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  2. In terms of his personal motivations you're right - he was never for the Republic, nor the Separatists. Both were very much tools in his schemes. Poggle with Geonosians, Nute Gunray with Neimoidians... if we get Jango Fett, could Zam Wesell be an option? And of course, getting OOM-9 in AAT as a Commander option could be fun
  3. I am trying to understand your complaint and tried to address it but you have said i didnt so I am asking for specifics because so far you have been super vague in what your actual complaint is.
  4. I am trying to understand your complaint and tried to address it but you have said i didnt so I am asking for specifics because so far you have been super vague in what your actual complaint is.
  5. Someone at my store flies her rather well, though it is a 4 Jedi list of Mace, Luminara, Saesee, and Barris. Mace to be the general ace, Luminara to keep the list alive longer, Saesee to help guarantee the bullseye for Calibrated which just opens the door for Barris to be used to proc that result so the other ship can keep their own force for abilities or defensive mods, ditto for a focus token.
  6. Crabbok

    Up coming Wave

    The Trade Federation has a blockade... and to be honest I'm not even sure it's entirely legal.
  7. @oneeyedmatt87 Getting the message out and Setback approved. @player3333902 @btmaja @Rabobankrider @Imperial Stormtrooper A general alarm has not been raised, as yet, but Castar's call for assistance comes through on the task force channel.
  8. At 5 hull each, you can only deal 32 damage before a ship is destroyed (so 4 * 8 with each ship having 4 damage each). And if there are no destroyed ships and you need to deal damage, you can use something else to indicate damage, such as tokens.
  9. Huh. I for one am surprised that Scum is that high and Resistance is that low. It’s like, maybe, people decided to try to look past certain expectations.
  10. Frankly, I won't. You're just going to reply with the same line. shame on me for falling for it.
  11. A note that should be made. If a force user uses 1 dark side pip and 2 light side pips to generate the 3 force points they need they are still considered to be using the dark side. Look at all the force abilities that denote a difference between dark and light almost all of them say "if any Dark side were used to generate force points......" This means if you have a force rating of 3 and roll 4 light and 1 dark and decide to use 1 dark... you are using the dark side. This is because it is not possible to narratively use the dark and the light at the same time because to use the dark you must be passionate, to use the light you must be dispassionate, it is literally impossible to be both at the same time unless you have some form of split personality or dissociative identity disorder, before you bring revan up realize he actually has DiD, if you do not believe me check out star wars the old republic MMO, where 2 revans actually exist at the same time, one being the light that died and became a force ghost and the other being the dark physical being. When he fought the emperor one part of him accepted his loss and died becoming one with the force and the other half of him rejected it and used the dark side to cling to life. Remember also that the council were actually the ones that created the second personality when they locked the darth revan memories behind a force wall in his head and crafted an entirely new history for him in KoToR, yes he regained his memories and the 2 identities were not really aware that there were 2 identities and they largely thought in unison, but the fact that there was enough of an extreme difference in revan that it can create a force ghost while his body still lived proves that 1 being did not actually occupy that body. Ultimately there are 2 revans.... Darth Revan and Revan Reborn. Revan Reborn is KoToR Player Revan and light side, Darth Revan is Falled Jedi Revan and Dark Side. So suffice to say that a "dark side" force user doesnt really generate lower force points because using "light pips" is not him being corrupted by the light side and him going more over to it, but rather it is him forcibly corrupting and bending the force to his will. While a light side user using dark pips is simply giving themselves over to the dark side a little and ALLOWING the force to be corrupted..... any way this is my view point and how I have always understood things. Gray jedi are done perfectly fine the way the system is, they are Light side force users that use the force how they feel they need to and must for whatever with no qualms about drawing on the power for what is all around good, though there is always the danger with this and just check the morality system Justice/ cruelty for more details on what a person using whatever power is needed for what they think is right. There are never dark side users that are "grey" because they are the ones that went to far.
  12. Shuffle the damage cards from your destroyed ships into a new deck.
  13. You are going to have to be more specific. As so far i still have no idea what your actual complaint is.
  14. It is possible to run eight v 19 torrents with five hull each that Mae's 40 hull to 33 damage cards. what do you do if you run out of damage cards but still have damage to be dealt?
