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  2. Mmhh... I assume it is just there for covering edge cases no one has thought off. To make extra sure. I don't see any way for it to happen with the base game.
  3. Sorry, I started the reply before your post was published
  4. The only part I was wrong about was completely ignoring cohesion, which I already pointed out. Use more terrain. I can't remember the last time I played on a table that allowed 3 AT-RTs to move freely side by side. Additionally, your opponent is just sitting there with a trooper unit while your AT-RTs advance on it? Or why were you just sitting there while your opponent just rolled up with 3 RTs? The last bullet point on page 41 makes it pretty clear that being in base contact overrides cohesion in regards to melee. This will only really ever matter with vehicles, anyway.
  5. Just as a PSA, the cards that come in the special edition Vader expansion are fully errata'd, including Force Choke and the reminder text for Master of the Force
  6. I've had the opposite impression. Used correctly, they are an incredible unit. I mostly play Imperial but consider pathfinders close to an auto-include when I play Rebel. They are very dependable and take a lot of effort for your enemy to shift. Back them up with a unit of regular troopers and a med-droid and they are first rate. I deploy them in good cover as far up the board as I can get them unless something like Vader is about.
  7. I would assume that with the new tanks it might be even easier to get into such situations. They are massive, fast, can displace with pivots and have passengers that can deny more space with their disembark move.
  8. There’s a meta, but it’s much less wide than 1.0 was.
  9. Works fine, but in rare occasions, where the objectives line up perfectly for one player so rush them with imperial, it can actually end quickly. Though it would require an experienced player to do so.
  10. I'm just thinking for practicality, so he has something to hang his lightsaber on. As I said, it's just a recommendation, not an order. As for the minor change to the layout, It's because the original place I had put the captain's quarters, wasn't very practical, and impeded access to the various electronic systems under the bridge, and the Concussion Missile magazine. So that area needed to be open for maintenance access. Also, that section of the ship is a cylinder, so the floor in that section of the ship curves up into the walls, much like how the ceiling of the upper deck in that section arches down to the floor. While fine for a hallway, having an arched floor isn't all that practical for living quarters. Not only that, but given that it was partially hidden behind the main entry hatch, it was also not that easy to access. That's OK for a systems' maintenance access a cold storage area for the ship's food stores, or even water tanks and/or waste disposal (though the last works better being towards the rear under the floor), but not for living quarters. Technically, that area is where the entry ramp "should" have gone when I originally built the 3D model of the ship, but... The change also puts the Captains quarters directly across from the "crew"/students' quarters. The overall layout of the bulkheads doesn't change all that much. Now, granted, both the "new" Captain's quarters and crew quarters do have a sloped section of floor along the outermost wall, but it's only along one wall each and only takes up about one meter of depth, which is perfect for the beds. For the library and workshop, I had actually finally completed the 3D models for a power hammer and English wheel that were added to the actual 3D workshop room (render coming soon). I still need to make and then a belt sander (how to rig a working belt on a 3D model I have no idea). Also, as seen in the render below, I also found out that the bookshelves I originally had along the forward most wall of the library, didn't fit because how the ceiling suddenly drops off before meeting that wall. This sloped section of the ceiling runs across the entire wingspan of the ship from port to starboard.This ended up cutting off 3/4 of the top shelf, and halfway through the books I had originally put there. You can see how it cuts off part of the wall section where the door is, and how tall the bookshelves are. So those shelves along that front wall had to go. So now they're only along the two side walls. This also opens up more walk space around the table. As such, there were several practical considerations necessitating these alterations. I had also found a better looking (more "Star Wars"y) holo-table than the one I was originally using. I'm in the process of doing a series of 3D full renders of all of the different sections of the ship right now. However, each is taking over a day to fully render. So, basically, the changes to the floor plans were done to better match up with the actual 3D model. Oh, here's a shot of Korath in the Dojo.
