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  2. The concept seems to require high cunning and intellect, and willpower is likely too (because almost every force sensitive build requires that), not sure about presence or agility. Point is that M.A.D. is at work
  3. Oh, when and where was this stated? Because oddly enough, in the AOTC commentary, it's stated by George Lucas that the dark side is actually the stronger side. Although GL also states that the force is about balance between the two - which doesn't make sense with one side being stronger than the other, because if one side is stronger than the other, then there is imbalance! So if there is an official viewpoint, an official statement, please do share it!
  4. The big issue with that is that it should be 5 points for its most effective use (i.e. Maul and Dooku), but that then entirely removes it from consideration for essentially everyone else apart from Hatin Kanan and maybe Asajj. And there aren't any other good Force upgrades.
  5. I've done something similar with a group of 5 where I was the only one who had played before. I got everyone into teams of 2, with me swapping between to help the teams out/clarification of the rules and strategic advice. It worked pretty well IMO,
  6. I think you missed the entire part where I said it's about more than just the Force dice. By the time the dice are rolled at all, the light side guy has had to go through a lot of trouble (including the possibility of Conflict) while the dark side guy can take whatever route he wants. This is how the dark side is quicker--by allowing dark side guy to bypass hurdles. If light side guy does that, he might become dark side guy and then everyone is equal when the white dice get rolled.
  7. Conversely, I played Brobots+x for a while, and used the jamming beams to actual meaningful effect AND hit, maybe twice. THey're so very rarely useful as to be mostly irrelevant even at 0 points. Because they're the second rather than the first shot, primarily - the difference in utility between Maul and B is night and day.
  8. Yesterday, my buddy flew Whisper with 5Bro, Juke, and CollDet, Redline with ProTorps, and Vynder with Os-1, AdSLAM, FCS, ProTorps, and AdProTorps. It was BRUTAL
  9. This is pretty much what the original EU had established before the Prequels came out. Read the original Thrawn Trilogy.
  10. Another take on it might set Dooku up as a tragic figure that leaves the Jedi to save the Republic. In doing so, he increasingly draws upon the dark side and the knowledge from combing forbidden holocrons. He's not a Sith Apprentice under Palpatine but instead a self-taught rival Lord (that would long reject that he was a Sith at all). This requires that Dooku strongly suspects a Sith is influencing the highest levels of the Republic but that he doesn't know the identity of the Sith Lord. Palpatine would not realize the threat to his position until Dooku started to move, and he then decides to manipulate the situation (the Separatist movement) to his gain as it will greatly speed along Palpatine's original schemes. So in this Dooku is still doing Palpatine's bidding, but as an outmaneuvered opponent, not as a willing accomplice. Dooku's pride and belief that he alone can save the Republic ends up being the match that burns it all down (and Palpatine is more than willing to keep tossing fuel into the bonfire). This version might also have a Jedi schism during the formation of the Separatist movement involving a set of Jedi swayed by Dooku's sincere intent to save the Republic and stop the hidden menace of the Sith. These allied Jedi are likely lost by the time Dooku himself adopts a Sith identity.
  11. Here's an idea. In the past, opposing sides of conflicts tried to be more "humane" in that they weren't sending citizens to their deaths, but were creating artificial beings to fight battles for them. That is, until the clones decided they knew better and banded against their creators. Thus began the Clone Wars.
  12. I have run this in pathfinder and while you could adapt anything its really focus on the story of baba yaga You travel alot in the adventures to different planets and well times in history 😉 wont make to many spoilers. Book 1 features and ice Fey sorta dungoun. Most of book 1 and 2 takes place in a small Village this could be adapted as is. But tbh it will be easier to make up something of your own 😀 For Viking themes you could do. A Hunt for a linnworm Investigate the ghost raiders sailing silent in ghastly ships terrorizing A venture into the mistlands
  13. Kind of curious why you didn't start out as shadow from the word go as it may have been cheaper on the xp.... but I dont know the character concept so maybe that was the best way. I have also seen people just put 1 stat to 4 and then just spend xp on skills and talents from there.
  14. Only thing I can think of as there is 5 people a square play area might not work maybe try a round play area and everyone spread evenly around the edge would my idea and maybe 150 pts each.
