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  2. Awesome! Thanks, this makes me want an ATAT now 😄 Matt
  3. Here you go: https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/11868/silverbulletforjourneytothecross-roads-1.0
  4. Thanks a lot for all the compliments , I’m really happy that you like it. There are definitely better boards out there, I’ve still a lot to learn from Rob Hawkins, Scenery Planet and Battleboards. They are the masters. If you don’t know them, I could only recommend you to check their gorgeous works, they are eye candies😄. I’m doing this for fun, to relax from work but if it could contribute a little to motivate new players to join this awesome game and community, I would be more than happy 😊. In the past, I have done a demo board for the rule book of the Fallout miniature wargame (see these articles on my blog). I will try to post a few pictures with minis on the Tatooine board tomorrow. Have a great week-end, Matt
  5. I want to believe in the V-19 Torrent.
  6. The Lion pack was initially slated to be last but got moved up. Either way, all of the packs are done it's just a matter of when FFG wants to release them.
  7. The battlecruiser is just over 6 as well, I believe (rerollable reds are ~1.03, blues 0.9375, plus the chance of not needing LS). Part of it is flak; the improvement from one die to two can be pretty handy. Another factor is Spinal Armament, which makes the BC somewhat viable at range, especially if you’re one of those weird Caitken and Shollan people. Overall though, the Star Cruiser is probably better a fair bit of the time just for being cheaper without a significant quality drop.
  8. The term with that same meaning is used as such in most Burning Wheel games. I've seen it in a couple other Forge games. It's a great idea, one I use, as well...
  9. There are several attack cases where the TN might be other than the expected 2. When using certain kata, the TN is their vigilance. When they are in Air, the GM might decide not to reveal their Conflict rank; if they're CR 4+, it's TN+2... Sometimes, it's fun to not give them the missing values... not always.
  10. Honest question: do you always play the rules as written, every time, with no allowance for wiggle room?
  11. Apex predators die to technology in the real world all the time. If it's supposed to be different in Star Wars, the creature needs to be able to stand up to low-end planetary scale weapons and able to do damage through Armor ratings of 2+. Otherwise it's just meat.
  12. I’d drop both your black squadron aces for 3 academy. That gives you enough points to put hate on Vader. That makes Vader tougher, gives you another ship, and some i1 blockers at 199 points.
  13. Hey man; your call, your game. Play it how you like. Personally I feel there's a huge difference between the survival instincts of womp-rats vs. Tattooine's apex predator.
  14. This. If the players have got to the point where they can't possibly be beaten with conventional methods, the GM needs to start playing smarter, not harder. If the PC's are going krayt hunting in a vehicle, then flip a DP and say, you notice the ship's power cell has been damaged; they can either go back to base to repair it, or it will be inoperable when they get to the site of the last krayt attack, where it will be inert, and they'll have to hoof it back to base from there. Or, have an ion storm break out, rendering all ships useless, and force the party to go in on dewback, um, back. Or when you get there, it's a mutant ELDER krayt, with a hide that's reached cortosis-levels of durability. [And it breathes plasma!] But no, in Happy's world, the PCs have a vehicle and they're unstoppable now and the GM has no tools to stop them. Oh well. \_(ツ)_/
  15. No, I don't! I just hoped for a more precise answer to that question. When everybody keeps talking about "that power creep since Jabba", I keep thinking of Ko-Tun and Jarrod, of Tress and CT-1701, and how they dominated the competitive Meta ... not. There is not that power creep. It's just some cards. And in my opinion, the problem is more on the Command cards side than on the deployment cards side ...
  16. "the force awakens in all manner of beings and while many force sensitives are discovered by jedi or, on rare occasions, by sith, no one can se how many co unrecorded. jedi or sith who received training but then leave by choice or expulsions." basically a fringe force user who is not part of the jedi during the time of the clone wars they have a cool talent called "renegade form" its 15 cost and takes a bit to get to it but when you purchase it you can pick one characteristic and use it instead of Br for lightsaber. it also has the ravage ability from the Jedi warrior as well as prey on the weak, quick draw, uncanny reactions, party, reflect, sorry about the mess, disorient, quick strike, sense emotions, uncanny senses, etc.
