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  2. Seems pretty nice. How many games did you win in one turn with it?
  3. I’m Trying this AnakinMaceWolffe200 (60) Anakin Skywalker [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (18) Delta-7B (4) R2 Astromech Points: 82 (46) Mace Windu [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (16) Delta-7B (5) R4-P17 Points: 67 (51) "Wolffe" [ARC-170 Starfighter] Points: 51 Total points: 200
  4. I must say spending the evade for the second attack sounds cool. Apart from that, Vessery and Ryad should both be cheaper than Rexler, who is the only properly priced named Defender IMO.
  5. Coming in the Decimator re-release.
  6. I’m going to pack this list for my next game night with both Cracken and Jake and see how she goes
  7. My initial thought is that the flankiness of Jake and being able to keep up with the boosting X-Wings makes him better than the Z95s.
  8. It would be cool if FFG came out with some hazardous terrain rules. Maybe with a priority supplies type box with new objectives and conditions, and include a few hazardous terrain minis.
  9. Hi, I’m just using this post to quickly share about my campaign, hope to get more players https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/295422-lfp-trials-of-the-jedi/
  10. The Cracken option is interesting, and one I hadn't considered before. It can't support flanking actions like the A-wing can, but being i5 is definitely nice, and his action passing is easier to use.
  11. I don't think its bad. Give it a shot! The miniswarm can be pretty solid if you get your ranges right, I've been running a 3 + 1 miniswarm with Maul to decent (and fun) success.
  12. Thanks for the support! Whoops. But I still plan on giving the padawan spec for free, as technically jedi initiates wld hv had some training in the temple already, which the normal FAD specs might not be able to really show. It’s either being given for free or given at a cheaper price, maybe 10 or 15xp
  13. Akua looked up upon hearing her master’s words I... I see... thank you Master... I understand better now. She said as she bowed to the male. Thank you for teaching me... You have a mission for me master? The female then asked, looking at the male as she tilted her head slightly, her bangs covering her “eyes” slightly.
  14. : 1eA+1eP 1 success how many ppl did zalen spot? Can he reach down to grab the cred stick before backing up with his jetpack?
  15. Thanks for the heads up! I doubt many of us would have caught this so he it wasn't clearly tagged as an L5R cast from the get go.
  16. @Oldpara, Sorry, out of the loop. What happened to the Eindhoven results?
  17. Escape from the beach.: 1eA+3eP+2eB+1eD+1eC+1eS 3 successes, 3 advantage, 1 Despair
  18. IMO, combat does not last that long unless it is a huge setpiece that is climactic to a story arc with multiple minions and rivals and maybe a nemesis or two. Also, the idea is good for 7th Sea but not every mechanic works for every game.
  19. Yes that is correct, as long as the different tiles were adjacent to each other.
  20. I think that this falls into the perfect being the enemy of the good. If it wasn't foolishly optimistic to think slavery could be eradicated from the galaxy without some sort of massive war then the Jedi would have done it I believe.
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