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  2. Trying something different - shinier, less dirty repaint. With a mix of matte and gloss sealant to highlight some of those panels. The Fang seems like a good place to start. And I magnetized the bugger, because why not?
  3. man I thought this was going to be "who would win in a fight" it's totally Stonehelm
  4. So, this was something I had bouncing around my brain recently, that sounded neat to try, but given the nature of it, could prove tricky to actually GM. So I was curious if anyone has tried something similar to this, and what tricks they used to make it more manageable. This idea came about from an Old Republic era campaign I ran with some friends. Basic premise was they were a Padawan (roughly Obi-Wan's skil level in Phantom Menace), and a young vagrant that had recently been picked up by the Padawan's master. Young and Force-Sensitive, but untrained. Not Chosen One or anything, just a kid they encountered that had Force powers. As they were traveling back to the Core systems, to take the girl back for training, their ship had a critical malfunction, and was forced to crash on a remote planet. The Master died in the crash, leaving the 2 PCs with trying to deal with what was going on, find a way to leave the planet, protect the handful of other survivors, and also deal with the native inhabitants. The final catch was they would end up helping to stop a Sith Ghost that had existed on the planet for centuries, freeing the native population from it's tyranny, and then eventually leaving the planet, roll credits. Part Two: Would pick up during the Rebellion era, and they would be playing a pair of PCs that were about smuggling and other starship related stuff (their choice of PCs, just happened to work perfectly for what I wanted). They would end up taking on some passengers for extra credits, and one of those passengers would turn out to be a young woman, who recently learned she was pregnant, with a now dead Jedi's baby. He was living off the grid like Kanen Jarrus, but wasn't able to escape the hunting parties. She runs for her life, rightly afraid the Empire would seek her out due to the baby she was carrying. She would be having visitations by this Force Ghost, due to the link she shared with the child (who was Force-Sensitive), and he was basically trying to get her WAAAAY off the grid. So he told her to take passage on this specific ship (The PC's ship), and then hijack the hyperspace systems when she had a chance, and reprogram them to take the ship to an deep section of space. The Twist: It would turn out to be the planet that the players had helped save from the Sith Ghost in the previous Old Republic campaign, and they would see the statues to their previous PCs at the head of the temple they constructed for their native Force users. The new PCs wouldn't have any idea of the connection, it would just be some random old ruins with big statues, not uncommon in Old Republic architecture. But the players, would get a fun little call back, and see how their actions had an impact. So, yeah I kind of thought of doing something like that, but on a shorter time scale. Like, have a group of PCs, maybe in the Prequel Era, and have them just doing their usual thing, with some Big Bad to deal with. But have some random NPCs they interact with as a supporting cast. And if/when the PCs fail/die trying to reach their goal, of stopping the Big Bad, have them write up the NPC's that they interacted with as the new PCs, and fast forward the timeline several years. Like if one of them got busy with an NPC, perhaps they play the child, now living in the bad situation the parent was unable to resolve. Or if they had a beloved sidekick, like Short Round for Indiana Jones, who after seeing Indy die, decides to try and finish what he started, and you fast forward to him being an adult, with his own skill set. I thought this could be fun to try out, and might help the players be more mindful of their impact when dealing with NPCs, which sadly tend to be disregarded as background dressing at best. Thoughts from anyone who has tried this? What problems did you run into? How did you work around them? Or just random ideas on how to structure a campaign like this?
  5. Yep, any player card with the encounter keyword is removed from the game when it leaves play (so, also that ranger guy).
  6. I hope the first 5 minutes are Luke waking up from the terrible disjointed dream that was the last 2 movies, and we get a properly written series continuation.
  7. I won't be surprised if he's at least OK, but I think it's the combination of his 56 points and the options the Imperials have. Duchess at 42 points can take a shield upgrade and talent and still have points left over. Maarek can get FCS and a shield upgrade for 56 points. Named phantoms have already been mentioned. The comparison of him with Obi-wan is decent, especially if you give Obi-wan CLT (61 points), which is probably comparable to the ability of the Inquisitor. For those 5 extra points, there's still a much stronger force ability available, a better ship ability, and an extra force point. All that is easily better than what the Inquisitor offers and I don't see many people choosing CLT Obiwan.
