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  2. I'd like to see what happens when/if the points held in reserve for a bid count as destroyed. The mechanic I don't like about these sort of 2 ship lists is the 'kill a few points and run away' syndrome. They can afford to lose half-points or full points from the 'cheap' ship of the pair, as long as the remaining points plus the bid is more than the remaining opposition points. If the bid counts as 'destroyed', then they have to remain in the fight for longer, giving a better chance to the lower initiative, non-reactive lists. The other factor that helps make them viable is slow play: fewer combat turns happen whilst the reactive player thinks and predicts movement. This is also a factor in large swarmy lists too. I don't have a solution for the swarms, but simply asking the reactive player to speed up does work - unless it's Phil GC who plays faster than is feasible already and needs to be asked to slow down for lesser mortals to have a clue!
  3. Any speculation as to who the character on the cover is?
  4. I had as lactose intolerant roomy once. He'd eat his ice cream and fart all night. "It was worth it."
  5. Anything you'd do different? Tweeks to your list? I can't wait for the store championship season to start!
  6. Are the Strikers able to strafe the rebel troops on the ground? ______edit______ "Strafe": Action, roll one D6 dice for each enemy troop type at range 1 of you. Destroy a number of troops equal to half of your die roll, rounded down. (Rolling a 6 destroys 3, rolling a 3 destroys 1, etc.) This could be done by the T65s as well. Maybe not the Reaper or U's...
  7. Spending the charge would add the additional bonus of +1 attack and +1 damage. So +2 attack and +1 damage in total.
  8. It does exactly what the card says: Whenever an enemy ship moves over it, the droids relocate to either the front or back arcs of that ship. That means that, if the droids are BEHIND the targeted ship, they can be escaped... but if the droids are in FRONT, the targeted ship will probably have to fly over them next round. One could always try to barrel roll away from the token, as well, in a pinch. Alternately, they can be peeled off of one ship by flying over then with another (plot-wise, think of what Anakin did to save Obi-Wan in Episode 3). Of course, if the repositioned droids can't fit anywhere, they just explode on the latest ship to touch them.
  9. Might I ask what the fluff text says for the Jedi Career? Does it say anything about other era's or it's relation with the Careers and Specializations from Force and Destiny.
  10. For what it's worth, interpreting the Sharpened Ki ability to rule out something like Water Fist would not even occur to me and seems indicative of a Pathfinder rules lawyer mindset (no offense intended-- but this doesn't strike me as the right game for people who prefer that style of roleplaying).
  11. I just started painting my figures for the Star Wars Legion. I'm going to be a regular contributor to the progress of the work.
  12. Fellow Armada bloggers at Cannot Get Your Ship out did an interview with Nathan Coda! http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/04/nathan-coda-worlds-2019-worlds-aar.html Editor's note: we're happy to have Nate back to talk to us about his experiences at Worlds this year!This year was the fourth Worlds tournament I have attended, and was yet again a memorable experience. I got to play eight games of Armada with a group of excellent players from around the world, discuss my favorite game with people who are just as passionate about it as I am, and managed to earn my fourth top-four Worlds placement. What’s not to enjoy?Here’s my list:Assault: Most WantedDefense: Capture the VIPNavigation: Salvage RunMC30c Torpedo Frigate (63)• General Rieekan (30)• Lando Calrissian (4)• Ordnance Experts (4)• External Racks (3)• Admonition (8)= 112 PointsCR90 Corvette A (44)• Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7)• Jaina's Light (2)= 53 PointsCR90 Corvette B (39)• Engine Techs (8)• Heavy Ion Emplacements (9)= 56 PointsGR-75 Medium Transports (18)• Toryn Farr (7)• Bright Hope (2)= 27 PointsGR-75 Medium Transports (18)• Slicer Tools (7)• Quantum Storm (1)= 26 PointsSquadrons:• Hera Syndulla (28)• Dash Rendar (24)• Ketsu Onyo (22)• Wedge Antilles (19)• Dutch Vander (16)• Gold Squadron (12)= 121 PointsTotal Points: 395 Space baby not included. This list has a strong ship and squadron threats, is flexible, and a lot of fun to fly. I’m banking that if an opponent can overwhelm my squadrons, I should be able to win the ship battle. And if an opponent overwhelms my ships, I can win the squadron battle… then have my rogue bombers even the odds of the ship battle.For ships, I really enjoy flying MC30s and CR90s. They are maneuverable enough to let me control engagements, while still packing a punch. I haven’t flown a CR90B in a long time, and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. That little guy consistently punched above his weight class while managing to slip away afterwards.For squadrons, I’ve found this group of pilots to be pretty fantastic generalists. I went with rogues because I wanted to limit my investment in squadron support. No carrier needed for this fleet. I enjoy all these squadrons, but I really like Dash for his consistency and Ketsu for her fantastic ability to harass. Two blue dice bomber with speed four, grit, and rogue is just a really good combination.Why did I select Rieekan for Worlds again this year? Besides being an admiral I enjoy playing, there are a few things about Rieekan that make him my top choice for competitive play: I don’t like to make giant bids to go first, and Rieekan lessens the downsides of being second. In a meta of large ships swinging giant