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    A wave is never late, nor early. It arrives exactly when it means to.
  3. I'd be surprised if there weren't some generics, or at least limited pilots. CC squadrons were unique, but they also required nothing more than a single card and an inch disc of cardboard (and a defense token in most cases, but we're all swimming in those). Xwing needs pilot cards, base chits, and probably a whole slew of upgrade cards to boot. Even if they didn't do generics, it would be a much higher item count per box, which is a price driver. I'm still into the idea. CC was a heck of a boost to the game. The pilots it provided were instant hits, the new objectives were (for the most part) really interesting, and it gave us a new way to play the game (despite knowing very few people who actually played the campaign). What I'm curious about is whether they'll do single or multi faction versions of these potential packs. CC was both Rebel and Imperial, but there are only two factions in Armada so that's easy. On top of that, everything but the squadron cards were usable by both factions anyway. If they go with just raw pilots and upgrades, single faction is the obvious choice. They could, however, take a leaf out of CC and run these packs as mini campaigns with a theme. Rogue One theme box with early era Imperial and Rebel pilots and upgrades and a mini campaign to use them, for example. Yavin, Hoth, Tansarii Point. That said, that could also just be too complicated.
  4. Dooku is the next commander guaranteed. After that it's a bit up in the air (I certainly don't expect but would prefer Durge). Operative-wise we're probably getting Jango first (yes he died, but barring an author's saving throw after a decidedly not Disney death so did Maul)... If we're getting Force sensitive operatives Asajj would probably be next (assuming Mail isn't in) but then everything is up in the air...
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    Always in motion the future are... difficult to see.
  6. The forums really do let you. Everyone in the forum thread compiling e-mail rulings has managed it.
  7. I'm all for a system without specializations (like Genesys), but if you're going to keep them to play to SW archetypes, then I'd stick with the system as written.
  8. My point is that is not a written rule. Saying something is a "general rule" means a guideline, in a context of them saying this should be resolved as both players see is appropriate. To go from that to a forum post telling a newbie "to provide cover...it has to be at least as high as 50% of the miniature" is not true. It is also misleading to say "all rules can be changed when your opponent agrees" - we're not talking about house rules, here. The actual written rule in the RRG is "all that matters is that players agree on...rules governing that terrain."
  9. Characters might be recognized as a wanted being and refused service at an establishment or social checks might be made more difficult for an encounter. Optionally, they might be approached by someone that wants them to do something (usually something awful) for them in exchange for them keeping quiet. With either, playing it badly might give the PCs the option to increase the Bounty Obligation to bypass the hazard (but they'll pay for it later).
  10. Ok so consensus to me is something that requires that everyone is happy enough with it that they are ok proceeding. In your examples I noted that the GM is still pretty much the person who decides what is going to fly as far as what makes it into the continuity of the game. He bends as he sees something that is not too offensive or is actually interesting, but also overall holds to a clear vision for what is going to be the feel of the game if the GM has such a vision or preference. But for the type of player like the one you described in the first paragraph, they are invested in a picture of the setting and events as they have accepted it. In the rubber-meeting-the-road examples I have seen where this become a problem, it is usually in the player assuming something will be available or present because of their meta-knowledge. Well X exists in the source material I liked so I should be able to make one in this game. (Wrong answer buzzer sound) Filter activates. I personally have several shades of Filtering: Yes, that exists but it's not here now, Yes that exists and it looks like this, No that is not something you would know about, No that does not exist in this version of the setting, No that does not go with the thing you are trying to match it to, etc. This would be my normal operating mode, but in this thread I wanted to know about other ways of approaching the problem. How far do you compromise? What sells you on the inclusion of something? How far will you go?
  11. As far as the rules go, you can't actually start in a universal specialization ("That specializa­tion must be one in his chosen career." "universal specializations are not career specializations"), which was odd since many of them have origins attached to them (Being a Padawan Survivor is something you acquire, not start as?). Also if not for this there are now enough universal specializations to build a character who never actually enters a non-universal one. I decided to make a quick homebrew to get around that while adding a new option that's (hopefully) balanced and interesting. Freelancer Career skills: At character creation, a Freelancer picks any four skills, which become that Freelancer's class skills. If a Freelancer's initial specialization doesn't have specialization skills (e.g., it gains force rank 1 instead), they gain another rank in any two career skills instead ranks in specialization skills. Starting Specialization: A Freelancer may select any universal specialization as his or her starting specialization. Non-universal Specializations cost 5 additional experience for a Freelancer to purchase (instead of the normal 10 for cross-career specializations). Any thoughts?
  12. GENERAL KENOBI!!! (but yeah, you already pointed out the VERY stark difference)
  13. I'd drop that obi for an r2 + delta config Luminara/Mace/Ashoka without a second thought Other than the loss of the magnificent Obi Beef pun 😛
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    Hi there! Read somewhere else that the next wave got delayed. Does anyone when it will be available? thx...
