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  2. He's incredibly tough for his cost, which makes him a great 'caddy' for the Empire's impressive swathe of 'support officers' like Tarkin, Ree, and Sloane. Vermeil needs the target to have no tokens when you (as the attacker) roll red dice. Feroph needs the attacker to have no tokens when you (as the defender) roll green dice. The difference is that if the attacker spends their focus on that attack, Feroph will trigger (because you have no token by the time he gets to roll) - meaning either your opponent doesn't spend their focus on their attack, or you basically turn Feroph's agility 1 into a permenant, action-free old-style reinforce token
  3. ALL OF THE FACTIONS!!! X-wing at 7 (I have ship from all, but not every ships) Armada "soon" to be 4 factions. KEEP IT COMING FFG! ❤️
  4. Not true, third party miniature creators are just filling voids in the marketplace. Don't worry guys, i'm sure that Disney will survive these big hits to it's wallet.
  5. What kind of price did you have in mind? I'm pretty keen! But would have to throw in shipping to Shanghai...I might be keen?
  6. Amazing, just found it, when looked for NPCs in Beyond the Rim. Thank you very much! Do you plan to update, expand it?
  7. Others have specified the order, but the key is to look at the wording on the card: Pattern Analyser is while you perform a manoeuvre Afterburners is after you perform I got mixed up at first, too. Just meant Afterburners came off Nien Nunb and I had more points for toys elsewhere!
  8. I am also thinking in the swarms direction, no table time yet... Black Sun Assassin (48) Outmaneuver (6) Black Sun Assassin (48) Outmaneuver (6) Foreman Proach (32) Captain Seevor (30) Outer Rim Pioneer (28) Tactical Officer (2) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  9. Still love Empire and Resistance, but opened my heart to Republic now, which I've played the last 5 games or so.
  10. Tried a list similar to the latter one. Prepare to fly exceptionally well or be smacked. Didn't have the balls to try out Fenn + Guri, but my favorite blogger has: https://suchanxwinghipster.wordpress.com/2019/04/08/hst5-the-happy-place/
  11. I definitely see the need for an imperial Acclamator 😁. I don’t want everything cross faction- only ships - and not all of those. Just things that work with the mythology ie: the aforementioned Acclamators etc. And it’s good marketing. Why sell 1 Acclamator to a Republic faction player when you can sell another to an imperial faction player like me as well 😁
  12. That's very kind Vayasan; thank you so much! It looks like you've made a really awesome start to your LOTR figures!
  13. Dooku does not work on rerolls, rerolls are not rolls, so your whole thing doesn't work.
  14. Just a few thoughts: You should decide if you want a carrier or combat ship. The Mark II is overload with all kind of stuff and no clear job for the ship. You are paying 50% of the basic ship cost in upgrades. And this is too much. Paragon is a bad titel. You (meaning this ship) need to attack the same target twice for the titel to trigger. But getting a double arc is really hard with only 3 ships. This means, that this titel will maybe never trigger in a game. Spinal, on a ship that have the biggest bonus in the side arcs, seems a bit wasted as well. You just build a ship that can do everything, but nothing good. And paying a big price for it. Adar Tallon is not really good on the Yavaris. You want him on another ship for the best effect. I would try to add a flotilla with him. The reason for this is: You move in with Adar and make the squadron ready again. And after this activate the Yavaris for the double attack. If Adar is on the Yavaris, you need to be in range already when you activate the Yavaris, or you are wasting the double attack. Kick the Redundant Shield on the CR90. This is not worth the 8 points you are spending for it. I would exchange Wedge for Luke. You have more than enough against Squadrons. But Luke, with Adar, Yavaris and Dodonna, can be a real ship killer.
  15. The experienced cards have the clarifying text in brackets after the keywords removed. the keywords still work the same way, and require discarding.
  16. Mad Cat mentioned a flotilla and I concur. The Nebulon is quite flimsy so pulling upgrades like H9s and Adar off may be wise. It is the number one priority target of your opponent and will most likely be destroyed. Keep it cheap and add another activation is my recommendation.
  17. Thanks Innese. I’ll give that a crack.
  18. Why is Feroph good? Better than Vermiel?? Deci's look like they could be pretty good.
  19. I am looking for playmats especially the one with the artwork from the core set. I can offer several Star Wars LCG playmats in exchange. I am located in Germany.
  20. You can't buy more Initiative slot with XP, but GM can always send 2 squads if 1 dies instantly.
  21. Vultures are a HECK of a lot of fun. Really really tempted to do 8 swarm. And maybe buy a 2nd Sith Infiltrator. Generally, I think both of these lists are a bit "strong". Not enough info to say overpowered. At least Vultures seem to have weakness to exploit.
  22. Maybe not a bad idea just for telling them apart—I guess I did mean moreso for a flavorful “in character” identifier? I might try a couple different colors of armband or something similar, if it doesn’t seem too messy to attempt.
  23. Kpok

    Kpoks Legion Stuff

    Hello, with so many great Topics I also wanted to contribute my little affords to this community. Let us start with a wip of a famous Bounty Hunter. Here is my take on Boba Fett. c&c is always welcomed.
  24. I have to imagine that's good against swarm too, just because there's such a high chance in the early game of something being in that bullseye arc.
  25. I play a lot of Imperial, and that hasn't changed in 2e. Part of that was when getting into 2e I wanted to explore it through ships I knew to feel the major differences out. The other part is that I gave up on the competitive scene a good while back, and Extended Imperials are much more interesting than Hyperspace Imperials (though a chunk of that is TAPs lately, for me, and that will be hyperspace soon anyway). I still haven't put Rebels on the table but I've played against them a fair bit. FO and Resistance I've played, but they haven't lit me up enough to play them regularly. Extended Scum has been interesting lately, if only because I like messing about with really weird combos, though I'm really not feeling most of the Scum crew, and that feels odd when I consider it was one of their best aspects in 1e. I miss old Boba crew. I have yet to actually break out my prequel ships though. Stumbling into TAP Dancers, and how much fun they are, I gave up a bunch of chances to finally put them on the board. Next day, though, I swear (unless more TAPs...).
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  27. Playing scum exclusively. Although the announcement of the nantex made me think about going into cis... I like playing scum. Tons of options. StarVipers + X hyperspace is my thing at the moment, feels really good to have those squirrely beasts around. I'd like to see some change in the illicits. Don't use them at all. Comparing leia organa to contraband cybernetics makes me laugh...
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