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  2. I've got a working algorithm that is placing within 2-3 points proper values. It gets weird with seige units, but everything else seems to be coming together proper. I'll post the results once I run a few more units thru the deconstruction process.
  3. The down AT-ST has 6 new battle cards and is rather large. I don't think it "being easier" has anything to do with release timing. They announce a product when all the PR material is ready and they choose to release that material. A product is release when it is loaded off the boat and heads to the distributor. FFG has control of the PR material but everything else after that is all contracted by them to 3rd parties. Those 3rd parties get the job done when it gets done. FFG sometimes gets updates on those 3rd parties jobs progresses and sometimes decides to share those progresses with us on the upcoming page.
  4. Because of the mental association we make between a model and capabilities. Putting an LMC80 on an ISD base (and Admo on Demo's base, and GR75s for Gozantis) is misleading to people and could have a tangible effect on performance. Really, in any situation where the question arises, someone is quite clearly a jerk. And thankfully, the TO has full authority.
  5. The Clone Wars as written were entirely the plan of Palpatine. Everyone else was a sucker. What if it was a little different? What if instead of one man's plot, it was a true ritualized duel by proxies between a Sith Master (Palpatine) and his Sith Apprentice (Dooku)? The two would both be trying to be the supreme Sith, but the rules of they follow prevent them from acting directly against one another. Why? Because any thug with a lightsaber can win out over another thug with a lightsaber, but the Sith need somebody that can win out over the galaxy. This requires a bit of reworking some events and premises. For example, it will become necessary to somewhat narrow the power gap between the Sith Lords. It is also best if Dooku is considered to be Palpatine's only Apprentice (Maul was Palpatine's assassin, much as Ventriss serves Dooku) and was in that role for a long time before making the move for supremacy. Likewise, Palpatine would have set up the Sifo-Dyas bit while Dooku was working on the CIS angle. During the war, the two Lords likely stayed in contact but they were genuinely opposed to one another and both knew only one would survive the Clone Wars. This also means the Separatists had an honest shot at winning the war. So, how would this alter play during the era?
  6. Thanks. I jsut finished my last climb, but driving back tomorrow, then Memorial Day Festivities Monday (and work) so it's CRAZY.
  7. I don’t necessarily think it’s the gaming itself, so much as it is the personality type of the person. It just happens that people with that sort of “super focus” to the point of near (or actual) obsession are often the same sorts of people who would indulge in “geek gaming”. I am absolutely guilty of this. Even before I knew about xwing (and well before Legion was a thing), I had that same sort of narrow focus in that I usually only manage one, maybe two hobbies or activities beyond the essentials (work, sleep, “keep the lights on” chore work etc). At one point when I was younger, all free time went into paintball or getting ready for paintball. More recently been other things of course, with the latest being the nerd/geek gaming and hobbying terrain etc. However, having a wife who does not share any interest in it keeps it from taking over. Now, I do think we need to find some things to do in common... but that’s a whole other story and not tied to the gaming hobby.
  8. Hiemfire

    Up coming Wave

    The Hyena and N-1 articles had stated June 6th. They edited them the same day that the N-1 article was released. Best guess on my part is late June (if still on track in part) to early/mid July (if things have actually derailed). /shrug
  9. @BiggsIRL Noble Wookies - be advised - a full Proprietary Limited Strike Force is now en-route to A1. The Merry Crew refuse to see reason or accept the inevitable. They must be eliminated.
  10. Hey, I posted some proposed house rules on using massive objects as weapons in another thread, but they specifically reference IndianaWalsh's Superpowers supplement so I'm posting a link here. Using Silhouette 2+ Objects as Weapons
  11. Please excuse the Star Wars symbols (as opposed to the official Genesys ones). My computer is all set up to use the SW symbols. Since it requires Triumph to activate a special quality I'm considering allowing any qualities that are activated to affect everyone affected by the attack without spending advantage. So you activate Blast and then Knockdown and everyone hit by Blast is also knocked down. Thoughts?
  12. ScummyRebel