  15. Hello There! (OK, so it isn't quite no-counterplay, since the friendly ship needs to have a focus token (thus almost surely the action) to begin with, but the joke was too good)
  16. 5s is also a misleading title as there are but four of them
  17. Generics HAVE to exist in the game purely for list composition, even devs have to see that! There aren't a lotta ships blessed with as many pilots as Xwings or TIE fighters If I couldn't run generic arcs, I'd only have sinker and Jag to run at similar intiative! Also fluff and all that. You don't get TOO MANY! tie pilots when they're all named in game
  18. The sparsely furnished stateroom offers little that would be of use (certainly nothing that would make a more effective weapon than the blaster in hand). Hmm.. Maybe your space shaving cream is still out, from when you were sprucing yourself up for the executive building briefing? (ranged-light w/ 1 Setback, Success blinds assassin for 1 round, Advantage may extend duration). Maneuvering around the assassin will require an opposed Brawl check (vs. 2 Challenge dice). You could Aim once, or twice even (suffering 2 Strain, of course), just narrate it accordingly. Castar would know that the stateroom door is designed to "fail open," from the inside, and also be aware of the right location to aim for on the panel. A successful called shot (Aim variation with 2 Setback) would open the door and essentially jam it open. A second Aim (2 Strain) could reduce this to 1 Setback. @oneeyedmatt87
  19. I have exactly that second list built and ready to try once I’m finished with my current list (Kylo/Quickdraw) after UK Nationals. Might even run it in the team event on the Sunday. Obviously not tried it yet, but it looks like a great list for all the reasons you’ve outlined. Butterbot passing a calculate to whichever droid (if any) has bullseye means you can always power a Crack Shot. Butterbot parked on a rock in the middle of the board has proven difficult to take down for my opponents in other lists I’ve flown!
  20. Liberty is pretty hard to master, and I wouldn't recommend Hammerheads for a beginner either, simply because you have to learn about when and how to sacrifice them.
  21. Today
  22. Comedy relief or light moments are necessary I agree. But I'm talking about mismatching elements to a bad end. The battle droids are not a threat to the heroes, they really serve no purpose but to make the jedi look like they are awesome when we know they aren't by the time Ep III happens. They die pretty much like normal people would when ambushed by clones, but battle droids are so ineffective base don what we see in the movies that at a certain point everyone is rolling their eyes when they attack the jedi characters. Then they gave them stupid voices and they speak in a lame pidgin for some reason. You have all these ingredients for the main and primary form of media, the movies. So all the comic books and novel writing apologists are fine but the movies are the number one source of the story. The battle droids are basically a terrible device for doing what was needed, basically a droid army to make the Jedi look tough while also allowing them to dispatch enemies without having a morality problem. I don't know if George was just looking for a new philosophical justification for a "Fun" war, but in the end it was just dumb. If the B1's were going to be that bad they should have completely disappeared after Ep. I as complete failures that were recognized as such. Maybe the point was to weaken the Jedi by sending them against such feeble foes, but if so that is a really stupid idea. Comedy is something that will dominate the dish if it is used too heavily. I like comedic elements and they are certainly a part of the setting, but things like Boba Fett slapstick or Stormtrooper Dance routines (if actually included in the world not just in external media) are just fans and writers hitting the bottom of the barrel. There is a certain amount of 4th wall busting there which to me is too heavy a price to pay in lost immersion.
  23. What is taking them so long? I finally want some new content!!! I collect Empire, First Order, Rebels, Resistance and of all these factions only Resistance got some new toys in a LONG time. Really killing my enthusiasm. I dont even want new ships. New Pilots for existing ships would be great. Come on FFG....
  24. Yeah, he was basically the architect behind the whole thing. I see him paired off with Master Yoda for the Republic. I can also see him being a commander for the Republic. His Republic commander would be cheaper and have more of a support role, where his CIS commander would be more like a mixture of Vader and the Emperor for the Empire. They could be called Emperor Palpatine - Empire Chancellor Palpatine - Republic Darth Sidious - CIS
  25. I have found it to be useful in combination with Uona
  26. New edition is far from great, but yeah, they really didn't help with the one shot they did... It was pretty meh and clearly their GM did not have experience or understanding of the game. Still weird they didn't decide to go with a cleaner, leaner, adjusted version of their Genesys ruleset instead of that weird overly complicated new system. Though, stay with me here; there is a LOT to love with the new lot5r game, and with the right GMing it can be a great, edgy narrative game!! Unfortunately no video/podcast yet nailed how I imagine the game needs to be played (each narrative moment needs to be a hard choice, and just don't have rolls or checks for anything that isn't a defining decision. Basically, this game isn't about details, it is about a story that goes on and the downtime or narrative actions should be almost done in a structured way and dramatically affect the story. After all, this is a game in which a character can roll a melee check to dispatch a group of minions in one roll) Oh well, maybe you will one day change your mind and listen to something that can sell you this game!
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