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  2. Might have a go at this. Not played a Vassal game, but do use it to'what if'. Which is not far from 'whiff'. May the farts be with you.
  3. Comparing Armada to Xwing. For armada you plan all six turns first, and on your actual turn you do your reposition moves. Everything is a joust of some sort, arc dodging is something that is dependent on activation order most times.. Every fleet is formation based. Range control is still key. Having played entirely too much of both and started with xwing, that should get you going.
  4. I'm talking about in practical terms... are you corner peeking your sniper teams? You have to shoot each one at least twice with an unlimited range weapon to eliminate it, not accounting for medics. That is a very high opportunity cost. Anyway... go watch some of the Adepticon or Invader Streams, to see this in action.
  5. TL,DR: I think only the Torrents seem wrong. Torrent: Who knows? Everything but the Gold is wicked overpriced. Gold is 1 point more than an equivalent Init TIE pilot, but the rest? 3-5 points more than TIEs of similar initiative, pilot ability strength, and Talented-status. Oddball at 38, compared to Mauler Mithel's 32? Absurd. Torrent-Oddball at 33 seems right for what he can do. ARCs: There isn't a large jump in ARC prices up from the lowest generic to the talented and named pilots. There's a large drop in the price of the 104th. It kind of amounts to the same thing in the end, but I think think there's a difference. Squad Seven and all the named pilots are pretty similar in price to equivalent power levels on the Rebel ARCs. Now, it's entirely fair to say that all the Rebel ARCs (and Kimogilas and G1-As and Scurrgs) need a price cut, but at this time they are what they are. Republic ARC prices--other than the 104th--aren't remotely bizarre in that context. Most of them seem exactly in-line with other similar ships. Jedi: I think the force is just really strong, gets more powerful as initiative increases, and it should cost a lot. They don't seem wrong to me.
  6. Yeah, Qui Gon might not have been an obedient Jedi, but he’d be a lightside paragon in this game.
  7. A single Knight produces 1 attack for 1 resource, a ratio of 1:1, while a single Swordsman produces 1 willpower for 1 resource, the same ratio of 1:1. Of course you get twice the stats for a single copy of a Swordsman (not counting hitpoints, but a single one is only keeping them from dying anyway and nothing else), but you also have to pay twice the price. A second Knight increases your total attack from 1 to 4, so +3 attack for a single extra resource, or 4 attack in total for 2 resources total, a ratio of 2:1. The second Swordsman increases your total willpower from 2 to 6, so +4 willpower for 2 resources (only 33% increase compared to the Knight for 100% more price), or 6 willpower for 4 ressources total, a ratio of 3:2 (25% worse than the Knights). A third Knight increases your total attack from 4 to 9, so +5 attack for a single extra resource, or 9 attack in total for 3 resources total, a ratio of 3:1. The third Swordsman increases your total willpower from 6 to 12, so +6 willpower for 2 resources (only 20% increase compared to the Knight for again 100% more price), or 12 willpower for 6 ressources total, a ratio of 2:1 (33% worse than the Knights). You try to tell me, that an ally (with one Knight already under my control) with 2 attack for 1 resource is not impressive in a sphere where you would normally pay twice as much for the same attack? Does not make sense to me. Sure, a single Knight is not impressive, I would rather take a Veteran Axehand instead, but in groups they only get better, similar as the Swordsmen but faster. Tripling the number of Knights yields 9 times the attack, tripling the number of Swordsmen yields only 6 times the willpower (Assuming a maximum of three). What do you consider an "outland superpowerful buff in any deck not featuring any other outland ally"? This only means the Swordsman's buff itself, which is the same as the Knight's one with willpower instead of attack. 9 attack for 3 resources is mediocre? Really?
  8. I think a lot of these power & scaling issues arise because of the zero-to-hero progression FFG went with. That's not how an RPG must work. It's perfectly possible to design games that make it a joy to play characters possessing a wide spread of in-universe competence (or lack of it) all in the same party without making any of them mechanically overshadowing the others.
  9. Well from what I have seen is Dooku is REALLY disillusioned with the Jedi and the Republic. And Palpatine wants to rule the galaxy. So lets Lay out what the 2 want. What are their true goals. I think it we lay out the goals of each faction figuring out how they interact will be easier...
  10. By that logic, all sand troopers having a big pauldron should serve well enough to identify them.
  11. Walking out behind the rest, V looked at the team, humming slightly as she smiled to herself. They all seem kind of... fresh... She thought. This will be interesting... She murmured softly to herself.
