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  2. Without any context, it’s hard to tell. But, I’m going on a gut feeling based on what does (and doesn’t) happen in what we see. We don’t see any attacks on either of their parts. We don’t see who’s piloting the ship. We don’t see Rey trying to evade, but what looks to me more like getting into position to get on top of her ride, with saber ignited to head into trouble. (All of That strengthened of they do go for a Kylo Ren redemption arc.) I don’t think it’s so much a matter of subtlety but misdirection due to that lack of context. (Similar to the misdirection in TFA’s ad campaign making it look like Finn would be the Force-related character.) Yeah, it generally only happens to me if someone’s got a performance on their resume that particularly bugs me. It’s not impossible for that perception of them to turn around, but it can be tough. In this case, the show itself didn’t do Monaghan any favors with me, by not only giving us a character that was like nails on a chalk board, but going back to that well over and over again on top of being a show that I honestly don’t know why I kept watching. So, admittedly, part of it’s on me, too. I’m sure I’ll eventually get the game, but knowing I’ll have to make a concerted effort to get past my bias towards the lead performer just has me less enthusiastic than I was. Meanwhile, though, I’m honest enough to say it’s just a reaction to my opinion of his work, and I’m not making multi-hour YouTube videos and social media rants about the ruination of the entire franchise because I’m not wild about his casting.
  3. I've run them loaded up, with Pao! duck and cover, hq uplink and sometimes targeting scopes. It's so much fun using Leia with her coordinated bombardment in conjunction with the hq uplink. The pathfinders go first with the uplink and either aim and shoot or shoot and scoot behind cover. Leia can then do the coordinated bombardment on whomever you want to spread damage around.
  4. I hear Nerf, Nerf, Nerf... And I ask, what tournaments have Infiltrators won in this past month that I missed that is causing so much hate?
  5. Gee wiz. Wait until it’s delivered to ya mail box or when ya hand over ya cash at ya brick and Mortar store. So impatient. I get it I have the jitters too. A&A only made it worse
  6. My next PC will be a fast moving shotgun rusher who hopes to deal crits and blast like insanity while also tanking a shot or two. I know shotguns in this system are few and far between and are generally garbage but I like a challenge. Have suggestions besides the ACP and hope for the best?
  7. If that's how you feel, these optional rules aren't for you. Which is pretty explicitly fine. But here's a counterpoint: In my analysis, Milan as he is following the Taboo change is viable but not overbearing, an up-front cost that will repay itself relatively quickly if played early but will slow down your initial tempo. My group has long since had a gentleperson's agreement not to use Milan, or Higher Education, or Machete. So using the Taboo rules explicitly adds something to our game - it adds back these cards to our pool, gives us more things to choose between. We've gained an investigator and several cards. If the Taboo list adds no value to your gameplay, I don't begrudge you that, but realise that it demonstrably adds tangible improvements to others'.
  8. cool let me know how u go with the list. always good to see ppl playing and being innovative with off the radar ship combo's.
  9. Unfortunately most of the images won't show. Or is it just me? Love these builds though
  10. You're absolutely right on all fronts. Fortunately rebel corp seems to be built for that.
  11. You do realize that the Crane have been kicked from pillar to post for most of the story until now, right? And that this is a Crane fiction (of which I never need another as long as I live, but enough about me!)? Making the Lion look good is not its job. Kakita Yoshi (the fool) has been largely ineffectual and blindsided. The Lion are stomping all over them with hobnailed boots. Asami has been a Lion prisoner since she was introduced into the story, her safety of such concern that it eats up some of Yoshi's brain-space when he really has bigger fish to fry. The Mantis are pillaging their shipping with the tacit support of the Crab. Hotaru is compromised by her feelings for Kachiko. Kuwanan is at odds with his sister over their father's death. That death is a complex Kolat-involved mess that, by Imperial fiat, is going to be left sorta vague in terms of justice. The Crane lands are still reeling from a massive tsunami that pretty much kicked them in the teeth. The Crane are pawning their artwork to hire enough ronin to stay in the fight. Heaven forbid they score two courtly victories over the Lion, one simply involving getting a courtier who wasn't formally a hostage back, the other getting the Lion to back off the one guy they sent to mess with a Minor Clan. Go read "Private Lessons" again, wherein a revered Crane sensei punks a Lion samurai and then takes his money. Kuzuobu acted very, very Crane here.
  12. Letter seems amazing to me, comparable to Blightning in MtG (though maybe that'd be more like loses 2 honor and discards 2 cards). Retreat really feels like it should cost 0 for taking a card in your hand. Also seems like it 'should' be a lion card, but at least it has lion on the art. I don't know who you guys assassinated, but Lion gets no respect from FFG. Iwasaki pupil's probably the most interesting of this bunch. This is the card that will give crane honor decks a boost towards viability. Cutting down the card discrepancy between low bids and high bids will help them not fall so far behind. It feels like it should be a conflict card, but I guess they didn't want to bring up the fact that you'd always miss the draw phase the turn you play it like that.
  13. I really hope we get more content for HoT. It's a blast to play, so far it's one of the few games at the table that nobody has any complaints about or grumbles when someone mentions it.
