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  2. My concern is going to be fending off the attacks from the enemies who can only be defended against by ranged or eagle characters.
  3. People always forget what EP1 says. It is very clear about Midichlorians communicating the will of the Force, not being the Force. They explain Force Sensitivity, not the Force.
  4. I think that making the anit squadrons upgrades flexible like if flechette Torpedos did something against ships like a critical effect that just dealt an additional damage or something like that, or having Ruthless Strategies alow you to ping a damage on your ship to add/reroll dice when attacking a ship would help balance out the game. From my understanding and vauge hits about what is in Rebillion in the Rim I think this is the route they are going. I would not have a problem with a minimum squadron requerment in fact I have been an advocate for it, but I think it would have to be accompanied by ether a minimum 2-3 point increase to all aces, or a squadron cap of 100 and a decrease in generic prices by 2-3. I don't see point ajustments coming unless we get some sort of app from FFG, so I think this solution is unlikely. I do think something needs to be done, but I think FFG is going to go with the upgrade route.
  5. This is a good discussion. In general, I think some kind of kill point setup would just exacerbate the problem being discussed here. Significant advantage already accrues to whoever eliminates the first activation, and that’s with points destroyed being a tiebreaker, not actual victory points. Secondly, I think we need to give the game some time before calling the meta “stale.” Currently we have really only two corps units to choose from for each faction; a range 3 all purpose mainline infantry unit (Z-6s and DLTs), and a close assault unit (Snows and Fleets). Are we really saying the meta is stale because mainline infantry units are being “spammed?” I like that your corps in Legion forms your core, and that the decisions about which elite units to bring are made at the margins. I really don’t want to see lists with four deathtroopers be viable. We already have two more corps choices on the horizon; let’s see what happens. I also want to note that I do believe the top eight lists had variety. They featured lots of corps and snipers, for sure. But they also featured fleets, snows, every character except Jyn and Vader, pathfinders, medics, officers, comms techs, and saboteurs. I had fleets and pathfinders in my list (and only two snipers!) and I did just fine. I think this is going to continue to get better as the game matures without imposing any artificial solutions. I also think the top tier “competitive” meta is not relevant to most people in practical terms; tournament players at the level of high command are always going to be looking for even the smallest marginal advantage, but Legion is a game where a good player can win with just about anything on a given day and most units are at least viable (if not optimal). There are tons of anecdotes in this thread of people winning their local scenes with “off-meta” units, and I think that’s both repeatable and great.
  6. Again I agree that technology can span quite some time, heck look at how long the B-52 or KC-135 have served for. My point was more thematic where while it is perfectly viable for a ship to be used in a GCW scenario I was simply stating my preference to keep the two separate thematically much in the way that when I sit down for a historical game I would rather play a game in one setting (say WWII) instead of mixing similar settings which thematically have differences (aka WWI vs WWII or taken to an extreme Medieval Europe vs WWII, because while "Mad Jack" Churchill showed that a sword and longbow could still be used to great effect it doesn't mean that I want the two mixing as a rule. I also agree with the sentiment that they are my toys and I can do as I like and so I was simply expressing my opinion that if I were given the choice I would prefer to not have resources spent on CW era ships. In general though I'm just happy to have new products coming out and new cards for my current fleets regardless of source.
