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  2. I'm playing progression solo and it sounds like I'm just ahead of you. I just finished the third scenario in KD and about to move onto Redhorn Gate. I decided to go thematic and go mainly with dwarf themed decks. It's also an excuse to use most of the new cards and really start to try out Dain's synergy (which was fun - but I expect more fun once we get even more allies after the Hobbit saga). The first scenario Into The Pit is very unforgiving and tougher than it's official rating (imo). The Seventh Level is also much tougher than it's rating - it's also got a great flavour of the Moria scene from the Felllowship movie. I struggled with this scenario initially until I happened upon a Thalin + Gondorian Spearman combo. There are quite a lot of 1hp and 2hp orcs in here. With Thalin hitting anything that comes out of the encounter deck and then Gondorian Spearman hitting anything that attacks him - you can kill quite a lot of enemies before they even attack you. Flight From Moria, really enjoyed this one. Has a great mechanic with the Nameless Fear and a similar mechanic with multiple/random cards like final stage of Passage Through Mirkwood (which I also enjoyed). But SO many treacheries. Thalin + GS came in useful here too. Bifur's ability makes him a great splash hero for Lore. Haven't used Dwalin much yet. I found Frodo a useful hero in KD. Overall, I've definitely played much more tactics than in the previous cycle. I'd go as far to say Tactics cards are not feasible in Shadows of Mirkwood - so being able to legitimately play them was really fun and a welcome change.
  3. Because Coordinate is not a step in the game it is an action put on the "ability queue". The ability must finish before passing to the next ability. Part of the resolution of coordinate is making another ship do one action. If doing this action trigger something, it is put on the back of the ability queue. A step is not in the ability queue. So doing your action in the action step trigger the possible linked one that is added to the queue if you choose so, but the step must not end before you continue on the queue. It is the queue that must be done before you finish the step.
  4. No problem. I think you have 5 XP left to spend? Also, you need to select your Morality. Duty is to the Emperor.
  5. And this seems to be the key question. You're not wrong that most complaints of NPEs are list/game based. I'm not at all sure what brought up the conversation from Gold Sqdn. I could guess, but that hardly seems fair and would likely be incorrect anyway.
  6. Zara keeps her lead and hits the ramp first, flying through the fire-ring and the finish, Wheeler right behind. Slowing and circling back around, she removes her helmet and stands on her pegs, fists raised high. "Woo-hoo!!!"
  7. To be fair, most NPEs are separate and distinct issues. And I totally agree about 1.0
  8. He sure can. As soon as he's fully in play, his reaction trigger condition is met, so you can totally take advantage of it. But notice, it's only once per turn. Will it see play? I think so. I hope so. I like Crane Shugenja in general, because it allows you to play the odd Cloud or maybe splash Supernatural Storm. He's expensive for a base 0/0, heck I think he's expensive for the 3/3 he could be if honored. But that ability is pretty cool.
  9. For the last eight months, Spectre Cell lists have been oppressive in the skirmish meta, winning 60% of regionals as well as the top two spots at Worlds. The best skirmish players in the game have spent months and months attempting to figure out a counter to the list and concluded the best way to beat Spectre consistently is with Spectre. No other list has the raw stat power and breaks so many fundamental rules of skirmish. SC doesn't care about command cards, positioning, losing figures, activation counts, activation order, etc. Combined with a very friendly map rotation (tarkin is a small map, back alleys is a playground for SC, blitz is an auto-win)--with only fluctuations being a weak matchup for SC.
  10. Oh really? That's cool! Not nearly as long as I feared! I'll pencil it in! Although that's not official to me until the Upcoming page changes 😛 .
  11. Oddball is a blast and with synched console and a bunch of cluster torrents you can make an opponent have a very bad day. The Jedi are fun but you really have to know what you're doing as the delta ( even the 7b) isn't a good straight up jouster. If you're good with other ace platforms with great manueverablity a la Kylo in the Silencer you'll love them. And the ARCs are just fun beat sticks. Slap r3s and tail gunners and fly in formation to profit. As far as the future stuff I don't care for the N-1, but the Republic Y-wing is going to be sick.
  12. what makes you think that? the description of coordinate from the rules reference specify that the chosen ship performs 1 action. there is no support for coordinating to go on further than that. of course i realize that AP-5 uses the plural. his card says "actions". you're reasoning that since it's AP-5 performing the coordinate action, the effect is player owned and doesn't have to end at the timing specified in the rules for coordinate, but the player can add as many effects he wants before the coordinate ends to the ability queue? you can always link actions off of other actions or trigger effects (pilot abilities, ship abilities, upgrades, etc.) off of actions. there is no specification on when the perform action step ends. as indicated by the rules for ionization, it's still the perform action step after you would like to link an action from the focus action, as it forbids you to do so if you where ionized. the perform action step is simply described like this: "3. Perform Action: The ship may perform one action." there are several other mentions of the perform action step throughout the rules reference, for example (under "Action" on page three): • During the Perform Action step of a ship’s activation, the ship may perform an action. let's talk about advanced SLAM. SLAM specifically states that the SLAM action can only be performed as a ships one action during the perform action step. you then have a card like advanced SLAM letting the ship perform another action after the SLAM-maneuver has been executed. the cards always supersede the rules reference, but still. the timing for linked actions, autothrusters, vectored thrusters and the like are the same. they occur after the an action has been performed. after means immediately after. i still don't see a conflict between one effect ending and another effect beginning, but you're arguing there is one? as in coordinating doesn't end when the coordinate effect is described to end, but only after all other effects triggered by the action have been resolved in the ability queue? please also that there is a fundamental difference between the coordinate action and the steps you take to resolve it and the perform action step of activation. the perform action step always comes around during activation (unless, of course, another effect has caused you to skip it). it's part of every ships activation during the activation phase. coordinating only comes about when you perform the action. based on how a round of x-wing is constructed, i find it quite natural to assume that timing windows can always come up during every phase of play. can you really stop something happening mid action and add other effects to the ability queue before that action is completed, though? do you have other examples? also note that AP-5s effect is only relevant if the ship he chooses when coordinating has exactly one stress token. does that mean he could choose and unstressed Jake Farrel, have jake perform an evade action, then boost with vectored thrusters, gaining a stress, and then performing a focus action from his pilot ability? there are a lot of other scenarios which become quite unclear here. what happens if he gains more stress than one while performing actions? could he still perform more actions? does he need to be stressed when he's chosen to be able to perform actions while stressed, or can he gain the stress later and keep performing actions?
  13. Don't know if you caught this or not Absol but on one of the Rise spoiler threads we found out via a Facebook post on FFGs page that Rise will be released May 9th.
  14. While all true, end of 1.0 was a miserable play experience, while all the players were great. They're separate and distinct issues.
  15. Tlfj200