  11. He was playing it wrong. The text on the card is not supporting his move and there is no room for interpretation.
  12. And the wings. And the scale of the thrusters. And the canopy. And no bottom guns.
  13. Good Advice all, many thanks. Sounds like its more trouble than it’s worth, unfortunately, although the most intriguing idea is the perma-death for rebels, especially when it’s just two player so knocking out a character doesn’t equal a player having to sit out - I think what I am looking for is an experience more like Kingdom Death: Monster where you have a “pool” of heroes you can assign teams of to different missions. I played the original campaign 2years ago as the IP against two friends and I played a rule where if they killed an Imperial Unique I couldn’t use them again unless the mission specifically mentioned them as a required group - my friends went all out (and succeeded) in killing my Agent Blaise, even though it cost them that specific mission. It was fun, but I can see how Rebel perms-death would be far too brutal.
  14. Oh, okay. Man that would be nice to know earlier. We need a lexicon.
  15. Wow, I thought it was just me. I used to be really active on the X-wing forums until around Wave 12 of first edition. Now I pretty much only frequent the Legion section
  16. You are wrong about the melee rules. The melee rules at page 41 say the minis still have to maintain cohesion if you place them in base contact with the charging unit. I red all relevant parts of that situation several times, because I had that situation in a game. The situation occured more than once to me now. It is actually very easy to set that up with AT-RTs if you have just a little bit of experience. If all three of them move in a parallel line towards their target unit, you just have to move the first two of them to a place that is about one or two inches left/right to the target unit leader and three to four Inches in front of him (just a little bit further than the joint of the movement template). With their second move, you move past him and make a partial move to the back of his base. The last one then closes the triangle at the front of his base. Very easy actually. I just used it to keep units in place and stack 6 suppression tokens on them by now, but it would definetly better if there would be some clear rule how to handle that situation.
  17. But for few quests which scale in difficulty at higher player count, typically is exactly the opposite. In most quest pure solo is more difficult than multiplayer.
  18. The whole section on melee is only about units with melee weapons in base contact with other units. Troopers can only be engaged with other troopers, but anything with a melee weapon can start a melee.
  19. svelok

    Inert Fat Han

    I mean, we have yet to see a large base turret ever getting much mileage out of VTG...
  20. I prefer epoxy. It dries fairly quickly, dries clear, fills gaps, doesn't hurt the paint, and can be peeled off if needed. I have used Loctite brand, Gorilla Glue brand, and a random brand I found at Harbor Freight.
  21. Two units in base contact are in a melee. I was wrong about the cohesion bit (cohesion is supposed to be maintained even when placing in base contact), but in this case I would say in base contact with the AT-RT is good enough. Minis don't get auto-defeated.
  22. I think this rule only applies between 2 trooper units. Ground Vehicles are not forcing troopers into melee (although they can melee attack).
  23. Finally got my copy. And, yeah, I have to agree with you. Combine those graphics with constant reminders in the copy about so-and-so's modified starship/vehicle? I think a gear/starship compendium has to be on the horizon with stats for all of those personalized vessels.
  24. Actually, I would like to sincerely thank the OP. My surprise at seeing such gibberish in an IA post has only reminded me of the extremely high quality of the community here. ; )
  25. These are beginner lists I have made. They are mostly thematically fun, and I try to incorporate abilities that are not head scratchers, while also working on skills like blocking (most lists has a low ps ship). I also take into account only buying 2nd Edition releases, staying away from conversion kits (when I can), and also buying minimal amount of ships to be kind to the wallet. All lists assume you have at least the core set. Rebels Luke Skywalker (62) Hull Upgrade (5) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Wedge Antilles (52) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Blue Squadron Escort (41) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Gray Squadron Bomber (31) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Proton Bombs (5) Total: 200 Two fun themed aces, a turret ywing, and some bomb fun. Simple upgrades, easy to fly, and thematic as ****. Ace abilities are easy to trigger and dont require actions or special range requirements. BUY: Xwing, Ywing, and the third Xwing can easily be subbed