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  2. Song of Wisdom + Burning Brand Song of Kings + Steward of Gondor (at least before you get A Good Harvest) Dain, Dunedain Mark/Warning, Campfire Tales in four player games, and Dunedain Signal if you don't have ally Arwen. Vassal of the Windlord, and of course the all-powerful Boromir. Frodo, Ancient Mathom, and West-Road Traveller. Fast Hitch, Gildor's Counsel, Strider's Path
  3. No, in the first case. The Rules Reference states that to play a card or trigger a card effect, the game state must change beyond the cost being paid. In other words, you can't pay to do something that has no affect. However, if you can only fulfill a specific part of an effect, you can still do that part of it even if the other cannot be resolved. From the Ability, Card Ability section: "A card ability can only be initiated if its effect has the potential to change the game state. This potential is assessed without taking into account the consequences of the cost payment or any other ability interactions." I would say no for an immune location as well, but I'm less sure in this case. You don't actually begin to target the location until after you pay the cost. I'd still go with no, though.
  4. Boy has he! http://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/4619/95-token-black-gate-or-beat-any-other-quest-on-turn-1 https://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/4634/combo-fellowship-beat-any-quest-on-the-first-turn I hope you don't mind me linking these for you, Seastan!
  5. Silly FFG: White box with black writing and white box with red writing are all legal in standard. A Rainbow of colours and we go with white!
  6. http://starfightermafia.blogspot.com/2019/04/article-9-x-wing-basics-4-planning-ahead.html?m=1
  7. If you're off the play area, do you count as fully executing a manouver? Pattern Analyser requires the red move to be fully executed while you perform the action, which is why you can perform the action after bumping...
  8. Every double arc crit-missile boat and bomber fleets would disagree
  9. This is why all Darth Vader cards are all called Darth Vader. Not Admiral Vader, or fighter Vader, or BT Vader.
  10. Almost everyone I've spoken to in recent months, including a lot of people that play Scorpion, think the game right now is the most balanced and enjoyable environment we've seen for the LCG. A large part of that is due to the Restricted List pulling Scorpion back into the pack. I'd say the RL is working as intended right now, and the game feels more vibrant and healthy as a result of that.
  11. Bring a list that you know that is potent yet simplistic. Leave the 20 upgrades on a ship for casual play. You just don't have the luxury of trying to mentally stack many upgrades in your head. Half the time after each game you'll find that you've only used a few upgrades effectively Double check dials or triple check. especially if you are running a mixed pilot skill squad. Also track the pilot skills of their ships. If in doubt call a judge. Keep track of your target locks/effects on their ships. Sometimes people will move their ships and forget to move the target lock that you worked hard to get on their ship. They aren't trying to cheat, they just forget. Especially with swarms. Basically both sides should make sure that the game state is current.
  12. I just want to know if they're actually re-printing ALL epic ships or only those 3 they showed in that image.
  13. In the campaign you can only have upto one of each rebel ally, whether unique or non-unique. For friendly skirmish - there are better alternatives than rebel troopers and rebel saboteurs, and I would assume restriction of one each in general would also create more varied armies because you can't "min-max" as well as multiples.
  14. @EliasWindrider Nope. The LAAT/c sacrifices a lot to carry that AT-TE. The /i carries 4 bikes and 30 troops. The /c carries 1 AT-TE and 2 passengers. The /v isn't statted in-game yet, but carries 16 Bikes (and presumably 16 Troops).
  15. True Team Epic @Arma Quattro? Looking forward to this!
  16. I hope it’s mission based and not point based death match. Probably the only thing that would tempt me to purchase the conversion.
  17. Disappointing. In the Saga stats the main guns were significantly more powerful then standard heavies. **** if memory serves, and I might be wrong, the description of the command and control variant from Lead by Example specifically says the heavies it uses as prow guns are weaker then the prow guns on standard Munificients. Plus I don't see why FFG is so opposed to using a Battleship grade turbolaser class.
  18. Have been playing Republic for a couple weeks now. Originally had two Jedi + an Arc. Then switched to 2 Gold Squadron Troopers and the list performs significantly better. If you accept the Torrents are going to die regardless and just throw them into the middle it buys your Jedi time to get into position and thin the enemy numbers a littl, making the end game a little easier. And they tend to survive a lot longer than a single Arc which makes them a real pain. The best thing though is when your opponent finally kills one and you get to tell them they've just scored a whopping 25 points.
  19. Or helping to fill out the backstory for your Not!Asajj Ventress giving Dooku the finger.
  20. No, it's not. Discovering what part of each ship's kit works the best is exactly what the game should be about. If it turns out that the generics are the way to go, then that is what the V-19's role is. Not every piece of cardboard in the game needs to be gold, and moreover, those "useless" pilots might be great in Epic, or at the very least fun elements of the game for people who don't mind playing B-lists for a little fun. Lastly, it does sound like people can figure out a good way to use them, if they don't just decide not to "on paper."
  21. Yeah, in this case Madine is directly competing with raddus and reikan. Madine navigates better to avoid getting shot and line up good shots. Raddus chooses to appear in a perfect spot to avoid dying and line up perfect shots. Reikan chooses to not die, so he can shoot you anyway. The weaknesses of Madine in comparison can really be seen against raddus lists. I have to spread out so much to avoid getting forked that I cannot kill the drop ship once it's in play. My other ships are simply too far away. Thinking back, I actually didn't destroy a single large ship the entire tournament. I just flew around them and hunted smalls/squads. With only 5 activations I can't easily trap large ships without dying in return, which reikan lets Nathan pull off.
  22. Thanks for the options, this will help me plus it will be helpful when explaining the game to others.
  23. Yes. They are two totally different droids. You can have both.
  24. Other than Gideon, how many times has a hero skirmish character been a big part of any competitive lists? Myself, I've been seeing a steady reduction in costs and greater numbers of abilities.
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