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  2. I'm with Golem here -- small modifications generally aren't worth your while, and big ones justify a whole new item. The item creation rules in the core rulebook should stand you in good stead, so the only advice I'd give is to make sure anything that's very far outside the ordinary has a drawback. Tell the story about why this particular augmentation isn't common and sought-after. For example, a cyberlimb with an armored case might have Defensive 1 and maybe Reinforced, but it's probably significantly heavier than a normal one and would impose setbacks on Athletics, Brawl, and Coordination. A concealed weapon would require physical reinforcements or electromagnetic shielding which takes up space that would otherwise be dedicated to make the prosthesis convenient and easy to use. I mean, or it could be the super-advanced next-generation prototype developed by Haas and your character is now wearing a literal fortune on his shoulder. I'm sure that won't have any consequences.
  3. Unless, of course, the campaign starts at a heroic xp level. Nobody is stopping anyone from starting a 300+ xp game. I’d play.
  4. Honestly, that sounds like it has more to do with how you guys are using them then. Is your GM using them in such a manner that you’ll have one available when a climactic moment is imminent? They should be. You also shouldn’t be using them for every force check, that’s the path to the darkside right there. Unless, of course, you wanna go darkside, then I’d say go for it.
  5. Sure. I never said they were slouch. But I think people expect to play Obi-Wan in the Prequels. And that is not where your character starts.
  6. No. The wolf is separate from Reynhart. (When Descent was first released, there was a similar question about Widow Tarha and the Reanimate, answered in the FAQ).
  7. Yeah, Jedi leverage the force so well, starting with +1 and being able to strategically hold one in reserve is basically equivalent to having an extra ability in and of itself. The 2nd force force is worth at least as much as a shield upgrade, maybe more. With JKs at least you get a noticeable discount with the base and scaled costs, but Bariss is DoA
  8. ****, that makes the ability very limited indeed. Thanks for the reply.
  9. It can be the GM as well, just saying. However, the very reason it's fundamentally flawed is due to the design inherently being based on them being used by either side frequently, so frequently that it can be considered that at least one destiny point will almost always be available for the force using player. Which can be very far from how it actually is panning out it the game.
  10. All those illustrations of of lightsaber-wielding, Force-using badass characters in the core book do build certain expectations. As does including "former Jedi living as a hermit" as the very first suggested character concept in the character creation section. That's Obi-Wan right there, and he was certainly no slouch.
  11. It is also quicker. You are more likely to get what you need. So yes quicker.
  12. That certainly depends on the perspective, it is easier, but most certainly not quicker, if anything the light side distribution is the quicker one, because you can more quickly generate more points than you can in comparison to the dark side point sides on the force dice. You say they should be flowing back, but the keyword here is SHOULD, because thats where it's fundamentally flawed, as they may not be flowing back and forth in the pace thats the INTENDED pace, so they may not be available when it's actually needed. I weren't saying it should be force skills, I was saying it should use the ability and skill dicepool system for generation of the points and for determining various things in relations to the force, like for instance if the force user is able to remain cool as the force is being used all while being in a situation that would cause fear.
  13. I don't see them. What I do see is a lot of expectations being different than the game design actually gives you.
  14. This. So much this. It can be like pulling teeth to get players that are new to the system to use destiny points, but the game is really designed around using them fairly often, not hoarding them.
  15. currently, the shields from the shuttle can only be spent, as in for effects that spend shields (inertial dampeners). they cannot be lost any other way, since they're not actually on the falcon itself. in other words, they cannot be used as a means to take damage at all.
  16. The thing that made the choice for me was the thought that "why would every X-34 in the universe be painted exactly like Luke Skywalker's?"
  17. Incorrect on the force dice. They are distributed exactly how Yoda describes the force. The dark side is quicker easier. So there are the same number of force points. for each. but the dark side is on more faces. So it is easier to get dark side pips but the light side pips have a better chance of get 2 pips on them. I think you put WAAAAYYYY to much emphasis on destiny points being hard to use. They aren't hard to use and they should be flowing back and forth between the players and the GM. on the Force being a series of Force Skills. That has been tried. It was problematic. As they end up being the end all be all skills in a system.
  18. Was I unclear previously when I stated that the hunter-killers can easily outflank and hit ‘both’ minis? I’m pretty sure it was written plainly.
  19. Atlanta System Open: 6 CIS, 8 First Order, 12 Resistance, 15 Republic, 29 Scum, 44 Rebel, 59 Empire.
  20. I will be interested what the standing are and will be.
  21. Can v help out by maybe sensing his distress? Do i need the force power for that...? I think i do right?
  22. I believe that we will get Sandtroopers as a separate unit and they should have a completely different "feel" to them. In "A New Hope" it seems that there are a LOT heavy weapons being carried by Sandtroopers: RT-97C's, DLT-19's, and T-21's. Sandtrooper units should look like this: * 4 base unit with E-11's and white dice with NO surge to hit (balance issue) * two heavy trooper slots with an RT-97C or DLT-19 as options * unit leader upgrade with T-21 but if chosen takes up a heavy trooper slot * red defence dice with surge to block * Endurance (remove surge at end of activation stage) as innate ability * Movement 1 * 1 wound and 2 courage This will give them a different feel from other core units and still be a lot of fun to play. I do agree that the DLT-19 Stormtrooper should NOT have had a backpack. Future heavy trooper options for normal Stormtrooper should NOT have backpacks and future Stormtrooper officers should NOT have pauldrons.
