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  2. Awesome stuff! Really great conversions that do fantastically at capturing a moment!
  3. Check out Dooku: Jedi Lost and Master and Apprentice for some good recent examples. A heavy theme in both is the Jedi Council refusing to heed visions of the future provided by the Force because they are so afraid that seeing the future is tantamount to trying to control it. And of course, trying to control the future is the path to the Dark Side. So rather than acknowledge the warnings provided by the Force, the Jedi Council's decisions tend to be "do nothing when one of our Jedi has a vision." Great example of the Jedi losing their reverence for the Force due to their dogmatic nature.
  4. When a card such as Leia Organa - Born Leader Awakenings #28 says Remove this die to re-roll up to two of your dice does it mean just to remove from dice pool or from the game? I assume it is dice pool? Cheers
  5. It will still apply during conflicts at Sanpuku Seidō. [Tyler Parrott, Jul 12 2018]
  6. Also, does it work with Sanpuku Seidō? When at that province, characters count their glory and not their skills, but is the total still a "skill total" (to which the Disguised Protector's bonus applies), or is it now a "glory total"?
  7. Disguised Protector will add both players’ bids to their skill, even if there are no characters present. [Tyler Parrott, Jul 12 2018]
  8. Does Disguised Protector make players add their bids to their skill totals even if there are no participating characters on their side of conflict? It does not mention a restriction like Kaito Kosori.
  9. @hemblecreations Thanks a lot mate! Really happy with it. @Jabby Cheers bruh! Huge compliment. Appreciate it! @Alan Noir Thanks! It will be hard to build any lists without it haha
  10. You refill each province after playing the character, even though you’re not finished resolving the effects of Wayfarer’s Camp. You can turn one of the refilled cards faceup with the post-then effect. [Tyler Parrott, Apr 12 2019]
  11. Having done an in-depth breakdown of every movie lightsaber duel (way too much time on my hands two years ago), I can tell you that based off of choreography, Old Ben was far more offensive in ANH than he'd been in RotS, and his overall performance was better against Vader than his younger self against Anakin. Also, considering Anakin drove Obi-Wan back through all the Mustafar duel, constantly landing kicks and punches, I'd hardly claim that Obi-Wan was Anakin's equal "blow for blow." But if you view it differently, you're welcome to your opinion on the matter. It's been a while since I watched Rebels Season 1 (keep loaning out my copy), but I don't recall Kanan saying he doesn't feel he can be a Jedi any more after having locked it away for so long. Even if he did, depending on how it's worded, he might be referencing Jedi teachings and morality, not necessarily the actual skillset. Again, the moment he pulls out a lightsaber, he performs just fine against a large number of stormtroopers. He isn't displayed ever struggling to use telekinesis, (that I recall) despite having avoided using it for half of his life. I didn't say Kylo called it "impossible," just that he believed it "pretty much" impossible. He thought that a few seconds of projection would have killed Rey. Luke held his projection for minutes. Seems pretty impressive to me, and doesn't at all indicate that not using the Force for a few years weakens you. So while those could be seen as examples that Force powers might atrophy from disuse, I personally disagree with that assessment.
  12. What is the timing for refilling the two provinces when I use the ability of Wayfarer's Camp? Will I be able to turn one of those two new cards face up with the Then effect?
  13. Yoshi takes a moment to look back at his two new traveling companions but it isn't long,"Ito-sama I am honored with your faith and trust. Your words and plans reflect your commitment to duty and compassion to your town. You show courtesy to 3 humble ronin passing through. You show courage in the face of what may be your last winter. Though I will hope the kami will grace you with a pleasant surprise... How can anyone who places any values bushido refuse such a request? First Clouds festival you say." (Well, poop. Not sure I wanted to head that direction. I was thinking about heading North. Still if this is where the wind is blowing...) ((Kazama. Kazama. Kazama the ronin... I'm Earth3/Skullduggery3. I roll 2 successes, an explosion with strife, two options and a blank. Keep the three successes (and a strife) and roll the explosion which sadly also comes up blank. Still that does make 3 success for Yoshi...seems like I've heard of that particular rogue....)
  14. You and I remember that fight far differently. I saw someone who was visibly struggling to keep up with Vader, whom in the RotS he was equally blow for blow. Kanan in his own words when he was talking about teaching Ezra spoke of how he wasn't even sure he could do so, citing not just his own lack of training but also how he had locked it away for so long he didn't know if he could do that anymore. Kylo didn't say it was impossible, merely that "it would have killed" whomever did it ... which it did. And "weak" in your opinion or not, they are examples that refute the statement "I don't see anything in the movies that seems to indicate that this is the case" which is the whole point of providing the examples.