  7. Generally speaking, pass mechanics are added in these situations when the advantage of taking a small elite force doesn't make up for the loss of activations. Adding a pass mechanic is a band-aid fix that corrects for this imbalance without requiring you to change a bunch of units all at once (Which could have a ripple effect on balance). So less "double dipping" and more like giving one group some extra stuff since they got the short end of the stick. Still, I'm not sure what a good pass mechanic would look like for Legion, especially since I don't feel Armada's solution was ideal.
  8. And this is where it starts to get more nuanced. If I run into a hard counter in a tournament, thems the breaks. If it happens more or less by accident in a casual game, I will play a few rounds to see if it really is a hard counter (it doesn’t seem like there are many of those in 2.0), and if it is, bring it up to my opponent and see if they are cool with me conceding and playing games with different squads. It’s an NPE, but it’s a resolvable scenario. If it’s a “casual” game and someone brought or put together a hard counter specifically to play my list? Yeah, that’s an NPE. I would scoop and play a different game, possibly against a different opponent, and if that’s not gonna happen, I’m just gonna go home and play spider man or battlefront or something. I have limited free time for this stuff, and I’m not gonna let an unfun situation continue or sour my mood.
  9. #JusticeForShoan Seems like he's giving names too, wonder how Rokugan is going to react to his new gaijin Qamarist anti-magic bride...
  10. Sounds more like term was used to make it sound cooler and more lore like than just... Elves. Probably not the term Tolkien would have used, but technically there were Elves of the Blue Mountains at one point from the information you provided. Though not on purpose to be Elves of the Blue Mountains, rather by circumstance. I probably would have stuck with just Elves or some other name to connect them to their place than a sudden and fleeting name brought by events. Thanks for the lore lesson, I've gained 1 Lore and give you 1 Inspiration.
  11. Stun Rules are on page 48.  Let's talk about stun for a moment. Question 1:  Is Stun over-powered?   I've seen this argument.  But, I don't think so--not at all.  There's a major difference between Stun damage and normal damage.  With Stun damage, a hit can be ignored.  If you roll a normal "Stun" effect when using the Stun attack type, rolling STR higher than the damage will allow you to ignore the stun damage completely.  That's a huge benefit. What are your thoughts? Question 2:  How does Stun work? We know how blasters work.  Tibanna gas is heated to a plasma state and magnetically fired out the barrel of the weapon.  The plasma bolt is contained in an elongated magnetic bubble.  When it hits, it hits with force and kinetic energy plus heat from the super-heated plasma. Stun has to be some other process entirely.  From what we have seen in A New Hope, when Leia got struck, and the scene with Poe Dameron in The Last Jedi, the stun effect is some sort of beam that fires out of the weapon in a cone shape.  It looks to be shorter range than typical blaster bolts, but the game says the ranges remain the same for either ammo type. Plus, the stun doesn't use tibanna gas.  There's no plasma.  From the movies, I'd guess that the stun is some sort of energy field (inside the cone) the screws with the body's nervous system. This damage type seems to be a function of the blaster's power source only.  Ammo for a blaster is two-fold.  There's the battery pack, and there's the tibanna gas.  Stun seems to use up battery energy.  I would think that the weapon would use up battery power quicker than standard blaster bolts, but the game says combat stats remain the same except for the stun damage results.
  12. I'm pretty sure they just mean the Noldor and other inter-mingled elves of Lindon, the land around the Blue Mountains. FFG has several people who are extremely well-versed in the Tolkien Legendarium.
  13. Parakitor

