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  2. 1) I would say successful attack inflicts damage, most qualities like crits require a successful hit. 2) I read it as including the round they were caught. 3) I would say you are maintaining the "action" the hold the person but could take a limited pool of manoeuvres. Cover behind the victim, gaining purchase to increase brawn difficulty. 4) Becomes a brawl check with setback, likely as they are attacking someone behind them. HTH
  3. Battlescribe is a good one that works offline
  4. We don't have four tires, we have dozens. And the correct "pressure" is totally arbitrary. We just need all our tires to be similar. If you keep pumping the lower pressure tires to equal the highest, eventually they all pop.
  5. He said he'll write in this post. So hopefully he can help you!
  6. "The ostensible purpose of Task Force 75 is to deal with this self-styled Pirate Queen and her Veiled Sorority. This is in fact your premier assignment, though it may indeed be related to the suspected treasonous activity. It is also possible that the traitor is a red skerring, planted to sow dissent. It is but a slender thread of evidence, and care must be taken in unraveling it." "There is a combat driver who will be joining you, who must be brought up to speed, as it were. You have all been thoroughly vetted for this, but his tardiness becomes worrisome... Your mission aboard the Intrepid is classified and not to be discussed outside of the task force." With that, Colonel Yularen stands. "Ladies and gentlemen. Good hunting. You will depart in two hours." Picking up the last datapad from the table, he proffers it to the Duros trooper. "Sergeant. Please see that Sgt. Arkmeda receives this, and joins the rest of the task force on the shuttle."
  7. At least, on paper, it looks horrifying. 1 force, barely usable for any shenanigans. makes basically any force upgrade untenable. Also for that cost?? **** nah.
  8. Today
  9. So, as a primer our group is more relaxed about IA campaign - as in thematic outweigh strategy most of the time (building teams according to improv narrative, for example). I'm currently empire part way through HotE using Reactive defense. So far with mechanical protocol and blaster replacements. I bought infrared sensors at the night's end (didn't get a chance to use it yet) ... and we're looking at this card wondering if it's borderline broken. Disregarding the situational funsies threat mechanic, giving all baddies 1mp every activation surprised us. Both of us have had tons of situations where we needed that 1 more space for imperial troops. So yeah, what's your experience? Best 3xp impcard? Are we overlooking something? Meh?
  10. Alright so I'm intending on having a NPC choke out one of my PCs in an upcoming session, but I want to be sure of something before I try The garrote Chrono says "A successful attack with this weapon causes the target to become suffocated, targets may attempt to break free with a brawl vs brawl check adding a setback for each round they have been caught" So here are the questions 1) by "successful attack" does that mean a successful hit or successful damage (soak can be annoying in that case) 2) the setback for each round caught, would that include the same round the garrote is used? 3) as the user of the garrote chrono, for my turns I'm guessing I can't attack with other weapons (narrativly speaking) so do I keep trying to add damage by attacking with the garrote? And if so how do I handle a failed attack in that case 4) getting attacked back rather than brawl vs brawl check to save themself... I think I may add a couple of setback to that unless someone has a good suggestion for if they try... (I would) So looking forward to using this, just hope it works the way I am pretty sure it works, gonna be so fun "shh shh shh just let it happen, just let it happen, just go to sleep this is all just a bad dream"
  11. Other suggestion is to use a different mechanic for it. I know others have been using the magic system to emulate superpowers. Even if its not a spell as such you could use the empower option in the magic system from the attack spell so add 2 difficulty to the check because its a big thing used as a weapon. Then deal 2xbrawn plus your base damage. With that you dont even need to figure out what size thing is its just narrative. So anything with massive size would count. For base you could either use +3 which is where a large improvised weapon ends in scale or if you really like that size matters use 1 damage per silhouette. So throwing your 500 feet, 9000 ton destroyer (sil 5) at someone would deal brawnx2+5 damage plus 1 damage per uncancel success. If you combine this with c_becks suggestions in the additional effects again you could use the magic system so add one more difficulty for and additional effect. Just need to be able to narrative describe how a destroyer would cause burn damage or maybe autofire is just to be able to hit additional targets etc.
  12. Thinking of Dalan with AdvSen for focus. Guri, Virago Hounds Tooth + 4Lom. Would have preferred to have Lone Wolf for Guri, but then would have to bring the large base down to the medium G1-A, and that seems less good.
  13. Do people still tilt when they see an auzituck on the table? I might give this a try at game night this week, I used to love a bit of wookiee in v1
  14. Yes, I like that too and its a very good idea to use theaficionado list. I have been playing a lot (pretty much all of them for the last two months) with a lot of sub par deployments and command cards during various game nights where I have been supplying all the squads. I really feel that it is a lot more fun then playing just tier one bands to win.
