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  2. Myth: Han was available from the beginning and no one figured it out until now. Reality: Inert Fat Han was made widely known by an official ruling on March 21st. Before that, the interaction was up to debate and a negative ruling would threaten the build. Myth: No one saw Fat Han coming until the UK System Open on April 13th/14th 2019. Reality: It had been played and discussed at least at around Krayt Cup, March 2nd 2019. Myth: Han has 8 positions to end up in. Reality: Han has 63 potential positions: stop+3boosts are 4, 3 red maneuvers, 14 maneuvers, plus 3 boost choices after each of these 14. So, 4+3+14+3*14 = 63. Obviously several will be blocked on each turn and many overlap due to the large base. But the 8 positions are only true once you know his maneuver. You can use Sense, Informant or Cassian to learn about his chosen maneuver, and then you can maybe block 4-5 of the 8 by blocking 1 well enough. Myth: People are riled up and claim he's overpowered or He isn't overpowered because I beat him or Han is the underdog in this meta or He is 144pts, he should be that good. Reality: It does not matter whether the Han build is too strong or not, and that means it doesn't matter whether you can and did beat him. What matters is that Han brings back several widely disliked characteristics of the first edition all at once, such as unlimited regeneration (R2-D2), full information maneuver change at i6 (inertial dampeners), 360° turrets (LukeGunner), large base white boost (engine upgrade), and that his win condition is to run for time as points fortress (144pts) after scoring some points. Myth: Han is not an NPE because he is not overpowered. Reality: Performance and NPE are not linked. See this recent post about NPEs for further explanation.
  3. So, in terms of the scenario, I agree with your first assessment; all pads lead to the Citadel, and a victory on any one of them = access to the plans. As far as the Imperial player being able to move troopers or assign them in different strengths, I would think it will weaken the scenario. If the Rebel player guesses right: easy victory. If the Rebel player guesses wrong: the wasted turns probably equate to a Rebel loss. Now, a win condition is based on nothing but a good guess or blind luck--not good. Lastly, to quote Jyn Orso, "They have no idea we're coming." The base is not on high alert, and no pad would have a higher priority for protection over any other. Once the garrison is alerted, Bodhi does his best to send troopers to all the wrong locations. So, I think there is very good storyline justification that the Rebels have equal chances on all pads.
  4. True, I think for 2.0 they will be releasing all Imperial/Tie Fighter ships in Imperial Blue with Squadron Packs bringing alt schemes to the table much like how Ace packs did before.
  5. I think maybe what you're looking for is "Asteroids do not concern me, admiral"
  6. They had to have a reason to cut $10 so that is would still only cost players $29.95 rather than the standard $39.95 of all other large ships. It could also just be a mistake, the Republic ARC-170 doesn't have the all the paint apps seen on its preview image, the droid is green rather than black, the forward section is missing the black paint on the hull, the black paint on the spot between the pilot and copilot isn't there, though that isn't too bad since it never had that elsewhere, and the ship lackedthe red paint on the laser canons where it attached to the wings.
  7. I wouldn't rule Lando out for frills though.
  8. What ever happened to the Raider?? (I'm assuming thats where the engine came from.) Did Hera and her crew destroy it and think, "I wonder if this fits...." -DD
  9. I was assuming - without a lot of justification - that the heavy turbolasers actually do the heavy lifting of capital combat. I was basing it on the fact that they are the only guns normally visible on ISD models and are significantly bigger than any other surface weapon mounting on the ISD. Using that, the main armaments are similar, but the ISD has a significantly higher number of smaller weapons as you pointed out.
  10. I thought you were talking to me for a second 😅 I’m trying to get into Legion but I’m not gonna leave X-Wing either 😜 I mean yeah I’m sure it sucks but. I still want to try it out just for the jank.
  11. I was hoping FFG was going to offer a pre-order incentive like they did with the X-Wing 2.0 Core, they had alt art damage deck.
  12. Sure, I'll try to answer the best that I can. why would the rebels ever be interested in rescuing captured dudes in the late game? There may be many reasons. If you are using the mission cards from the core, then there are really few ways for you to recruit a leader apart from the 4 you get to recruit on turns 2, 3, 4 and 5, so if one is captured you'll be most probably stuck with only 7 leaders. Another scenarios could be that you have the objective that you can play if there are no captured leaders or to prevent the imperial player to play their terrible mission cards that can be used against captured leaders (in our games many times the Yularen's mission card was key to the imperial victory, or another could be the carbonite one that make you lose 1 reputation and give the empire the oportunity to capture then a second rebel leader). I've been wondering how exactly recruiting works since we started playing the game. You draw 2 cards. you can then recruit one of the guys portrayed on the 2 cards. BUT can you then chose to put either card in your hand or does it have to be the one you recruit from? No, you MUST keep the card from the leader you recruited and you don't have to show it to your oponent. Rebellion is a game where there should be trust between the players. But if there isn't, that case is addressed on the rules under "Cheating": "At the end of the game, if a player is revealed to have cheated (intentionally or accidentally), he loses the game, and his opponent wins. This includes moving from the Rebel base to an illegal system or recruiting a leader that does not match the action cards he chose." and one more last ting; many of us miss some of the missions from the old mission set. Wouldn't it be ok to just shuffle the missions we like from the old set into the new? I can't see why not.. Maybe you're aware of this, but just to be sure, before the game each player chooses if he wants to play with the mission cards from the core or the ones from the expansion (but always including ALL the cards with faces), it's not that you are obligued to play with the expansion ones. Now, as a houserule I think that there would be no problem if you want to shuffle together some of them into a single deck and play with all at once. I think that maybe the rules tell you to use either one or the other for balance purposes, but as I said, as a houserule I think there would be no problem if you want to play with all at once and see how it goes.
