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    Inert Fat Han

    Whoa there. Han didn't keep his ability, Han got a massively upgraded version of his ability. He went from rerolling attack dice to rerolling attack, defense, crit cards, obstacles, R2-D2 crew, bombs, and literally any other reason he would ever roll dice that I forgot to mention. Sure you have to be at R1 of an obstacles which I think didn't happen... once out of my last 3 games with him? They can all be bad for the game. No one is saying fix Fat Han but leave Phantoms alone
  3. Judging based on the OT releases, we'll probably get the first heavies very quickly too. What they#ll be is another question though. Maybe the AT-AP and ATT? I could also see the HMP or crab droid happening for the seppies.
  4. Y'know... yeah. That's kinda hilarious. Oh well, soon.
  5. Don't forget out of clan options. Married in, adopted, fostered, even a hostage (if not in name then in reality. Think Theon Greyjoy). Daimyo is an uncle/aunt via interclan marriage and your parents died recently, daimyo claims precedence of loyalty which your current master agrees to (perhaps while intending to use you as a spy in the other clan)
  6. I wouldn't take it on him. You need to be getting in position for a charge and possibly dodging, not wasting actions with ranged attacks.
  7. We did Dark Tides with the players on the boat, and as Gaku starts to 'villain exposition' he coughs blood, and the players step back as the blood animates into a hand and smother/chokes him. The blood then dissipates trailing off toward the water where they see 'a woman' with a knife plunged into her arm glaring at them as she is rowed away. So the party never even got anything on her other than the initial line with her name. As we started Mask, the clues they get allude to is this woman that woman, but they are still trying to figure that out.
  8. Dang son, slow down, you’ll hurt yourself! i love the clone wars walkers, those are tasty!
  9. Vader will always take Saber Throw unless there's another Force Power that gives him a ranged attack to take advantage of his FREE attack after moving.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I'm really looking to find out what the new talents in the Scavenger tree say? We got exceed specifications, one persons trash and another's treasure. I don't know if we have seen improved utility Belt before, but that seems cool too. I can't read the talent descriptions in any of the posts cause they have been too blurry.
  12. I ran the boxed set beginner game at my FLGS, and had 5 dedicated players who each bought the core book, and wanted to return and run together for a campaign. Next week we did a 'session 0' Character building night, and ended up with all manner of characters. Specifically: Crane Doji diplomat Crab Hida 'Glass-Tank' ( sorry inside joke ) Dragon Kitsuki Investigator Dragon Murimoto 2 Sword adept Phoenix Kaito Shrine Keeper So after brainstorming what to do with these people for a week, and knowing only 3 had any RPG experience, and only 1 had ever even heard of Rokugan my idea was they all were seeded into one of the Minor Clans. So we began back at Tsuma, on the eve of the Topax championship from the beginner box game, and watched with glee as their faces all wrapped around the understanding of the Imperial edict that sent them to the lands of the Hare. GM screen adventure later, and now wrapping up the Mask of the Oni adventure, it's been a great ride as they feel the strength of the Hare Clan in thwarting the evil Bloodspeakers... Oh if they only knew what is in store next... Since starting we have added 2 additional players An Isawa Elementalist with the Curiosity quirk ( new to RPG player, but man is she giving me material ) and a Kuni 'witch hunter' My long rambling point is... ABSOLUTELY you can have multiple Clan/Families under one lord. Also you can mix an match other clans into your clan of story under all manner of political maneuvering, marriage arrangements, etc. You should have seen my Hida players face, when after boasting on his martial prowess he was assigned as Yojimbo to the Crane Diplomat. "Oh yeah, big strong Crab needs to protect the weak lil Crane, so his feathers don't get ruffled" Thwack down, Thwack, Down, Thwack, Down. Hida's gone down so often in combat the Kuni has jokingly called him 'Sleeping Beauty' I'll say Roll Initiative, and she points to the map, and asks him where is he gonna take his nap.
  13. Those battleships alone are worth the price of admission! Woww!!!!
  14. Estarriol

    Inert Fat Han

    Luke costs a million points. He’s fine. If you remove Kanan the whole thing just falls apart. But in all honestly, Han in 1e was hardly running the meta at the end. Also, many characters kept their abilities. Fenn, Talonbane, Boba, Emon, Howlrunner, Turr, Wedge, this is nearly endless. Why hate on just the one? There is literally no way that this Han is worse for the game than quad Phantom or 4/5 y-wings.
  15. Shenannigan

    Snap Shot

    My 1.0 list of choice was a snap tactician rhymet with a ruthless tractor double tap vessery and an atc Vader. It was sick nasty. When the bomb/ auto cannon era came, I rotated out rhymer for a shuttle with kylo to blind with Vader.
  16. Bug. Please, provide detailed information about what happened before this situation. I need steps to reproduce.
  17. I’m curious; how long between the original core set did they announce the follow on waves? It’s odd, because I thought it came pretty fast, the stand alone clones and B1’s notwithstanding. I’m thinking maybe the BARC and Droideka as separate boxes after the core infantry?
  18. Exact. Any skill that a clan/family gives is easier. No clan/family gives melee. Only one question allows you to take a disadvantage to get +1 martial skill. Thats it. And for the rank 3, you would need heritage..
  19. Yeah, didn't think of that. Actually recommend sharing the poll if people would, i don't really frequent many forums and i don't use social media (not counting few forums).
  20. It's not that. It's that the V-Wing has no place in the Tarkin Doctrine. At all. It'd be the only ship with Astromechs, but you'd have to add a LOT of "Rebel Only" or "Imperial Only" bits.
  21. It's nice to hear that there is someone out there who thinks just like me!!
  22. This has Republic Representative but does not have Scavenger... did I miss something?
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