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  16. Ahsoka is honestly amazing. Actions whenever?? Yes plz. Barriss though, looks disappointing. One force??? Maybe she could be cheaper and be a good option, but I think FFG really messed her up I think Jedi Knights could easily go down to like 35 points... And then make Barriss like 38 points for a really affordable middle-ace. (And errata her ability to not need bull-shht-eye).
  17. "You mean perhaps that it is on the very far side of Hida Kisada-sama's lands, I think," Ito Sora observes, "and would take an extended journey to reach, but are too courteous to say so. Be reassured that I am not so arrogant as to order you on our first meeting to cross a fifth of the length of the Empire. Uimi Mura would be quite a sufficient service..." He gestures at the shelf of picture, pointing out the scrimshawed antler, worked with the image of a vast walled city surrounded by tented encampments. "That particular work shows one of only a few landscapes in my collection I have not seen first-hand. Rather, it was a gift from a friend of my Musha Shugyo days; Ide Arban-Sama of Khanbulak. Uimi Mura is a Yasuki Family waystation, for merchants approaching Yasuki Yashiki by road from the north. At some poin in the next few weeks - the timing is somewhat variable given what it celebrates - the village holds the "First Clouds" festival, and in addition to celebrations, religious observances and martial tournaments, it is a thriving if temporary market. Ide Arban-Sama almost always attends, and given that Nobuto Tohashiro-san's liege has ordered him to ensure this year's festival is even more spectacular than normal, I am certain this year will be no exception." He shrugs slightly, smiling. "Arban-Sama would have you believe that she is basically just a gaijin horse-thief. I confess I have never understood the somewhat perverse-seeming enjoyment a samurai - and no mere vassal but a full Great Clan samurai - gains from putting on the airs of a disreputable peasant merchant, but I know her for a deeply honourable person and I know she would see to disposing of the weapons and horses honourably and ensuring Koharu-san recieves a fair price for them."
  18. Good stuff this. I agree that it is functionally valuable to the player, and as you said is a reinforcer. The reinforcer need not be paired with a certain type of behavior it can simply have an antecedent in the form of the end of the session. GM ends the session, the bell rings, the subject experiences anticipation. This is the functional heart of hobby's dark underbelly, the industrial experience point complex. See my thing is that I feel like the mechanical aspects of play are just one part of playing these games, and if behavior toward XP gain and progression becomes maladaptive and/or disproportionately the focus of the whole activity, it needs to be addressed. Failure to do so out of a sense of keeping it casual and letting the beer & pretzels flow or seeing it as a constitutional right seems to lead to things like people going into sulk spirals because XP was not awarded exactly the same. The driving force behind this is Progression. How did Luke learn to be a Jedi? Well at some point his abilities did indeed progress. We are given a glimpse at some of this in training sessions with Yoda, also he does a few things that would have been learning experiences. Progression of a character's abilities is something that can make a character more interesting or less interesting. When a character walks through every challenge and is not threatened by anything the character has been rendered narratively inert. Any character can reach this state if progression is not tethered to the story and circumstances of the character. If Luke would have shown up in RotJ and was pulling Star Destroyers out of the sky while blaster cannon rounds bounced off of him the movie and franchise would have been ruined. Might have been cool for superman fans and cartoon lovers, but it would not be Star Wars. It's not just Star Wars that functions this way either, if you give John Wick laser eyes and flight powers you do the same thing. These are exaggerated examples, but there are grades of overdoing it even within the range of the what is close to the normal range of power for the character in the context of the setting and story. Do people actually think about progression in this way? I would say no. Progression is always seen as only a positive thing; to some people it is **** near the only reason they play. XP is the fuel that feeds it, so getting your XP is absolutely essential if you are gonna get your progression. To be denied it is to deny the fun. Only what if XP and Progression are actually not necessary for every session of the game? What if you could advance as it makes sense for the character's story and context in the setting? What if that progression seemed largely unseen and seamless instead of being the build-a-bear minigame used to close each session? Probably then players would have other priorities and not get petulant over XP. Maybe feel like other things were more important on the whole.
