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  2. I was wondering everyone's thoughts on the Sith Infiltrator, since it has been a month since release. We're seeing a lot of lists in both Hyperspace and Extended with the Jedi, but not so much the Sith. What are everyone's views on the strengths and weaknesses of this ship? Personally, I love it. Running the Sidekicks list with Maul, Dooku, and Grievous has been incredibly fun for me. I feel that the Force hijinks that you can do overcome the weak defense and make utilization of the very maneuverable dial, for a Large ship, much easier.
  3. It's the new Title Card: "Punishing One II: The Punishinging"
  4. Binayre Pirate (24) Deadman’s Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Total: 28 Hahahaha this is great.
  5. I find that basing to suit your color scheme works well and you can execute consistently. basic ruke of thumb: darker minis, lighter base scheme so it shows off the colors better. Lighter color minis, like stormtroopers, benefit from a darker basing scheme to make the minis pop. As others stated, your gaming surface won’t be universally one type from game to game, so don’t fret if you have Endor bases on a Tattoine map! Vallejo and Citadel make a lot of great pre-colored basing ‘pastes’. Basically they’re paint with sand grit in them that applies like a paint. Generally a coat of that, a wash and dry brush to bring out the texture and you’re sorted. From there, you can explore different textures via static grass, scrub, snow etc. a good example of a simple contrast scheme would be what they did for the clone wars set; both armies are lighter color schemes, with a dark Martian soil base, making it thematic to Geonosis while not overpowering the minis. hope that helps!
  6. Wow. These are awesome. As you said, the scale is probably fine since you'll be looking at them from an altitude. I would probably splash a little black wash on them to dirty them up a bit. Are the legs articulated?
  7. Have any of you played them though? I hear a lot of praise for them but I've had multiple games where they are in heavy cover with extra dice due to danger sense and they get wiped out after getting shot once. 4 wounds not to mention the ones the heavy cover blocked. They don't demand respect or resources if white dice dont ever roll blocks. You may say I'm not playing right but having them in cover with suppression where only one unit can get to them turn one is about the best you can do. If youre not using infiltrate, then why take them over rangers or even troopers with z6? I can get scout 3 from a unit of rangers that have recon intel and if the characters aren't worth taking I'm not sure the unit is worth taking. The special forces slot is overcrowded as it is and rebels don't get entourage. @SirCormac At least you had a suggestion and i will try that. Jyn seems like a one woman threat and is easier to hide but she will do damage. I don't feel like the pathfinders can hit hard enough even with the characters Pao and Bistan. I was hoping bistan would be a decent anti tank unit if parked in heavy cover in a sniper nest but i dont know if he's worth it. I may have to convert rebel veterans out of that second squad
  8. Arc Dodge 101 Not sure if anyone has mapped out where you will fail an Arc Dodge with 2nd Edition Barrel Rolls before. I have never tried to and the exercise seems useful. Please correct what I get wrong here or explain how you approach it. Moving Last 1v1: Arc Dodging is not difficult when you are moving last against 1 ship. You Move after someone, you boost roll out. Done. However...plenty of players (including myself) still mess it up and attempt a boost/roll that lands in arc ( typically stressed + no mods for their troubles ). I tend to Arc Dodge by practicing sighting where a Boost (&/or) Roll will land. I depend on that more than any rule of thumb based on opponents position/arc. If I can sight that reliably, I can do it on the fly during games and just line it up with where I think the arc line is. All that said looking at "where" in arc allows you to get out of Arc at minimum makes for cool images. If you are loosely lined up with the Front of your opponents base offset a bit you might have a chance to dodge. The tricky bit sometimes is knowing where you cant be. ( Roughly Inside Range 2-3 lined up with the opponent, wider area the further away you are ) To far forward and the bank boost will "bump". Identify that and you can boost the other way, don't and fail action in arc With just a barrel roll the "band" that allows an arc dodge is more narrow. Approaching from an angle saves "Re-position" Actions, key for winning games. So you can modify your dice or conserve Force Charges. Moving First 1v1: How do you fight Aces who are moving last 1v1? Two years in to playing xwing I am not sure I can explain this. I have done it, but rarely "intentionally". Pretty sure it becomes all about Getting Shots, not avoiding shots. You want to force some or all of the following to happen: Trade Shots and do more damage than they do (worst case is suffering uncontested shots) Force them to disengage so you can "chase" Try to force them into a "mistake" Create Safe Space Knowing where you would want to be to Arc Dodge while moving last gives you hints as to how to fly an Ace moving first. Using the sides of the board helps against Aces moving last as well. Corners and other Angles at minimum reduce the # of arc dodge options they have available. Approach with Rocks in the way of re-positions is also critical. Jumping range to take a shot, before the Aces ideal Arc dodge "turn" is useful. Often Aces will play cagey until they know they can get to the Green Areas. Players will often try to carefully set up the Arc Dodge turn, you can see it coming they will go "slower" or bank away from combat the turn before the arc dodge turn usually. You can take advantage of that by jumping into range while they are more likely to be in the Orange Areas above. Remember your goal is to force a trade. Obviously having wing mates changes the picture entirely. Allows you to set boxes basically, force a chase. Super Natural Reflexes, Advanced Sensors. Decloaks, Rear Arcs, Multi Arcs etc. change everything about this dynamic, moving first is no longer as much of a problem so its really not very interesting to think about or discuss in this specific context. Under normal circumstances alot depends on your opponents dial the better you know it the easier this will be Moving first you can somewhat create safe space by... Setting up Blocking/Locking turns where you dont defend, followed by K-Turns Go to the the spot directly in front of them where their slowest moves go or the spot they already are. This can help you set up a "chase", this is dogfighting after all. If you can get behind them its easier to chase them down and there is a chance they will panic and disengage longer than they should/need to, or they might not "hard turn" to shake you. Example: X-Wings and Tie Advanced's are useful because they can "go slow" to keep arc on target, classic 1 forward to victory. Stays engaged longer to K-Turn at a more natural time. Kylo and Soontir's two speeds make them vulnerable to blocks, they have to actively remember to carefully manage range and not to stress to keep the K-Turn Threat Available. Often having to settle for disengaging. Fang Fighters have a similar "problem" but they actively want to be in arc at range 1 so it kinda flips things, but creates serious problems the turn after the R1 shot if anything is left alive. Jedi have 1 banks but 2 forwards, lucky for them they rarely stress and can 5 K-turn which can put them entirely out of arc. Rarely has to disengage because they are rarely stressed, but can choose to recharge or recycle.
