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  2. Thank you. I will download now, and provide feedback when available.
  3. this is a WILD take after the gunboat won the Denver System open.
  4. No need for screed. Drop screed for motti or jj and take ecms/ews for better damage mitigation. Squads will die quickly to a dedicated ball. Expanded hangers is useless on the gozanti as you can activate all of them already. Drop Brunson for pryce. Drop tua/ecms and put on Brunson. Kill engine techs. Use points, and maybe the points from one of the gozantis to buy more squads, starting with MMJ
  5. Incorrect, data has not been collected for the new units yet except by Invader League and despite excuses being made, it supports my argument so far. Also the chances of winning are definitely not equal if one side has more opportunities if gaining victory tokens, but I see arguing with you is pointless. There are many who see what I’m saying and we will see what future tournaments hold, but will you be willing to accept the results?
  6. "you call this skilled piloting?" "No, I call it aggressive negotiation"
  7. How long have you been playing, Ive only recently started myself
  8. As some one whose been playing mainly Lion since core I'd argue that CotE was not so well balanced as the Lion cards were not nearly as strong as some of the other clans options. Have you looked at Tacticians Camp.
  9. Well the since the last fiction directly addressed one of those selections I'd say that is untrue. It takes time to fit the selections into stories and to test cards that may be the result of the story choices so a 6-12 month turnaround is not that unreasonable. I'm sure more of the results will start to show up soon now that the story is advancing again.
  10. No, it's not. The chances of winning are certainly equal, and always come down to the players and their individual lists and not to their chosen faction. A faction that is extremely capable but not forgiving of mistakes is balanced with a more forgiving faction that lacks the flair of the other. Arguing otherwise is the same as arguing that because one faction fits certain play styles than the other faction, the game is unbalanced. If that's your idea of balance, then you're wanting a very bland game that doesn't allow for any variation. And no one is helping you make your argument. We've shown data from organized play, raw stats, and our own experiences; they all refute what you claim. Your counter is just to ignore what has been said, and repeat that you're right.
  11. Yup, dial is revealed and you execute the maneuver on the revealed dial. You should also place the dial next to the ship being activated. I think this is the first case of that actually being relevant. This is unfortunately very much open for debate as logically the revealed maneuver is the one on the dial when revealed and if it is then changed afterwards it is no longer the maneuver that was revealed. For the game mechanic it would though be a lot move convenient to use the maneuver currently set on the ships dial (after any modifications), as this makes the game state clear. For example in the case of a dispute where one player claims that the other player revealed one maneuver and then changed it to one higher or lower and that player then claims not to have done that, there is no way for a judge to verify this information if the dial has been changed from the "revealed" maneuver. But as currently "revealed maneuver" is not defined anywhere in the rules so TO has to make the call as is. Hopefully we get a rules clarification on this soon.
  12. I've been informed that the top-8 prize is given to the best 8 imperials AND the best 8 rebels.
  13. I am almost certain ( 80%) that ffg will bring back the synced turret to specifically buff the aggressor. Maybe with a mechanism like " attack: target lock. - if the defencer is outside your front arc, gain one calculate token. " This is a cool way to encourage not spamming Barrage rocket as you will benefit more from the action TL or barrel roll. Doing so, you oppen space for other TL missiles that are cool but can't compete with BR right now on TIEs Strangely, the V1 synced turret was about catching opponent in front arc, which I found naratively counterintuitiv.
  14. Yeah I assumed he would be I1 at best. I mean seriously:
  15. For now... (I would make the case that half of the factions may want spare parts canister from wave 3, but Resistance is about to get it so only strictly rebel is hosed now). That is about to change in wave 4 and 5, both of which include new content exclusively to the prequel factions (and to a lesser extent the autoblaster is Resistance only at that point). No sign of when those will be available. Additionally, afterburners was a card made available to all at the beginning, albeit in very limited quantity. It was not a net new design that was added to the game. There better be a card pack in wave 6 for all the missed out on stuff: plasma torps, autoblaster, passive sensors, snap shot etc. The fact they actually announced one for legion give me a little hope. Then again, the legion one isn’t stuff you can only get by buying both sides - it’s stuff that can be found in either side already.
  16. Feels great to know tariffs on our hobby is of interest to national security
  17. Hi all! I'm an italian player and I love this game since it was born. I want to share my PDF file: a simple way to check all products that everyone has of this beautiful game, divided by Deluxes/APs/PODs/Nightmares !! GG for all!!! (Sorry for my bad english, mates) This is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tqw6oyf8p19k8vb/LOTR_LCG_-_Expansions_Images_ALL.pdf/file
  18. maybe block them with jerry and then bomb them?
  19. If they are consistent with their other games, too 64 are card stock cards and too 32 will be a plastic card of the same artwork. Runewars had a similar confusing prize setup for one of their big tourneys.
  20. Fair point. I might try it in smaller vessels again to see if I’m off on my evaluation
  21. What we really should be complaining about is her awful ability...
  22. I will be using http://makeplayingcards.com/ for printing mini cards of the Sands of the Past expansion. As they offer 63x41 mm cards, no manual cutting is needed.
  23. This is more of a list building topic, but also a continuation of LegionOdds discussion on why is competitive building for Rebels so bland. I'd like to preface by saving that in my local community I've had a blast building and playing what I want, to degrees of success that I amount to be in game decisions rather than meta gaming. I've been able to run all sorts of combinations; Full corps with different asortments, dish turrets, full commando team. The rallypoint is comming to my town in October, so my doctrine of 'run whats fun' might not hold up. Yet when I try and build based off of what the community has deemed good, it just seems so cardboard. I understand that Z-6 is good, and snipers are good, and wondertwins is good, though if somone would explain why exactally that would be awsome. The point is, the numbers don't lie, and those 3 things are in winning Rebel lists Luke Skywalker Force Reflexes Force Push Emergency Stims Leia Organa Strict Orders Emergency Stims Rebel Troopers x6 Z-6 Trooper Rebel Commando Strike Team x3 Sniper Should come out to 800 even. I see why all of these are good, it just seems like a boring list. Is there any other winning rebel archetype?
  24. Today
  25. Well I need peer review before I will even accept my current opinion as valid.
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