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  2. "Please send us your playtesting results with this kind of army and Command deck build." I've played two rounds with a 6 point Somos and don't think it needs to be raised. Being able to chain into Somos from a DT is part of what makes him viable in lists. Can you pull off shenanagins? Sure. But you have to plan it out way in advance and then execute it. There should be significant rewards for superior positioning, planning, and execution. For testing purposes: I posted a thread for the Somos list in question. I played against the rebel Trooper list I also posted. Won a close game. Also played against this list and that rebel Trooper list in a 3 way match as a Jedi list and lost to the rebel troopers.
  3. It would be awesome to have faction packs (aces, ship titles, unique mods and crew) and Upgrade packs (missiles, torps, cannons, etc. with all upgrades per wave). Or whatever they came up, but super afforable... Could make the game grow (or at least that first ed ships get buyed and tried by exp players and so..) Anyway, looking forward to this!!! Superexcited!
  4. I can see them adding Master in FotR just to Troll Anakin. But seriously, I feel they could stop there. They could all all kinds of Specs, however, most of the things they could add would be covered by other specs from other careers. Which could lead to Jedi being "too good" of a career leaving no reason to cross career spec if you can get everything in one. Now the 2 we've seen let you play a decent (and flavorful) force user without FaD if you are coming at it from the other lines, so that is a plus for more casual player groups. I do like the idea of a Temple Guard of Archivist spec, but again these could be well covered by other careers and specs as does General. It seems unlikely they would do 2 the 4 in the next book. Although they could add more with an Old Republic book later. I think they could and maybe should just leave it at 3...
  5. I think that interesting character creation is hurt by how the movies went away from the Jedi Code. Tenants weren't explained and you were expected to know that they were good instead of seeing them be good. What exactly makes them "good"? I would think that is the moral code they uphold, but we barely see that. The RPG game spends a LOT of time telling us about the variety of Jedi and precious little about why you would want to play one. What sort of interesting things do they do?
  6. Jedi are like paladins, they can ruin the fun for the shady people in your group. They have their moral code which a lot of people don't like to have in there group since it can cause conflict between the characters and potentially between the players.
  7. Cormil thinks, I've got this, I've got... Zara is getting really. He shouts, "Great bantha poodoo! Zara!" as he slams on the breaks to avoid getting rammed by Zara on the ramp.
  8. It's a strong ship but it's also a lynchpin, if it goes down the rest of the list burns up quick. It does have a good dial for it's size though, and cloak helps it out tremendously.
  9. The Emperor owns everything. At least on paper and in the eyes of heaven. I believe that all the Clans pay leases/taxes every year to the Imperial Throne. And those taxes largely fund the Imperial Families. As noted the families also have various (usually minor) holding that also generate at least some revenue. And the Imperial Court can offload some of their upkeep with the Winter Court. On a practical level I would assume that the Imperial families have Diamyo that are as rich as their Great Clan counterparts. Per EE the Miya start with 8 koku, The Otomo with 9 koku, and the Seppun start with 6 koku. That suggests that Miya and the Otomo are among the richest families (at least per capita) with the Seppun lagging somewhat behind...though not poor! The Seppun still start with more wealth than any of the families of the Crab*, Dragon, Phoenix or Lion clans. On a practical level, if an Imperial Daimyo wants it, they have it. *excluding the Yasuki
  10. To quote the iconic classic film {sarcasm intended} Spaceballs, ...."Good is dumb." Looking at it from the movies, the Jedi cannot see what is right before them, suspect something is wrong, enlist a fellow Jedi to spy on the Chancellor for them, let the galaxy fall apart right before them, and thousands of years of wisdom and experience doesn't seem to be worth anything. Yeah, yeah, yeah.... explain away how the Dark Side was "concealed" from them or their ability to use the force was weakened. Sure. They didn't just sit by and let the galaxy fall apart, they helped jump-start its demise! Rubes. Who wants to play THAT? Yes, sir, "Good is dumb." Secrecy, concealment, deceit, lack of morals, lording it over people ("Jedi business!"), lying, arrogance, ....I thought those were all Darkside elements? Then, the chastity code? Really? What for? Yet, seems like story after story talks about Jedi romance. Then the "we're not generals" thing. Except, then, they are leading armies everywhere. Who decided that Jedi made great generals? Ugh..... Guys hate the duplicity. The hypocrisy. The weakness. I think that after IV, V, & VI, Jedi would have been cool to play. After all the other stuff? Ugh... Make a Smuggler like Han solo? Yeah! Make a Gambler like Lando? Yeah! A Diplomat like Leia! Yeah! A Scout like Chewie? Yup!!! Make a Jedi like.......uh....... Nah......I want to play something I am proud to represent.