  8. Well, yeah, that’s always a good first question! Maybe you’re a reinforcing Hera, she probably cares somewhat less if she can erase Mauler that turn.
  9. That and Mekton. I have (but haven't had a chance to play) TFOS as well. Great game. The funniest RPG rulebook I ever read.
  10. The more I think about this, the less I'm sure what the point is. If it's all voluntary and none of it is going to affect card design (player or encounter) going forward, a lot of it feels pointless. Some of the changes do provide a developer-suggested middle ground short of just not using the card at all, but others (like Ace in the Hole) seem explicitly geared towards shutting down particular degenerate combos. My choice is to use the Taboo list which prevents me using the combo, or... just not use the combo. And assuming we ever get anything on the actual Forbidden list, it's exactly the same. I'm also not sure all the "Everything will be designed like this doesn't exist" really holds either. Does anyone think we'll get a new round of permanent 3 XP boosters like Higher Ed, or another Seeker card that generates resources as well as Milan? At the very least, the list represents an acknowledgement that those cards were design mistakes and I have a hard time seeing them repeat those mistakes just because the list is voluntary.
  11. Also worth noting that while there is only one Falcon, there were more than one IG droids roaming in the galaxy.
  12. Getting the pictures to show in post can be a bit of a pain, IMO. You can try using the "Insert other media" drop down in the bottom right and put the direct URL to the image. The 3 turn makes the outside ship do something like a 5 turn? There's so much to relearn here. Oh holy midi-chlorians, can you barrel roll a formation? How?
  13. "Power level" has never been an issue with me. I typically play skill-based advancement systems, not level based. So you don't have that "power creep" you get with D&D and its ilk. The same here. You don't really have that "power creep". Yes, your characters do get better as they advance, but they don't suddenly get much more "healthy" or able to absorb much more damage. So a minion group of Storm troopers is still a threat for a 2000XP Jedi Master as it is for a 100 starting XP smuggler.
  14. Like "Why the **** did the player put me here"?
  15. You'd pay 54 points for naked inquisitor? Wow, I wouldn't touch him anywhere in the 50s and I'd probably think really hard about other options in the high 40s too I think there's good reasons why you literally never see him played competitively and it can't be that he's just 2 points too expensive... Like it or not, cross-faction comparisons are totally fair in my opinion, especially when comparing *chassis*. Sure, some upgrade cards will have specific faction-specific combos that don't exist in another one, but chassis should be roughly appropriately costed across the factions or else you get into the murky waters of the designers pricing *lists*, not ships. Purely reactive price changes also run that risk which is why they still need to be considered in the context of a range of reasonable prices for a given chassis (unless of course the goal is to completely nuke a specific combo or ship for the purposes of rotating it out of play, which is obviously "fine" as well). Pricing stuff primary based on the presence or absence of other upgrade cards in the faction is ultimately a strategy that is going to end in a spider-web of inconsistent valuations. In the long run that's effectively just giving up at coming up with appropriate relative prices for stuff, which I don't think is necessary or useful. If "the stuff he needs to shine" makes other chassis shine even more, isn't that a pretty clear indicator that he costs too much relative to those other chassis?
  16. Oops.. I'd rather not have that Corellian ganger ticked at me, a blaster bolt to the back of the head isn't pleasant. That being said Juke + Jamming Beam Serissu has a little potential as a high Init token stripper.
  17. Well, when you got Vader coming in on one side, Fel on the other and Mauler right up the middle... who suddenly boosts into range 1.... That poor soul has to ask some very difficult questions.
  18. LagJanson

    Inert Fat Han

    The equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and singing "la la la!" loudly. The highest form of intellectual disagreement.
  19. I'm sure it's not worth it at all, but man it's funny to pretend he's an Ace for 2 turns
  20. Hiemfire

    Inert Fat Han

    They're just trolling via copy pasta of their previous posts.
  21. Haven't been this happy something got off the boat since Guts did.
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