  17. I think simply erasing the "U-Wings die, you lose" rule would make it really close to balanced. The Rebs just have to kill off the enemy troops to "capture the plans", then instead of physically escaping with your U-Wings, just start a two round timer until automatic Rebel victory due to plans being transmitted (unless the imps can kill literally all of your troops and ships before then). After testing that, you may have to tweak the number of ground troops for each side ever so slightly, but that will be far easier than balancing multiple loss-conditions with the U-Wings needing to fly away. Just some thoughts... But it looks awesome so far! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Ascension gun: shoot an anchor point within medium range with east ranged L or coordination check. once set user can ascend at one range band a round. Augmented Vibro-motor: increases weapon base damage by 1; grants weapon cumbersome 3 or increases its existing cumbersome rating by 1 clone firing key - genetic lock for weapons (can be used for other genetics besides clones) combat tested - add one boost to discipline checks cortosis forging:weapon gains cortosis quality ionizing emitter matrix: increase weapon base damage by 2 when targeting droids or vehicles but decrease damage by 1 vs organic and other targets no geonosian weapons
  19. Scrivener does have an iphone app, which syncs to the desktop app, at least for my mac. I think you have to buy the desktop version direct though. I would say there are likely better ways, like Wunderlist, to quickly capture ideas on a phone. I just use Reminders for stuff like that, makes for a good workflow. Thanks for the tip on Quoll, I'll check it out.
  20. Today
  21. Both eventually for sure (and probably the Android non-Genesys reference book too, see the Android page) But when it's a choice: RoT is dragons and other fantasy monsters, wizards, castles, dungeons, elves etc etc with plenty of lore to dive into, a bit of horror/ medieval society/ questing and adventuring overlap (has things like crafting and magic rules too) Android is hi tech cyber/web society futuristic sci fi feel, seems to have quite a conspiracies/ corruption/ people vs corporations vs each other flavour to it from what I've picked up from overviews Sure you could probably cross the two and end up with something quite weird and wonderful, should you wish! The fantasy aspects could then be a sort of semi-real, semi-illusory form of the code/tech.... That's my post-10 hour work shift summary PS think the PDF's are reduced still.
  22. Have read several blogs about the lmc80, but still mentally trying to breakdown the differences and the uses for myself personally. The main thing that I'm still iffy about is the swapping from 1 blue to 1 red for when upgrading a star to a battle. I've heard to put LS on the battle and sw-7 on the star generally, but how does it work out on the table? Both seem to want to close in to med range to be their most effective possible, with an sw-7 star getting higher expected damage(6.25 vs battle-LS 5.625 from my calculations). Battle cruiser can throw one more die at long range before the lmc80 closes but how much beneficial is it over the star? One could add spinals to get a substantial 5 reds and make it rerollable with C&S I guess. The only commander that makes (mathematical) sense to me for the battle cruiser is actually Sato haha. At long range he can swap in a blue for LS to make the reds behave and maybe a black too. At medium range he is useful to swap in blacks to up the damage or my own funniness more reds to proc QTC. Ofc he still needs a spotter plane so there's that cost to consider.
  23. I had the same qualms, so I simply did no basing at all, they are color coded bases by side anyway.
  24. Pilots are cunning creatures too, and vehicular weapons might just outrange the KD's senses by a lot. Luke and others flew through canyons picking off smaller creatures. They could do the same to KDs. And being in an armored vehicle's cockpit with weapons that will kill the KD easily enough should give massive boosts to that Fear check. In fact, maybe the KD should be making Fear checks against the death from above.
  25. Yes, we do not have anything approaching a large sample size. Large is on the order of tends of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of examples. With the actual sample sizes, there’s no valid conclusions that can be drawn.
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