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  2. Well, as I'm not happy with the paint job of my hired guns, you probably sold me on an extra blister.
  3. Be excellent to each other!
  4. 100% agree. Did Ani Mace with 2 of them yesterday in a small tournament (24) and went 4:0. They block, they annoy, they make room for the two aces.
  5. Hello, I added the two last cards for the X-34 Landspeeder. I also change all the trooper images to be consistant through all of them. bye
  6. I trust my source on the book cover warping because i know they are placed high enough at FFG to know what happened. I didnt get to ask about RoS this year. So i cant speak to it other than to eay when someone else says the covers warped i can say i believe that. It has happened before.
  7. I will test this theory. Crackshotting, barrel rolling V-19s designed to hunt Separatist droids. Let's see how it goes... >BEGIN SIMULATION ...PROCESSING... ...PROCESSING... ...PROCESSING... ...RESULT ACHIEVED - OUTCOME : That rocked pretty hard, not gonna' lie. Took out seven Energy Shell I3 Vultures with six crackshot Cluster Missile I2 V-19s. Question is, how would this list compare against something tougher than that? Because at the end of the day, Vultures aren't best used on their own- but as a screen for aces, like a flanking Greivous. They're the underdogs we want to love. The named pilots are completely worthless. The entire platform is overcosted. These desperately need a cost reduction by at most 3-4 points across the board if you ask me. But the named pilots, given what they're flying, may need more. I want to run these pilots quite badly but their platform is so bad at being anything but generic there's just no reason to.
  8. Sure. But since we dont know the issue with RoS we dont know what will happen with it. We have rumors of warehouse books. It might be true. It might not. I cant evaluate because i dont know how reliable any link in the chain of sources.
  9. As closely as I can. I save most of the wiggle room for when things are unclear. I believe good rules allow for deviation, but do not require it. If a game constantly requires deviation from the RAW, then I consider the rules to be crap. That's how I see the personal/planetary scale divide.
  10. Both of them build different and play different. First, it really isn't about the expected damage. The LMC80 is a small ship bully, and can drop the medium ships fairly quickly. Either build will drop most small ships because you have high odds for an accuracy and the requisite damage. And if you don't kill it straight up with the shot, there's the possibility of ram damage. Second, I noticed you thought Sato, but Madine is really made for this ship, and several people have used Raddus with success. What it needs is positioning. Positioning usually beats raw damage output. The other consideration is that because it is more fragile than the other large ships, it needs an escape latch. Otherwise, you lose your big investment and all of your MOV and don't win the tournament. So onto the comparison: SC: The big benefit here is that if you want to ET across the board, deliver a lot of threat, and then knock out a small ship or two and reduce activations, this is the best version for that. My SC builds also run 20-30 points cheaper than my BC builds, and for a fragile ship, anything that you can do to make it cheaper, and therefore less impactful on MOV is big. I've done plenty of SW-7/GT, but I've also seen Caitken and Shollan/HIE. Both depend upon what else you've got in your list, how you fly it, and what you expect your activation order to be. In the present meta with lots of large ships, the SC needs quite a bit of help from the rest of its fleet in order to drop an opponent's big ship, and with lots of two ship out there, your ability to catch two ships in the GT front arc is much more difficult. You've got an assortment of turbolasers to pick from. Spinal gives you an ISD front arc, and makes it easier to select LS. SW-7 and no turbolasers keeps it really cheap. DTT is nice. I wouldn't do both XI7 and Mon Karren, but one or the other could be good, depending upon the rest of your list. Both are meta decisions. I am seeing a lot less value from both though in the present meta. You really need other units which end up draining the shields anyway to take down the large ships, so XI7 isn't a real put-away shot. Mon Karren feels like it ought to be slightly more useful/flexible than XI7 at 2 points more, and so anything that weakens XI7 in the meta also weakens Mon Karren. Engine Techs is really a must. BC: The extra red die is not inconsequential. Having a GT+Spinal for two 5 dice red range shots gives you a ton of flexibility. You can slow roll a bit more, allow some of your other units to do some of the work, and then finally deliver a medium range kill shot. Many units can laugh off 3 red dice, but 5 generally means that some damage is getting through, and starts having an outside chance at an accuracy to increase that damage further. By being able to hang back, you leave your weak sides less exposed. I would tout the benefits of double black flak, but in the present meta, you need to be able to lock them down and force them to eat double-black flak shots, otherwise, they'll just zoom out and you won't be able to fire shots. The bigger problem to me is that MSU is out of the meta right now, which means the LMC80 which feasts upon them has fewer opportunities. It gets traps in a place where you need squads to help it match up in the squad game, but you basically have to pick one of two options: 1. Run squadronless or very light squadrons, and run a real LMSU. 2. Run full squadrons, but be left with a single TRC Jaina's Light as your ship support, plus you're down at least an activation over LMSU.
