef list, so the mental tax can wear you down over a tournament. As an example, I have mixed results against the list with 2 named b-wings + Cassian (with Leia) + Wedge, which hits hard and is hard to kill, hard to outmaneuver, etc. I think killing Wedge first often works out okay, if he isn't squirrely enough to avoid arcs. Or taking Cassian off the board in one round if possible. Still hard, and in the mean time Dutch has to survive a lot of firepower (or sometimes they target Wullff first). Every round where I don't take a ship off the table is another 30% to my chance of a loss. I suspect that list is in trouble though when FFG (almost certainly) increases Leia's price in the next few weeks. Things that can be reworked in the list: - Jyn doesn't help all that much. She's great if you're caught at range 3 and you're rolling lots of dice, but otherwise an evade token is wasted on a one-dice ship IMO. I've started reinforcing with Wullff. Dutch is dead no matter what I do, and though Jan benefits a lot from an evade, more and more I find I'm locking to increase my damage output instead. I switched Jyn out for Leia, but didn't use her at all last night because the need for stops etc didn't come up. - Veteran Turret Gunner. I find myself not getting many double-tap opportunities, so I liquidated this for a shield upgrade and an ion turret (ion didn't work all that well, so maybe I should return to pure damage). Still not sure if it was the right choice, but my mood lately has been to favor defense on Dutch since he melts so, so trivially. - Proton Bombs. Consistently I'm finding Dutch is dead by the time he'd be able to use these. When he does use them, it's hard to keep my team out of the blast, and often I'm hurt by it more than the enemy is (they'll still have shields or tons of health left). And with no launch ability, that means they're usually points wasted. I upgraded back to Proton Torpedoes instead, which lets Dutch unload at longer range. Still not sure if that's for the best though, because Dutch is often out-PS'd by the things he'd really like to give a torpedo. Adv. Proton and double-tap turret may be better after all. I imagine Elusive on Jan could swap for Trick Shot; that's what I originally had on her. But if anything decides to shoot Jan, she's very close to death and I like the one-time mulligan provided by Elusive. Also I found I didn't have a lot of obstructed shots for Jan. I thought about putting Elusive on Dutch in place of Selfless, but it turns out if I do that, foes are more likely to target and kill Wullff and he needs to live even more than Dutch does. I hope Auzitucks get a decent boost soon. Maybe a points reduction, or some new upgrades that help them. Targeting Computer has potential -- Wullff often doesn't need his action except occasionally for defense, so if he could provide his own locks, that would free up Dutch to become some other ship. Not sure what would take that place though. And I'm still extremely fond of my Triple Auzitucks list. Similar to this list, it's explicitly casual. Netlisters and the really skilled tournament players tend to rip it to pieces. But.... but I still love it. And Wullffwarro War Crimes is still wonderful despite its tournament performance. They both offer what I love in a list, even if that condemns me to casual games only.
  9. or maybe they are new and only playing with box set and don't understand impact rules
  10. But then, don’t do that because Dedicated is inferior to both Selfless and Heroic. Dropping one agility to allow another ship a reroll is a fairly serious cost as is. And the restrictions on equipping it, and using it, are punitive. They just boned it here. A BSP with Dedicated should be 30 points at most. I’d go so far to say 28-29.
  11. should I feel guilt for making a child cry whenever @Mattman7306 does a sad react?
  12. It's also great because it won't go anywhere in the foreseeable future. These ships will surely stay in Hyperspace and the list isn't in danger of nerfs. If you pick it up now, you can expect to do with it well even few months from now. Who know what's coming for some of the other factions' best lists.
  13. On ships like Maul and Dooku, Hate is Expertise, just under a different name. The power of Hate goes up the more hit points you have. You were going to take that damage anyways because that’s what your ship was designed to do, now you just gain free focus.
  14. I’ve played against it versus capable opponents who have practice with it and the list is S Tier. When the players don’t use all of its upgrades or miss triggers is when the list isn’t that good. 2 Double Infiltrators were taken to our 40 person CAC, they only lost 1 game, it was the mirror match. Duncan Howard took it to his trial, went undefeated. List also made cut at a System Open versus Extended Meta. The list is just popping up and people are just starting to learn to play with it.
