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  2. And the suggested system is basically just gaming the system.
  3. Don't pick a side. Don't get a prize. I personally dislike the concept of Grey Force users getting any bonuses. No penalty is your bonus. I also HATE the name Grey Jedi. Jedi are Lightside Force Users. Therefore if you claim to be Grey and follow a different code you are no longer a Jedi. Now if a player wishes to follow the path of redemption, and can get too and from Darkside / Lightside (like Revan/Vader if he had Lived, and I'm sure some other I don't know or cant think of) I may give bonuses to the player. But that should be the exception and to reward their hard fought roleplaying ( and I would make it hard, but I learned form the harshest killer GMs
  4. There dont need to be special rules. All a "Gray Jedi" is is someone willing to used the dark side on occasion. Basically just stay between 30 and 70 Morallity and you are done.
  5. Does listfortress have it performing poorly?
  6. Perhaps you didn’t realize, the hunter-killer units can threaten any point within 4 feet (2/3 of the board lengthwise...so pretty much the entire board), in one round. Potentially killing a sniper unit before it can even activate. Similarly, other units (Pathfinders/Jyn, Commandos, Leia) are pretty much primed to get the jump on strike teams, either via Infiltrate, Scout, or command cards. How are you losing corp units at that rate?; I’ve had games where there weren’t even firing solutions by either side until round 2-3 (low visibility conditions), and typically taking fire at all can be avoided on turn 0 (unit placement). I can’t even imagine what circumstances would lead to losing half my corps units less than a third of the way through a game, that would just be a rout.
  7. Times like this I wish everything was digital. Direct/Straight errata? (Not sure if Barriss would be straight. Rofl)
  8. Oh, I didn't realize those were the actual results for Kieransi's Wave 4 poll. Thanks!! Were there enough responses to get a reasonable standard deviation? If crowds think Vultures are staying within 1 point, then I'm already disabused!
  9. Also apparently the Ivory Kingdoms, heavily featured in the last years of oL5R (Rokugan even got a colony there!) is part of nL5R, as it's been referenced now and then.
  10. Gimme that Royal cruiser and star skiff WINGSPAN
  11. The results of @Kieransi's wave 4 doc I posted here: It's only been a few hours for my July poll ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfWzFP8EjiGoLFo2YXci433j1ZNUAF_23g8nH538W-cTw59HQ/viewform ) but at a glance so far: median is no change (or at most 1 point) for Lando, Vultures, Howl/Iden, CLT Anakin, Finch, and all the upgrades other than CC median 2-4 point reductions in price for Outrider Dash, Skull Squadrons, P1 Dengar, Thicc Grievous, Arcball, Res Han, and Contrabands median 2-4 point increases for Soontir, Tavson the widest range of guesses are on Anakin and Resistance Han the tightest range of guesses are on Vultures and Tavson (and upgrades)
  12. Second force and a one point drop would do it She should've been the cheaptest 2 force i4 because her ability doesn't work on herself (literally just a forcus, other than hit --> crit) But 1 force is cemented on the card so she's kinda buggered
  13. Sounds like the solution is to call the fight for Team Evil who makes their escape as they beat back Our Heroes.
  14. Check out the sidebar in the ranged weapons chapter I posted about using Astartes weapons as a human.
  15. A slightly different approach could be: Lok Revenant (43) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Lok Revenant (43) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Torani Kulda (50) Trick shot (2) R3 (3) Cluster Missiles (5) Lando (Escape craft) (29) Trick shot (2) Tactical officer (2) Total: 195
  16. .... could we get something for this pilot??? 😕. A massive point decrease? Errata to not need bullseye on her already bad ability? A second force?
  17. My favorite part was the first mis-posted version where he promoted himself to Ikoma Daimyo and for a few minutes no one really batted an eye at it.
  18. Then yes, I'd put the Collectors Edition cards with the normal copies of the same card. Of course, if that brought me up to four or more copies, I'd probably store the extras in a different way.
  19. Just so you know, the limit for players if four. You can play it with more if you want, obviously it's your game, but just letting you know.
  20. Every time I see one of these I remember that I never saw the results, and I want to know how wrong the community was. Disabuse my faith in the wisdom of crowds!
  21. Thanks for the kind comments folks. Magicrealm has been consistently rude and demanding both in his comments on here,via email and phone calls. He had asked me to make a labyrinth board piece for him, sent me the artwork and assured me that he would buy 8 of them and that this would be part of a very large order. I made the piece, but he only ordered one. He then told me it was too small and I had used the wrong design etc. He also said that pieces from an older order looked like "ashes, rough and blind" and was very rude. I had been using a lighter coloured filament for a while and hadn't had any negative feedback regarding it from any of my customers. His emails continued regarding this large order that he wanted to place, he kept changing his mind and emailing and calling me. I didn't have the time to deal with the constant back and forth and I told him that it wasn't working out so consider the order cancelled. He then went ahead and placed the order anyway. I cancelled the order, refunded him and told him not to pace the order again. He then placed the order again at which point I refunded him, blocked him from the shop and blocked his phone number. This will be the end of the matter as far as I'm concerned, I just wanted to state what actually went on. On a happier note, it's been an incredibly busy year for me and I'm going to be taking a month or so off. I'm hoping to revisit Talisman in July and finish the few remaining pieces, watch this space....
  22. I understand the theory, I just don’t see the point as it only works if the opponent sets up 90* to the board edge at exactly range 1. Deploy rotated a few degrees and it’s useless. Same with people who claim you can gain useful information from the ID marked on the back of my v.1 dials. If you’re wasting brainpower trying to figure out how my dial is oriented relative to the text I wrote on the back, that’s brainpower you’re not using to actually play the game.
  23. It's more art than science. I really don't think you'll get a perfect algorithm, as there are simply too many variables. But if you really, really want to try, what I would do is determine what you think is the ideal "standard" command tool for infantry, for archers, for cavalry, and for heavy—a normal mix of turns/charges/initiatives/etc. For example, infantry would probably have, a move 1/2/3 on initatives 3/4/6 with the option to charge or turn-charge at -1, an attack on 4 with a +1 hit or +1 surge, a shift on initiative 6, and so forth. Then look at the proposed dials, and rate them on how much better or worse they are than the standard you've chosen, and adjust appropriately. But as I said, no algorithm is going to be perfect, even if you managed to get the dials portion of the algorithm flawless. It can get you into the ballpark, but it's not going to be fine-tuned—that's where the art comes into play, and there's no getting around it. There are simply too many variables to consider, and you have to consider how each piece fits into the larger whole. For example, suppose you're designing a new archer unit, and you want it to have a 4x1 configuration. In this configuration, a training slot would probably add ~15% to the cost by itself, as this would allow you to get Rank Discipline. But if this unit, for some unholy reason, comes with precise 1, that training slot is far less valuable. Yes, you can still get Close Quarters Targeting, but that's actually less useful on this unit than it normally is: this unit loses threat quickly, and it's most likely to get hit by a combination late-turn charge followed by a regular melee attack, which in most units happens before missile fire. The unit is probably going to be down to threat two or below before CQT comes into play, and may even be eliminated. It's weighing factors like this that brings the art into play. And my experience says that by the time you've gotten the unit working the way you want it to, you've got a decent feel for what it should cost, and only have to do a bit of fine-tuning to it.
  24. This. Add jam action. When you perform a jam action, you may only jam ships in your (V) at a range of 1-2.
  25. I am 100% down for double wide, single long, epic bases for the Nubian shuttle.
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