  15. Not-gold torrents toooooooo Also they have shht abilities.
  16. Ah, you're obviously right. Parallel parking next to your target should do the trick. But as far as medium-to-long range shots are considered, I am still not aware of any combo that would let you shoot, then rotate twice to perform a 180' flip and then shoot again.
  17. If I was GM'ing a group that was trying to flip some rare stuff, I might make it more difficult to find a buyer the rarer the item, dependent on where they are trying to sell it too. Afterall. If you had a stolen Tiger cub, finding someone to buy it on the streets of LA would probably be a nigh-on-impossible challenge. But if and when you did find a buyer they'd still pay top dollar.
  18. In MTG there are formats that let you use old cards, and, even if you don’t play them, you usually keep the cards in the hopes that some of them will get a higher value in the future. In LCGs the secondary market is practically non-existent, and, as far as I know, there’s no different play formats, so yeah, basically those cards are just for collecting now. That being said, a lot of my MtG and Old5R cards ended up punched with a round cutter, and then used as tokens to play D&D and L5R RPG.
  19. So tomorrow is the big day for my first tournament, a Hyperspace Trial. Looks like 50 participants with a final cut at best 8 for the second day single elimination rounds. looks like there will be the following lists: 17 Rebel 14 Empire 6 Republic 6 Scum 3 FO 3 Sep and 1 Resistance list. I made a final tweek to my list and played last week against a sep vulture swarm 4 i1's and 4 i3"s total 8 vultures all with ESC. first round went to time I won 149 -62. Second round I got too aggressive and really screwed up the engagement losing Dutch to 6 ESC shots and losing half on Wedge to the other two ESC shots in the first round of fire.I lost 37 -200 Third round I played a little slow and baited my opponent into splitting his forces and aced the engagement on the leading block of 4 vultures taking out 3 of them and losing 1 shield on Dutch. The second block had only three gas cloud obstructed shots on Wedge dropping one of his shields. Next round I left the one remaining vulture from the first block alone and tackled the second block. With another round of fire taking out another 2 and a half vultures for the loss of another 2 shields on Dutch at this point 25 minutes into the game I am winning 137-0 and he has only 3 and a half squishy ships remaining he concedes the match. T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 69 •Wedge Antilles - Red Two(52) Swarm Tactics (3) Proton Torpedoes (12) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) T-65 X-wing - •Thane Kyrell - 63 •Thane Kyrell - Corona Four (48) Marksmanship (1) Proton Torpedoes (12) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) BTL-A4 Y-wing - •“Dutch” Vander - 62 •“Dutch” Vander - Gold Leader (39) Ion Cannon Turret (43) Shield Upgrade (4) Proton Torpedoes (12) R3 Astromech (3) Total: 194/200 I wish you all the best of luck this weekend if you are at any events. I will probable get my *** handed to me this weekend but who cares it will be an exciting new experience. "live long and" .......... uhh "May the force be with you."
  20. ... Only if you promise to give your AF some love, rather than the dismissive hate 🙂 Essentially, the paint that’s used is a variety of bake-on latex based paint that’s been used for years in the industry for its wear properties. Basically, that leaves you two options to remove it. Either Isopropyl Alcohol, or Acetone. Now, essentially, both are varying degrees of noxious. Of the two, I recommend 98% ISO, which if not at your big chain hardware store can generally be found behind the counter at your local pharmacy/drug store. Soak it overnight, scrub with an old toothbrush. Wear nitrile gloves if you can, as it will dehydrate your skin horrendously - to the point of cracking and bleeding after a while in some people. Acetone is quicker, needing only a dip and shake to do most of the work, but it comes with a risk - evens little bit too long and you’ll start melting plastic on some kinds of plastic. On others it’s okay unless I soak. Heroclix figures can be quickly stripped that way. But again, totally noxious and even more so than Alcohol. For removing baked on latex paint, those are really your options without doing immediate serious damage to yourself or the underlying model. If you are going that method, use the Alcohol.
  21. That is a great idea and thanks for organizing it! One concern that I have is that you do only restrict upgrades, but not squads. That seems to me to make max squads relatively even stronger. @Tokra could even play his world cup winning fleet, if he takes away one single comms net.
  22. If we get a vehicles and vessels book I'd like them to have rules included to improve vehicle combat or racing.
  23. I would love to see the mandalorian kom'rk transport. Wookiepedia lists it as massive, bigger than the ghost, but the visuals in Clone war don't like up with it being that large. Still, I would love to have one just to pose my fang fighters with.
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