  13. Just adding my 5 cents here: I personally think 300 experience (even if you don't include startin experience) is *way* too small. My character has just hit her stride in my current campaign, and she's got 310 experience to play with, and there's at least another 300 coming in the future The dev I'm half-quoting there appeared on a podcast that I can't for the life of me remember the name of... I think the episode was talking about either Dawn of the Rebellion, *or* that the dev had build the Jedi Council members because he wanted to see if he could break the system by just using absurd amounts of experience. It might have been both? If you're curious, apparantly he used something like 1500-3000 experience or something to build the various council members, and yet he didn't manage to break the system to any significant degree. As such, he mentioned something about the standard campaign length that the devs balance around being 300 experience, but the system is solid enough that it'll be coherent even at much higher experience levels.
  14. Legends was originally 8km long and had 12 squadrons. That’s the one I am most familiar with and would have fit better in Armada. In 2005(?) or so it changed to 19km and 1000s if fighters. I think WotC did it for a game. The new canon per Disney has it at 19km. Though i guess the the original model used in filming was around a 17km size when compared to the ISD models.
  15. I wouldn't doubt they will make it to Legion as they have all made it to Star Wars Imperial Assault. Hondo has to be included as well! The latest additions to @Skullforge shapeways shop are amazing as always. Still hoping 4-LOM is going to be there soon!!!
  16. I think you meant to post this on the Arkham Horror: The Card Game boards. This is the one for the Arkham Horror 3E Board game. Easy mistake.
  17. Because it was up to the TOs until March 21st when it was ruled by FFG. Also, it has been known and discussed at least since March 2nd at Krayt Cup.
  18. Too many dice. it has a lot less guns than the ISD Taim & Bak XX-9 heavy turbolaser batteries(60) Borstel NK-7 ion cannons (60) Dual heavy Turbolaserturrets (6) Dual heavy ion cannon turrets (2) Quad heavy turbolasers (2) Triple medium turbolasers (3) Medium turbolasers (2) Phylon 07 tractor beam projectors (10) VS. Dual heavy turbolaser turrets (8) Medium dual turbolaser cannons (2) Point-defense laser cannons (52) proton torpedo tubes (4) Tractor beam projectors (6) I would give it: Shields: 3/2/2/2 (it has a lot worse shielding than an ISD) 94* arc Guns: 3 red and 1 black (Reds represent Turbolasers, blue represents ion cannons, which the venators do not have, and black represents torpedos and missiles) 97* arc 2 red 2 black 86*arc 2 red Anti-squad: 4 blue or 2 red 2 blue Command Values: Command: 2 Squad: 5 Engineering: 3 movement chart can be similar to an ISD I think with maybe a slightly better chart. This is because it is 400 feet smaller than the ISD, which would make it a medium base that can go speed 3. Brace, Redirect, Evade, Contain for defense tokens Hull should be 7 or 8. If we get an imperial version of this ship, I assume Motti will love it, and so will 7th fleet. 2 things left, which are upgrade slots and point cost. These go hand in hand. I think it should have one officer slot(possibly two, but that is really good), Defensive retrofit, 1 turbolasers, Offensive retrofit, weapon teams. These upgrades reflect a heavier turbolaser ship with a the ability to slot as an offensive carrier or more defensive. Points should put it at about 70, give or take 5 points, Remembering that upgrades will be a necessity, which will push its final price well above 80. You can still swarm with them, it just wouldn't make sense. These are not attack ships, but squadron ships. Most of the Clone wars was done by the squadrons, not capital ships.
  19. Boba is great. Honestly the list arose because Vader and Boba are cool - so I tried to make a list with them both in. New ways: Best use is for Royal Guard - allowing them to move 3 times and charge. Second is in snows - often at same time as Guard charge to devastate and area. Often people are still dealing with Snows etc on the turn Vader is most vulnerable, distract the enemy from Vader so he can get into position then Master of Evil and kill stuff. Alternate use is on Boba on Rescue supplies to run in grab the middle box and run away. Medic Droid then gets the wound back. On any the trick is to not overextend and get isolated and then easily killed.
  20. I think cross-era play will be allowed. They already allow Jyn Erso and Luke Skywalker to be in the same fleet in Armada, even this couldn't actually happen timeline-wise.
  21. odd indeed, especially how populated it is.
  22. Haven't been able to play any legion since the first few months of the launch. Our local area is going to do the 300 point tourney this weekend and I'm excited to jump back in. At 300 points I'm assuming an imperial officer and a couple squads, but I haven't been able to play Boba yet. Anyone been able to put Boba and a generic office in a 300 point list? I have 1 set of scout troopers Veers 4 Bikes 2 snows 1 Scout troop Stormies
  23. WAIT, Hold up. Your confused by a 19,000 meter long, likely a hundred decks tall, vessel is capable of holding thousands of fighters if fully equipped? It has a crew close to 300,000 persons. I'm more concerned at the apparent ineptitude of the Imperial officers after the fall of the Empire if they seriously thought that they could keep up their charade of massive capital ships with little to no fighter support, because 144 fighters is only 12-6 squadrons (if we go with squadron numbers of 12-24 fighters per squadron). At least a THOUSAND sounds far better than 144 fighters.
  24. I have been told by my local store that it will be in store on May 16...can’t wait 😁
  25. Really, really like these troops. Great job on all of your miniatures. I am gonna have to put a Bespin table on hiatus and go full on Hoth now that we are getting true Hoth rebels and Tauntauns. Using EA Star Wars Battlefront maps as inspiration for my tables.
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