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  2. Thanks for the share, only glimpsed a few scenes as to try and not spoil anything but the 3D terrain does look cool. I wonder where he got those walls from.
  3. I love your method. I think its fantastic. I like the improv stuff and it was my primary mode of play for a while with an insistence on using "Yes, and" and all of that. I think that something I feel is different from improv that I like to have in my games is better dialogue. Let me explain so it doesn't just sound like I'm being negative cause that's not my intention. I feel like Dialogue is best when it's done the way it is in books and movies: a construct that is somewhat related to real speech but that is done purposely and in the best instances has a subtext. I let my players take their time in doing dialogue so that they will not be pressured by the flow like they do when they are trying to do improv. But I think your framework represents a great way to do overall prep without scripting events. In addition to predictable characters do you ask the players about their intentions in order to be a bit ahead of what is going to happen?
  4. Never happened. Can't prove it. So, question, is Scum Han just waiting silently waiting to be noticed right now? I mean, you can get a similar offense on him pretty quickly. 54 - Han Solo 02 - Trick Shot 01 - Intertial Dampeners 06 - Lando's Millenium Falcon 29 - Lando Calrissian (escape pod) 92 points total... It's not as good as the Rebel variant, but it leaves more points to play with in the list
  5. I enjoyed it and it does make a pleasant change from being outmanoeuvred politically all over the place.
  6. FFG posted a new Crane Clan fiction. Please see the below link: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/24/tactical-maneuvers/ Personally, I enjoyed the Crane-Scorpion team up at the beginning of the story. Also, the Crane Clan is finally getting some story wins so that's new.
  7. Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, and Empire at War are no longer legal for use in standard tournaments, so they're incredibly cheap these days. Amazon has had Way of the Force boxes for $40 or less for a few weeks now, though today's $31 price is a steal. Legacies has actually been at $70+ even recently, so today's $25 price is really surprising to me. I'm definitely jumping on that one myself.
  8. Useful discussion for anyone prepping for an SoS! https://floridamanxwing.podbean.com Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/floridamanxwing/
  9. Nor does instinctive aim you get a focus and use the force to fire.
  10. How would you look to use him effectively currently? Just mulligan away early unless you're second player and then see what the board state is like when he turns up?
  11. Those Aggressors look SO good! So you refer to them as Rick, Max and Roy? or is that Ben?
  12. Our dice roll different. I either roll results or blanks eyballs are rare for me. I also prefer the option of the PS kill for aces.
  13. Such a small mod, yet it makes it stand out. Great work on the Hound. Your Starviper is cool too. I hadn't considered using bronze, but it works really well.
  14. TAP isn't too bad. Baron of the Empire? Shrug. Dude's a Green RZ-1 A-Wing with a System instead of a 2nd Talent. Nothing fancy or too interesting. The Grand Inquisitor certainly seems a bit too expensive. 3 more than Obi-Wan, 5 more than Plo Koon doesn't make sense, IMHO. Seventh Sister with Hate, perhaps with FCS, is a solid little filler ship. Turns out getting full-arc Crack Shot every other turn is pretty reasonable. Generic Inquisitors are fun. With Supernatural Reflexes, they've got a lot of movement flexibility and action economy, trading their 1 force for 2 actions.
  15. Bug report - when I fly 4 phantoms and I have a lot of cloaks on, if I fail a decloak on an early decloak it skips all the other decloaks and goes right to activation phase.
  16. yes, but you can choose it both from those of the attack test and from those of the elude test if there has been a counter-attack.
  17. It is hard to believe -- nigh impossible -- that the mods once moved this thread to Off Topic, isn't it?
  18. passive sensors doesnt require you to use your only mod to fire.
  19. I don't know. it did not give him much background in the story. he seams that he knows a lot about ancient spells and such though.
  20. Most interesting usage I've seen was a local of mine used Genesis Red w/ Proton Torps in a squad with Palob w/ Moldy Crow, L337 in escape craft and Fenn Rau (before pts adjustment). Either lock Palob if there isn't a ship to lock that already has green tokens and use the Proton Torp later or lock onto ships that already have gained their token(s). Worked well against Sigma Phantoms if he moved after them. Proton Torp incoming with focus and evade gained from ability is pretty solid.
  21. Loch Ness Monster Big Foot Abominable Snowman Game of Thrones: The Board Game Playmat Godzilla The Swamp Thing A smidgen of the things on my list of junk that I believe aren't real.
  22. I'd argue that blocking cross-faction capability, you're more likely to see the Republic be 100% repeats of the Empire because the Republic needs to have ships of their own as good as the Empire (or at least the rebellion) so they can stand against Imperial lists. With cross-faction-ness you need to design a ship that is good on its own without overlapping the ISD. I can see the Venator edging out over the ISD-I in some areas, namely shaving whatever extra goes into an ISD to bring it down to Rebel large levels- taking out battery, hull, resiliency, and so on. It would be like an Imperial version of the MC80 series... what makes up for that is the quality of the fighters it will push. After all the VSD-I was a good carrier until the Quasar up and replaced it, though technically you could still run VSD-Is as carriers that aren't shy to take a hit (fantastically, there is a ship that crunches easier than the VSD-I). The Venator compared to the ISD-I would have the same relationship.
  23. @Edgehawk Would a dataspike (or a few), be something that be part of the ISB gear that Briar brought with her? Basically as the "personal item"?
  24. Like a Breeland bandit? or Angmar bloodline? Dunland? Black Númenóreans like this guy(Agandaur)? : or (Mouth of Sauron) Just curious...
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