  11. Meh, 24/7/365 I can get same-day delivery from Amazon all the way out in the sticks on a Sunday. The future is now.
  12. Okay, a bit late to the party, but I wanted to have the discussion with my local play group first--and then the FFG bomb dropped, prompting even more discussion. So! Most importantly, I wanted to take a moment to -sincerely- thank the IACP members, particularly the face members @cnemmick and @brettpkelly. Implementing something on this scale--in both time invested and future commitment--is truly a gift to the community, regardless of what comes of it. It also takes quite a lot of courage to face the feedback, constructive and otherwise, that has (and will continue to) come from the community; pleasing everyone will be flat-out impossible no matter what you do, and when the stated goal is pretty much to improve the game for the community's enjoyment...that can start to look impossible! ; ) You don't have to do this. It's a -ton- of work. And at least some of the armchair-quarterback responses you will get will make it seem thankless as well. Your timing could hardly have been better though; quite literally days after your announcement we all learned that FFG has indeed abandoned IA (Skirmish, anyway), at what amounts to a near nadir in terms of current game balance as well. I don't think it's too much hyperbole to predict that, if IA Skirmish is still being commonly played in a few years, it will largely be due to the IACP's direct efforts. So again, thank you all very much for this. My local community has decided to adopt the IACP's house rules, with a few modifications. I'm going to encourage them to send in feedback as well, after we get a few games and tournaments in. You can certainly expect feedback and suggestions from me in a few weeks! : )
  13. That four arm dude who sent clones to fight each other.
  14. I don't know how Lord of the rings/the hobbit saga expansions would work. Journeys in Middle Earth is a "fail forward" type of game and that would present some issues. What if Frodo never escaped the ringwraiths on weather top? what if Bilbo got burned up by Smaug in the Lonely Mountain? I fail to see how this game would incorporate this into a campaign other than every adventure having the warning "if you lose this adventure you lose the campaign". I do want them to do a Lord of the rings/the hobbit saga expansion but I fail to see how that would work.
  15. Imperial Maps are notorious in L5R for being inaccurate. So yes, blame the Miya cartographers for your madness. 😀 In the Shadowlands Book, which has the most detailed map of the Crab Lands, Friendly Traveler Village is on "the bottom Island." That's safely Yasuki lands. The Black Crane Estates are halfway up the second larger island and do not overlook Earthquake Fish Bay (unless you choose to move them south). However as you note on page 64 it says that they do. Put it where you want. I would leave it north of the Bay. Both Swirling Pool from EE and Friendly Traveler are already on the Bay. My best guess is that the Yasuki own the bottom half of the larger Island and the Crane own the top half. Again guessing, but I do not think the Yasuki have any major holding on the river. HOWEVER they are one of the major traders of the Emerald Empire so its not unreasonable that they coordinate with other far flung places to keep trade going (like an alliance with the Bayushi to fight river pirates).
  16. It's tough. Lots of Star Wars nuts around here.
  17. gennataos

    Inert Fat Han

    Don’t underestimate the lure of alternate art versions of game components we already own. Or, more accurately, the lure of measuring ones ego based upon acquisition of said items.
  18. I think we are actually agreeing here. I am saying the Legion size different is negligible so I WOULD use them with IA. No problem. Even the bases don't bother me. I wouldn't bother changing anything with them probably, and all FFG would have to do is include a few IA cards in with the Legion stuff. I'd buy it. But, I think they won't do that. It's never going to happen. So let's make our own with IACPs resources and surveys and whatnot. So, with Legion, old WotC stuff, and totally new sculpts someone put a link up of, we have years of new plastic to go with our community approved new deployment cards. This game can be in healthy and fresh place for a long time!
  19. Wow, your squadrons look fantastic! Thanks for the plug and your paint jobs look great.
  20. I found a mention of travel times in the book. The heavy freighter talks about the new engines it has and says it can make it to Heinlein in a matter of days.
