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  2. Kylo should not need PA - his Autothrusters will shut it down a lot. AdOps too, or just Hate, that's the way to go. As for more Punch? 3 Omegas with Fanatical and AdOps! Much punch!
  3. Oh, I’m not using my character to talk crap on the system. Just saying that the lightsaber attribute switching talents aren’t necessarily the huge double dip that they appear to be at first blush.
  4. ((I use a strike action with fire, rolling 2 ring dice. I don't have melee. I rolled an opportunity with strife and my second die was blank. I only keep the blank die)) Aruzhan holds her ground and attacks the over-aggressive Ashigaru, but to no effect.
  5. I'm on the side of Duchess too! Crits EVERYWHERE
  6. Hello everyone. So I am looking for a little advice. Does Adversary impact starfighter combat? I ask this because I've been running the game as that this works with no issue. However, Allies and Adversaries introduces "Starship Adversary" which reads: "Upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against a ship this character is commanding once." Now part of me thinks that this implies that Adversary has no impact on starship combat. However, another part of me is thinking it through like this: Adversary probably works in starfighter to starfightership combat because that ship has one pilot but on a capital ship, which is not being piloted by the adversary merely 'commanding it', it doesn't work thus the use of the term 'a ship this character is commanding once'. What are your thoughts on adversary and starship combat?
  7. If your dice are committed what are you rolling force dice for? Also 4 force dice requires force rating of 4 which if you are doing that... that is a lot of xp you can get willpower through dedication at that point. If you are using black pips sure willpower will help out in the strain department, but so will grit which is everywhere. I am talking fairly low Xp levels here like 150 XP knight level play. Getting to 2 force rating which in most cases is only going to cost about 75xp and then getting enhance down the agility line which costs another 35. This results in 110xp spent with another 40 left over for other skills and sense or foresight or what have you and with shadow that also means getting "well rounded" (though you will have 25 less since shadow actually takes 100 to get force rating 2) which can get you 2 skills as career skills such as gunnery and piloting (space). If you are just starting out a character with 0 extra xp, then to optimize you need willpower even less because honestly you are probably not going to start out with any force powers at all and the extra 1 strain is not going to really save you as much as an extra die in either the cunning or the presence or agility. I am not saying hte character is "bad" I am simply stating that an unoptimized starting character is not a good example for why the system is poorly optimized, if that last sentence made any sense. The fact that a player could have fun with their character built that way and still have some of their play fantasies realized just goes to show how flexible the system is.
  8. It would absolutely need to be factored into OOM-9's cost. A larger command range and morale bubble would be very strong, although FFG could make it range 2 for each to mitigate this for Vehicle Commanders. Or they could keep the Range 3 and make it more of a risk/reward. After all, the enemy will have no trouble seeing the AAT too, and it'll be a higher priority target. Oh to imagine what Clawdite Shapeshifters could do in Legion...
  9. Are you theory crafting here, or is this something you've actually executed in a competitive game? That sounds like a grossly out of position sniper team. And what are you considering a hunter-killer unit? In all my games I can think of only a single time I've lost a sniper strike team to a unit that doesn't have unlimited range, and it cost my opponent two full DLT storm units. I think both Sabine and Boba have some potential to pick off sniper strike teams that are out of position, which does happen; but that's definitely the exception rather than the rule.
  10. I love these guys! But the flavour right here...and still viable... Arvel (Pred, Int) Ten (AdSen) Lando (Nien) Leaves a whopping 20 points for more. I would lean to Magva and the title on Lando - astounding mods there
  11. Basically this. Had 3s in Agility, Willpower, and Cunning. Couldn’t get the 3 in Presence because the GM also said that if you ever want to be force sensitive you’d need to start with fr 1, so that’s what I spent my extra 10 xp from obligation on. So 90 xp on the thrice rated 3 attributes and the rest on skills and FSE. And, picked up the basic sense power, quick draw and uncanny senses talents after gaining enough xp. Obviously got some house-ruled limitations and is non-optimised, but still fun.
  12. That's more because of how they modified it. Like the Sterlings they modified for use as E-11's they put fins on the barrel, but for the DLT, that made it look more squared and boxy similar to the jacket on the 42. You can also kind of tell that's what's going on with the Legion ones if you're looking for it (although the smaller scale makes a detail like that less distinct).
  13. Please limit green dice to 0 because I threw all of mine in the garbage for some reason
  14. It takes 4 force die to be able to get at least 2 white pips most of the time, and even then ending up all black is not unheard of. If you want to commit a force die (e.g. sense defense or enhance) and still reliably get 2 white pips you're talking 5 force dice. If you're going to say use black pips, well you need destiny points and strain for that, and high starting willpower is that stat that helps with that.
  15. Arvel is a toughie to fly tho - practice a lot
  16. Oh god yes, that second list 😍😍😍
  17. With Predator on Soontir, this seems superb to me
  18. In ANH, almost every sandtrooper we see on screen is armed with a heavy weapon. Reflecting that in game would in itself make for an interesting unit worth making a separate kit and cards for.
  19. Care to name names? I'd like to know which one to skip.
  20. Well what I am understanding was he wanted a subtle force user nothing blatant, beyond that he said no shadow because not what he wanted and he was not interested in optimization. I am saying that optimizing that character a little can be done by taking good cunning and presence and supplementing the agility for the enhance force power and the will power is not needed for more subtle uses of the force such as enhance and sense or foresee or even some uses of influence or misdirect... it really all depends on what you are trying to do. Willpower is only really needed in using the influence power to make someone think falsehoods and move power to throw objects as an attack or if you were going full all-in and getting the 2 and 3 force rating abilities which are really just there for super high level xp stuff. Which at that point you can just pick it up through dedication because if you are spending that much xp already you are probably down to the bottom of a tree somewhere.
  21. Commanders: - General Veers (80) = 80 Corps: - 3x Stormtroopers (44) + DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) = 204 - 2x Shoretroopers (52) +T-21B Targeting Rifle (34*) = 172 Special Forces: - 2x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 88 Support: - 2x DF-90 Mortar Launcher (36) = 72** Heavy: - Assault Tank (155) + Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10) + RT-97C Rifle Pintle (14) = 179 Total: 795/800 ' * I am using 34 points as a filler, as that is the most expensive Imperial Heavy weapon. ** I am assuming you do not need anything else on top of this, as in this would be the whole unit.Commands: - Maximum Firepower (1) - Ambush (1) - Pinned Down (2) - Push (2) - Imperial Discipline (3) - Coordinated Fire (3) Could this be a viable list? 11 activations, and there is a bit of flexibility in the activations, plenty of core to cap with, and a tank!!! I am using the RT-97C as it has a better damage against infantry. Hopefully mortars have Infinite range. If they do, Major offensive is why I am bidding 5 points. Sit them in the back behind a piece of terrain, and hand out suppression. Pinned down with Mortars, assuming they are support, would be great. Coordinated fire is also good with Shores as I don't need to waste time trying to force utility out of it. I think I would have a hard time with Death troopers, but my estimated Shores would be a much more efficient unit. 86 points, and a VERY good damage consistency. I think we will see a large meta change to Shore troopers.
  22. Dude. That's just awesome.
  23. I'm not the maker of the character but when I think scoundrel I think agility (pilot/shooting), cunning, and presence to be typical, and force user adds willpower.
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