  11. They look really awful on paper to me. The I3 generic is overcosted for sure. (Dedicated might also be) For sure the I3 with dedicated is. The ain issue is that there's no real reason to add fillers to your list. Yeah, its two blockers instead of one.. that's about it. I'd probably rather have an Arc. These also don't have a I1. If they were actually good at killing Vultures, then they'd have a place. Clones need a lot more design and mechanic. They're kind of boring. OH AND THE V19 PILOT ABILITIES ARE SHHT!! COMPLETELY SELFISH ON A FLIMSY WITH NO REASON TO TAKE THEM. What a waste of design space.
  12. What are the dual prow turbolasers on the Munificient? Standard heavies or something stronger to better match their damage level in older sources?
  13. Awesome! Thanks, this makes me want an ATAT now 😄 Matt
  14. Here you go: https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/11868/silverbulletforjourneytothecross-roads-1.0
  15. Thanks a lot for all the compliments , I’m really happy that you like it. There are definitely better boards out there, I’ve still a lot to learn from Rob Hawkins, Scenery Planet and Battleboards. They are the masters. If you don’t know them, I could only recommend you to check their gorgeous works, they are eye candies😄. I’m doing this for fun, to relax from work but if it could contribute a little to motivate new players to join this awesome game and community, I would be more than happy 😊. In the past, I have done a demo board for the rule book of the Fallout miniature wargame (see these articles on my blog). I will try to post a few pictures with minis on the Tatooine board tomorrow. Have a great week-end, Matt
  16. I want to believe in the V-19 Torrent.
  17. The Lion pack was initially slated to be last but got moved up. Either way, all of the packs are done it's just a matter of when FFG wants to release them.
  18. The battlecruiser is just over 6 as well, I believe (rerollable reds are ~1.03, blues 0.9375, plus the chance of not needing LS). Part of it is flak; the improvement from one die to two can be pretty handy. Another factor is Spinal Armament, which makes the BC somewhat viable at range, especially if you’re one of those weird Caitken and Shollan people. Overall though, the Star Cruiser is probably better a fair bit of the time just for being cheaper without a significant quality drop.
  19. Today
  20. The term with that same meaning is used as such in most Burning Wheel games. I've seen it in a couple other Forge games. It's a great idea, one I use, as well...
  21. There are several attack cases where the TN might be other than the expected 2. When using certain kata, the TN is their vigilance. When they are in Air, the GM might decide not to reveal their Conflict rank; if they're CR 4+, it's TN+2... Sometimes, it's fun to not give them the missing values... not always.
  22. Honest question: do you always play the rules as written, every time, with no allowance for wiggle room?
  23. Apex predators die to technology in the real world all the time. If it's supposed to be different in Star Wars, the creature needs to be able to stand up to low-end planetary scale weapons and able to do damage through Armor ratings of 2+. Otherwise it's just meat.
  24. I’d drop both your black squadron aces for 3 academy. That gives you enough points to put hate on Vader. That makes Vader tougher, gives you another ship, and some i1 blockers at 199 points.
  25. Hey man; your call, your game. Play it how you like. Personally I feel there's a huge difference between the survival instincts of womp-rats vs. Tattooine's apex predator.
  26. This. If the players have got to the point where they can't possibly be beaten with conventional methods, the GM needs to start playing smarter, not harder. If the PC's are going krayt hunting in a vehicle, then flip a DP and say, you notice the ship's power cell has been damaged; they can either go back to base to repair it, or it will be inoperable when they get to the site of the last krayt attack, where it will be inert, and they'll have to hoof it back to base from there. Or, have an ion storm break out, rendering all ships useless, and force the party to go in on dewback, um, back. Or when you get there, it's a mutant ELDER krayt, with a hide that's reached cortosis-levels of durability. [And it breathes plasma!] But no, in Happy's world, the PCs have a vehicle and they're unstoppable now and the GM has no tools to stop them. Oh well. \_(ツ)_/
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