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  2. I believe the only books missing are Dawn of the Rebellion, the 4 new PC races in Allies & Adversaries and Rise of the Seperatists.
  3. Another odd one, yes, by name, the Cave of Wonders is in the ROT sourcebook. Sure, I doubt they intended it to be Aladdin's cave, but with the existence of the Singhara, it was just too much fun to pass up. The text locates it in the range of Mennara's Teeth (which , from the text, is part of the Broken Crags). https://www.scabard.com/pbs/campaign/235523/place/309092
  4. This is actually an amazing idea, BestCreatureInSWUniverseScout. I may try this too And stoping the whole part of "Generations decks are coming from a single player" and more "each player put 2 cards of each type to create the decks, and then the rest is working as it should". This would allow to stop some "no match" because we have an extra point bid.
  5. Oh, so what I mean is, I'd prefer we live in a world where upgrades are priced according to roughly the maximum utility - Juke should have a price assuming you're bringing it on a phantom or defender, swarm tactics should have a price assuming you're bringing it on i5/i6, HLC assuming you're bringing something that can consistently get bullseye arcs, supernatural reflexes on a high intiative ace, etc. So for something like Afterburners, that's probably Anakin/Vader, but mostly Vader because of the lack of native Boost. I don't think initiative is a good enough proxy for how valuable afterburners is. I think it's probably some constant based on whether or not the ship can boost/double reposition natively, added to some funciton of initiative, followed by some function of that ship's access to regen and such as well. Having the initiative based pricing on something like afterburners is in my opinion adding very little utility or new options to the game, but makes the footprint of potentially accidentally broken stuff significantly larger the more upgrades scale like that.
  6. You could, but the ones you have are fine
  7. I just wish they would embrace the "active player decides ties" rule. It's elegant, it was already listed in the rules, and it would solve 99% of the problems. Then the rule team could just have a form letter with "those things would happen simultaneously, the active player decides." Then spend the rest of their time answering "yes" or "no" to "do [x] and [y] happen simultaneously?"
  8. I think you missed a few pages back where you're supposed to submit meekly to me. I took enough ***** for that joke that I should at least get some value from it. I am genuinely curious what you mean by "try to find a proxy for its value across all platforms." What's an example, for your "max-utility-costed" Afterburners?
  9. @LTD can i have an 8 hour extension, if it needs to come down to that?
  10. @The Jabbawookie could i get an extension, of about 8 hours? I should be able to have my orders in by then.
  11. eljms

    Using Hux

    Yeah, possibly. The drawback is the stress this would be dishing out. With SBP you can clear the stress of the TIEs immediately by coordinating then doing a blue maneuver. With Tavson they'd move first then take stress from the Hux coordinate. The biggest barrier to using Hux is stress.
  12. Just combining everything back together, because you put it well in the bolded bit there. My preference is I'd rather see simple pricing - price afterburners around roughly it's max utility, than to try to find a proxy for it's value across all platforms. I'm not confident they can do granular pricing like that well enough for it to be worth it, so our "let the perfect be the enemy of the good" stances are just the opposite and that's... fine? this isn't very exciting. FIGHT ME YOU COWARD
  13. Since day 1 of the iOS app launch I've been trying to sign in and get the endless sign in kpatcha loop. I get frustrated, delete it, get annoyed with alternatives on my phone either requiring Safari (YASB 2) or not having my collection saved. Does anyone else still have this problem? Are there any alternatives like the ArmadaFB and LegionAB apps? This is one of the reasons I'm ready to sell my X-Wing collection.
  14. Most of what's seen amounts to "well, the Jedi have just let the Republic burn to the ground because it was obviously corrupt." All while ignoring that not only was the Confederacy generally worse on all accounts, or that much of the serious corruption on the Republic Senate was due to the years-long manipulations of Sidious in his long-term scheme to subvert the Republic and wipe out the Jedi. So if the Jedi had sat out the war entirely, the end result is unchanged, with the Republic falling (name might be different, but the end result would still be much like the Empire in terms of being a totalitarian regime) and the Jedi getting wiped out anyway when the now-victorious Confederacy comes a knockin' on their temple doors because Sidious (the guy masterminding the whole thing by playing all sides against each other) wasn't going to let them hang around to threaten his new empire.
  15. Not Aggressor heavy, but here's the list I flew to Campaign Against Cancer, featuring Kestal. The star of the show is RAC of course, but Kestal is great. Use her to flank. She is a thorn in your opponent's side that they will have a hard time ignoring. Rear Admiral Chiraneau (80) Swarm Tactics (3) Minister Tua (7) Lieutenant Sai (47) Emperor Palpatine (11) Lieutenant Kestal (36) Barrage Rockets (7) Fifth Brother (9) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  16. Answering this question is possibly the only reason to watch the film Passengers...
  17. It's real good at: Getting her R1 for the free focus Letting her boost and roll to arc Dodge. That being said, I went with LW instead because I found she was really only doing big moves up to engagement, once you get in, she tends to pick knife fight moves instead
  18. That's a ton of typos! It leads to the question of whether these cards were proofread at all.. (Or if the proofreader was being chased by a chain saw killer at the same time..) Not exactly a boost to the credibility of the product in general. I completely agree with DerDelphi. Whatever reason they may have for not following that suggestion must be pretty compelling because their end result has clearly suffered mightily!
  19. That's the plan! I won't require anyone to stand for my achievements. Only... That they kneel.
  20. I thought about brockets on the Aggros myself, give 'em a little more punch. I dig the changes, and not having the FCS just means that Ryad can use Focus when she needs some re-rolls, hmm. I haven't played competitively as of yet, just casual matches with friends, but I'd like to start getting into the tourney scene. Thanks for the input, my dude (ette?).
  21. And now for the best TV edit of profanity ever:
  22. If you use Tavson in place of the SBP you'll likely get more uses out of Hux. Granted, you'll have to downgrade from an Omga to an Epsilon (and lose the Talent slot) but you can get your FOs in position, take a Focus and when Tavson loses a shield, you can Hux/Coordinate a Lock for them to use and have a double modded attack. Again, this list isn't going to set the world on fire, but could be a fun casual game to learn how the different pieces work together--and hopefully with the points balance or new upgrades, it can be more than that in here or in a similar list.
  23. The buildings were a find from TTCombat a British based MDF laser cutter. They are meant for a 32mm game set in Venice. https://ttcombat.com/collections/streets-of-venice
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