  23. It may be that it's easy to be subjective, because as you say I have a vested interest in it, however that doesn't necessarily by default make me any less objective, and for your information I have nearly 30 years of experience with rpgs, with the majority of that time, being as the gm, and for a lot of that time I've been making homebrew material and even my own systems. In regards to the bonuses in the middle, they're not essential for this to work and can be considered to be removed - like I said, I'm interested in making something that is reasonable and balanced. To me, it would seem like a pretty severe consequence that you can't reliable commit sided force points, even though you can freely select what points to commit based on how many successes you score. It also seems like a penalty that you actually have to spend a lot more xp to become more reliable, a lot more than just raising force rating, because you need to raise both willpower and discipline, and even with a maximum dice pool, you can still fail, higly unlikely but certainly possible, where a light side or dark side user of the force with the same force rating could just flip a destiny point and be able to succeed, the grey force user under this system would not be able to get anything out of spending a destiny point if there are no success to support committing force points. You mention using strain to power force powers, I don't think thats a very good idea, as that is for the most part an actual combat resource, especially when considering that when running out of strain will make the character become unconcious, which is extremely dangerous in a combat. Recovering strain is simple, but not it's not like you regain strain fast, even a good nights sleep won't necessarily restore all strain. The strain resource was certainly not resource intended for being used a lot. Furthermore, there are also various ways one can suffer strain loss, like from taking stun damage, fear, fatigue, and that sort of thing, which are things you have no control over. Bottomline, if you're near the strain threshold, you can't use any force powers, which makes it very imbalanced to have it cost strain to use force powers from either side. The way I see it, conflict and morality are very important mechanics for force users, and as such it should be those that should be focused on, but even with the standard rules, there are not much consequences from going full light side or full dark side. Even the whole idea of reducing strain as one becomes a dark side force user, isn't congruent with what we can observe, because dark side force users are seemingly able to push themselves to physically do more, not just endure more damage. But despite that I think it would be better to award light and dark sided conflict respectively when committing light or dark sided force points. I'd also like to point out, that to me it seems that the force dice should've had the opposite point distribution, the reason being that with the current distribution of points it reflects something that isn't congruent with the lore. Let me elaborate on that, both sides are equal in terms of strength, but thats not what the force dice represent, in fact with distribution of points, you actually have to have a much higher force rating to reliably be able to get the same amounts of dark side points than it does for light side. As it stands, there are 5 sides on the dice for light side, and 7 sides for the dark side, where the majority of the sides for the dark side are only ones with a SINGLE side with two points. For the light side there are three sides with two points each and two sides with one point each, this makes it seem like the light side is much stronger than the dark side, which is far from correct, but furthermore it actually makes dark side force users weaker in comparison to light side force user as it currently stands. Oddly enough, the dark side force users seem to be more powerful than light side force uers, which would seem like it's because dark side force users are relying on very strong and more uncontrollable emotions like fear, hatred, anger, etc. As Yoda says, it's "Quicker, easier, more seductive. ", but doesn't say anything about either side being stronger than the other, but does imply that the dark side isn't stronger than the light side, but that doesn't mean the light side is stronger than the dark side. But with it being quicker and easier, to access the dark side of the force, it should at least have been the opposite force distribution on the force dice, but to be congruent with the lore it really should've been an equal force point distribution. The different sides of the force must have different qualities that are not reflected in the system, because that is the only thing that would make sense, especially when you consider the fact that dark side users in most cases do seem stronger than light side users. I think removing the destiny point flip and making it free to choose, makes much more sense from a mechanical stand point but certainly also from a lorewise perspective. Well, it does require the gm to spend the destiny point for the player to have it available to spend, plus also a dark side force user will make the party lose a destiny point, and the party may also be unlucky and not get any light side destiny points from the beginning. But bottomline still is that it requires the gm to spend the destiny points, and if it's not available when you're in the situation where you need it, then you can't use it. In regards to what I wrote with the benefits from the middle, was first of all taken as inspiration from other suggestions and is far from necessary in what suggested and can be considered to be removed, the aspect of the suggestion, is the mechanic to roll the willpower/discipline check to be able to commit the side force points, as it doesn't discriminate and won't you be more likely to succeed just because you become stronger in the force, you have to work on improving willpower and discipline as well, which will make it cost far more xp to develop all of the necessary aspects, and even in getting a maximum dice pool, it's still possible to fail. Where under the normal system a light or dark side force user could just flip a destiny point and succeed, where if a grey force user under this system were to flip a destiny point, it wouldn't change anything as it wouldn't give any more successes. Personally, I feel that it would've been a lot better and more congruent with the lore, if they instead of using the force point generation system, had instead made it be that an actual ability or skill roll, where the amount of successes scored would be the amount of points that were available to spend on force related actions, powers, talents, skills, etc., then if the situation called for it, then have the player roll against whatever could make the character draw upon the opposing side, like for instance fear. In this case the player would roll cool, failing the roll would mean the force user used the dark side of the force. It should also be made so it could be that the force could use various abilities, so that that the force didn't just rely on a single ability or skill. I think using the already existing dice system would add a lot more flavour to using the force than what it currently is.
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