  15. Looks like a troll post to me, maybe I can take your post serious if you write some detailed arguments about why it is too strong...
  16. A system of points allocation that is based off of numbers rather than "feels". Come up with formulas that evaluate the overall value of a dial, make that result interact with the initiative of pilots and also the ship's stats. Assign point values based off of this type of formula and you'll at least have some baseline that you can work off of and revert back to. To make it true to the game, design the formula in such a way that Tie Fighters and T-65s are identically balanced per point and then adjust the numbers of all of the other ships in the game around them so that they too may be balanced. And if for some reason, an aspect of a ship is undervalued or overvalued in the formula and it results in a ship being spammed or completely absent, this will tell you that the formula needs further adjustment in order to be most effective. It would be a little work at first, but realistically, you could get something serviceability after a few hours in excel and you could just keep progressing from there. It would be signifcantly better than the broken -> DOA -> broken -> DOA cycle that FFG is starting to develop for itself with the adjustments.
  17. I think that is very true Stan. So it becomes a matter of interfacing with the views of others and as Donovan Morningfire pointed out, seeing the ability to filter as the purview of the GM. My intention when I created the thread was to explore this to determine how much I should attempt to compromise, but the answers I am getting seem to say: not much.
  18. Hey, all. Tried Far Harbor last night (solo). When it says "Add (star)"....what do the mean? It's not listed as a quest action in the manual...do I just put a star anywhere on the board? Thanks, Joker
  19. RStan

    Resistance 5's

    Not sure if you already tried any of the "standard competitive" builds for the ships, but at least this is what I would think would be best for that type of list. Although I'm not sure overall if this "hybrid" build is better than Cassian/Braylen/Wedge + Thing of choice (Ten Numb, Dutch Vander, Horton Salm, Biggs, etc. ). As others have mentioned, just getting something that can straight out joust the Resistance i5s is solid because that forces the T70s into a weird spot since they can't handle it themselves while the As like to flank and not also joust. I'd say target priority is Nien/Lulo first, whoever is presented first as an easier one round kill and just ignore Talli as she doesn't have Adv Optics to help push consistent 2 dice damage.
  20. Correct. Hence the “?”. You can bear an (irrational) animosity towards someone simply because of their heritage, yes even after several hundred years. And yes, your greatest strength can play into your greatest weakness. Smart people can miss something obvious. Powerful people can underestimate their enemy. Some people can enjoy disappointing a cultural enemy a little too much, and miss the opportunity to direct their frustration in a different direction, instead of into the arms of another enemy. Crane seems pretty wary of Mantis. Well, great job Yoshi, they now may have just gotten a great clan to offer unprecedented support to their ambitions. Not treating Yasuki Taka with such open disdain might have given the opportunity to (perhaps completely insincerely) make it appear like Yoshi or the Crane might be sympathetic to the plight of the Crab, and then, based on that potential for Crane support made them less likely to risk siding with another rival. I think it’s a little silly to take the view that because Yoshi is a competent and experienced courtier that he can’t get too comfortable and make a mistake now and again.
  21. The point jump from Jedi to mace is with Delta config factored in As for Kad, not only are you going from I 1 to I4 (and getting an ability), but the fang scales MUCH better than the Arc with higher initiative due to manueverability and linked actions (and ability and potential fearless, which really help picking apart lower I pilots)
  22. A point increase from a ship with a default of 3 attack dice is different from a ship with 2 attack dice. It also scales more with added agility. If you want to make more sense in terms of points, I suggest looking at those first. Example: The increase from basic arc to Wolff is 9 points. The increase from zealous recruit to Kad Solu (PS 4 and ability): is 10 points. So it holds up pretty well as far as I'm concerned.
  23. Everyone isn’t flying hyperspace and I most enjoy Rebels, I have been trying to find something that will fly well with Han (most recently Cassian and Braylen (both with selflessness which was decent)
  24. I think a new double Decimator list is calling for you.....
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