haymakers, Rieekan ensures that your ships actually get a chance to play the game. When you get unlucky (which will happen at some point over the course of eight games), Rieekan gives you a chance to salvage your game. When running ace squadrons, Rieekan is the best squadron commander that Rebels have. The face of a man who has nothing to prove. So while I know people are generally unhappy to see Rieekan in the finals again, I have a hard time flying the type of competitive lists I enjoy without Rieekan on the bridge. And honestly, that’s what’s most important - flying something you enjoy.That’s enough of that - let’s talk about some games:These are going to be pretty short and sweet - just a high level overview and a highlight or two from each game. My summaries are focused on games and not players, so let me just say here that all seven of my opponents played a tight game and were a pleasure to play against. I’m always impressed by the caliber of people in our community, and it makes a tournament like this a truly enjoyable event.Game 1: 6-5This game was against a Thrawn list flying a Kuat, Quasar, Gozanti, and the usual mess of squadrons. This ended up being a close grind, where our squadrons battled it out and we traded some support ships. My favorite part of this game was dropping Admonition to speed 0 for a few turns so the Kuat could not sneak around behind it and run away. I ended up only getting one close range shot off on the last turn, though, and the Kuat succeeded in sneaking away at half health.Game 2: 10-1This game was against a Madine list flying a Liberty, MC30, GR-75, and some squadrons. This is the only game of the tournament where I took first player, as it gave me the ability to last/first effectively. I did a last/first with my CR90B to ram his MC30 to death, then did a last/first with my MC30 to finish off his Liberty (with help from CR90A and squadron friends). My favorite part of this game was watching a Liberty kill my slicer flotilla with his side arc, using a double shot from advanced gunnery at medium range. Poor guy thought he was safe in that weak side arc, then got pummeled.Game 3: 10-1This game was against a Raddus list flying a Liberty, CR90B, 2 GR-75s, and 8 YT-2400s. I won the squadron battle then ganged up on the Liberty, which wasn’t able to line up an effective shot on my nimble ships. His CR90B was behind his Liberty, and ended up getting picked off by my two CR90s on the last turn. My favorite part of this game was my CR90A doing a front arc shot into Raddus at close range, adding a Most Wanted die to roll a massive 6 damage, which was just enough to finish him off.Game 4: 8-3This game was against a Thrawn list flying an ISD-II, Quasar, and the usual mess of squadrons. Our squadrons ground each other down, and I managed to kill the ISD with focused bomber and ship fire. My favorite part of this game was in the last turn, where I had Ketsu engage Maarek so he could not go fast enough to catch my crippled CR90B and finish it off. This is the first time I have ever used Ketsu ability to any meaningful effect, so it was a bit of a historic moment.Game 5: 6-5This game was against Dennis, who went on to win the whole tournament. This ended up being a squadron grind, with only a few ships being destroyed. I only won due to holding onto the VIP token. My favorite thing in this game was a move Dennis made where he squalled some squadrons up to my slicer flotilla, then activated them all to kill the flotilla and move away. End result was a dead flotilla and all his squadrons moved safely away. A very clever move.Game 6: 8-3This game was against Yik, who went on to get ninth in the tournament. He was flying Rieekan with an MC80C, Hammerhead, two GR75s, and a mess of squadrons. He threw his MC80C right in, where my CR90A, MC30, and bombers tried to take it out. They ended up barely succeeding, and Admonition got away with only 1 health left. He won the squadron fight due to my focus on the MC80C, but my CR90B caught up with his Hammerhead and finished it off to table him. My favorite part of this game was where my CR90B shot at his 1 health hammerhead and rolled 3 accuracies. Then, instead of fleeing to avoid reprisal, it had to hang around and ram him to kill him, guaranteeing the gruesome death of the CR90B in retalitary fire.Game 7: 6-5This game was against Norm, who went on to get third in the tournament. He was running Thrawn with an ISD-II, Gladiator, and a fun squadron list. This game was weird, where he didn’t want to engage my squadrons and I didn’t want to engage his ISD. We compromised and traded some ship kills, then finished with a quick squadron battle. I came out a little ahead due to killing off his Most Wanted Gladiator. My favorite part of this game was where Norm parked his ISD on a rock and kept it there by ramming his gladiator. This was an excellent tactical move, as it kept his ISD at a relevant range for several turns. However, it did result in his ISD acquiring around six damage cards. So he ended the game with an ISD missing half its hull, even though it was never shot once.Game 8 : LossThis was the final game which was against Dennis. After playing Dennis once already, I knew he had me in the squadron game and I knew I had him in the ship game. So it would come down to whether I could catch and kill his ships. Spoiler alert - I couldn’t. My favorite part of this game was when Dennis managed to use engine techs on Centicore to avoid a close range MC30 shot, slipping away to victory. Congratulations to Dennis, the 2019 Armada World Champion! Hope you were able to get that giant trophy through airport security! Thank you to the Armada community for making 2019 another fun year, and I look forward to pushing around more plastic spaceships with you all in the future!
