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  2. Luke, Leia, Han, C3PO, R2D2, Lando, Chewie, Jyn Erso, Saw Guerra, Cassian Andor, K2SO, Boba Fett, Dengar, 4LOM, Zuckess, Bossk, Black Kyrrsatan, Aphra (plus her droids), IG88, Mothma, Piett, Krennic, Ackbar... I might have forgotten a few.
  3. Hello everyone. I am just returning the game after about 6 month, I just read the new points value and I am very pleased of the Devs choices, I thought I would find the forum happy about all the new clone war ships and the great games experience. Nope, I found that the forum is still a warzone. Today, people fight about fat Han being or not being the doom of the 2nd edition. Today, I will end this fight. I will also end all the fights. I will make this forum a heaven of peace and joy. I have found that if we disagree it is often because we are not looking for the same thing in the game. Here a video about psychographic profile in Warhammer that work totally with X wing. For example, I see myself as 70% Timmy and 30% Jhony. If we ask a Timmy a Jhony and a Spike about fat Han : Timmy: it is tematic, the white stop is cool narratively, it is strong but only if it play the clock, so as I won't see it a lot. I conclude that it not break my game. Jhony: by combining mechanism that was supposed to not be combined in V2, even if it is not unbeatable, it break the game by denying the opponent the opportunity to play freely. It should not be possible. Spike: it is legal and not even super strong, so there is no big deal about it. What are your vision of the game? Is the game healthy? Is the rebels bias real? All those questions depends on your psychographic profile. What is yours?
  4. Hah... you’re the one that talked me off the ledge on that one in the first place.
  5. Have you checked that you have updated your app with the first points update?
  6. Sounds good. I often saw super risky to use boba and vader in the same list. Can you advice me how to use "new ways to motivate them"? I usually send 1-2 snow flamers squad into a suicide run... sometimes they flame a rebel squad, sometimes they inflict less damage and then they are dead..
  7. The various Stormtroopers (excepting Deathtroopers) are hardly different enough to warrant separate entries.
  8. Bingo. This right here. Why couldn't they just release a free app that went through 1.0 and fixed the problems. Still, X-wing perfectly encapsulated my long-standing argument that all player vs player board games eventually become imbalanced, and end up with a very small subset of pieces that are actually viable, to the point of killing the game. FFG sure made a good business decision. They understand that so many gamers will part with their money with no problem to fix the company's mistakes. Can you imagine if you car had a recall part and you were asked to pay for the repair? People would be apoplectic. But you slap 2.0 on it, and it's all, "take muh money"
  9. Krennic absolutely needs Deathtroopers while the opposite isn't true. He's also a support commander, and shouldn't be in the thick of things. For list building, as Staelwulf said, build a well-rounded list, not one for dedicated to a single task. If everything but the most casual of games, its not generally allowed to change your list to counter your opponents. Otherwise, you could just have this endless series of tweaking lists to optimize them against your opponent. Build a deck of condition/deployment/objective cards that suits your build, and try to block the cards that don't fit your list or playstyle.
  10. Well I asked for the qualifications and you didn't mention this. So I think it's fine.
  11. Not to take away from Impspy's achievements which we stand amidst, and not ours, I feel Snapshot will help Turr even further than the current meta, as it offers him a way of dodging even I6 (but the attack being r2 makes it tricky).
  12. At the time of writing stage 2B for Conflict at the Carrock, Nightmare mode wasn’t even a thing yet; so that wouldn’t be the reason for having no stated win condition. It did line up nicely, though!
  13. While they may have CW at GenCon, I suspect that it will be an early release with normal retail hitting in late August. I do agree that the Operatives may see release alongside the Downed AT-ST.
  14. Just pretend it's the wreck of the station now providing obstruction...
  15. All speculation, but I can see Kylo trying to gain power, without Snoke. This leaves the next best thing, Palpatines lingering presence. Kylo hunts down his force ghost and tries to learn from him (maybe he does learn some stuff) Rey follows and at some point battles Palpys force ghost (in some way), Kylo, and eventually wins with Lukes force ghost saying "I am your father" or something silly. Then we go "yay! a skywalker rose!"
  16. You were right. I failed to take critical into account on my first equation. It's pretty simple actually to account for critical when you think about it. Normally, you're figuring out how many "hits" you get from a single die. Critical will only allow two dice (that surge) to become hits, not the whole pool. Just add the two die faces (.25) to the total number of possible hits in a roll. The same way you did with individual dice. It could be seen like this as well to make things easier; 2x red dice (throw in the surges here) - 1.75 1x Tenacity Die - .75 2x Black dice - 1.0 2x White Dice - .5 4.0 Avg Damage.
  17. In previous games such as Mansions of Madness, if you are ever instructed to flip a facedown fear or damage card you flip and resolve the card. The Journeys in Middle Earth rulebook is not clear on this. The way it reads is that you flip it face up but do not resolve. The few cards you have that let you Rest only let you discard face down fear/damage. So is the intent that you resolve the text after flipping face up or that they are a detriment and stop you from healing?
  18. bobafett1228

    why ffg?

    things like this or like this are what I commonly fly. ( I don't have a u-wing. )
  19. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was small base too. Might be a nice addition to the lambda and the Reaper.
  20. The short answer is that’s its not possible/easy. you can’t add more players after the fact. you can have people drop out, but the character they were playing will still be there and you have to run it for them.
  21. Are there stats for any other named characters from the films or comics?
  22. I mean, before you spread something like the dying condition, you would have to apply that condition to something else (or someone has to do that anyway). Also, I could see this being used as a "from ****'s heart I stab at thee." kind of spell, where a dying shugenja "shares" their dying condition with the enemy. Could be pretty cool. Hmm.. a shugenja stabs themselves to apply the dying condition, casts sympathetic energies to apply the condition to their enemy, heals themselves.. just the sort of ridiculous thing a Player Character might do..
  23. We had a quick look at how this works today, although not in a game setting, just a couple of preset engagements. My feeling is that they simply don't chuck enough dice to be worth investing so heavily in the double mods, at the cost of your repositions or passive mod. The extra damage that they may throw out does not balance the extra damage they'll receive. Particularly when they're so squishy and will explode as a result. I mean, it may be worth actually trying properly. I'd be surprised if it amounted to much, in terms of increased effectiveness, but there may be something there when it comes to leveraging their repositions with it, rather than attack mods. I can't even imagine how complicated that would make them to fly though.
  24. Ditto on what’s been said so far. I’m guessing the Republic Venator will have an insane anti-squadron armament and a lot of red dice, while I expect the separate Imperial variant will be “refitted” to be more of a heavy-battleship.
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