  14. Take notes Focus and concentrate on the game. Don't get distracted. People on phones, or if you are online, playing other games or surfing the web, are majorly annoying. Blend in. In your first session with a new GM or new players, be the wallflower and see how others play/act/behave. See what the norm is and don't cross the line. Some groups are super serious, others joke around a lot, some have adversarial relationships between GM and players, others are more cooperative. Some groups like to min/max, some hate it. Some groups focus on dungeon delving, others prefer more RP. Find out what the vibe of the group is and mesh with them. Do as much non-game prep as possible. Don't waste valuable game time shopping, or trying to select talents. Think that stuff out ahead of time, and do as much outside the scheduled game time as possible. Be polite. Don't fight the GM. Think like your character would, not you. Don't be meta and ruin the immersion. If you don't fit, don't stay. Not every player belongs in every group. Don't stay in a group that makes the experience miserable for you.
  15. Fat Han is back! But not for long we are getting him nerfed already.
  16. The problem now is going to be other Rebels... as Cover 2 basically negates the laser. I haven't run the math but you might be better crit fishing with the Rotary.
  17. Yes, weird indeed ! That's the strange part of the hybrid classes. A friend played Nanok as a steel caster runemaster, my bug since never left
  18. Yeah. Of all the warriors they could have made scouts, that would have been my last guess. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s very... unconventional. Edit: I didn’t watch the rest of the stream yet, so I don’t know if it was great or not. I feel like a Bounty Hunter with basically +2 on each attack wants more than 3 stamina.
  19. No really, I apologize. You were right, I was wrong. I am totally on the nerf Han bandwagon now. We seriously have got some nerfing to do here. Not for the wrong reasons, but for the right ones. And for all players of XWing! Especially those who don't play rebels or the Falcon. Who brought up the ideas of moving big ships anyways? Sorry, I mean NOT moving big ships. Or let's say sometimes moving, sometimes not. Now I am confused. Anyway! Nerf!
  20. and if any, i'm almost sure it will only be cards box, like classes, items, but nothing more, so easy to add to the app
  21. Hey everyone! I've been enamored with our big beefy friend since the start of the game and while it has underperformed consistently for me since, I believe that now is the time! I've got two lists I'm trying to decide between for this weekend and would love the community's thoughts. LIST 1 - Veers ATST Efficiency Spam Commanders: - General Veers (80) + Strict Orders (5) = 85 Corps: - 4x Stormtroopers (44) + DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) = 272 - Snowtroopers (48) + Flametrooper (20) + Fragmentation Grenades (5) = 73 Special Forces: - 3x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 132 Heavy: - AT-ST (195) + Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10) + 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon (20) + AT-ST Mortar Launcher (10) = 235 Total: 797/800 Commands: - Maximum Firepower (1) - Ambush (1) - Push (2) - Pinned Down (2) - Assault (3) - Coordinated Fire (3) - Standing Orders (4) Objectives: - Breakthrough - Key Positions - Sabotage Moisture Vaporators - Intercept Transmissions Deployments: - Advanced Positions - Major Offensive - The Long March - Battle Lines Conditions: - Clear Conditions - Rapid Reinforcements - Minefield - Hostile Environment The goal of this list is to run a standard Veers list with a big scary distraction that can nuke units off the map. Basically the ATST bullies one side of the field while the rest of the group gets work done. It's got 10 activations, everyone has the bits that make them good, and we've even got a little bit of Annihilation Looms counterplay with Strict Orders. Downside is there's no melee protection and the flamers are a bit of an after thought. Plus no room for medic, so double sad. Small downside is also that I don't own 3 strike teams and don't really want to, so there's that as well. LIST 2 - Veers ATST Specialists Commanders: - General Veers (80) + Strict Orders (5) = 85 Corps: - 3x Stormtroopers (44) + DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) = 204 - Snowtroopers (48) + Flametrooper (20) + Fragmentation Grenades (5) = 73 Special Forces: - Imperial Royal Guards (75) + Electrostaff Guard (25) + Tenacity (4) + Environmental Gear (3) = 107 - 2x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) + Recon Intel (2) = 92 Heavy: - AT-ST (195) + Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10) + 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon (20) + AT-ST Mortar Launcher (10) = 235 Total: 796/800 Commands: - Maximum Firepower (1) - Ambush (1) - Push (2) - Pinned Down (2) - Assault (3) - Coordinated Fire (3) - Standing Orders (4) Objectives: - Breakthrough - Key Positions - Sabotage Moisture Vaporators - Intercept Transmissions Deployments: - Advanced Positions - Major Offensive - The Long March - Battle Lines Conditions: - Clear Conditions - Rapid Reinforcements - Minefield - Hostile Environment Obviously on this one we lose an activation, which is huge, but we lose it to add in IRGs, which gives us that Luke/melee protection along with general protection against troublesome Range 4 shots. I ran a version of this earlier (swapping flamers for R4 storms) and it did an excellent job controlling the field, with it only losing oomph when I misplayed some sniper activations towards the end of the match. ATST was a rockstar and I think the Hammer is what finally pushes it into the "good" territory. Anything caught in the open gets eliminated and even cover can only do so much against 7+ hits. Any thoughts?
  22. That'll be 5 of the FFG green ones, standard American I reckon, saw that on here yesterday.
  23. I always laugh when people say this for games like Legion.
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