  13. The most fun I’ve had recently in the game has been Maul/Dooku. I feel it is balanced due to the forward arc only requirement. It’s difficult to abuse ships like that. I have no idea how good it is. Lots of tricks, hate is so good on both. I think the issue is keeping both ships on target enough. I’ve also had big problems with 5+ ship counts that simply overwhelm one of the Infiltrators so quickly.
  14. Hyena is what I care about most. 26-28 seems like the place for base Hyena. I've kinda landed on 27 points for it. Basically a Torrent that can carry more stuff with a worse dial. It will be interesting to see how they cost the uniques as the Vulture uniques are widely considered to be overpriced besides maybe DFS-311.
  15. Going to throw my 10 creds into the pot here. To me it is disappointing the Jedi career doesn't provide a way to change your lightsaber style. I think this design choice was to increase the inherent difficulty of playing a force user in that time and to encourage people to spend their XP on ranks of Lightsaber to compensate for not having their main characteristic being used for Lightsaber. I am just speculating here mind you, but I see this a lot in my game. A jedi character almost never purchases ranks into saber at first. As soon as they can they start making their way to whatever talent changes their saber skill.
  16. Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE) Interviews 2019 Worlds 4th Place Nic
  17. Hm. This is a great discussion topic. I don’t have a huge preference on ship count, so I voted for eight since that’s what I’ve been enjoying lately (Vultures). I feel like the biggest reason I end up flying 2-ship lists is my love of the VCX and it’s awkward points zone for fitting two other fun/solid ships next to it. I don’t think it’s necessary that two ship lists be viable, but if there are some ships that you can only properly play with one other ship fitting in the list, then that’s where I start to change my mind I guess.
  18. Does the Buzz Droid stay attached to the ship?
  19. @Caimheul1313 maybe, it's just a suposition, we will see this next week!
  20. I'd say two ship lists require high time on target if they don't have multiple attacks. Fattest Han, for example, always gets a shot, even though he doesn't get double shots or bomb-type damage.
  21. Today
  22. The lightsaber templates are there, they're just not specific for those lightsabers. The template description will tell you what sort of lightsabers can be created using that template. I couldn't find any of those adversaries. Do you have page references? The price of normal crafted items, including vehicles, is the cost of crafting them. However, for a custom frame that uses an actual vehicle, the cost of that "frame" should have been the original price of the vehicle when determining the crafted vehicle's price. I fixed this. I also found a bug with the assembly template. If you select a custom vehicle, or any other frame type, the assembly template wasn't updated for that vehicle or frame until after the assembly was selected from the drop down. Since the default template upon entering the dialog is a speeder bike, if you selected a larger frame or vehicle, it would still use the silhouette 2 assembly template, rather than the proper template for its silhouette. Since there can only ever be one assembly template for a frame based upon silhouette, I now just set it when creating the vehicle, rather than waiting until the assembly grid is displayed to change it (which might never happen).
  23. Those make sense to me! Resistance pod and transport are interesting... maybe Sheathipede-style pricing on the transport (32 ish?) and then super cheap on the pod (like, 22?)
  24. How-to use Title "Devastator" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)
  25. There's enough conflicting information about him due to divergent characterization and background in different stories that it's really up to the reader to decide.
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