    Up coming Wave

    Nope, no news from FFG on that front. The Dark Side clouds everything...impossible to see, the future is.
  13. I'm making a few homebrew specs and Im looking if theres any blank spec trees that can be filled in or anything else people have set up before?
  14. ****, I'd give him more slack if he'd... been shown doing anything other than throwing Status around in his various courtly threads. But his track record to date has included nothing but arrogant contempt preventing him from making the most of an opportunity, getting completely blindsided by the actions of others, failing to understand the emotional states of those he deals with, and getting hung up on minor details which blind him to what's going on on the macro-level. Honestly, I'd welcome a display of competence from the guy at this point, because the people arguing his case against those of us who regard him as a fool deserve something for all of their hard work. Yoshi has zero "wins" under his belt in this continuity- he has consistently been backfooted.
  15. Yeah, hearing that list I think as a (former I guess) 5s player, my first goal would be kill the Fangs. Boba is terrifying, but he will be much harder to burn down. With the 5s list, if I can burn down the Fangs early, I have a degree of confidence my surviving 5s can handle Boba, or at least be worth more points in total by time. The answer is get rid of as many guns on me as possible, then be more dodgy and pick apart the biggest gun. FWIW, my variation of 5s was: Nien: heroic, s foils, Black One Ello: heroic, s foils Tallie: crack + trick shots Lulo: crack + trick shots 194/200. I never lost a bid in my local area, as most folks were going 196 for aces or 199-200 for efficiency/beef/swarm style lists.
  16. Thanks all! By combining several of your suggestions here's what I've come up with. Caveat: This is very specific to the excellent Superpowers rules created by IndianaWalsh, but I believe easily adapted to be less so (it specifically references several relevant superpower trees in his supplement). Using Improvised and Massive Objects as weapons Whether by super-strength, telekinesis, size manipulation or any other means that results in a Silhouette 2+ object being used to attack in combat the following rules will be utilized. These rules replace the standard Improvised Weapon rules (all non-massive Improvised weapons are Silhouette 0 or 1). Damage is added to the Attribute associated with the attack (typically Brawn, but others are possible, such as Willpower for Telekinesis). Size Dam Crit Range Special 0 +1 5 Engaged Cumbersome 2, Disorient, Knockdown, Inferior 1 1 +2 5 Engaged Cumbersome 4, Disorient, Knockdown, Inferior 1 2 +4 4 Engaged Cumbersome 5/Unwieldy 2, Disorient, Knockdown, Inferior 1, Special* 3 +6 4 Short Cumbersome 5/Unwieldy 3, Disorient, Knockdown, Inferior 1, Special* 4 +8 3 Short Cumbersome 6/Unwieldy 4, Disorient, Knockdown, Inferior 1, Special* 5 +10 3 Medium Cumbersome 6/Unwieldy 5, Disorient, Knockdown, Inferior 1, Special* · Attacks with objects uses the Melee Skill (does not apply to Telekinesis). · Apply the higher penalty for Cumbersome or Unwieldy to the attack, not both (does not apply to Telekinesis). · If the object is 2+ sizes larger than the target the difficulty is increased by +d (does not apply to Telekinesis which already includes the silhouette in the difficulty). · If the object is 2+ sizes larger than the attacker upgrade the difficulty once. · If the object is used in a confined space (ie- indoors) it gains Inaccurate equal to its silhouette (add b equal to silhouette). · Characters that are larger than silhouette 1 or that have spent strain to use the Strength upgrade to lift a larger object treat their Brawn as 1 higher per silhouette above 1 or Strength upgrade used for purposes of applying penalties from the Cumbersome quality. Example: A character with Brawn 3 who has grown to silhouette 3 or used 2 strength upgrades treats their Brawn as 5 for determining penalties from the Cumbersome quality. · Characters that are larger than silhouette 1 only add damage to their attacks for each silhouette the object is equal to theirs and above. Example a silhouette 3 character using a silhouette 3 object as a weapon adds only +2 damage, not +6. They would add +4 for a silhouette 4 object, and so on. · Special: With x or aaa the attacker may add and activate special qualities to the attack from the following list. With y or ttt the GM may add them and have them affect the attacker or his allies. Anyone damaged by the attack may be targeted by a quality. Once a quality has been applied to one affected target additional affected targets may be added for a. Additionally, the attacker may flip one Story Point to activate one quality on a successful hit regardless of die results. o Blast- equal to the base damage of the attack. If the object is size 4 or larger it affects targets at short range of the original target, not just engaged range. This quality must be activated to affect more than a single target with the attack or apply an additional quality to an additional target. This quality may be activated on a miss by spending xx or xaaa or a story point. o Ensnare- equal to silhouette as debris and rubble pin people. o Stun- equal to silhouette. o Burn- equal to silhouette if it has a fuel tank, explosives, or flammable materials. o Concussive 1- Disorient must have also been activated against affected targets. o Rubble- it creates difficult terrain out to the range of the attack. o Critical- critical hits may be activated against multiple targets that are affected by Blast. Additional crits cost advantage equal to the objects crit rating.
  17. I will make a post on my master I guess then. Ideally he would get to the park and locate the source, and then approach it without being detected if possible. Also, if possible I would like to use Suppress to mask my connection to the force if I can. The description says you create a dampening bubble to prevent the force from being used to harm you. If not I will just approach cautiously and try and see what theyre up to. (Also, Nordin's plan was really just to buy those people enough time to get away and then flee himself... He thinks he can take him in a lethal fight but hes no brawler)
  18. Snipers are one of the most durable units in the game for their cost. If you would like to feed me units (fast or otherwise), trying to kill them at close range, I'd be happy to accept their tasty points. If you want some good tips on how to run snipers, there are plenty of solid guides out there, or you could watch some of the Invader League streams from the elimination rounds.
  19. Alright, gonna get this file. Thx mate!
  20. This list beat it pretty easy. Yeah, focus fire as much as you can. Don't let them focus fire back, or make it hard for them. Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - •Airen Cracken - 43 •Airen Cracken - Intelligence Chief (36) Trick Shot (2) Cluster Missiles (5) T-65 X-wing - •Garven Dreis - 49 •Garven Dreis - Red Leader (47) Trick Shot (2) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) RZ-1 A-wing - •Jake Farrell - 44 •Jake Farrell - Sage Instructor (36) Daredevil (3) Cluster Missiles (5) ARC-170 Starfighter - •Shara Bey - 64 •Shara Bey - Green Four (53) •Magva Yarro (8) R3 Astromech (3) Total: 200/200
  21. You're minis look great! Keep up the good work. Also, bonus points for involving your daughter in the process.
  22. Same would apply to snowtroopers, no? And rebel veterans. A definite possibility. We might see some sandtrooper optional bits added to the stormtrooper models when they are remade in polystyrene. Then again, dewback.
  23. I think that it’s worth noting that Rey was on Il... Starkiller Base when she really started demonstrating her strong force affinity. That may have had some effect on her ability to do so without training. Regardless if Starkiller Base is Illum or not, I’d imagine that being on a planet chock full of kyber crystals could have had some influence on her powers and development. Not to mention that she already had visions of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Vader, so the force, or those within it, had already taken some notice of her. Really, all I’m saying is that Rey may be more of an outlier as far as force development is concerned. She may have very well been the beneficiary of her unique circumstances rather than the norm.
  24. Today
  25. I would do one or the other, and also reduce her cost a bit
  26. Not if she continues to have only one force point
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