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  2. Hello So my question is if using Tavson and he is defending. Attacker rolls a hit and crit, green die blanks. When the hit damage is applied, can he use reinforce and negate the crit?
  3. Hmm, I do hear you guys. I tried to make the stat as easy to work with as I could, it was the only way I could think to track what I wanted... It does seem strain is tracking a similar concept, so maybe if I reworked that system somehow? I also feel like the insanity table could use to be a bit more dramatic, I need some extra categories in there to spice things up. I might just have to play-test with what I have and see what my players have to say.
  4. Any chance someone could spoil the stats of the Human Clones (or whatever the 'race' is called)? My group will be starting up a campaign where all the PCs are Clone Troopers.
  5. I think we only need consider the VSD and the ISD when contemplating the Ven because we need to find as of yet unfilled design space. the Ven needs its own identity, it needs to be balanced so as to be worthwhile to take, while not being overbearing and relegating the VSD/ISD to the dustbin. That's why we mention the VSD.
  6. And the amazing thing is that you still think that this is the FFG complaint form! I can see the confusion. Community Forum... Complaint Form... Sounds similar. Also, your last post got deleted because it devolved into a misogynistic rant.
  7. Usually when I drink too much, I text my ex-girlfriend something regrettable. Didn't know that Fantasy Flight community forums were a good alternative outlet for that practice.
  8. +1 dice to attacks on a 360 turret, rather than +1 dice when your 90 degree turret is pointed forwards press f to pay respect... 33 points! He currently costs exactly the same as he did in 1.0!
  9. Nicely done! One small note: you do know that conceding means the points jump to 200-X, where X is whatever the opponent scored up to this point? I think @Jeff Wilder in a recent wide world of wargaming episode talked about it because that mistake is apparently more widespread than I thought.
  10. With tengu sensei as well, he would be nice I think
  11. I'm supposed to be learning Infinity , but I dont know what book to get. Is N3 the current rulebook? My local store has it but thinks its old.
  12. I realize that. I was hoping to see more strongholds in the game, kinda like how in netrunner you had tons of identities. I was hoping one stronghold per cycle when the game was new. Then it wouldnt be such a big problem.
  13. lookn at the article just you how efficient the contracted scout was plus it had an EPT slot for 25pts. barrel rolls. 360 firing arc. astromech slot. plus two torp slots? crazy good with a dial like that. no wonder it terrorized the meta. Dengaroo and Parratini or Bumpmaster... so many variants that were not only playable but super competitive. i own 3 of this ship and want to have the option of playing them again but im sure FFG have learned their lesson and will make the 2.0 version good but not dominant. Watch this space.
  14. Dipcaps HIE I'll still keep with Brunson. Skirting at long/Medium allows you to cancel two or cancel one reroll one.
  15. I just think it should be equivalent to the ISD, so that it stands toe to toe in the game, but also doesn't exceed it. Equivalent doesn't always mean it needs to be exactly 1-1. That's fine that if it has a command variant and a combat variant... but the ONE scene we see it prominantly in the single movie it appears, a Venator preforms a solid broadside against a resurgence, then one fires a big-ol' laser out its ventral hanger and one shot a munnificent... Its a line combat ship in the thing most people will straight up remember it from. Add the fact you get a prolonged overhead shot of one before we see the battle, its going to stand out.
  16. I am all for collaborating on details so it's fine to have players do that even without spending DPs but the "Forecasting" rule came about after I noticed this phenomenon happening in a campaign. The player was getting upset as their plans were "messed up" by the actual events of the game. It wasn't me purposely throwing a wrench in the works, but just not having things go off as the player had wanted. So essentially they were basing plans not on the situation as it had been described, but as they had wanted it to be. It was the player trying to railroad the GM. The second form of this is the thing I described where the player attempts to officiously take narrative control by an insistence that their Lore, Expertise, or General Knowledge should dictate the description of things. This can be a minor and/or even helpful thing when well asked by the player, or it can be annoying as **** when done a player with limited social ability and a hefty ego. Especially if they are simply being overly risk-averse and trying to make absolutely sure no adventure can occur. I think the medicine for this is often just for the Player to ask rather than assuming or attempting to coerce. Even when using a DP it needs to be GM-approved though because there are limits. Basically no Player-made fait accompli. The bit about the GM being the boss (#2) was something that I put in place because I noticed that I was developing some bad habits as a player, and I felt that a few other players also seemed to be having a hard time accepting No. My personal introspection led me to feel that I was not accepting the lack of control when playing in someone else's game and was justifying being obstinate because the GM would make this mistake or that one. I decided that if I play in a game, I should accept the Gm is the one running the game and to surrender to it or not play. When the contract isn't clear, I feel it invites players to start to feel like there is no reason they should not challenge even little things. That business gets disruptive and frustrating fast. I feel that the GM should try to work with the players and bend to their vision of things when it's an option, but every GM has their threshold of when they feel they have to assert Narrative Control.
  17. What is the Arquitens-class light cruiser like?
  18. I was disappointed to see in this BGG thread that Matt Newman had said, "Any effects from the previous token will still have occurred before, but its modifier is no longer active; instead the new token’s modifier is active": https://boardgamegeek.com/article/31806103#31806103 I respect the ruling, but I don't feel that it leaves players with some consistent principles by which to judge such cases. It is almost as if the first token's "If you succeed/fail" effect gets "banked" at ST.4 (the first time) for application at the ultimate ST.7 - but for some reason that token's modifier doesn't get "banked" at ST.5 for application at the ultimate ST.6. I guess the first ST.4 "queues" up the "If you succeed/fail ability", but the second ST.5 starts all over again using "the chaos token(s) revealed" - and the first token is no longer "revealed."
  19. Jedi Master is probably the next spec. I could see General too, but I think I’d prefer that be accomplished through taking an out of career spec from AoR instead.
  20. no, you misunderstand. The podcast is called "Yet Another X-wing Podcast".
  21. since artificial gravity and ftl have not been invented yet, most people will spend their travel time in suspended animation chambers at best.
  22. I'm sure FFG would LOVE to hire you to help sketch out correct trooper poses.
  23. In case you missed the point of Tramp quoting himself quoting him (the repeat is accurate), he showed where he did inner quote that when you asked for qualifications
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