    Inert Fat Han

    I'll be honest - I haven't played against this certain build of Han. I played against typical R2-D2 Trick Shot Han, with Lando as a wing man. My opponent flew it excellently, and baited me into some bad maneuvering decisions, and scored 200-0 against me. Now, I have thought a lot about that match, and I have a lot of ideas on how I could have flown better. But to me, combining the regen with perfect-knowledge Inertial Dampeners and boost is just...look, I'm willing to put in the work practicing against it - that's what I did facing 1.0 Fat Han. It will be miserable, just like last time. And I'll probably never beat it, just like last time. It just sincerely feels like it goes against everything Second Edition has built itself up to be. Which I understand is subjective. Maybe a new ship will come out that can fight it, just like the Decimator did last time, but I had higher hopes for Second Edition.
  14. Shuji are allright, but kind of hit and miss for me, lots of them are just, trash. a few are really cool though.
  15. That is not the job of the software. That is the job of the TO. It is the job of the software to be well organized, easy to use, and adaptable to every real world situation. I want software that allows me to run a real world tournament with real world players tossing real world monkey wrenches into the event structure. I want abuse and shenanigans to be dealt with by either a sanctioned judge program or a body at FFG responding to negative feedback and responding with penalties to the store's ability to run or sell FFG products. As I said above, if a store is running dirty events, the players will find out, and they will be wrathful. WotC's WER software is FAR from a gold standard (although the replacement is looking pretty great). But I've almost never had a problem dealing with issues or fixing a problem. And despite legal issues with the employment status of judges, my local judges are authorized are able to issue official punishments to players and let WotC know about poor practices at venues. The software allows me to do the job. The people ensure it is done with integrity.
  16. I'd prefer to never use my phone, even for casting, while playing. I will cast from my laptop.
  17. I’m in a weird 2 to 5 place right now. Mainly I’ve decided to focus on Resistance and Republic, but I still have all my 1.0 rebel ships and a conversion kit, I will likely hold onto them to revisit from time to time. I have my 1.0 Scum stuff that I want to sell off, but haven’t had success yet so I picked up a conversion kit for cheap and may revisit them as well. I have a smattering of imperial and FO ships that I bought for upgrades in 1.0, those are getting unloaded. And I bought a Sith Infiltrator because the model was awesome and during the great “Barnes and Noble Glitch of 2019” I ended up with a bunch more CIS. Don’t know what to do with them, but I’ve never played a swarm before, so *shrug*
  18. In modern Navies ships are routinely in service for 40-50 years. The USS Enterprise (first nuclear carrier) was in active service for 51 years. The USS Kitty Hawk (one of the last conventional fuel carriers) was in service for 54 years. The USS Frank Cable (sub tender) has been in service since 1978. USS Bremerton (attack sub) was in active service for 40 years and is still part of the reserve fleet. Thematically, there’s no reason why TCW era ships would not be around during the GCW era. If it helps, you can pretend they’re reserve fleets, sector defense fleets, or pirates with old technology. As far as characters not matching, there have been continuity issues since day one. Luke Skywalker and Raymus Antilles could never have fought together, for example.
  19. AlexW

    Inert Fat Han

    He also said it was an NPE, though.
  20. Yup, Theology is a big one. Wondrous Work and Elevated For Service are a bit iffy, but the other [+1 skill from X group] options all have at least one skill that will potentially see a whole lot of use from certain character concepts. Not up there with the two hotshot ancestries, but definitely not lacking on average either.
  21. Ordered mine from CoolStuff for in store pickup, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday (fingers, toes, and lekku crossed).
  22. Darth Meanie

    New Epic

    I guess my 1st choice would be the Consular Cruiser, because it is an obvious shoe in and definitively Republic. A close second is the Hammerhead. I think the Hardcell is a good Sep choice, but in general, Seps are the one and only faction I don't have an attraction to. Mind you, the completionist in me is buying it all, but in smaller quantities for Seps. The Naboo Cruiser, Mandalore Kromark, Action Iv, and Jabba's ship would all be nice, but unless an Epic release schedule become more than 1 per 18 months, they are distant seconds. And I would be all over a Nebulon super-huge. There are numerous 3rd party examples that are awesome, so it can definitely be done. One last ship would be the Corellian Gunship; given how generic it is, I think it would make a great All Faction release. Folks who like to repaint could have a lot of fun making theirs faction specific with new livery.
  23. I tried to push in that direction, but that never works Whether they adjust it or not, whether it is to tide over or not, for now adjusting gameplay and discussing tactics/strategies is all we can do, anyway
  24. That's true, but it's part of the risk/reward of list building. But taking stuff like dedicated flak ships allows your squadron compliment to be more anti ship focused. I'm not a fan of the idea of side boarding upgrades to match your opponent, I like that you have to go all in. I would love a turbolaser or offensive retrofit that increased a ships anti squad battery dice. Or some sort of jammer that prevents ships from activating squads within a certain range. I played 2 all ships lists at Worlds this year, and both games went well for me. My flak gladiator can still hurt ships, it just gives up some usually common upgrades. You definitely schooled me in our game, since you could first/last me I probably should have bunkered up rather than chased after you. You made masterful use of squall, which was something I didn't see coming until it was to late.
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