  15. Gasping for air, Castar backs away from his assailant. I don't think I can take him in a fist fight. Anything I can use to turn the tables? Spotting his hygiene kit, he takes careful aim. The laser fire washes across the room, but the hygiene kit isn't as reactive as he would have hoped, still, he hopes the flying chemicals are at least enough to slow down his attackers next move. He fishes out his comlink and starts yelling on the Task Force Channel, "This is Sergeant Arkmeda. Intruder alert! I have an unknown hostile assaulting me in my quarters!"
  16. It is for sure "part of that ability", 100% of the text is part of the ability The question is what constitutes the "trigger". Trigger is a distinct keyword from timing and is a prerequisite for que entry "If a player has multiple abilities that triggered from the same event..." (RR, Ability Que) You either Don't actually believe trigger is a prerequisite for que entry Don't believe its possible for a trigger to have positional requirement You do believe a trigger can have a positional requirement but feel it doesn't apply to Anakin for some reason (please state why)
  17. I've never heard Meffo's interpretation before and plenty of streams show the shields being used as regular shields. I would argue because it is a "may" and not a "must" that you can use them when you like. Granted, if Meffo's statements are true, then that renders my point incorrect. Edit: Looking around there is validity to Meffo's statement. Since it has already been debated to no end I would say ask the TO running the tourney before attempting to use the shields to stop damage from attacks.
  18. It's a cool idea. One interesting part is that Dooku holds a double-edged Ace up his sleeve: Dooku (through intermediaries) can feed the Jedi hints that Palpatine is a Sith Lord; if challenged Palpatine can counter with "but that's what a Sith Lord would say", but at some point the evidence will be unavoidable. The problem for Dooku is that on the face of it Palpatine has more to lose, but if the Jedi deal with him before he utters "Order 66", then there are no further doubts, and Dooku loses because the Republic's confusion (and corrupted inactivity) is erased. In fact, I can't see two such savvy political operatives not understanding that turning on each other is a recipe for their own doom. It's a "prisoner's dilemma", but the cost of working against each other is too high. In order for them to work against each other, Dooku would have to know his time is up, and this comes when Anakin is ordered to cut off his head. So a twist might be if Anakin actually refuses to cut off Dooku's head, after which Dooku somehow escapes. Then it really is two Sith Lords at each other's throats, and Dooku would probably spill the beans in an incontrovertible way because he's doomed either way. And depending on how the escape is handled, Anakin may get "clued in" a bit sooner, realize what happened in the "do it!" moment, which means even if Palpatine still has Order 66, he's less in control of the timing, so more Jedi might escape. Palpatine probably has other Orders cued up too...for the Clones to impose martial law, etc, but maybe now it's a 3-way conflict. The CIS planets still think Dooku being a Sith is just "Republic propaganda". The Republic is thrown into chaos because "what? martial law? here?" and rebellions might be earlier and more brazen because the Republic/Imperial machine isn't big enough to handle it all. And the Jedi might be outlawed, but there would be more of them, possibly some council members, working in the shadows trying to mend it all. I'm not sure it would alter the game, much though. Non-Force users would have to be careful about whose space they were flying in, which side they were on, etc. If anything there would be more chaos, less certainty about who controls what space lanes, or which planets might have changed sides, or having to deal with Clones instead of the local bureaucracy.
  19. Poggle the Lesser was in my top list as far as the Geonosians go. And I'm absolutely down for a Republic chat. These threads usually go spiraling off into crazy places, so I thought this could be a more focused discussion. But my brain is working overtime on the Republic as well.
  20. You are forgetting of all the rebel pilots that can give shara double mods with out putting too many points on shara herself. You have to look at overall lists. Shara has been extremely strong closer for me, or just all around heavy hitter.
  21. it's part of the ability, just like the timing indicated is part of the ability. you can still put it into the queue after you fully execute a maneuver, no matter if you fulfill all the requirements at that time or not.
  22. But you are. Because you act like Obiwan had super powers in the first movie. What all did he do? He healed Luke. He used influence on some storm troopers a couple times. he lopped off a guys arm with a lightsaber. All things a starting character can do in Force and Destiny with a starting character. And if you are familiar with what a perishable skill is I would posit the force is a perishable skill. So he is not where he was in Revenge of the Sith. If that is not what you mean then you are going to have to be more specific.
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