for a Bwing or another Ywing, or anything really for around 41pts, as its there just to provide beef. Empire Darth Vader (65) Fire-Control System (2) “Howlrunner” (40) Iden Versio (40) Gideon Hask (30) Academy Pilot (23) Total: 200 I like force users for new players to help not crush them when they bump or fly onto rocks. So I present Vader, greatest of all force users. Easy ability as he just spends force to do more and more actions. You also get a little miniswarm to prepare you for the 6 and 7 ship swarms. The academy is here to practice the blocking skills. BUY: two ties, and tie advance. Scum Old Teroch (56) Fearless (3) Boba Fett (86) Perceptive Copilot (8) Zealous Recruit (44) Total: 197 Everyones favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. Pretty easy ability to trigger. He can be built to have a billion upgrades, but Im keeping it simple here. Take a focus action, get two. Other than that, he is just big mean Boba Fett. He is accompanied by two fangs. One is a low initiative fang to practice blocking, while the other is a scary mofo ace named Old Teroch. All three at range 1 of an enemy is a dead enemy. BUY: Firespray and Two fangs and you are set! Resistance Poe Dameron (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Black One (2) Nien Nunb (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) L’ulo L’ampar (38) Heroic (1) Blue Squadron Recruit (32) Total: 200 The main man, Poe! His double actions are great for new players wanting to learn ace flying, since he is also beefy with 6hp, one mistake doesnt mean D.E.A.D. He also comes with a get out of jail free card called Black One. His wingmates are Nein Numb, and simple ability to use and effective for newbs to stay stress free. Also, two of the new resistance Awings. If you are gonna fly resistance, you need to master these dudes, plus they are the most fun ship to fly. You get Ace Lulo and also a ps1 awing to practice your blocking skills. BUY: Two T70s, Two Awings. First Order Kylo Ren (76) Hate (3) “Quickdraw” (45) Predator (2) Pattern Analyzer (5) Special Forces Gunner (10) Epsilon Squadron Cadet (28) Epsilon Squadron Cadet (28) Total: 197 Its everyones favorite, Kylo! Again, force user! I paired him with Quickdraw. QD can be tricky to fly, but the SF is one of my favorite ships and is really fun. To go along with the aces are two ps1 blockers. They take up space and plink damage. Keep them out in front of Quickdraw to make the enemy come through them to get to QD while Kylo flanks. The list has force, aces, jousters, and blockers. Everything a newb needs to practice. (the two TIE F/Os can be subbed out for an Upsilon Starkiller Base or another silencer if you already own those and dont want to buy two more ships!) BUY: Silencer, Tie S/F, TIE F/O, TIE F/O. First Order Conversion Kit Republic Obi-Wan Kenobi (53) Delta-7B (17) Anakin Skywalker (60) Delta-7B (18) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Total: 198 It's Obi and Anakin together! Master and Apprentice! Easy abilities to use and thematic. Pair them with two clone troopers (or 1 Arc like Wolffe depending on what you bought). This list is very economical. BUY: Guardians of Republic Pack, 1 Delta. CIS I dont recommend this faction to new players as its full of weird tricks and networking and Dooku alone can have 6 or 7 triggers per round to remember. Also, flying 5-8 droids can be brutal on the wallet. But, if you must, I made a simple list that only requires the Separatist Pack and 1 Sith Infiltrator. Very economical to try the faction out: Darth Maul (65) Hate (3) Proton Torpedoes (12) Kraken (10) Wat Tambor (43) Trick Shot (2) Impervium Plating (6) Soulless One (10) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Total: 199 Everyones favorite Sith, Darth Maul. His ability is simple and straight forward to use, compared to Dooku. Normally, you want him paired with Palpatine, but thats more triggers to remember and Palps is NPE to newbs you are playing against, so I went for good old Proton Torps instead. Simple to use and packs a punch, especially with double shot Maul. Ive paired Maul with two droids. They are simple and can block and be pests and the Energy Shells give them a little bite. Mauls main wingmate though is Wat Tambor who gets rerolls pretty easily thanks to Kraken on Maul and brings some beef also thanks to Souless One and Impervium Plating, making him essentially a 9 hit-point monster. BUY: Separatist Pack, Sith Infiltrator
  26. Technically, by basing the unit leader, in base contact with the AT-RT is a legal placement. Infact, all minis of the unit would need to be placed in base contact with the AT-RT, it has started a melee with the trooper unit. They don't have to maintain cohesion for this placement. Only if they cannot be placed in base contact are they placed in cohesion. Also, AT-RTs cannot overlap each other on movement, so good luck getting 3 of them to perfectly surround an individual trooper unit leader.
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