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  2. Generally in FFG sourcebooks, any time you see Melee with a capital 'm' it is talking about when you are rolling against your Melee Skill, so Brawl, and Lightsaber checks do not count here. There are upgrades to the base power that changes the checks to either Brawl or Lightsaber checks. I would rule it would work with Draw Closer if you have taken the Lightsaber check upgrade as Draw Closer reads "The character may take a Draw Closer action, making a Lightsaber (Willpower) melee combat check against one silhouette 1...". (note the lower case 'm' here) As a GM I would rule that you would be able to use Lightsaber(willpower) but you would not be able to do anything other than a standard attack, so Draw Closer could not be used.
  3. I think it would be much more interesting if the Venator was a large base, high fighter capacity ship with fairly limited guns. Maybe 4-5 dice max per broadside. Given the size of the hangar on this ship, to give it loads of guns as well seems like it would make it a bit uber. Or of course do different version, one as above and another more gun focused.
  4. I never advertise my blog here here, only on Facebook. That said, I've been a fan of yours for a while, but I only really comment when I feel I have something of value to say/ask. Personally, I write my blog for me rather than anything else; if it starts a conversation, even if it's only one or two comments on Facebook, that's just an added bonus!
  5. Indeed. They tinker with weapons & slots. Not really sure why speed & manoeuvrability should be off the table.
  6. Was this list actually good? Was Sinker worth it? What about Cody? I tried 4 arcs. Ugh. Avoid rocks is brutal. Honestly, the Arc dial flies like a lame duck. And the shhtty red barrel roll doesn't help. Arcs got much worse from 1.0, cuz of the extra clumsiness of being a medium base. And the barrel rolls being red (opposed to the upgrade). I think if the barrel roll was white, it'd be pretty okay. Red, its just. a grueling pain that screams for extra mods like Palp or Sinker or an extra die or something.
  7. Thanks Juventus! You could use pretty much any silver tone you like really. I might go with Leadbelcher however as it covers quite nicely. You could then mix in a little black and any mid/dark brown you like.
  8. Great table, very imaginative. The green gives a nice contrasting touch to the otherwise grey sceneries. Well done.
  9. Astromechs, the RIO of Star Wars. New astromech: •"Goose" Deploy with this side face up. When defending, on a critical hit you must eject this astromech and gain 4 charges. On the next 4 turns, before revealing your dial, you must spend 1 charge to perform a 0■ maneuver, and rotate 180 degrees. Once all charges are spent you suffer critical guilt and are removed from play. Flip this card. Reverse side: •"Merlin" You may redeploy from any board edge, or within range 1 of any friendly ship with at least one damage card. You may spend stress tokens as focus tokens while at range 1 of a friendly ship.
  10. I think you are confusing two things : - Keeping your ships at their starting position for a few turn in order to see what your opponent is doing. - Positionning your ships in a corner in a way that allow them to have all arc on everything comming for them and never move. The fortressing rule is only trying to prevent the second case. The first case can seem weird, but the player is still playing the game.
  11. Kylo + Supernatural Reflexes, Primed Thrusters, Proton Torpedoes Blackout + Trick Shot, Pattern Analyzer 192 pts I used Gas Clouds which are aces super-friendly. Rebel Beef isn't as scary as they are predictable. You can run away form them and bite from different angles to win on points. More scary are Ini6 ships especially for Blackout (Kylo can outmanuever them using Supernaturals). List is exhausting to play: I've ended every game on time often winning with the last roll like 149:132 (against Rebel Beef) or 136:132 (against Inferno swarm). (132 is Blackout and half Kylo). But it's very fun to play: I sometimes pulled like Troll + barrel + boost with Kylo for double stress to avoid being shot or to unleash Torpedoes using TL from previous round. Blackout with Pattern doing actions after K-turn/Tallon over Gas Cloud is also great.
  12. If you failed to kill that CR90 with the close-medium range front arc shot you had, you should be crying. 😉
  13. You might wanna check out our take on the Venator: Firepower wise its sits at the level of a victory with added fighter support and a little more survivability. The powerlevel of ships in star wars generally orientates itself on the size of the ship and the Venator is almost 250 m longer than the Victory class. Would also be a large base, sinces its the size of a MC80.
  14. you might wanna rewatch Episode 3.