  9. As long as Clone Wars comes fairly early in Q3, I’ll be happy; kid #2 is on the way in October, so the sooner the better!
  10. I imagine bumping breaks the formation and you have to move ships individually
  11. I wonder if I've been thinking about Shortcut wrong? Page 3: Some abilities have bold action designators (such as Fight, Evade, Investigate, or Move). Activating such an ability performs the designated action as described in the rules, but modified in the manner described by the ability. Shortcut(2) could be a move action, which is modified by being a fast trigger so you don't spend an action on it. I've been treating it just like a fast ability, but I'm thinking it's more like Ursula's ability in that it gives you an action without having to pay the action cost. That would make it consistent.
  12. I really hope the new Victory title gives the Support Team slot to the Vic, giving it several potential uses on the battlefield - at the moment is just a terrible ISD with no SAd. Adding Support Team as a title would also prevent Vic spam if it proves very popular. Options with a Support Team slot then open up to: - Engine Techs, speed 3 and better turning. Or Nav Team for better yaw on a token. An instant fix to make the Vic an effective medium size battleship. - Projection Experts, to spam shields across the rest of the fleet. Engineering Team to be even more tanky. Viable alternative to the Interdictor. - Fighter Coordination Team, to make it a better battle carrier and compete with the Quasar. Here’s hoping, would love to get my Vic on the table again!
  13. The problem with the Victory is NOT that it is speed 2 - the problem is that the ISD is speed 3. Nerf the ISD - problem solved.
  14. It's actually working correctly. You need to go to Vehicle Engines and select <No Engine> if you want to keep the built-in engine. Then you'll get your full 35 system strain. The reason is that removing engines and hulls is optional. You can take a ship as-is if you want, then replace the part with the appropriate attachment, which replaces the specified stats. What you're doing is removing the hull, but then replacing the existing engine with a new one (Single Ion Core by default), which drops the system strain (3 x silhouette (5) = 15). Changing to <No Engine> will keep the existing stats.
  15. Yeah when I opened mine and looked at force choke I had to do a double take. I had a almost had a Mandela Effect moment
  16. So they aren't quite up to scale. Based on the scale comparisons you posted, they're actually not so far from the AT-AT (which costs much more on the secondary market). Still, I think they'll be fine for me to use, especially when you consider seeing things on the ground from a bird's eye view. (Side note: They come with clear plastic stands that actually have no connector peg for the walker or anything, so they might be useful as X-wing tokens of some sort.)
  17. Zalen’s head turned between the jedi before he raised his hands to his head, signalling he surrendered. Despite doing so, he was constantly on the lookout for a way to run.
  18. Id drop r2 from lumi for a bigger bid. 8pts should win you bid against most lists. Anakin moving last is more important than regen for lumi I think.
  19. Alright. The only thing i’m wondering now is if i should attack the b2s if trapper does not kill them or attack the probes XD. I’m pretty sure i can crit due to my talent. Oh if i crit, will i kill the entire squad of cortosis droids?
  20. if its a dedicated personal transport ship (payload/fuel ratio of 50:50) -- sustained 0.3g is possible with 12days to Jupiter ! (having run the numbers)
  21. I think extreme height changes are forbidden by the rules, but these seem within the tolerances established by the Celebration Vader precedent?
  22. i should mention that i have an education as electrical engineer with power systems and mechanical engineering as a secondary. Hmm .... if you ask about the availability of the drive, thats a different case. Yes, i think that the drive/technology can be available at the TL of Android. No, i think that fuel efficiency/storage/cost are a limiting factor, that probits sustained 1g travel Unless you find a way to circumvent Newton or use handwaveium, our physics are bound by its limitation (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reaction_engine)
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