  12. I'm gonna voice an unpopular opinion as one who list builds most factions on a very regular basis: most of FFGs costing on ships and pilots is ABSOLUTELY spot on. Testers have figured out a lot of things that the meta has not, and costing tends to be based on the most abusive combination of elements. Something may not make sense in a vacuum, but just wait until you come up with that ONE CRAZY THING that you just have to do .... ... And it's 201 points.
  13. In many ways Qui-gon was chaotic good. And the Jedi were Lawful good. The problem is when you let Dogma prevent you from doing what is right. For example in The recent Dooku book the Jedi refused to act to help a planet because the Senate said no. Way too much letting the Senate dictate what they do.
  14. In terms of durability, that’s just not the case. Snipers white surge defense die and 2 hit points leads to an expected hits required of merely 3 (net 14.667 points spent per wound); and that’s before tacking on any upgrades. For 44 points on Imperials you could have 4 wounds with a red defense die. (Expected hits required to eliminate, 8; worth approximately 6.5 points per wound. Even adding a heavy weapon and extra trooper is only 6.583 points per wound. For a mere 40 points you could have 4 wounds with the same defense die + nimble. (Expected hits required without dodge, 6 (6.667 points per wound); with one dodge (5.714 points per wound; two dodges increases point efficiency per wound to 5) Speeder bikes clock in at 10 points per wound even without factoring in their innate cover 1. Even Darth Vader rates 12.5 points per wound (again, before deflect). Ironically, you know what else is cheaper per point than a strike team for expected points per wound? A full team. 11.73 points per wound. Strike teams are only superficially inexpensive; they’re not. For their points, they are quite fragile.
  15. Can Reynhart the Worthy as Bestmaster reroll an X with his Ability for his Wolf (or for the reanimate as Necromancer)? And with his Feat?
  16. Qui Gon was Not morally grey, he was as Light Side as you could get. While he may have been a “Maverick”, his “conflict” was with the Council’s overly dogmatic views; it was not a conflict of making too many morally questionable choices. He followed the Living Force, and never compromised his beliefs in doing what was right, regardless of what the Council said. Using Harm, Unleash, etc. is assured to get you Conflict, given the inherent cruelty in their uses.
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  18. Having some fun thanks to Mel: BTW, does anyone know what the MMch miniature line is about?
  19. Drasnighta

    Up coming Wave

    FFG responded to a Comment Question on the Article News of the N1 Article on their Facebook Page. That's where the "Confirmation" of the delay is. Fantasy Flight Games Hi, Brian. I'm sorry, but Wave IV of X-Wing will not be released on June 6th. We will keep you updated with release details as soon as more information becomes available.
  20. LOL. I also had an initial "hunt?" when I saw the name. I (of course) thought of the hero Shikanoko from the novels by Lean Herne .... but as that author says many times "Shika's" name means Deer-child. I assume that Shika literally means ... deer.
  21. But yeah, I agree. I think the bullseye requirement makes a lot of abilities too unlikely to trigger.
  22. The biggest booboo I heard of in the 1st edition of the game was breaking the pegs of the epic ships. I think each of us broke at least 2 pegs, and that was being careful. I hope they fix that in epic in 2.0
  23. I wish people would include the card on threes like this! What would be extra awesome would be if the forum software parsed posts for the names of game elements and automatically linked them to references images for said elements. Would be pretty simple to implement.
  24. Daunting is far from Impossible. It’s only a 4P check. An Impossible check is a more than 5P check, which requires the use of a Destiny Point to even attempt.
  25. Yoshi’s cunning plan is to gently drub several ashigarus at a leisurely pace. In a near mirror of her moves, Yoshi steps forward. His broken,in 2 hands,, tracing lazy figure 8s. Batting at the tips of the Ashigaru spearpoints.... Yoshi is in AIR stance and also takes the Guard action. On Air 3/Melee2 I roll....I get a blank, a success, two options and explosion with strife. Guards is a TN 1. I keep the success (TN1!) and two options. I use one option to activate Cresent Moon style! If Hekasu is between me and Koharu then I designate Aruzhanthe beneficiary of my Cresent Moon guarding. After all she says she’s a shugenja Its now TN 4 to hit Yoshi (Air & Guard) and TN 3 for Aruzhan I use the last option to add a ring die set to option on my next Martial skill check
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