  15. I felt that we needed card-only packs back in 2014 up until the announcement for X-Wing Second Edition, to rebalance and renew existing ships that had been made obsolete (Aces card packs, basically). Now it doesn't make as much sense to add card-only packs because we have revamped rules, conversion kits and reissued ships; in almost every way, the Second Edition treatment is better than just patching the First Edition. I'd definitely be interested in card-only expansion packs with new pilots and new upgrades. In fact, I think those would sell like crazy. I wouldn't be very interested in card packs containing pilots or upgrades that are already available elsewhere. Card packs that facilitate new playstyles (something like Star Wars Legion's mission cards) would be the sort of thing I'd want to see more than anything else. To do this properly, you'd probably have to throw in a rules pamphlet and a few punchboard sheets of tokens for specific mission types.
  16. It's this more than anything that makes it not work IMO. The heroes will have the ability to deal with anything and everything that comes up, with no hard choices to make. Perversely, though, with every ability available to them, their turns will take longer and the game will be slower as they have a longer list of abilities they have to consider and decide between to find the optimal approach. It gets not-fun very quickly. That would be pretty hardcore! I've not tried it, but it would change the gameplay dynamic enormously. As Imperial player, as soon as I wound a hero, in most missions I'll probably never need to attack that hero again - because I win most missions by wounding all heroes, there's a disincentive for me to pick on someone, and it's very rare for a hero to be taken out of the game entirely (which is not fun for them at all). This changes completely if I can permanently kill a hero and force them to restart - now, especially in later missions, my incentive is to eliminate heroes and take them completely out of the game until the next mission, because they lose a 6-XP or 8-XP character. Not only would that hero player find it unfun to have to sit out of the rest of the mission, it wouldn't be much fun for them in the next mission either, watching the other heroes use awesome abilities they don't have access to; and for the group, it would be very difficult - making the heroes take on 6-threat missions with 0-XP characters is... hardcore. I get why you might wonder about this, but I'd think very, very, very carefully before doing it for real.
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  18. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    Maybe it was intended to be T-85s? The only difference is the nose.
  19. Measure from the base. The infantry have been increasing in size as well. That's a walker, not a tank. Poor example matey. The transports just aren't large enough, and same goes with the battle tanks. Yeah, and one group's opinion will win out in the end because they aren't going to cater to both groups. Just because you value something doesn't make you right. I could be wrong. Maybe slightly downsizing some vehicles (which most won't notice), is not in line with what will make more money. I think FFG can't afford to ignore iconic units from the movies.
  20. I would argue that everyone involved, yourself and myself included, should take responsibility. The mods’ only way of keeping things in line is by deleting threads that get out of hand. I’m pretty sure that the mods aren’t allowed to get involved other than deleting threads. I seriously hope nothing starts this time.
  21. In my mind 'Torrents = 2 x Gold' That's it. Pair of clones moving around, plinking away, possibly blocking, and giving the opponent something to consider whilst my Jedi/ARC combos do their thang. They can do that job, and I'm happy spending the 50 points. They don't do lots, but they also do lots.
  22. It makes sense - you count the modifiers from all the revealed tokens, that were not ignored/cancelled. But the first token is no longer revealed at that time, so there is nothing to count.
  23. This sounds like a response from the typical 40K players, 40K players are all about the gimmicky one trick pony rubbish. I gave up on 40K a long long time ago, I just saw recently Primarchs are now in the game, that is so ridiculously BS that I am glad I dropped it when I did. How does this relate to X Wing? It is not an interesting combination at all. Nothing about it is interesting. Part of 2.0 that FFG wanted to increase in value was manoeuvring skill. This list requires 0 of that. Each individual part is not broken, until you create some BS MechaStreisand ship that takes away the core mechanics of the game. Like a majority of people on this forum, I cannot understand why you can't see that this combination is bad for the game. Or are you one of those players that need broken combos to win?
  24. 100% agree with that. Plus, this gunship is used for a time by our beloved doctor Aphra ( I now it won't happen, but I can still dream of a imperial Aphra pilot). Conserning the sentinel, IMO the zeta class cargo is a better guess as it is more distinctive from the lambda. I love the delta shuttle but I can't see is role in the imperial faction
  25. Naturally 9 max, sure. PS11 or 12 wasn't unheard of though. One of the /fo Fighters was PS12 until he had a damage card, and PS10/11 Vader wasn't unusual for a while. Heck, I ran a list for a while with both of those, and a Decoy Echo. PS11/12 was absolutely unusual, but I6 is a good representation of it. The absolute maximum initiative you can get. I'd agree it's a bump from I5. That number is relatively rare.
  26. The rules for 2.0: Concession: A player voluntarily concedes defeat at any point during the game. All of that player’s ships are destroyed. The conceding player receives a loss and the opponent receives a win. Remember that collusion among players to manipulate scoring is forbidden, and the scores should still be calculated based on the final game state (including the winner’s destroyed and damaged ships) (see “Unsporting Conduct” on page 2).
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