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  2. Fly them all together. The init 5 is to PS kill a ship, and maarek and dutchess with there 3 red dice need the howl reroll. You could take Mauler out for Wampa and swarm tactics on Scourge. This gives you another 3 dice attack on first volley, since Mauler require range 1. Also gives you a ps1 blocker if you need it. Wampa can claim a space for your squad.
  3. This. I agree despite probably being the one accused. However I think the consensus seems to be to leave things as they are. I think we can solve the delema by deciding a cap for master xp. That allows a bit of finishing touches. Perhaps 2200. That way those with less xp will continue to grow and eventually catch up.
  4. Incoming applications. Marcus Wasting http://swsheets.com/c/phkeyyxum-ski-gor%E2--kla http://swsheets.com/c/ehwatprnr-charan%E2--altari Equinox http://swsheets.com/c/dzvwpa4wy-milo-shortpaw They want to play apprentice only, they have a master sheet if needed: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yN5urKlN7rhMVvb8aC4nheO4x42WYtQE/view?ths=true Titus http://swsheets.com/c/1oynvrejm-nordin-karst http://swsheets.com/c/xprwh9ue7-jexal-thrann I think there are three more incoming. I gave a deadline of today. So they still got a bit of time.
  5. Since all the recent hub-bub about Return of the Fat Han, I think I'll opt for Seismics and see how that shakes out. I've found them useful for scoring a few hits against less careful opponents after the first pass in other lists.
  6. I think the bummer here is not sharing dlc between phone and steam. Unless there's a way to do that on Android I'm unaware of.
  7. Some actual feedback: Hi Everyone. Happy Friday Talking about X-Wing or literally anything in a way that allows space for nuance is the best, which is what that video does well. Not just "Im not sure....*insert wild definitive guess here" But actually talking through the merits of possible options is helpful, even if everyone involved is 75% unsure of what correct is. Thats what good teammates do. Explanation of thought process is the useful bit. Awhile back I recorded a couple 15-30 min self practice games that I never released because I couldn't figure out a way to make it "honest", tried to hard to say correct things. One thing that would be helpful is just to have a 3rd person or robot behind the scenes running Gate of Storms expected results the entire game. Show the image below in the bottom corner after most but not all the rolls. Maybe Vassal and GateofStorms can be connected somehow so this renders real time? That would be awesome but also sounds like work.
  8. Or it might not. Many of the Ion weapons are direct weapons, so destroying defeating one or two droids would still be thematically appropriate.
  9. Im really digging what you are saying here. There seems to be a bunch of ways where Scum can be added allowing for unique sub factions within it, and still allow flexibility across the whole range. The whole concept of adding bonuses for sticking in one specific sub genera is really compelling. It allows for flexability and keeps theme.
  10. I wonder if they would have voted for the Chancellor if they knew he was behind the Seperatist movement in the first place...
  11. Can't remember if it was in Episode II or III, or in the Clone Wars series, but I specifically remember a B2 like punching a damaged B1 out of its way as it relentlessly marched forward firing its weapon lol
  12. It's been a while, so I'm awarding 1000XP to everyone reading this thread. But I don't award XP to those that don't show up. And -5XP to all of you not living by Wyld Stallyons rules. Shame on you.
  13. Great place devoted to WEG Star Wars 1E: BEGGAR'S CANYON.
  14. We also don't know what the 'Droid Trooper' type does. It might have sonething to do with suppression. It probably also makes them vulnerable to ion weapons somehow so I expect that it will grant a decent boon.
  15. The same thing happened to me. Also I found resetting two decks every turn slightly irritating. The thing I liked most about Beravore was stunning with the staff. No counter attacks or provoking, yes please. My other hero was the musician, and while they were together and she was inspiring my pathfinder, things went extraordinarily well. As soon as I seperated them, Baravore ran out of inspiration tokens and it all fell apart. Even with the rough ending I had a great time, and looking forward to my first multiplayer play this weekend, where I will be playing Bilbo. One thing I did need to shake out with my first run, was how enemies activate. I recommend anyone about to play to read that section of the rules reference.
  16. I think when you relocate it it should have to be an adjacent hull zone
  17. This would be the 1E stats for this vessel, given the above... Craft Raider class Corvette I Type Mid-sized multi-purpose vessel Length 150 meters Crew 92 (15 officers, 77 enlisted) Passengers Up to 30 Cargo Capacity 5,000 metric tons Consumables 3 months Hyperdrive Multiplier x2 Nav Computer Yes Hyperdrive Backup No Sublight Speed 3D+2 Maneuverability 3D Weapons 6 Double Laser Cannons (fire separately) Fire Control 3D Damage 5D 2 Turbolaser Cannons (fire separately) Fire Control 3D Damage 4D+2 2 Ion Cannon (may be fire-linked) Fire Control 2D+2 Damage 4D (5D if fire-linked)
  18. Watched only the first game so far. All good. Thank you for the content.
  19. Thanks for the answers. I think i will just start with the vanilla Night of the Zealot and then see where my fancy takes me.
  20. First, it's not going to be 10,000 books in this run, probably 5,000 if we are being more realistic, and the presence of books without issue in Europe means that this would have isolated to a small subset of the larger print run. Now a larger problem could exist where they had already arrived state side and the cost to return the books is prohibitive and time consuming, which is more believable, but as we don't have any clear communication from FFG that and the idea of the bent cover are just guesses. Also, yeah, I should have looked at the binding on one of my books before suggesting they were flex adhesive (due me for assuming) but rope bound books can still be mostly salvaged, and saving 80% of the print process is still worth it.
  21. Hey there, I think what he means is that ships remain on the board until the turn ends. So when i.e. when killing a ship that has ini2 with a ship that has ini3 the destroyed ship remains on board until turn ends. But the ship is not removed directly after being destroyed.
  22. kris40k

    Happy Friday

    Co-Op AI App play like they moved to with IA, Descent, etc. would be sweet.
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