  21. On the map on pg. 9 of Shadowlands I see the island east of Earthquake Fish Bay marked as Yasuki, and the land (island? - see my question regarding river flows...) to the north of it marked as 'Souther Crane Lands'. Yet the text on page 64 describes how the Yasuki Estates are also known as 'Black Crane Estates'. They are described as 'overlooking Earthquake Fish Bay'. Yet the Black Crane Estates marked on the map on pg. 9 are nowhere near Earthquake Fish Bay. In Emerald Empire, pg. 128, there is reference to the Scorpion Bayushi and the Crab Yasuki families working together to fight back the river pirates. This seems to suggest the Yasuki DO have holdings on the river, and not just the island east of Earthquake Fish Bay. How far north do the Yasuki holdings extend? Where is the border between Yasuki and Crane? And Yasuki and Hida? Where is the Yasuki 'Black Crane Estates' located? Is someone trying to drive me mad with all these apparent disconnects? Am I missing something obvious?
  22. Is using Ebb/Flow considered a manuever or is it an action? If its an action then you can't do both at the same time since draw closer is a lightsaber check using force pips which is an action. I think it will come down to your dm and how he wants to do it. Could work if Ebb/Flow doesnt use an action. My GM makes using force powers an action unless the force power specifically says otherwise.
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    Presumably to win?
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  25. There has never been much information on it which can be both a blessing and a curse. This is how I would currently handle it, more from a lore pespective than anything else: Hantei: They don't seem to have any direct holding. Even Otosan Uchi is partitioned to governors, although as these seem to be exclusively appointed positions rather than hereditary we can assume there are taxes being levied on the city for them. This is extremely unusual and with no real world equivalent for non-figurehead rulers. Maybe the City of the Rich Frog counts as one of their direct Holdings. Speaking of taxes we also don't have much information on them. The lack of direct Hantei holdings is a bit of an anomaly if you compare it with real world examples and in feudal societies charging taxes on vassal was not done unusual complicated. There is also the Rokugani focus on rice which is even more extreme than that of Tokugawa Japan, and rather a-historical to say the least. Lets just say there is, probably, some taxing being done over the clans. Using some tidbits from both Emerald Empire and the old pre-FFG lore I would say that some of the expenses of the court end up being indirectly outsourced to the clans. For example the maintenance of Imperial Highways and Waystation towns. For an example in Tokugawa Japan they were mantained by the Shogunate and subsidized but I can in Rokugan having to be mantained by the clans while providing income directly to the Imperial Court. Labour corvées for Imperial Holding provided by the clans could be another example which has historical precedent in many places, including Japan. We have a direct example in the fact that the Tortoise used to charged with firefighting in Otosan Uchi. Another example is Winter Court. Much like Royal Progresses they allow the Hantei to do some proximity rulership or "show the flag", so to speak, in different parts of the country. Since the hosting cost are the exclusive responsability of the host clan, so the Hantei manage to oth not have any upkeep for about four months every year and levy an additional economic burden on a possible rival. In a gift-giving society like Rokugan this can also be used to work as a form of taxation while mantaining the outward appearance it isn't. Again, the Tokugawa provide a good example of this, but the Chinese tributary system can also be used as a model. Seppun: They have their own lands on what seems to be a in fairly fertile area. If the lore hasn't changed they also hold Koutetsukan on the Islands of Silk and Spice. I assume most of their income come from these holdings. Otomo: If there have been no changes from the old lore, the Otomo have no holdings other than their palace in the Imperial Mound, so that means they would be subsidized by the Hantei themselves. Having said that, in the old lore after a specific event, the Otomo were given lands formerly belonging to the Crane. Personally I don't like how the Hantei and their direct vassals lack holdings despite being shown to be more than figureheads, so I would retroactively make the Otomo own that holding from the beggining and be their main source of income. Miya: They have their own lands Southwest of the Spine of the World Mountains. It doesn't seem to be a very developed area, but it is very large and with apparent room for expansion, so I would say that the Miya are potentially the highest income earners of the Imperial families. Looking back the Lands of the Imperial Champion, while intended to support the EC may also contribute for Imperial income in the periods where there is no Champion appointed. As for incomes, therehas never been any example. For the historical examples when Daimyo got an actual legal definition during the Azuchi-Momoyama period they were landowners with lands valued at at least 10000 Koku. The domains of the Tokugawa shogunate were 5 million koku. Whether that applies to your Rokugan or not is for you to decide.
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