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  2. Sounds good. I was more looking at gunboats - 3 XG-1 Nu Squadron with Advanced SLAM and Ion Cannons to lightly tazer potential victims, and 2 XG-1 Rho Squadron with Ruthless and Heavy Laser Cannons to kick the crud out of them once they're drifting.
  3. I decided my first T-70 need a wingmate. The paint scheme is inspired by American aircraft in WW2. I haven't worked up the courage to try striping in the style of the Normandie invasion yet, but it's something I'd like to do. I probably need to find some good masking tape and do a couple practice runs first.
  4. I was half joking, that’s why I used “git gud”. But Scum does have options, 4 fangs won multiple trials, Fenn/Seevor/2 Starvipers won at least one and cut at others. Quad Vipers won one and a cut at another. Boba/Guri has made some splash recently. There’s tools, just not the super efficient double mods that they’re used too. If the other factions come down, then Scum will be in good spot. If they reduce Scum and nerf the other factions, then they’ll be OP which is exactly what happened with Rebels with the last points change.
  5. It is a good game (the core system is beautiful), but a lot of the added stuff (depth and structured stuff) is just amateurish, clunky or clumsy, rushed, unpolished and bloated. edit: If your GM can make decent houserules and control the cheese, and your players are not too much rule lawyers, it is workable. But this is an extremely hit and miss system. Let me know after you have some more sessions under your belt.
  6. They had an accidental early release in Australia and at Barnes and Noble in the US.
  7. I took this exact list to the UK Nationals last year (though with different objectives). I think you may wish to read this entire thread.... It has lots of tactics and sample lists included. Also you will find my battle reports near the end pages.
  8. Hold up. Are those out? I’ve been buying and moving into a new house for like two months. I thought they were coming out in July.
  9. Aranat. Border Fortress. Chasing the Sun. Iuchi Farseer. Iuchi Daiyu. Speak to the Heart. How much support are you looking for?
  10. I can agree with that. If it was symmetrical, it'd probably be fine, but the two wing-panel side is just foolish.
  11. Change one VT-49 into Bossk who isn't heavy, Neither is Mona. Now Vector rocks.
  12. And weaving in Sunny Bounder, to be sure. I don't know that she's worth it with an Ion Cannon (the rare chance of a 4th result on an Ion seems mostly unneeded... but maybe that could be a big highroll against an ace...), but she really seems perfect with HLC. Since Sunny has potential for more than 2-dice worth of damage from her normal primary, the downside of HLC being hard to line up is significantly mitigated. Depending on how points work out, Autoblaster might not be terrible. I'm not excited for it in general on M3-A (HLC is two bonus dice in bullseye, instead of one extra die), the fact of Range 1-2 instead of 2-3 might be better when controlling folks with ion moves. The biggest issue with Autoblaster, I figure, is there isn't a points-related reason *not* to take HLC in 6 Scyks. Can't upgrade the whole squad to Tansarii Vets at anything close to current points, and mixed Init on generics doesn't feel good to me. Say... Autoblaster Sunny with 3x Ion Spacers and Fenn Rau might fit (and might even get Fenn a bit or a talent). Probably enough control, and a bit more punch.
  13. I play pretty much any faction. The fact remains that people should not have to choose what faction to play based on one potential enemy.
  14. I have started work on my new unpainted pile of stuff. First up is Orson Krennic, and then somes the Assault Tank.
  15. I think Drawing Thin is a good card, but not broken. I only play my games on hard difficulty though, so i don't know how much this card dominates in standard.
  16. Yes, if the films were based on 100% realism and logic, they should've done that. But they don't, and they never have. The film had a roughly 2 hour run time, and had the final requirement of "Begun, the Clone War has." as the ending shot. Because it's a prequel, and prequels are shackled by the stuff they are building up to. Yes, it's stupid that nobody followed up on a LOT of the plot threads that were exposed in this film. But that doesn't matter, because the point was supposed to be "Political bloat, and sabotage from the inside, coupled with other factors, has lead to the Republic being forced into war. If everything had gone right, it wouldn't have happened. But everything didn't go right, because this is the beginning of The Dark Times in our history" It's likely Lucas was very broadly comparing it to the fall of the Roman Empire, and all of the myriad of factors that lead to that collapse. It's just that Lucas is...kind of a flighty dude from the 60s, who was a film student, not a historian or military/governmental strategist. So it's not really a surprise that he screwed up a lot of stuff, trying to get to his end goal of "Begun, the Clone War has" Does it make it messy? Yes. Does it really matter? No. It's not the first, nor will it be the last film in history, to fall prey to the "Hey...wait a minute..." type of critique. But since very few directors/writers are trying for 100% realism, and instead are simply trying to tell a story they have in their head, this is something that will always happen.
  17. And this is unneeded. I have seen different solutions in different games. For example: if you have no time left, you do not get to make your moves, attacks and so on. Your opponent continues play for the time that left him, and if he can win in this time, then he does. If not, check for the win conditions to see who win
  18. Thanks! I am excited to get some games in on this terrain, be they Legion, SWMB, or even some of the RPG.
  19. Correct, there's no reason to assume you couldn't move within the water. Heck, I'm pretty sure that things that float, would still "float" towards the surface of the water, because floating is a function of relative density and pressure, not gravity. I think?
  20. Not sure they got it right though. I think you could still swim to the “surface” in the giant bubble, you just couldn’t actually leave the water entirely. So no serious risk of drowning. I think.
  21. I want to let this go. I want to just bloody walk away. But this kind of thinking, this kind of statement, this gets so far up my nose. First. ONE result is not statistically significant. This gentleman in question is an outlier. A savant. Kudos to him, but he more proves the point than otherwise. Second. I've been keeping track. In the last six months, I've played 105 games of X-Wing, all casual. Of those 62 have been with Scum. The remaining 43 have been in Rebel, Imperial, a few Resistance, and a very few CIS. Within Scum, my record is 22 wins and 40 losses. Within all other factions, my record is 25 wins and 18 losses. All casual games against a variety of opponents representing every faction. Obviously, I prefer Scum. I fly Scum more often. I am more practiced with Scum. But I can have more success just picking up any old ****** thing from any other faction, practice be damned. This tells me, at least, that Scum is pretty ****** right now. Sorry, but seriously. Right up my nose. End rant. And the points change can't come soon enough. And I hope it's effective.
  22. I tend to keep mine on my map edge, but I also mark the center rivet with numbers matching the ship ID, tell my opponent that, and will put them by the ship if requested.
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