    Inert Fat Han

    If that's what you read, then that's an odd interpretation of what's going on here.
  16. Depending on what you have available I'd add the Kazad-Dum set and Dwarrowdelf cycle cards to your card pool. Then go from there. Tactics gets more interesting in this cycle. Rivendell Blade shows up along with Dwarrowdelf Axe. Also a few really nice tactics events. This increases the 'fun' level with them. You can certainly build a two-sphere deck with a tactics splash. Legolas comes to mind as he gets a few key cards this cycle. I second the use of willpower. The game is still in its early stage in Dwarrowdelf and progress remains important. As mentioned the treacheries can be quite swingy as well. For pure tactics decks - Against the Shadow cycle is where i remember first putting those together.
  17. Interesting. I believe that NPE in the context of Xwing is pretty much exclusively used for game design/balance discussions. As @viedit said, the other kind are negative playER experiences. Of course those are negative experience of play - the same words - but not NPEs. Even if you are right, which is very well possible, the timing is very odd. The current discussion at large is about NPEs with respect to game design/balance. Why talk about player behavior now and implicitly claim a context that is not there?
  18. Not a prediction but more of a wishlist. I'd like to see the Nebulon B frigate for the rebels & or Galactic empire, and also the Bunker Buster that we see in the Star Wars Battlefront II video game, which I also think is in TLJ. Appreciate that both these models are much larger than the CR90, but given what FFG are doing with the SSD in Armada, I think they are achievable.
  19. Only the Ghost title is necessary to dock a shuttle in the VCX. The Phantom title just grants you extra range to dock : range 0-1 instead of range 0 normally.
  20. The picture accompanying the statblock is his classic orange flightsuit with a Hoth backdrop but i would tend to agree that with an FR3 its post Dagobah Luke but prior to bespin
  21. The game is great, me and my family love it. Probably my favorite boardgame now, which is pretty bit statement since I play alot. And yes, app is working perfectly on mobile (tested on ipad and iphone).
  22. I disagree - to a point. Most everything you said Gold Sqdn pointed out are indeed Negative Play Experiences. Most of my own NPEs are based on human interactions, not the list they brought. The ones I'm not sure of are simply because I don't have context but assume Gold Sqdn meant what I think they meant. Now, a list in the X-Wing game containing components that make the game unenjoyable are certainly NPEs, just not the only one.
  23. thespaceinvader

    New Epic

    I'd say I'd consider it but they did it for the fang and I was completely unmoved.
  24. Fair enough, that explains it...thought it was odd. Thanks.
  25. That's great to hear, precious! What devices have you been using to play the app? I have a Surface 2 that doesn't support the Google Play store, so I would be using my phone until I finally decide to upgrade my computer. Does it work well on mobile?
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