  15. When I was building my Scoundrel/Force Exile I just had to accept that I wasn’t going to have a 4 in any attribute if I wanted to realize the concept I was going for. The game didn’t last long, but I was eventually going to cross spec into Shien Expert and Shadow from the Sentinel career. This obviously never occurred but until I got to Shien Technique I was going to be rocking a 2 brawn and, if I even had a lightsaber at that point, just making up for it with skill rankings in lightsaber. Shame the game never lasted beyond about 5 sessions, because I was looking forward to exploring this character. But, alas that is ttrpgs for the most part.
  16. There are Hyperspace trials on July 20th. To my understanding these are meant to be season two, so you'd think the next change will before then? And, more than like, a week before then? But who knows, and we also don't know the release date for wave four.
  17. This reminds me of who really was meant to bring balance to the force. Was it Anakin? Luke? or now Rey?
  18. It should also be noted that what makes Battle droids dangerous and potentially scary is not their individual effectiveness. It’s their sheer numbers. Yes, individual battle droids are pretty much useless cannon fodder, and none too bright. But, there are a lot of them. That means that they can potentially overwhelm a position through simply their vast numbers. In this way, they’re very much like ants. One isn’t very dangerous, but millions of them in a single collective can devastate and area, destroying everything in their path.
  19. What an awesome board. Things like this make miniature wargaming so much fun.
  20. I am not using Unlimited power I am using nothing but core rulebook or the rise of the seperatist book, but sure I can use just Core rule book. Also I can perform everyone of the powers listed there consistently... like 100% of the time consistently. There are 2 force dice... and they have 0 blanks which means the bare minimum number of force points you can generate with every roll is 2..yes I have to use the dark side and flip a destiny point, but I can still do it 100% of the time and 1 conflict is basically nothing if you aren't a murder hobo or a jerk to everyone. Also Page 322 "Knight level Play.... .In force and destiny advanced characters and adventurers are called 'knight level'. Knight-level play represents PC's on the cusp of reaching the skill level of a jedi knight, while still giving them plenty of room to grow and improve" So unless you are starting at Knight level play a Force and destiny character was never designed to be even remotely close to a Jedi. Only at knight level play do you even APPROACH the skills of a jedi and even then you are not full on Jedi level yet. So the book does as it promises as I can build just about any Jedi-ish character I want with 150 Xp and have them still have room to grow into full blown jedi in another 150.... or a full campaign. If you do not believe me just ask what kind of jedi do you want and I will build it with Jedi Knight level play. They wont be perfect they will still have room to grow, but they will do and they will accomplish a good amount of what a jedi could.
  21. None of these lists need an emergency points changes. On the contrary, these changes need to be well thought out and directed. I believe FFG devs are watching tournament results and will react accordingly.
  22. Rebel Beef will always be a thing. You probably won't be able to to take Cassian+Leia with more good stuff anymore.
  23. See the "Up Coming Wave" thread for all possible answers, both snarky and uninformative.
  24. I tend to agree with this. No, we never saw Maul directly fight with the CIS, but he's Darth Maul. They're going to put him in the game. Sooner, rather than later. I completely see and agree with all the counterpoints, but I think getting a fan favorite on the table outweighs canon semantics.
  25. It’s George Lucas himself who has outright stated that the Light is ultimately stronger than the Dark. This is also Lucasfilm’s official stance on the matter. It’s not a fan misconception. It’s the official viewpoint of the creators of the lore. Not only that, but canon actually proves this to be true in the form of Force Ghosts. Only a Light Side Force users, specifically Paragons, can become true Force Ghosts. A Dark Side might be able to bind his spirit to a given object or location, at best, but cannot freely manifest anywhere at any time and directly influence the world around him, as Yoda and Obi Wan obviously do in the movies. Not only that, but from a purely allegorical perspective, it fits. Light (be it the sun, a fire, a lamp, etc.) banishes darkness. Turn on any light and it illuminates everything within its glow, pushing back the darkness to whatever is beyond its range. Darkness cannot consume light. A light has to be extinguished for darkness to return. Darkness itself cannot push back against the light.
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