  19. "If" they do a card pack I think it would just be new & existing upgrade cards to make some of the less used ships better, maybe new titles or configurations - reasoning being that putting cardboard bases in for new pilots will cost too much
  20. Those three are some pretty weak examples. Kanan was only a Padawan before Order 66, and even after being in hiding and not using a lightsaber for 14 years, he's able to immediately stand his ground against several stormtroopers with little apparent difficulty. Kanan improves over Season 1, but there's nothing to really suggest that he had grown rusty from when he'd been a Padawan during the Clone Wars. Luke in TLJ had actually cut himself off from the Force. And yet despite this, as soon as he reconnects to it, he's shown destroying the hut Rey is talking to Kylo in (Luke's biggest TK showing on screen), defeating Rey in a fight (until she escalates the encounter by pulling out a lightsaber), and projecting himself across the galaxy (a feat Kylo felt was pretty much impossible). Ben Kenobi may have been in hiding for 19 years, but he spent that time growing in the Force, learning from Qui-Gon how to become one with it. Vader taunted Ben and called him weak, sure, but that doesn't mean Ben's powers have lessened since the Clone Wars. Perhaps Vader just feels he is far more powerful than Ben at this point. If Ben were truly so weak, he wouldn't have three-shot Maul, and he wouldn't have stonewalled Vader for as long as he did.
  21. You will finish on 9 honor: Attempt to draw, realize you need to reshuffle, lose 5 honor and reshuffle (down to 5), resolve “gain 4 and draw 1 card” simultaneously (the effect checks your honor total when resolving). [Tyler Parrott, Feb 15 2019]
  22. If I have 10 honor, 0 cards in deck and play Prayers to Ebisu, do I finish on 5 or 9 honor?
  23. Be that as it may, it's simply not a fair comparison to even make. Luke grew up having pretty much never heard of the Jedi, with no clue what they were capable of. So when he started trying to grow as a Force user, he had pretty much foundation to build on until he met Yoda. And yet despite this, he still figured out Move and Enhance in his own, regularly using telekinesis, physical augmentation, and blaster bolt deflection during the Star Wars comics set between IV and V. Rey grew up hearing about the myths and legends of Luke Skywalker and all his amazing abilities. So naturally, as soon as she realizes she has the Force too, she tries do what she's heard of Luke doing in the myths. Let's face it, if you suddenly found out that you could use the Force, the very first thing you would try would probably be telekinesis or a mind trick, too. There's already existing precedent for Force Sensitives in both Legends and Canon to develop these abilities with no formal training. If anything, Jedi training is more about giving the Jedi a moral code to follow when using these abilities, rather than just teaching the powers themselves. Luke also grew up with a relatively comfortable life, with Ben protecting the Lars homestead. Naturally, he isn't much of a fighter. But put him in a cockpit, and he's one of the best pilots in the galaxy, with "no formal training." Just a bit of practice in a beat-up airspeeder. Rey grew up relatively independent on Jakku, forced to fight for her survival against scavengers and other dangers of the desert. So while many people bring up Kylo "being trained since childhood," Rey herself has also been taught self preservation since childhood. I'd even argue fighting for your life on a regular basis is an even stronger foundation for combat training than cozy, leisurely ceremonial combat in a temple. And while sure, she grew up using a staff, not a lightsaber, the fundamentals of melee combat carry over from one to the other. Distance, footwork, and timing are universal to all melee weapons. And thanks to the omnidirectional cutting blade of a lightsaber, they're considerably easier to learn than an actual sword, which requires extensive training to deliver strikes with the proper edge alignment. So yes, while a lot of people are quick to draw comparisons between Luke and Rey, and use that as an argument for why Rey is "overpowered" or "poorly written," it's simply not a valid comparison to make. The two are vastly different characters, with vastly different upbringings, and very different circumstances in their own movies. Rey started as a badass, ignoring the call to adventure, while Luke started as a novice, eager to take up the call to adventure, but unprepared for what it would bring.
  24. I have two and maybe 3 of everything.
  25. Garven, Wedge, Thane, and Porkins with Chopper and Elusive. 2pt bid. Chopper is not legal in Hyperspace, but this combo gives him unlimited regen whilst being able to use his pilot ability to be the 'most manoeuvrable' ship in the Faction. Stress-free (50% of the time with an action) k-turn and Tallon rolls are amazing. Garven works well with Porkins, being the same Initiative.
  26. Thanks heaps Tom for the ton of work on this - now can prep for my group after our current game. Much appreciated!
  27. So Yajinden is a girl now? I can't see why they'd use the O5R art for a female Shugenja otherwise.
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