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  2. This is true but the catalyst for this is the situation where strangers are playing together or the players know each other but there is external relationship issues. Anytime the GM is playing favorites (not rewarding on merit of something accomplished) the GM is wrong. If someone is mistaking genuine achievement for favoritism they are wrong. Easier to see one's shortcomings as someone else's fault. My first Rule of Play is that the real world relationships come first. That means that real world values come first and if something in the game or about the game is inflicting bu**hurt or envy or jealousy it gets addressed. If there are differences in ability, then it is an absolute responsibility of the proficient to help the less proficient and help them to look good and have fun. The Group is more important than just your character. That rule is what I use to deal with new people who try to skulk and betray, and for players who try to act like Alpha Players. ON another note, there's Two things I can't stand: people who are intolerant of other people's playstyles, and Gamists.
  3. It’s very good when flows well, but one mistake is doom to that kinda thing. Once the N1 drops and you can get 4x mobile Republic lists it’ll be a lot more solid imo
  4. This right here! But we can't even properly define rebel beef, so it looks to me like the community really lacks some tools and concepts at the moment.
  5. Initiative =/= pilot skill. It's more of a compromise between skill, aggressiveness, adaptability and quickness of pilot's reactions. "In reality" Activation phase doesn't happen in steps, everything more or less happens at the same time. Better and/or faster pilots are able to respond to enemies' movements. I1 TIE Defender pilots are probably more skilled than I2 Rebel pilots, but they rely on orders from superiors and often can't take the initiative. I2 Rebel didn't go through the same training as I1 Defender, but he's able to think for himself and make his own ddcisions more often. So while Ahsoka would be the better pilot here, she still mostly serves under other Jedi, relying on their leadership. On the other hand Padmé is expected to lead her force, so she has to be more proactive than Ahsoka. This is the best I could come up with, tho I tend to agree that I3 would seem more appropriate...
  6. For all we know this is younger Ahsoka we first see (hence "Snips"), and not as experienced?
  7. Hi, Yes the campaign does end and you have to start again, there is no retry option. However the app saves at the start of every round so you could reload the game and then cheat the game by clicking on whatever tokens or enemies need to be defeated to progress. Personally I haven't done this but it is an option rather than having to go for a total restart.
  8. Converting Offensive surges happens before applying Cover/Dodge. It is why Critical is a good keyword.
  9. Most Narrativists I have played with have been totally ok with death, some times even suggesting it themselves or seeking it out. If it's a fitting moment for the character and a nice event in the larger narrative, they don't really care all that much. The narrative is after all bigger than any one character.
  10. Wonder how much they'll cost. Think a calibrated lasers Ahsoka, two handmaids and an ARC170 will be doable?
  11. Your first assessment is right. Dampeners don't replace the revealed maneuver on your dial, so N1s will still compare their dial to Han's selected maneuver. If you do, execute a white (0 ) instead of the maneuver you revealed.
  12. She's higher than Ahsoka! What's going on there?! For one thing Ahsoka's a Jedi while Padmé's a politician (and has been since a young age, and she's top level so I'd guess she didn't have a lot of free time to learn fighter piloting) but more importantly, Ahskoka is the one who taught Padmé combat flying in the first place! Meesa no lika dis. Meesa gonna seek revenge on Padmé by giving her Handmaids to Ahsoka!
  13. I’ve played this again and learned a little more. Elusive triggered 4 times for Ten on average, saving him 2 hp or so. Not a bad deal, but not stupid good. R2-D2 is fantastic and with ID it allows Han to be so unpredictable - felt solid. I did boost a fair amount with the Falcon so getting Engine in there somewhere would likely pay dividends. Not sure what I’ll drop yet though
  14. It holds no real world value. But it can hold value in the eyes of the players. It can show them that the GM likes another person better, because that person can apparently hit all the right emotional notes the GM likes, they hog all the limelight in social situations and planning situations and they overachive in bringing extra stuff to the games. Other people might want to but unlike the player constantly getting lavished with praise, they haven't known the GM for 15 years and played with him before during those 15 years, they didn't attend theater school and they don't have a job or family lives that allow them the amount of free time needed to plow into the game. They're doing the best they can but apparently that's not good enough. Blatant favoritism can get the people who are not being favored to decide to not bother any more. After all, it's not like they can compete, so why even bother?
  15. "Sentinel" is not a trait. It's an ability. Whether or not Loragorn is a useful defender in practice, he is a hero with a defensive ability. But this goes to show my point even further: the only 2 lore heroes with defensive abilities aren't even that good at defending! And when you compare the two spheres that are traditionally less combat focused - lore and spirit - it 's clear that lore lags behind massively in the defense department. The only justification I can think of for this huge discrepancy is the presence of A Burning Brand. So I predict a lot more defense coming to lore now with the ABB errata.
  16. Guru, Fenn, Seevor Vader, Soontir, Echo Nien, Braylen, Cassian, Wedge Anakin, Mace, Wolffe
  17. As I were. I accept that feedback Elias and you are completely right.
  18. Best thing all day. Thanks Rimsen
  19. Sounds like it could be fun. I'm in for at least the initial adventure if it gets off the ground!
  20. The problem with the tariff is that it might put local shops out of business. The margin on games is small, and if the distributors is paying 25% more, that gets passed on to the shop, and then on to the consumer. Doesn't take much of a drop in sales to really impact your local shop.
  21. Maybe people just complain to me more! This appears to be a me problem, from hearing you and @Jeff Wilder, haha
  22. Two of my PC's are fans of Rebels. So my players started with a "below-stock, fixer-upper" VCX-100.
  23. I had this last night. Was playing vs the AI, AI Wedge rolled 7 evades a Focus and a blank in his first 9 rolls. My Vader was killed in 2 rounds of shooting. I rolled 1 focus and 5 blanks. Direct hit to finish off Vader was just icing on my salty cake lol.
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